Apr 02

Link Radar

Discover who links to your website or blog and what people are saying about you.

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Link Radar reports new inbound links from other websites to your own site(s) based on your Google Analytics data. As soon as a website refers a visitor to you (and has never done so in the past) it will show up in Link Radar with the exact URL.

Link Radar is great for:

  • Knowing when somebody mentions your site in a blog post
  • Seeing when somebody reviews one of your products/apps and links to your site
  • Reaching out and engaging in the conversation
  • Static HTML websites with no trackback/pingbacks (for example Jekyll-generated sites)

Manage up to 10 websites:

Instead of logging in to Google Analytics by hand for each of your websites, Link Radar reports new links for each site automatically.

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
  • A Google Analytics account

Product page:

Mar 02

Flirt Pro

Your secret weapon to marketing on Facebook
Click here for Flirt Basic…

launch2net Premium Zot continues in our ZOTshop!

Normally: $89.99

ZOT Price: $35.99

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Flirt is your secret weapon to marketing on Facebook. The best way to get more likes, send invites and use Facebook on your desktop.

You need more likes. Maybe for your band, a product, event or group. You need to invite people who you aren’t friends with to your events and pages. You manage several accounts or pages and need to use proxy servers.

Then you need Flirt. The #1 native Mac OS X friend adder bot for Facebook. We’ve designed Flirt from scratch to bring you a truly new and effective solution that is turbo-charged, secure, and exceptional.

Watch the Flirt Video

Elegant Solution.Facebook on your desktop.

With Flirt you have consistent access to Facebook with easy to use features and without the hassles of having to figure out the latest website interface changes, similar to using Facebook on the iPhone but with many more features and detail. Flirt can scale to meet your demands, whether that be for making new friends, adding fans to your pages, or managing your events. Moving to Flirt from a different application is easy too, you can import object identifiers directly from any text file. And if you have gaps in your Address Book contacts, Flirt can help you fill those in too.

Add New Friends.Powerful features allow you to branch out fast.

All it takes is one click to find people you may already know, another click to send them a friend request. A feature like that is essential for anyone, especially for someone new to Facebook. That’s not all though, you can easily search for people, pages, groups, posts, and by identifiers. You can further refine your search by location, workplace, school, and by using smart folders. You aren’t limited to only friend requests though, in fact you can like pages, join groups, add members to groups, and even have your pages like other pages. If you’d rather gander at someone’s friends then all you need to do is double-click them! This also works to show you page fans and group members. Of course for the very popular types that receive a lot of friend requests you can just sit back relax and have Flirt approve or deny them for you. For those that tend to send a lot of requests Flirt helps you avoid sending duplicates and manages the sending rate to stay in compliance with Facebook rules.

Get More Likes.Suggest pages to fans and find new ones along the way.

Your friends like you, they probably like your pages too.

Invite your friends to like your page. If you have many friends you can filter them using the search field, making it easy to find that someone special. Enter a personalized message to let your friends know what your page is about and why they should like it.

Import fans from an email list.

If you already have an existing list of fans from an email list or forum you can use that to suggest your page to them also. The format of your file doesn’t matter, Flirt will figure out where the email addresses are automatically. You can change the default language of the message Facebook sends your fans if they don’t speak your native language.

Use Address Book to invite your friends and family.

Chances are you know people that will be interested in your pages in your Address Book contacts. Now you don’t have to do any exporting or editing of files, Flirt can send page suggestions directly from Address Book.

Create, edit, and cancel your events.

Spend less time managing your events or figuring out how to invite people. There’s no need to copy-paste javascript into a web browser it’s easy to send event invites to all your friends, you can even send event invites to people that aren’t your friends! See an overview of all your event invites and respond to them as you like (you could respond to them all at once, which is neat if you are going on vacation). Follow wall posts and be able to like and comment them. Click on an event location in the info sidebar to view a map of where it’s taking place.

Flirt is $500 less than similar apps.

Try Flirt free for a day. To activate your free trial download Flirt above and run the application, click the Try button to begin your free trial. When your trial is over be sure to pick up the Pro version which allows unlimited accounts and exporting of email addresses to Address Book. Pro licenses also include free lifetime upgrades. Grab it on macZOT this weekend for 60% off!

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7.

Compare Flirt and Flirt Pro here…

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Jul 29

All your social networks in one place

Want a great deal on the MAS version? Link below…

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Socialite is your social inbox!

Socialite is a beautiful Mac OS X application, designed to make it easy to stay in touch with the social networks and services that matter to you.

From statuses and photos on Facebook and Twitter updates, to Google Reader RSS syncing, photos on Flickr and news on Digg, Socialite keeps all your social networks in one place.

Facebook Built-In

Socialite lets you stay in touch with your Facebook friends using status updates and photos. Whether you’re wanting to view your friends’ statuses, photos and conversations – or update your status and post photos, Socialite’s got you covered!

Twitter – A tweet away

Everyone loves Twitter, and Socialite allows you to easily share what’s happening right now in your life. There’s full multi-account support, complete with the all-new Retweet and List features – not to mention saved searches, Profile Peeks as well as Image Uploading and URL shortening.

Google Reader – Feed-reading heaven

Socialite is designed to be your one-stop shop for news, and the full support for Google Reader (and its sharing services) makes it easy to keep on top of your RSS feeds. Right from within Socialite you can browse your most recent unread articles, share and star articles as you read them.

RSS – Beyond Google Reader

If you don’t use Google Reader don’t worry: you can use Socialite’s alternative RSS service. The RSS service allows you to easily subscribe to feeds on your Mac – with options to share items with other services.

Flickr – Image Paradise

Browse your friends recent uploads to Flickr, leave comments and favorite images – right from within Socialite. You can also upload images and view Flickr’s Interesting images.


Socialite’s Digg support allows you to easily browse for the latest news: from Technology to Images to Politics, all of Digg’s news streams are at your fingertips.

Socialite is Lion Ready! and requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Learn more on Socialite site

Want a deal on the MAS version? Get Socialite at a great discount from the App Store here…

(Apparent Software has partnered with macZOT to lower their Mac App Store price especially for YOU during this Zot.)

May 06

Flux 2
Web design rebooted.

Normally: $60.00

ZOT Price: $30.00

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Flux 2

Flux 2 from The Escapers is a XHTML & CSS design tool featuring an amazing array of features for an unbelievable price. Flux supports advanced CSS editing, and unlike simpler tools, also permits PHP, Yuma and JavaScript to be included in your pages. Flux 2 represents a massive improvement over Flux 1, with a shower of new features,such as re-written rendering engine, new publishing system, support for many more advanced XHTML elements and CSS styles.

In the press…

Flux was reviewed in, not only did it garner a 5/5 score, but also comments like this one:

“All in, Flux offers the best of both worlds. Flux really is the Dreamweaver killer.”NZMAC.COM

We’re building a community of enthusiastic users

Not only have we established a growing user forum, Flux has attracted comments such as

“The developers have proven to be so responsive, I’ve went ahead & purchased Flux with no reservations. I’m amazed at how powerful and flexible this program is!”Ace Erickson

Flux gets updated… a lot!

The Escapers is committed to providing continual updates to Flux, providing user-requested tweaks and features, as well as major upgrades. We have never charged for a version upgrade, and don’t intend to for a long time. We believe it’s far more important to build a base of happy users than to “nickel and dime” them for every little upgrade.

We pride ourselves on quickly meeting the needs of our customer base, so if you’re a disillusioned GoLive user, and don’t want to move to DreamWeaver, why not use this opportunity to try out something new at a sensational price? We think you’ll appreciate working with a company dedicated to it’s product, it’s customers, and the Mac.

The Escapers… Completely Mac focused

The Escapers is dedicated to the Mac, we’ve been Mac users since the 68k days, Flux is Mac-only, and always will be!

The Escapers are based in London, UK, when we’re not paying far too much for cocktails, we’re putting on the precious to make a coffee to keep us going for another night of coding.

Please note that the pricing is converted from UK pounds sterling, and may be slightly inaccurate at the time of publishing. The full retail price of Flux is £40 GBP.
System requirements
Flux is a Universal application, we recommend either a PowerPC G5 or any Intel Mac, with at least 1GB of RAM.

Click to The Escaper’s Site for more info.

Apr 24

Art Directors Toolkit
Utilities for Graphic Design, Web & Production

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $23.95

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Art Directors Toolkit (ADT) is the “Designer’s On-screen Toolset” for Artists and Designers working with digital media. Always a one-click-away companion dedicated to speeding up the design process, ADT works almost by stealth whether using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Dreamweaver or any tool to create digital media and websites. No more cluttering your desk or desktop with stickies, swatch books, calculators and google searches. ADT provides all of the obscure calculations and information designers need on a daily basis.

Use its ruler to measure objects on-screen, quickly scan through font previews with your mouse’s scrollwheel, search through thousands of Pantone® swatches to find the right color, sample pixels, retrieve color information, find characters and html entities, calculate percentages for image scaling and much more!

Take a look at our quick-overview video or download a demo and try it for yourself. You’ll see why it’s been an industry-favorite with both independent designers and Fortune-500 companies–and why Apple bundled it on their pro machines for so many years.

Who uses Art Directors Toolkit?

Graphic designers, production artists, web programmers, creative directors, packaging designers, photographers, publishers, printers, videographers, programmers and just about any type of visually creative individual.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later


All version 5.x releases of Art Directors Toolkit will be free.


“[Art Directors Toolkit] stays opened all the time! It’s like an extension of my right hand ;)”
- iKitty, Design

“For the past 15 years, I’ve collected little bits and pieces of paper that had decimal conversion tables, CMYK-to-RGB values, which keystroke gives me a cactus in a southwest typeface, etc.; manually worked out how many points are in 31p7, how many picas are in 6-1/8 in.; held on to my conversion wheel through thick and thin; and bought numerous clear type scales so I could match typeface to inch specs. You’ve managed to save what few brain cells I have left so I can figure out OS X!! Thank you, thank you…(I’m prostrated on my knees)”
- Satisfied User


View our blog entry: "Making the Switch to Goe with Art Directors Toolkit 5"

For more information visit:

PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. © Pantone, Inc., 2006.

Apr 16

Crossword Forge 5.5
Make crossword and word search puzzles easily
Plus a Developer Bonus Giveaway and a Weekend ZOT Preview Below

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.97

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Try the Snow Leopard puzzle here

Extra! Extra!

In conjunction with this Zot we are giving away some of our iPhone apps. We have 9 copies of Save Benjis and 9 copies of Adam’s Game to give out. Email us at help AT (hint: replace ‘ AT ‘ with @) with the subject line “MacZot: Save Benjis giveaway” or “MacZot: Adam’s Game giveaway”. We’ll randomly pick 9 from each group Saturday morning , so be sure to send your email address before then.

P.S. Yes, you can enter for both apps but please don’t enter more than once, because we’ll only count you once.

This weekend’s ZOT?
April 18th and 19th


Secure protection for individual folders. Encrypt documents, email, anything. – Unobtrusive, intuitive, and simple to use. Espionage is designed to integrate with Apple’s Finder seamlessly, so that you can protect only the data that you want protected, and without having to resort to any special “vaults”.

Learn more about Espionage here…

Mar 18

Crop and More, Without the Fuss

Normally: $11.95

ZOT Price: $5.95

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“I use EasyCrop every day, and I’ve tried many others…but no other application beats EasyCrop when I want to quickly and effortlessly resize images.”

The Hard Way

To illustrate the power of EasyCrop, consider the following scenario.

You wish to crop and scale down a photo to send in an email, and you want the file size to be under 50 KB. With a full-featured graphics application, these are the steps you would take:

  • Launch the app, and watch the app icon bounce and bounce and bounce …
  • Navigate clumsy file dialogs to reach the file you wish to open.
  • Crop the image and scale the result.
  • Export the result to a temporary JPEG file.
  • Check file size; if it’s too big, back up two steps or try a different JPEG Quality setting.
  • Open the folder containing the temporary file in the Finder.
  • Drag the file into the email you are composing.
  • Finally, delete the temporary file now that you no longer need it.
  • The EasyCrop Way

    To perform the above task, simply drag the photo into EasyCrop. Then select the area you wish to crop and resize using a slider.
    When you’re happy with what you see in the live preview, enter the file size limit and drag the preview image straight to the email you are composing.

    That’s it.

    Download your copy today and try it out for yourself. Chances are that you will, like many others, find yourself using it more than you ever imagined.

    Some Usage Ideas

  • Email
  • Blog
  • Add a face to your Address Book contact
  • Set up pictures for your Mac OS X logon screen
  • Convert image file format
  • Take screenshots with built-in screen capture tool
  • Highlights

  • Consumes little resource and launches quickly
  • No confusing file dialog
  • No temporary files to erase
  • Live preview
  • Customizable constraint settings
  • Built-in screen capture tool
  • Full drag-and-drop support (e.g. drag image directly from Safari to EasyCrop)
  • Originals remain intact
  • EasyCrop is a small app that launches in no time. And since it takes up little resources
    and is so useful, most users just keep it running all the time.
  • Another Fine Yellow Mug Product

    Click to Yellow Mug’s Site for more info.

    Mar 03

    Create Flash animated text effects in seconds!

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $28.00

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    Text-Osterone is an extremely easy program to generate eye-popping Flash animated text effects in seconds! Works with your installed True Type and Postscript fonts. Text-Osterone is easy to use and is great for websites and presentations.


    • Output Macromedia Flash (FLA) files! No need for using ActionScript
      to load in your text effects like other text effect programs. Compatible
      with Flash 5/MX/MX2004/8.
    • Output Macromedia Flash movie files (SWF). Over 97% of all browsers
      already have the Flash Player installed, so you won’t have to worry about
      your audience being able to view your text animations.
    • Output HTML files to quickly generate a web page to show your animated
    • Output self-executables to run on Macintosh and Windows based computers.
    • Output QuickTime movie files.
    • Supports your installed True Type and Postscript fonts.
    • Choose from over 200 effects! Most are customizable for endless possibilities.
    • Add multiple lines of text.
    • Mix and match effects on different blocks of text.
    • Add on click actions to launch web pages or load other SWF movie files.
    • Save project files so you can save your work to allow you to make changes
      over time.

    Click here for System Requirements

    Get more info about Text-Osterone

    Mar 01

    Jumsoft Keynote Quartet FX ’09
    Need help preparing attractive and powerful presentations?

    Normally: $99.00

    ZOT Price: $49.50

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Jumsoft has the solution – Keynote Quartet FX ’09.

    See what you could add to your next presentation here…

    Keynote Quartet FX ’09 offers you the most attractive and popular presentation-making tools that will help you capture your audience. Keynote Themes 7.0 is included as a bonus! Don’t hesitate; grab this amazing product. Avoid those boring presentations and Amaze Everyone with your creatively prepared presentations!

    Keynote Themes FX

    Keynote Themes FX 4.0 motion themes are designed to create an ambience that surrounds your presentation. The Keynote Themes FX 4.0 package consists of ten motion themes–five fresh and innovative ones and five themes from the previous version

    Keynote Animations FX

    125 animations in Animations 6.0 will captivate your audience. Jumsoft offers you 25 new animated possibilities to express yourself. The animated pictures have no backgrounds and are easy to work with.

    Keynote Backgrounds FX

    Keynote Backgrounds FX‘s 3.0 movies are prepared for looping to allow the endless playback of any of the backgrounds in the package. This package will make your presentation come alive with a new spirit and more fun, even if you already use Keynote Themes FX.

    Keynote Objects FX

    The package includes 100 objects to go—50 from our previous version and 50 new ones! From plants to party details and from soft to metal materials—you will undoubtedly find the perfect objects for your presentation. All 100 images in the package are rendered in 3D and are optimized for presentations.


    Keynote Themes 7.0

    Keynote Themes 7.0 includes 20 stunning themes for Apple Keynote: “Art”, “Blue Fingerprints”, “Blue”, “Business Pro”, “Chameleon”, “Cinema”, “Color”, “Developer Pro” , “Developer”, “Elegant Pro”, “Green”, “History”, “Movie”, “Nature”, “Network Pro”, “Photography”, “Postal Brown”, “Red”, “Science Pro” , and “Yellow Pro”.

    Keynote Quartet FX ’09 is compatible with all versions of Keynote. Keynote Quartet requires any Macintosh computer running Mac OS X with Keynote or Pages installed.
    Visit Jumsoft for more details.

    Feb 13

    Toon Boom Studio Express
    Plus – Save $500 on “Animate” and $200 on “Toon Boom Studio.”

    Normally: $149.99

    ZOT Price: $74.99

    Click to MacZOT

    A Toon Boom Spectacular!

    This weekend (including Monday) macZOT and ToonBoom join forces to bring Mac users Three Outstanding Deals on The Worlds Leading Animation Software. Save $500 off the regular price of “Animate.” Save $200 on “ToonBoom Studio.” And get 50% off of ToonBoomStudio Express. This is a rare opportunity to buy three great animation programs, with up-to-the minute features, industry tested quality, and fantastic support. Available at this price for Three Days Only. February 14th, 15th, and 16th on macZOT.

    Toon Boom’s client base ranges from major studios creating Hollywood blockbuster animated films to individual animators creating their first masterpieces. Market-leading studios using Toon Boom’s products include Nelvana, Warner Bros., Mercury Filmworks, China Central Television, to name a few. Some of the prestigious productions done with Toon Boom’s technology include: Looney Tunes: Back in Action, The Rugrats, SpongeBob The Movie, Curious George, and Simpsons The Movie.

    Click to see the Toon Boom Showcase here…Amazing Possibilities!

    Available this weekend – Animate, Toon Boom Studio, and Toon Boom Studio Express!

    Animate – ZOT Price – $499.99 (Save $500!)

    Click here to find out about, Try and/or Buy Animate

    Toon Boom Studio – ZOT Price – $199.99 (Save $200!)

    Click here to find out about, Try and/or Buy Toon Boom Studio

    Toon Boom Studio Express – ZOT Price $74.99

    Buy Toon Boom Studio Express from the page you are on NOW. details below…

    Easy-to-use, Toon Boom Studio Express is a must-have animation tool for all your creative projects. Use it to create great animations for your corporate and personal web sites; Flash banner ads, Interactive projects and games; videos, PDAs and phones; and anywhere else you want to add eye-catching animations!

    What’s new in Studio Express 4 ?

    • New flexible docking user interface
    • Calligraphic line styles for a unique animation look
    • Feather edges for creating blurs and glows
    • Vectorization using textures for bitmap integration
    • More peg functionalities, including element orient to motion path
    • Over 30 new features including Flash pre-loaders and HTML embedding

    Feature Comparison


     Toon Boom Studio 4.5

     Studio Express 4.0

    Expanded video support Yes No
    Print capability Yes No
    Integration with Photoshop files Yes No
    Import of Flip Boom and Animation-ish projects Yes No
    Cut Out Animation Tools Yes No
    Animated Elements Yes No
    Pegs Unlimited 2
    Cameras Unlimited 1
    Scenes Unlimited 1
    Frames Unlimited 1000
    Advanced Lip Sync Yes No
    Advanced Importing Yes No

    Now Available for both Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Microsoft Windows Vista.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.