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The Faces of macZOT!

Brian Ball - Founder of macZOT! Brian Ball, "The Idea Guy", founded macZOT in March 2006. Nearly 10 years of bringing shareware to the Mac community made him realize how many great applications are created by independent developers and small software companies across the globe. The common denominator was that they all could use more exposure. His vision was to bring these unique apps to a growing community of Mac users at affordable prices - giving people incentive to try more software with less risk.

When he is not online, Brian enjoys riding bikes, triathlons, playing with his son, and family time in a bookstore or local parks. You can often find him at local meetups, or in his favorite coffee shops soaking up the latest in the written word - anything about Macs, Apple, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc... He's based in San Francisco, CA.

He is also one of the co-creators of the super popular, must-have Mac app, AppZapper.
Cheryl Ball - Accounts Executive at macZOT! Cheryl Ball, The "heart" of MacZOT. She handles customer and vendor support with patience and dedication. If you need something done, she's the go-to person.
Amit Deo Panwar - Director (Tech.) at macZOT! Amit Deo Panwar, "The Tech Jack" is Technical Director at macZOT! He's responsible for implementing innovative technical measures to increase value for macZOT members. He's been with ZOT since the beginning and spends his spare time doing freelance programming and providing his hard-won experience as a consultant to startup e-businesses.
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