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Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software

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Don’t panic, your most precious digital pictures are not lost, they’re just 3 easy steps away…

Everybody loves digital cameras because they are easy to use and there’s no film or developing costs involved. However, one of the big problems with digital cameras is that the media cards they save pictures on can be easily corrupted or accidentally erased. You then run the risk of losing your irreplaceable digital pictures of your baby’s first steps, son’s graduation or your trip to Hawaii. It happens all too often…

Deleted picture recovery is as easy as 1-2-3!

Have no fear, Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software is here! With just a few “Klix”, your digital pictures are back in perfect condition. No worries, no fuss, and no angry family members! Imagine digital picture recovery made that simple.

Easy – Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software will recover from the following camera manufacturers:

Agfa ** Fuji Kodak Minolta Phillips Sharp
Argus FujiFilm Konica NEC Polaroid Sony
Canon Hitachi Kyocera Nikon Ricoh Toshiba
Casio HP Leica ** Olympus Samsung Verbatim
Chinon Imation Lexar Panasonic SanDisk Vivitar
Epson JVC LG Pentax Sanyo Yashica

** Please Note: Klix will not recover pictures after a format operation in Olympus and Fuji cameras using XD media.

Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software is very easy-to-use digital picture recovery software that will search for and recover digital pictures and/or videos that are on your digital camera media card. Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software will work when the digital pictures have been deleted, lost or if the media card has been reformatted or even corrupted! Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software works with all types of digital camera media and camera manufacturers. Klix- digital picture recovery software is designed for the novice computer user and is the easiest-to-use, most reliable picture recovery software available.

To start on the road to recovery, simply download a free demo copy of Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software using the TRY button above. After installing Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software, simply select a camera or media card adapter, press start, then watch your lost and deleted digital pictures appear with a thumbnail preview so you can actually see the picture before the digital recovery has taken place. Then just purchase a copy of Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software and drag and drop all the digital pictures and videos you would like to recover (The demo version of Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software is limited to recover one file).


Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software can be video recovery software as well. Klix has the ability to recover both digital pictures and digital videos. Another option Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software offers is to make an exact copy of your media card right to your computer (and recover pictures and video later). That way you can preserve the digital images and prevent any further data loss. Then at a later time go back and recover the digital pictures you desire. There is even an option to secure-delete pictures that you no longer want and they become permanently unrecoverable.


You select the drive you want the pictures to be recovered to. Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software makes no attempt to repair a damaged media card, which protects you from additional damage or picture loss.

Prosoft also offers free pre and post technical support via phone or email or check our list of FAQs for Klix.

Klix Digital Picture Recovery Software will recover from the following media types:

  • Secure Digital Card (SD card)
  • miniSD Card
  • microSD Card
  • CompactFlash (CF)
  • Sony Memory Stick
  • MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • MMC Mobile
  • SmartMedia
  • xD-Picture Card
  • USB Memory Card
  • System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 / 10.7 / 10.8
    Minimum memory requirement 256MB
    Klix can recover all types of image files including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG from any camera.
    Klix can also recover Raw format image files from Canon, Nikon, Olympus*, Pentax, Kodak, Minolta, Fuji*, Sigma, Foveon, Casio and Sony. Klix also recovers MOV, MPEG and AVI movies.
    * Will not recover pictures after a format operation in Olympus and Fuji cameras using XD media.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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    Aug 21

    Beyond Inbox

    Gmail, IMAP & Google Apps Backup:
    Backup, Archive, Organize, Transfer and Restore your Email

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    With your busy routine and a large number of new email in the inbox every day, it is difficult but essentially critical to take control of your inbox. You have to have a process to keep your email organized and inbox clean so that you can find a message when you need it. At the same time, you also need to make sure that you archive and backup your email to prevent the loss in situations like accidental loss of data from email servers, hacking of account, forget password, over size inbox or unpredictable scenarios.
    There are five basic functions that we all need to perform in order to manage and safeguard our email- backup, restore, archive, transfer and organize the data. Beyond Inbox can help you perform all of these in a very efficient and easy way.

    What does Beyond Inbox do?

  • Backup your email for Disaster Recovery.
  • Archive your email.
  • Organize your inbox.
  • Transfer your email to another account.
  • Restore your email
  • You can accidentally delete an email or your password can be compromised and web based email providers will not recover those emails for you. You need your own email backup.

    Beyond Inbox is the easy way to backup, archive, organize, transfer, and restore your email messages from any IMAP-enabled email client! With Beyond Inbox, you’ll never have to worry about falling victim to lost or corrupted email servers, hacked accounts, even forgotten passwords!

    Why do you need to backup your email?

  • You may forget your password
  • You may accidentally delete some messages
  • Automatic loss of email
  • Your account may be hacked
  • Blackout of Email servers
  • Upper limit on data storage
  • Backing up your email from one or many accounts is absurdly simple with Beyond Inbox. Backup your emails to another email account or store them on your computer’s hard drive as individual files in a non-proprietary open format. Best of all, if you choose to backup to your computer, you can easily search for specific information using Desktop Search, no matter which account it originated from!

    Restoring your email messages in the event of a disaster is quick and easy, thanks to Beyond Inbox’s wonderful Drag and Drop Restore functionality — just drag your selected messages back to your IMAP account, and you’re good to go!

    What about those emails that you want to keep, but aren’t necessarily critically important? Stop clogging up valuable inbox space, and instead use Beyond Inbox to archive them, in the same way you perform email backups!

    For categorization purposes, nothing beats Beyond Inbox! Just search and tag selected email messages (such as payment confirmations), then either copy or move these messages to a different email account or file folder.

    Why to backup with Beyond Inbox?

    There are many email services like Outlook Express, which themselves provide options for email backup. There are also a few software tools available in the market that claim to backup your email. These are the advantages of using Beyond Inbox for email backups:

    No more single large backup file for entire inbox. Beyond Inbox stores each and every email as a separate file: This way you can store different email at different places and you do not need to worry about backing up one large file. Most of the other backup services store all your emails in a single file causing one huge back up file for entire account.
    Much safer backups. No risk of deleting email from backup while deleting from inbox. Beyond Inbox does not work in synch mode: Once you back up your data on your local disk using Beyond Inbox, it is not at all linked with the email account. Most of the email backup services work in sync mode however, and hence, when an email is deleted from the email account, it is deleted from the backup also. This is a very big advantage that Beyond Inbox offers over its competitors.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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    Aug 19

    Compress Files

    Easily compress, archive, and encrypt.
    Also – Omit invisible files.
    Get it on the Mac App Store too! Your Choice. :)

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    Ready for Mountain Lion

    Easily compress, archive, encrypt and omit invisible files.

    To compress a file, simply drag and drop the file into the app window. You can compress more than one file by dragging multiple items onto Compress Files window, and you can also compress larger groups of files by placing them in a folder and dragging the whole folder onto Compress Files.

    Compress Files enables you to easily create:

    • Zip compressed archives (.zip)
    • TAR archives (.tar)
    • Gzip compressed archives (.tar.gz)
    • Bzip2 compressed archives (.tar.bz2)
    • Xar archives (.xar)
    • 7zip compressed archives (.7z)
    • Compressed Disk Image (.dmg)

    and also:

    • Zip compressed and encrypted archives (.zip)
    • Compressed and encrypted disk images (.dmg)
    • Compressed and encrypted 7zip archives (.7z)


    Invisible Mac-specific files can be extremely annoying when you transfer Zip files to other systems. Windows and Linux make these files visible and they can create confusion to recipients that receive your files. Compress Files lets you specify if you want to omit Finder specific information (such as the .DS_Store files) and Mac specific file attributes (such as a resource fork) when creating Zip archives.

    To compress a file, simply drag and drop the file you want to compress onto the Compress Files icon. If Compress Files is closed, the program will launch and compress your files. You can also compress files by dragging files into the app window. Just launch Compress Files and the window will appear. You can compress more than one file by dragging multiple items onto Compress Files window, and you can also compress larger groups of files by placing them in a folder and dragging the whole folder onto Compress File.

    For high security, you can use Compress Files to encrypt part of your hard disk through the use of an encrypted disk image protected with a password. You can then also email this disk image to other people who know the password. The image will show up as a volume on your desktop. When your Keychain is locked, or when you send that disk image file to another person, the image is secure. When your Keychain is unlocked, you can copy, move and delete files as you would on any normal hard disk.

    One of the features most appreciated by power users is Compress and Attach. Drag one or more files into the Compress Files window, and quickly you will find a ready-to-send email message with compressed file attached with your preferred options. You can do this without all the invisible files created by the Finder that confuses Windows users.

    Got files that take up a lot of space on your hard disk? Files that slow down your search because they’re piling up in droves? Want to keep some files in a safe place? Use the archiving feature of Compress Files. Your computer has never been so clean and tidy!


    Email SecurityWhen user chooses to create a .dmg encrypted file, Compress Files creates 128-bit AES Encrypted DMG files. Encrypt Email leverage Mac OS X technology to create disk images with AES encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption methods and widely adopted by many governments. When user chooses to create a .zip or .7z encrypted file, Compress Files creates AES-256 Encrypted Zip or AES-256 Encrypted 7Zip files. See Security section of Advanced Encryption Standard at Wikipedia to learn more.

    For any product information, please contact our support, we are happy to provide information about our software and technical assistance.

    Mac OS X Logo
    System Requirements of Compress Files for Mac:

    • Mac computer with an Intel processor.
    • Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion).
    • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended).
    • Approximately 12MB of available disk space.

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    Aug 06


    Protect your online privacy!
    (Mavericks ready)

    Normally: $14.99

    ZOT Price: $7.50

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    Cookie prevents third parties from hijacking your browsing experience.


    The sites you visit store "cookies" in your browser without your knowledge or consent. Some are helpful, but others are frustrating and invasive. Cookie can help.


    More privacy, better browsing

    • Avoid invasive marketing. Tired of targeted ads that mysteriously know what products you've been shopping for online? Eliminate them with Cookie.
    • Freedom from Flash. Cookie is adept at eliminating Flash cookies, an especially large and persistent type of cookie.
    • Impressive results, with minimal effort. By consolidating all your cookie controls into an easy interface, Cookie makes maintaining your browsing privacy a cinch.



    Cookie, helps you to manage exactly who can access information about your online activities, all in one convenient location.

    With a clear and intuitive interface, Cookie is a must have application for anyone serious about protecting their personal information.

    After an initial simple setup, Cookie requires minimal effort to keep your computer clear from unwanted data-mining.

    *Cookie is currently optimised specifically to manage data from Safari 5+, WebKit, Chrome 10+, Chromium 10+, Camino 2+, Firefox 4+.






    • Live cookie updates, and removal
    • Browser specific, and Global cookie whitelists (favorites) and removal
    • Tracking cookie identification, and removal
    • EverCookie removal
    • Manage Cookies, Flash Cookies, Silverlight, and LocalStorage/Databases
    • One time setup, and forget
    • Accessible from the system menu bar
    • Highly intuitive





    (Though these reviews are from the Mac App Store – Today's Zot is for the Standard (Non-MAS version. They are the same.)

    This app is fantastic!
    by Young Bud Fox – from the Mac App Store
    Without a question, you should buy this app. After it is installed, you will be stunned with the number of cookies, flash cookies, and cookie databases infesting your computer. Interestingly, I discovered the running the 'Reset Safari' command does not remove all cookies. This application will remove them all.

    The program allows you to keep a window open to monitor you cookies in realtime. You can identify cookie "favorites" for retention and still delete unwanted cookies.

    You will not be diapointed with this program.

    Frickin' Awesome!!
    by lovemymacs – from the Mac App Store
    First of all, do you need it? Do you want it? Yes!!!! But you'll have to go read about it to try understand why. I think the developer needs to (he may have already done this) provide a context for people to grasp why the'y want to stop everyone in their virtual neighborhood from sticking a GPS on their virtual car and having every store and local merchant knowing exactly where they're going, what they're buying, what they're viewing, etc., etc., etc. Once I began to understand how commonly everything is being triangulated through massive databases I wanted to opt out. This application appears to be allowing me to do exactly that. Why the frick do I want to allow tracking barnacles on my virtual yacht? Why the frick to I want to behave like a rat in a maze while malevolent forces – simply normal commercially motivated creeps – track and watch my activity? Ewscray all of them!!!! I have cookies!!!!

    Excellent App From Very Resposive Developer
    by birdchucker – from the Mac App Store
    As someone who is concerned about my online privacy and who is unhappy about being tracked by everyone and their brother, I was looking for an app like this that would get rid of tracking cookies in real time as I was browsing, so that I couldn't be tracked. This app does just that! I have it set to delete all cookies every minute while I'm browsing, and it does a great job!

    The developer is very responsive as well. I sent an email before I purchased to find out some details of how Cookie worked and got a very quick personal respone. I also sent an email with technical questions and received a very quick personal response again. A++++ developer and app!

    I bought Cookie Stumbler before I discovered this developer and his app. I was unhappy with Cookie Stumber, personally. Cookie Stumbler forces you to quit your browser to delete the tracking cookies because it can't delete them while the browser is open. It's not very inuitive (to me) either. YMMV. Cookie is a much better app for my needs since it's intuitive and deletes the cookies with my browser open, even while I surf the web.

    Highly recommended!

    Privacy at last
    by ga8 – from the Mac App Store
    This program is in my opinion essential for internet privacy on the mac. The browsers all have their own privacy controls to differing degrees. This seems to remove the remaining tracking cookies including flash.



    by Al Colonel – from the Mac App Store
    Talk about a handy way to keep your mac clean. While this won’t stop device fingerprinting, it stops everything else, and the developer is responsive fast!


    The app is easy to set up and whacks data as you tell it to. I told it to delete everything, except for a couple of sites (like my bank) that I made favourites because they set security cookies that prevent you from having to go through the very long login procedures if the cookies stays.


    That’s the best part of having this app — deleting flash cookies and cookies and caches automatically, while at the same time keeping useful cookies is worth it!



    System Requirements

    Mac OS 10.6+ (Snow Leopard) required, (Mavericks) recommended





    SweetP Productions

    Visit our website Here


    System Requirements:

    Mac OS 10.6.6+
    Mac OS 10.7+
    Mac OS 10.8+
    Mac OS 10.9+

    Safari 5.1+
    Chrome 10+
    Chromium 10+
    Camino 2.1+
    Firefox 4+
    Opera 15+

    Jul 19


    The powerful and really fast VNC viewer and Apple Remote Desktop client
    Get the MAC, iOS, and/or Android Versions Today – Choose your flavor below!

    ProTools Training, StoryBoard Quick – Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $4.99

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    Find out what all the amazing reviews are about!

    macZOT and Nulana have partnered to bring you the iOS, Mac, and Android versions of this mind bending new way to be in two places at once!

    “Remotix is just absolutley amazing, I use it all the time. It allowed me to log onto my work computer from my personal computer and there was hardly any lag at all, my internet isn’t the best and even apps like this still manage to run with zero problems! I literally just opened it and I was up and running in no time. The next best thing about this app is the ability to have multiple computers connected at once.” – Matt Falconer

    Remotix for Mac – $11.99 (50% Off!)

    Download the Free Mac Demo version…

    System requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.6.0 or better
    Intel Based Mac
    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Remotix for iOS – $9.99 (50% Off!)

    System requirements:

    iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Remotix 2.7 for Android – $6.99 (50% Off!)

    System requirements:

    Any Android based device with Android 2.2 or higher

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    it provide the best speed whne I am connecting to my other mac remotely and the best part is it dont put load on your CPU.. like it. – by AppsWillRise

    This app is so great for accessing all my apple devices! its like having all my computers built into one! Great for any business. Highly recomend!!! - by surf10000

    The first time I got this app I knew right away what to do because it made sense to a “normal” person and it came with easy to understand instructions when you first open the app up. - by SLatz18

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    Jul 01

    Protect Files

    Encrypting files and folders has never been easier.

    Normally: $9.99

    ZOT Price: $1.00

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    Encrypting files and folders has never been easier. Protect Files makes it easy to protect your files, folders and documents with secure encryption and password technology; designed to provide a quick solution that guides users step-by-step in creating and managing encrypted spaces.

    We live in an electronic world, continuously connected to the Internet, carrying flash memory drives with all our data everywhere we go; we use notebooks, removable disks and private files that are often more important than the devices themselves. The more information and memory supports we carry around, the greater the risk of someone getting a hold of them. We therefore need to protect our data.

    That’s what Apimac Protect Files is for: it’s an efficient utility that offers a complete solution to this problem, providing a simple way to create encrypted spaces with the same level of security (AES – Advanced Encryption Standard) used by many governments around the world, such as the United States.

    Apimac Protect Files facilitates this task with secure encryption. Specifically designed for those who want a dedicated solution, Protect Files guides inexperienced users step-by-step in the creation and use of encrypted spaces, which are managed through a simple interface that guides you in locking and unlocking documents and folders. An encrypted space is a password-protected space that can reside on your Mac’s hard drive, an external disk or USB stick. Safely store folders, documents, photos, videos, music, and all types of files to prevent others from accessing them. The space is displayed as a normal volume on the desktop. When the space is locked, its contents are super-protected. When the space is unlocked, you can move, copy and delete files like on any other memory drive.

    Protect Files for Mac Screen Shot.png

    Protect Files automatically optimizes the enclosed disk image to reclaim unused space (on portable computers only when the power adapter is connected).


    Email SecurityBy default, Protect Files creates 128-bit AES Encrypted Spaces. However for even stronger encryption, the user may optionally specify 256-bit AES encryption in the applications preferences. Protect Files leverage Mac OS X technology to create disk images with AES encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption methods and widely adopted by many governments. See Security section of Advanced Encryption Standard at Wikipedia to learn more.

    While expert users might prefer to use Mac OS X Disk Utility to create their own disk image files, this tool is aimed to users preferring a dedicated solution to guide them step by step in creation and use of the encrypted space.

    The maximum size of a space created is 99 GB. This limit is used to prevent too long opening and closing of the spaces.

    For any product information, please contact our support, we are happy to provide information about our software and technical assistance.

    Mac OS X Logo

    System Requirements of Protect Files for Mac:

    • Mac computer with an Intel processor.
    • Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Snow Leopard and Lion).
    • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended).
    • Approximately 42MB of available disk space.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Jun 29

    Javabean Web Hosting

    Enjoy the Fastest, Easiest and Friendliest RapidWeaver Hosting Provider.
    Get the ZOT and Experience the Difference.

    Paragon Zot Continues… Scroll down to The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $30.00

    ZOT Price: $5.00

    Click to MacZOT Buy 1 item

    Today’s ZOT gets you 3 months of Javabean Web Hosting’s Half-Caf Plan.

    Javabean Hosting

    Javabean Hosting is the fastest, easiest and friendliest RapidWeaver hosting provider. No other hosting provider knows or is as committed to RapidWeaver as we are. Javabean Hosting also includes these bonuses for absolutely free:

    • A dedicated RapidWeaver plugin
    • A MySQL stack to make backing up MySQL databases a cinch.
    • We know the ins and out of RapidWeaver including what publishing settings you need.

    Half-Caf Plan

    The Half-Caf plan is perfect for start-up websites and blogs that require some space to grow. Half-Caf is also our most popular and features 1GB of disk space and 10GB of Bandwidth. Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. All of our plans include great support, blazing fast hardware and software, and servers that are never oversold.

    Free migration assistance

    We don’t come up with excuses on moving day. We will grab a cup of coffee and help you pack, lift, and move those virtual boxes. We’re cool like that. Please contact us when you’re ready and we’ll answer your questions and work with you on getting everything set up.


    Unlike other oversold shared hosts, we use first class dedicated hardware and software. As a result, your site runs faster, your users are happier, and search engines rate you higher. - source.

    • NO Contracts Yes, you read that right. We don’t lock you in or hold your site hostage. We believe you’ll love us and want to stay.
    • Premium support How can we help you? Skype? Email? Other? Let us know! You already know us and our work. Rest assured that you’re getting great support to help answer your hosting questions.
    • Daily backups We make daily offset backups to keep your data safe. More details here.
    • Unlimited domains Have as many sites as you’d like.
    • RapidWeaver friendly We have the tools that you need to run your RapidWeaver site.
    • RapidWeaver plugin We show true commitment to the RapidWeaver community with our own plugin
    • Green We’re truly committed to being Green with real promises and real action.


    We’re nothing without our great customers. Here’s what a few of them have to say here.

    Developer Interview

    Hello, my name is Greg. I am the Barista behind Javabean Hosting. I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you…

    Your Barista, Greg
    • What’s the most unique feature of Javabean Hosting? We are the only host with a dedicated RapidWeaver plugin. How cool is that?
    • Why did you start Javabean Hosting? I started Javabean Hosting because I became tired of the standard hosting model. Hosting companies lock you in with contracts and lock down their services. This makes it hard for users to build truly great websites. In addition to policies and technical limitations, I wanted a service that I knew was fast. I am obsessed with speed and like I can add hosting features that really matter (like GZip compression and extra fast disks). Sites (and their owners) deserve the best.
    • What part of hosting is most interesting to you? Speed & optimization. I enjoy squeezing the most out of everything and routinely tuning the hardware and software so my users are experiencing the fastest speeds possible.
    • What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product? First and foremost, service. I’ll earn your trust and guide you on the right track. Second, speed. You should start to feel a noticeable speed increase to your site once you’ve switched over. Interested in a less subjective approach, try YSlow. We can help you make sense of YSlow if you’d like and filter out what is important and what isn’t when it comes to speeding up your site.
    • What are some interesting experiences you’ve had with web hosting? Probably the most “interesting” experience I’ve had is the migration of my server from 1 provider to another upstream provider. About 3 months ago I had to make a switch due to a failure in the provider to deliver for me (and thus, my clients) on services that I expected. I was up until 5am that morning migrating everyone’s account. The bottom line is that I care about my users and what happened was unacceptable. Details of this migration can be found on my blog.
    • What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why? I use so many Indie apps (one of my favorite things about the Mac is the number of Indie developers!) but my favorites have to be Fantasical and Sparrow. I use these apps regularly and they make working with Email and Calendar painless.
    • What features would you like to add to your product? I have a few future plans for the Javabean plugin. For instance, I’d like to include more stats, controls and documentation. Yes, I know that is vague, but it is only because the cool stuff is worth the wait ;)
    • What would you like a user to ask you? “How much space do you recommend for my site?” (Typically, It depends on the size of your RapidWeaver project). Or on a personal note – “How do you drink your coffee?” (Hint: black. I enjoy tasting the various coffee flavors without altering the flavor with cream or sugar.)
    • What should I ask that I’m forgetting? What does a user need to do to get started? The process is fairly simple although can sound overwhelming. It can be summarized in 3 steps:
      • Sign up. Don’t worry if it isn’t the ‘right plan’. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.
      • Publish and test your site to your new host, migrate any databases, and email accounts.
      • Switch your domain from pointing at your current host to your new home at Javabean Hosting.
    • What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy? Please check out the FAQ below

    Backups – How do you keep my data safe?

    We take backups very seriously. There are a few methods that we employ to make sure we’re able to help you in a time of need.

    • Offsite backups via Amazon S3. Every night, we archive your entire site (including databases and email) to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is globally recognized as the leading provider of storage in the cloud. We hold 30 days worth of backups.
    • Rsync backups. Unix nerds will appreciate Rsync backups. These are taken daily of all your files. Any time a file is changed, the file is backed up to another server. This allows us to restore a single file.
    • Server snapshots. We take entire server snapshots every night. We keep these backups so we can restore the entire server in case of extreme emergencies.


    • Is this for new or existing customers? This is for new customers only.
    • But Host XYZ offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space! Yes, this is true, other ‘big box’ hosting companies promise you the world. In reality, they are overselling their servers and stuffing as many users on the same machine as possible. This slows down your site and exposes you to higher potential of security flaws. We care about you and your site more than that!
    • Do I need to transfer my domain? Not at all! You are free to use your current domain registrar. Of course, if you’d like you can transfer or register a domain with us at any time.
    • How many domains can I have? As many as you’d like! Everyone has more than one website nowadays (including us).
    • How many sub-domains can I have? Of course, as many as you’d like!
    • How many email accounts can I have? There is a … nah, just kidding. There is no limit to the number of email accounts you can have. Almost fooled you, didn’t I?
    • Do you support plugin XYZ or Stack ABC? If you find something that is made for RapidWeaver and doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll work on making sure we have the necessary software installed.
    • I’ve purchased the Zot, what do I do now? Great! Please remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re very happy to answer them. Let’s get started!
      • Find coupon code. You can retrieve you coupon code via email or by logging into your Zot account.
      • Order your new service. Once you’ve obtained your coupon code proceed to order the Half-Caf plan. You can choose 1 of 3 options while signing up. You may:
        • Register a new domain. Have a cool new domain you’d ilke to register? Great! You can do so now. All domain registrations include free WHOIS and DNS management.
        • Transfer a domain. This option is if you’d like to move your domain from your current registrar (the company you originally bought your domain from) to Javabean. All transfers include 1yr extension for the expiration of your domain and free private WHOIS protection and DNS management.
        • I will update my name servers. This is for users who’d like to keep their domain at their current company. All that is required is that you update the domain to point to Javabean Hosting. You can transfer it later if you’d like. If you’re unsure of which option to choose, please use this one. We can help you with the process and explain everything!
      • Publish your site! You will receive a ‘New Account Info’ email shortly after signing up. This email contains your FTP/CPanel login and password. This is the login and password that you will use in RapidWeaver for publishing. Please keep it safe. For security, it is different from your billing login and password.
    • Why are there so many options when signing up? Choice. We believe you should have choice in how your site is set up. We don’t hold your site hostage and require you to register or transfer your domain to us. We will happily register or transfer your domain, the choices are yours.

    Technical Details

    Do you love reading a good tech specification? We only use first class hardware and software. Check this out:

    • PHP v5.3
    • MySQL 5
    • Raid-10 SAN (storage area network) for blazing fast hard drive access
    • Burstable 1Gbps network
    • Globally distributed DNS servers (13 in total) mean that DNS lookups are always fast no matter where your visitors are!
    • Auto-scaling architecture. We’re always ready for your site to hit the big time!

    About Us

    We’ve been on the RapidWeaver scene since 2008 and love building new products for RapidWeaver users. Some of these products you may have heard of or already use. Our products include our professional slideshow software WeaverPix, our file manager and collaboration tool WeaverFM, and our drop box utility WeaverBox. In 2012 and beyond, we look forward to continuing this trend and delivering high class products and services to the RapidWeaver community.

    Jun 26

    Secret Folder

    Conceal folders and files on your Mac with a click for $1! Password Protection Too!
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    Normally: $4.99

    ZOT Price: $1.00

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    Buy 1 item

    Secret Folder is very useful to keep your information away from prying eyes, it provides you with an easy and fast way to hide personal documents.

    “It’s amazing how something so simple in concept, works so well. Must have for any Mac user.”
    Freakin Awesome!! – Donnie Byers

    Conceal folders and files on your Mac with a click. Secret Folder provides you with an easy and fast way to hide personal documents. Password protection too!

    How do you make invisible folders and files on a Mac?
    Apimac Secret Folder is an app for Mac that provides an easy and fast way to protect personal documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users. It allows users to hide folders and their contents. Files and folders can be added by means of a single click on a choose dialog box or via drag and drop.

    The app is really simple to use and can be protected with a password for extra security. Secret Folders is very useful to keep your information away from prying eyes or kids who may accidentally modify or delete your files.

    Using a password
    The ‘Require Password’ check button lets you protect the app with a password. If this option is selected, at the opening of Apimac Secret Folder a password dialog box will be displayed. To gain access to the application it will be necessary to enter the correct password.

    Notes about security
    This application uses the standard functionality of the operating system to make folders and files invisible. Programmers and experienced users could gain access to a folder made invisible and there are some applications that let you open invisible files or files contained in a folder made invisible. Whether you need advanced levels for protecting your data, there are other ways as protecting information on removable media (as creating encrypted disk images using Protect Files) or using Mac OS X FileVault. To learn more about Protecting information on removable media and on Mac OS X FileVault, open Mac OS X Finder’s Help. You can learn more about our Mac Security tools by visiting Mac Data Protection page.

    System Requirements of Secret Folder for Mac:

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended).
  • Approximately 28MB of available disk space.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

  • May 28


    Never send insecure files again.
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    Never send insecure files again.

    We all send a lot of files. Whether it’s in Mail, with iChat, or even sharing them in Dropbox, files are still a huge part of our daily lives. Sadly, we haven’t had an easy way to make sure they can only be opened by the people they were intended for.

    Until now.

    Building on state-of-the-art encryption standards, DropKey quickly and easily encrypts any file specifically for your recipients — without the need for a password!

    We believe security shouldn’t be complicated. We built DropKey with this philosophy, and we we think it shows. It’s built with you in mind, relying on common apps like Address Book and Mail, rather than some crazy proprietary database or ridiculous setup wizard.

    DropKey is designed to be simple to use, because you should work hard to create great files, not to secure them.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.7 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    May 18

    Rapid WordPress Cloner

    Backup or clone your WordPress site in a single click!
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    • Enter your site details for one-click transfer
    • Backup, Clone and Restore modes to keep your site safe
    • Automatically fixes site references to point to your new site
    • Works with any hosting provider that has FTP site access
    • Works with all WordPress plugins
    • No need to use other software such as FTP clients or database management applications
    • Runs on Mac, Windows and Linux

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later. 1Gb RAM

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.