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FastCut 3 RT

Advanced 4K Real-time Video Editor for Mac

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FastCut is a full-featured video editor. It brings 3D motion & effects keyframe animation, masking and keying, video transition and filter+special effects, an integrated ATSUI live title editor with title effects and so much more. FastCut has been designed for real-time processing from the beginning. The RT-engine is based on OpenGL to benefit from hardware acceleration and uses the CoreImage technology for filter effects.

You don't need the fastest machine to apply complex effects to multi-layer 3D compositions. FastCut dynamically scales the playback quality if appropriate for optimal playback performance. The clean and intuitive interface makes it very easy to use.
This is a must-have tool for everyone editing video on the Mac.
Feature List:
- Dynamic playback quality for optimal performance [Dynamic RT]
- 3D motion & FX keyframe animation [+ animation presets]
- Masking and keying
- Video transitions and filter+special FX
- Integrated live ATSUI title editor with letter animation FX
- Motion Blur
- Unlimited undo
- Ready for ultra high definition (UHD) footage, AVCHD support
- 3D composition clips (NEW in v3.1)
- Integrated highly efficient screen recorder (sold separately)
Watch a short screen movie about the new 3D composition clips (inter alia).

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