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Modify RapidWeaver Theme images and code.

MyPhotoApp and jAlbum Zots continue in the ZOTshop. Scroll down…

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ZOT Price: $4.99

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Edit or replace any element in any RapidWeaver theme.

RWThemeMiner is a RapidWeaver theme editing assistant. It enables you to edit or replace any element in any RapidWeaver theme. It provides a user-friendly interface between the contents of your RW themes and your image and text editing applications. With RWThemeMiner making theme modification is easy and intuitive.

RWThemeMiner assits you in editing or replacing theme image files as well as editing text files such as: css, html, js, plist, etc…

More Features:

  • Open any selected item in the finder.
  • Rename any item.
  • Replace theme images with drag and drop.
  • Safe Theme Editing

    Installed RapidWeaver themes are left untouched. Editing of these themes is done with copies of the original themes.

    Choose Your Preferred Editors

    RWThemeMiner allows you to use your favorite image and text editing programs.

    Easy Image Replacement

    Drag and drop image replacement is supported.

    Requires OS 10.4 or later
    Compatible with all versions (3.5 and later) of RapidWeaver

    Click to Developer’s Product Page for more info.
    Company Home Page

    Click banner below for details…

    Jul 03

    Rapidweaver Theme Bundle by Tom Tran Design

    4 Premium Themes
    2 Responsive Themes Included!

    Normally: $88.00

    ZOT Price: $19.00

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    Hello, We’re Tom Tran Design.

    We design and develop beautiful, modern Rapidweaver Themes. Most importantly, we develop affordable themes. This ZOT bundle includes 2 themes that are responsive meaning that they’ll look great on your mobile devices, laptop, large screen etc!

    View our Novocain and Remedy Themes and adjust the width of your browser to see how they respond.

    All of our themes have a huge number of style options and unique features.

    Incite and Peril offer amazing Style Options, so you can make your pages unique. Take a stroll through our preview pages to see for yourself! Tom Tran Design also offers reliable customer service, so if you have any questions regarding your theme purchase don’t hesitate to contact us, or just drop us an email and say hi!

    To view live previews of the four themes you’ll get today, visit the links below.


    Tom Tran Design Home

    Requires Rapidweaver installed on your Mac.
    Learn more about about Rapidweaver.

    Jun 29

    Javabean Web Hosting

    Enjoy the Fastest, Easiest and Friendliest RapidWeaver Hosting Provider.
    Get the ZOT and Experience the Difference.

    Paragon Zot Continues… Scroll down to The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $30.00

    ZOT Price: $5.00

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    Today’s ZOT gets you 3 months of Javabean Web Hosting’s Half-Caf Plan.

    Javabean Hosting

    Javabean Hosting is the fastest, easiest and friendliest RapidWeaver hosting provider. No other hosting provider knows or is as committed to RapidWeaver as we are. Javabean Hosting also includes these bonuses for absolutely free:

    • A dedicated RapidWeaver plugin
    • A MySQL stack to make backing up MySQL databases a cinch.
    • We know the ins and out of RapidWeaver including what publishing settings you need.

    Half-Caf Plan

    The Half-Caf plan is perfect for start-up websites and blogs that require some space to grow. Half-Caf is also our most popular and features 1GB of disk space and 10GB of Bandwidth. Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. All of our plans include great support, blazing fast hardware and software, and servers that are never oversold.

    Free migration assistance

    We don’t come up with excuses on moving day. We will grab a cup of coffee and help you pack, lift, and move those virtual boxes. We’re cool like that. Please contact us when you’re ready and we’ll answer your questions and work with you on getting everything set up.


    Unlike other oversold shared hosts, we use first class dedicated hardware and software. As a result, your site runs faster, your users are happier, and search engines rate you higher. - source.

    • NO Contracts Yes, you read that right. We don’t lock you in or hold your site hostage. We believe you’ll love us and want to stay.
    • Premium support How can we help you? Skype? Email? Other? Let us know! You already know us and our work. Rest assured that you’re getting great support to help answer your hosting questions.
    • Daily backups We make daily offset backups to keep your data safe. More details here.
    • Unlimited domains Have as many sites as you’d like.
    • RapidWeaver friendly We have the tools that you need to run your RapidWeaver site.
    • RapidWeaver plugin We show true commitment to the RapidWeaver community with our own plugin
    • Green We’re truly committed to being Green with real promises and real action.


    We’re nothing without our great customers. Here’s what a few of them have to say here.

    Developer Interview

    Hello, my name is Greg. I am the Barista behind Javabean Hosting. I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you…

    Your Barista, Greg
    • What’s the most unique feature of Javabean Hosting? We are the only host with a dedicated RapidWeaver plugin. How cool is that?
    • Why did you start Javabean Hosting? I started Javabean Hosting because I became tired of the standard hosting model. Hosting companies lock you in with contracts and lock down their services. This makes it hard for users to build truly great websites. In addition to policies and technical limitations, I wanted a service that I knew was fast. I am obsessed with speed and like I can add hosting features that really matter (like GZip compression and extra fast disks). Sites (and their owners) deserve the best.
    • What part of hosting is most interesting to you? Speed & optimization. I enjoy squeezing the most out of everything and routinely tuning the hardware and software so my users are experiencing the fastest speeds possible.
    • What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product? First and foremost, service. I’ll earn your trust and guide you on the right track. Second, speed. You should start to feel a noticeable speed increase to your site once you’ve switched over. Interested in a less subjective approach, try YSlow. We can help you make sense of YSlow if you’d like and filter out what is important and what isn’t when it comes to speeding up your site.
    • What are some interesting experiences you’ve had with web hosting? Probably the most “interesting” experience I’ve had is the migration of my server from 1 provider to another upstream provider. About 3 months ago I had to make a switch due to a failure in the provider to deliver for me (and thus, my clients) on services that I expected. I was up until 5am that morning migrating everyone’s account. The bottom line is that I care about my users and what happened was unacceptable. Details of this migration can be found on my blog.
    • What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why? I use so many Indie apps (one of my favorite things about the Mac is the number of Indie developers!) but my favorites have to be Fantasical and Sparrow. I use these apps regularly and they make working with Email and Calendar painless.
    • What features would you like to add to your product? I have a few future plans for the Javabean plugin. For instance, I’d like to include more stats, controls and documentation. Yes, I know that is vague, but it is only because the cool stuff is worth the wait ;)
    • What would you like a user to ask you? “How much space do you recommend for my site?” (Typically, It depends on the size of your RapidWeaver project). Or on a personal note – “How do you drink your coffee?” (Hint: black. I enjoy tasting the various coffee flavors without altering the flavor with cream or sugar.)
    • What should I ask that I’m forgetting? What does a user need to do to get started? The process is fairly simple although can sound overwhelming. It can be summarized in 3 steps:
      • Sign up. Don’t worry if it isn’t the ‘right plan’. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.
      • Publish and test your site to your new host, migrate any databases, and email accounts.
      • Switch your domain from pointing at your current host to your new home at Javabean Hosting.
    • What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy? Please check out the FAQ below

    Backups – How do you keep my data safe?

    We take backups very seriously. There are a few methods that we employ to make sure we’re able to help you in a time of need.

    • Offsite backups via Amazon S3. Every night, we archive your entire site (including databases and email) to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is globally recognized as the leading provider of storage in the cloud. We hold 30 days worth of backups.
    • Rsync backups. Unix nerds will appreciate Rsync backups. These are taken daily of all your files. Any time a file is changed, the file is backed up to another server. This allows us to restore a single file.
    • Server snapshots. We take entire server snapshots every night. We keep these backups so we can restore the entire server in case of extreme emergencies.


    • Is this for new or existing customers? This is for new customers only.
    • But Host XYZ offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space! Yes, this is true, other ‘big box’ hosting companies promise you the world. In reality, they are overselling their servers and stuffing as many users on the same machine as possible. This slows down your site and exposes you to higher potential of security flaws. We care about you and your site more than that!
    • Do I need to transfer my domain? Not at all! You are free to use your current domain registrar. Of course, if you’d like you can transfer or register a domain with us at any time.
    • How many domains can I have? As many as you’d like! Everyone has more than one website nowadays (including us).
    • How many sub-domains can I have? Of course, as many as you’d like!
    • How many email accounts can I have? There is a … nah, just kidding. There is no limit to the number of email accounts you can have. Almost fooled you, didn’t I?
    • Do you support plugin XYZ or Stack ABC? If you find something that is made for RapidWeaver and doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll work on making sure we have the necessary software installed.
    • I’ve purchased the Zot, what do I do now? Great! Please remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re very happy to answer them. Let’s get started!
      • Find coupon code. You can retrieve you coupon code via email or by logging into your Zot account.
      • Order your new service. Once you’ve obtained your coupon code proceed to order the Half-Caf plan. You can choose 1 of 3 options while signing up. You may:
        • Register a new domain. Have a cool new domain you’d ilke to register? Great! You can do so now. All domain registrations include free WHOIS and DNS management.
        • Transfer a domain. This option is if you’d like to move your domain from your current registrar (the company you originally bought your domain from) to Javabean. All transfers include 1yr extension for the expiration of your domain and free private WHOIS protection and DNS management.
        • I will update my name servers. This is for users who’d like to keep their domain at their current company. All that is required is that you update the domain to point to Javabean Hosting. You can transfer it later if you’d like. If you’re unsure of which option to choose, please use this one. We can help you with the process and explain everything!
      • Publish your site! You will receive a ‘New Account Info’ email shortly after signing up. This email contains your FTP/CPanel login and password. This is the login and password that you will use in RapidWeaver for publishing. Please keep it safe. For security, it is different from your billing login and password.
    • Why are there so many options when signing up? Choice. We believe you should have choice in how your site is set up. We don’t hold your site hostage and require you to register or transfer your domain to us. We will happily register or transfer your domain, the choices are yours.

    Technical Details

    Do you love reading a good tech specification? We only use first class hardware and software. Check this out:

    • PHP v5.3
    • MySQL 5
    • Raid-10 SAN (storage area network) for blazing fast hard drive access
    • Burstable 1Gbps network
    • Globally distributed DNS servers (13 in total) mean that DNS lookups are always fast no matter where your visitors are!
    • Auto-scaling architecture. We’re always ready for your site to hit the big time!

    About Us

    We’ve been on the RapidWeaver scene since 2008 and love building new products for RapidWeaver users. Some of these products you may have heard of or already use. Our products include our professional slideshow software WeaverPix, our file manager and collaboration tool WeaverFM, and our drop box utility WeaverBox. In 2012 and beyond, we look forward to continuing this trend and delivering high class products and services to the RapidWeaver community.

    Jun 14

    Premium RapidWeaver Theme ZOT Bundle

    80% OFF 4 “Brandon Lee Theme Design” Premium Designer Themes and 1 Secret Gift.

    Apple Motion ZOT and Unix Power Bundle continue – Scroll down to The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $95.00

    ZOT Price: $19.00

    Click to MacZOT Buy 1 item

    4 Premium RapidWeaver Themes and 1 Exclusive Secret Gift brought to you by Brandon Lee Theme Design

    Upgrade your theme drawer with Brandon Lee Theme Design and make creating your website that much easier and unique with macZOT’s premium RapidWeaver Theme Bundle. The bundle includes Revolve 2.0, Transform, Cadence, and Elevation along with one secret-bonus gift.

    From those with no programming experience to advanced web developers, allow the following themes to empower your creativity by utilizing several built-in style options and features. View the following template’s preview sites for more information by clicking on the “Preview” button associated with the 4 themes listed above at: Theme Products Page: Preview Sites

    Brandon Lee Theme Design

    Brandon Lee Theme Design develops next level themes for the RapidWeaver community. Having a passion for both user functionality and great design, we seek to empower and meet the needs of web developers and web enthusiasts alike around the globe. With modern design techniques and strategies, it is BLT Design’s mission to produce premium designer themes to assist and inspire you in your web endeavors. Put simply, when it comes to the web, we want you to look real good.

    *System Requirements: RapidWeaver

    May 25

    Nick Cates Design ZOT Bundle

    4 RapidWeaver Themes + Secret Gift
    Onde Audio Recorder ZOT continues…

    Normally: $120.00

    ZOT Price: $20.00

    Click to MacZOT Buy 1 item

    Nick Cates Design is known for creating some of the most visually stunning themes available for RapidWeaver. This special ZOT only bundle is a diverse set of 4 high-quality theme designs + secret bonus gift! If you need a fresh new site to impress, these themes will deliver! Includes A Viator, B Stealth, X Posé, and F Fusion. Check out the live previews below:

    A Viator

    B Stealth

    X Posé

    F Fusion

    These themes are made for RapidWeaver! RapidWeaver makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. Comes with 11 built-in page types – from blogs to sitemaps, photo albums to contact forms – so you can start work on every page in your site from the get-go. All without needing to know a line of code. Learn more about RapidWeaver.

    You can view the entire Nick Cates Design Theme collection at

    May 11

    Maik Barz “Stacks 2″ Bundle

    Get Professional Results Quickly and Easily!

    Normally: $57.50

    ZOT Price: $24.99

    Click to MacZOT


    Stacks is a simple and powerful way to create pages in RapidWeaver: A plugin designed to combine the drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of fluid layout.

    This weekend we’re offering two Maik Barz’ Stacks bundles.

    Maik Barz “Stacks 2″ Bundle – All NEW Stacks, described on THIS page. (None of these are included in the other bundle.) Compatible with Stacks 2 only.


    Maik Barz Stacks Bundle No.1 This is the same bundle we’ve had in previous ZOTs, none of the Stacks are included in the other (Stacks 2) bundle. These Stacks work with Stacks 1 AND are compatible with “Stacks 2.” AND if you have “Stacks 2″ some of the Stacks will already update to “Stacks 2″-enhanced versions. We plan to provide updates for all of them!

    Click here for more info and/or to purchase Bundle No. 1.

    With the “Stacks 2″ Bundle, you’ll get a bundle of Stacks created for “Stacks 2″ designed for your everday work at creating stunning websites. Get professional results easily and quickly!

    These Stacks require Stacks 2! They are not compatible with Stacks 1.x!


    Rotator Stack

    Rotate and scale your Stacks while you move your mouse over them.
    See examples here

    Smooth Scrolling Stack

    Smoothly scroll to specific positions on your page.
    See examples here

    Rotapplr Stack

    Create a fancy apple-like vertically srolling teaser box.
    See examples here

    Stack Filter

    Create a filterable list of Stacks which rearrange in a fancy way depending on your filter.
    See examples here

    YouTube Stack

    Play YouTube videos on your website using YouTube’s embedded video player. No matter if it’s a single video a playlist or a set of one user’s video uploads.
    See examples here

    Tweet Stack

    Spread your Tweets: Let your visitors create tweets from your site using the embedded ‘Tweet’-button.
    See examples here

    Jump on the Stacks bandwagon in a serious way this weekend. Grab this bundle and save a bundle.

    System requirements:


    • Content Switcher Stack (in the other bundle): Just got content switch update! thanks! Multiple blocks is huge! And “hide on startup” is perfect! This is a monster stack now! (JiveDig –
    • Stack Filter: Awesome stackfilter by @Barzille, filter your content with awesome namination, great supporst as well. (wikomac, Twitter)
    • Lightbox Stack (in the other bundle): Just wanted to say that it works fantastically, too. Best Lightbox I’ve used. (L. Richards)

    Apr 12

    CosCulture Stacks Bundle For RapidWeaver

    Makes creating content-rich web sites as easy and convenient as possible.
    This CosCulture Bundle* is available through April 15th –
    Visit The ZOTshop!
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $102.40

    ZOT Price: $41.00

    Click to MacZOT

    The CosCulture MacZot Stacks Bundle contains a set of Stacks for RapidWeaver that will assist you in creating more interactive web sites. The goal is to make creating content-rich web sites as easy and convenient as possible. *But what if you’ve purchased the previous CosCulture MacZot Bundle in 2011? See the Add-on Zot below…

    Fabo Stacks – Facebook Stacks
    The set of Fabo Stacks lets you easily place Facebook plugins on your site. The Facebook plugins include:

    • Facebook Comments
    • Facebook Like Button
    • Facebook Like Box
    • Facebook Recommendations
    • Facebook Activity
    • Facebook Live Stream

    With these stacks, it becomes very simple to utilize the power of Facebook on your own sites!

    PowerTweet Stacks
    Reach out to your users with the power of Twitter.

    PowerTweet Stacks consist of 2 stacks that let you quickly bring your Twitter presence to your web pages.

    Just drag-and-drop the PowerTweet Stacks, enter your Twitter username, and you’re ready to go.

    Tipsy Stack
    Tooltips can let you include more information on your web pages without making your web pages look cluttered. They can also provide hints, or little nuggets of information to your visitors.

    Traditionally, tooltips have always looked boring, and adding good-looking tooltips to your web pages can be a hassle. With the Tipsy Stack, you can now easily place tooltips that look great right on your page. No more messing with CSS.

    Notifications Stack
    The Notification Stack lets you show a message in a Growl-like style when a web page loads, or when a user clicks a link.

    We’ve all encountered Growl notifications when using our Macs. The Notification stack gets the message across, looks good and does not come across as obstrusive.

    DragZone Stack
    If you’ve used the iGoogle web site, you’ll have noticed that the page content are all placed inside boxes which can be moved around or minimized.

    Now you can do the same for your RapidWeaver-made site, using the DragZone stack. It’s really easy to use.

    This is great if you want to empower your site visitors to reorganize the content in a way that flows best for them. It’s all about user experience!

    Collapsible Stack
    Sometimes, you want to have content that can be hidden, or collapsed, on demand. With Collapsible Stack, content can be collapsed on the web page, giving your page a more structured and cleaner look.

    Easy Slideshow Stack
    With this stack, it becomes really easy to create your own image slideshow on your web pages. Just drag and drop.

    No flash needed or used.

    Image Roundabout Stack
    You can create a carousel of images by drag and drop. Each image can then be linked to a web page.

    When a background image is clicked, it will be rotated to become the forefront image. Clicking on the image at the front will then bring the user to the web page you’ve linked.

    This makes for a spiffy-looking form of navigation, or it can serve as a mini gallery.

    Menu Stacks
    Every theme comes with menus. But what if you want to create your own?

    Menu Stacks allow you to make your own dropdown menus which need not conform to your site structure. You can specify what pages you want to add to the Menu Stacks; creating customized menus has never been easier!

    But what if you’ve purchased the previous CosCulture MacZot Bundle in 2011?

    There’ve been a few stacks released since then, and you can get these stacks at a special CosCulture MacZot price again this time.
    These stacks are:
    - PowerTweet Stacks
    - Collapsible Stack
    - Tipsy Stack

    The retail price for all 3 stacks is USD 27.50, but you can get them at the special MacZot price of USD 13.75

    Want it? Visit The ZOTshop!


    • RapidWeaver 4 or 5
    • Stacks (YourHead’s Rapidweaver Plugin)

    Visit the CosCulture MacZot Stacks Bundle page for more info!

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    April 14/15


    The premier Anti-Malware program for Mac. MacScan offers protection against malware and privacy threats such as trojan horses, keystroke loggers, dialer applications and spyware. MacScan also detects commercially available software that may allow for remote access to the computer or violate privacy and security.

    Learn more about it here…

    Feb 12

    MouserWorks Theme Bundle

    Website themes for Rapidweaver
    More ZOTS…

    Normally: $44.99

    ZOT Price: $22.49

    Click to MacZOT Buy 1 item

    MouserWorks makes unique themes for Rapidweaver.

    Adagio, Bookshelf, Duo, Fresco and the new Retro Themes are $68.75
    separately, or will be available soon in a new Theme Bundle for $44.99.
    MouserWorks is offering this bundle before it is released at 1/2 off
    the discounted bundle price!

    All Themes come with basic options for Width, Sidebar placement, etc.
    Many of the themes feature extra options you expect from RW themes,
    such as ExtraContent, prettyPhoto for fullscreen slideshows  and
    @fontface fonts
    [features vary per theme, check specs for each].

    The Retro Bundle includes 5 Themes:

    • Adagio takes the
      Sidebar Area and turns it into a full-fledged content area. Normally
      the Sidebar Area in the Page Inspector puts content on the side of your
      main text, but Adagio moves it to its own area at the top of the page.
      This opens up a whole new range of possibilities. Features: Adjustable
      Navigation in Sidebar or Header, @fontface Fonts.
    • Bookshelf contains
      many customizations, a large number of color choices, and amost any
      element on the page can have its color changed. Features: Uder
      replaceable Header Images, Navigation can be located in the Sidebar or
      Header, 2 extraContent Areas.
    • Duo is based on a
      Two-Column layout that is auto expanding, meaning that the column
      backgrounds will always be the same height, whether the Sidebar or
      Content area. The Sidebar Area becomes part of your page, especially
      with a lot of content, instead of just a Navigation area, since it
      stretches along with the Content Area. Features: @fontace Fonts,extraContent in the Footer.
    • Fresco contains a
      variety of Headers, along with the option to have a Header Slideshow.
      Want to use your own images? In Rapidweaver 5, it is as simple as
      dragging an image into your Resources, renaming it, and selecting the
      Resource Header Option. And in RW4 you can use RWMultiTool to change
      the headers or drag a snippet into the Page Inspector. Features:
      prettyPhoto,@fontface Fonts.
    • Retro offers a
      variety of Header, Background, Font, Layout, Width and Color options to
      customize your site. Header Images included, along with the
      option to hide the Header Images and the Footer Background Color. Page
      Background Images included, along with
      several Content and Sidebar Area shape and shading
      options. Features: 2 extraContent Areas [below Header and in Footer],
      @fontface Fonts.

    Click here to see more details and images of the themes.

    All MouserWork Themes are designed to be easy to use while offering a
    variety of settings. Compatibility is important too, so every theme is
    tested with all modern browsers. Every Theme supports the latest
    releases of Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and on Mac and PC. Internet
    Explorer 8-9 is supported, earlier versions vary by theme.

    All themes are designed for Rapidweaver 4.4 and Rapidweaver 5. Purchase includes all maintenance updates for the themes.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Sep 18

    ColorZOT 3.0 Continues

    ColorZOT 3.0 Coloring Contest September 16 – 23, 2007

    MacZOT! is collaborating with the Port Townsend Film Festival to bring you another ColorZOT coloring contest with original artwork by Port Townsend artist Mike Biskup. Mike created the artwork for the poster for this year’s PT Film Festival and this is the image that will be used for the coloring contest.

    Instructions for entering the contest:

    1. Go here to view the large-sized ColorZOT 3.0 image (or click on the image above to enlarge).
    2. Print it out and color/paint it OR download it to your computer and paint it with your favorite computer program.
    3. Create a digital image of your work and UPLOAD it to the ColorZOT 3.0 Flickr group ( You must be a member of Flickr to join the group and upload your image; uploading instructions are available in the Flickr FAQ.

    ColorZOT 3.0 Rules

    • Everyone is welcome to participate.
    • Submissions must be made online to our ColorZOT 3.0 Flickr group.
    • You can submit up to 5 entries.

    Contest begins Sunday September 16, 2007 and ends Sunday September 23, 2007.



    Five winners will receive a copy of the recently released DVD of the 25th anniversary edition of “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Additional runner-up winners will receive a copy of Art Text, courtesy of

    Two entries from children 10 and under will be chosen and they will receive Port Townsend Film Festival t-shirts and posters.

    One GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a Fisher portable DVD player.

    Winners will be chosen by artist Mike Biskup and all decisions are final. All entries become the property of the Port Townsend Film Festival.

    Five of the winning images will be chosen for enlarged presentation in Port Townsend, WA during the festival. (NOTE: If your image wins, we will contact you via email to get a high resolution (300 dpi) version for printing.)

    Winners will be announced at noon Sunday September 23 on the macZOT! NEWS PAGE.

    Good luck and Have Fun!!

    If you have any questions, email lisa @

    Sep 15

    ColorZOT 3.0 Coloring Contest Begins Today! &
    Save 40% on Art Text

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $23.95

    Try Now  

    Enter the ColorZOT 3.0 Coloring Contest today! Instructions are on our NEWS PAGE.

    Read about today’s MacZOT offer: Art Text

    Art Text BoxshotWhere Text Becomes an Art

    Art Text is an application to create high quality textual graphics, headings,
    logos, icons, web banners and buttons. The program implements the latest Mac OS X
    technologies which allow you to easily modify any texts and vector shapes
    into a fancy graphic. Use the result with iWork, Microsoft Office, BeLight
    applications and other programs. Create more compelling business presentations, brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and Web sites with the program.

    View The Samplr TourPre-designed styles, shapes, icon art images, shading materials
    and other advanced visual effects make Art Text a powerful and intuitive program,
    which is a great example of delivering Mac OS X technologies to everyone. Not only
    professionals, but anyone, who wants to make his text work look attractive, will
    find a use for the program.

    Key Features:

    Text and Icon StylesText and Icon Styles
    Text provides over 110 pre-designed styles, including Web 2.0 styles. Apply them to your
    text or icon to achieve amazing results.

    A collection of 460 supplied vector icons will fill the need for objects to create
    unique logos, icons and buttons. You can easily load your own vector icon as well.

    Bitsream FontsArtistic Fonts
    50 Bitsream fonts were specially selected to give users a possibility to create
    textual graphics and catching heading. (Retail edition only)

    Shading MaterialsObject Materials
    Shading Pro tool allows you to cover any object with a material, giving the
    object glassy, plastic or metallic look, as well as adding smooth or rough surface effect. 100+
    materials are available in the program. Advanced material editor will let you create your very own,
    unique material.

    Graphic Compatibility
    Option to export the graphic you created to TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS or copy it to
    clipboard makes it convenient for use with Apple iWork, Microsoft Office and BeLight applications.

    More features…

    Mac OS X Universal Logo
    System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.