Sep 20

Fresh 2

(From the creators of Yep and Leap!)

Fresh solves that “Where did I just save that file to?” problem.
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Watching this video will get you up to speed – recommended. Close to all the manual you will need.

Fresh was born on that sinking feeling we have whenever we head into the Finder to ‘Find’ that file that we are working on, just downloaded, or like to keep handy. Fresh is designed to hide itself when you are not using it – keeping your onscreen clutter of windows more managable. Note that although the Fresh window is large, it disappears as soon as you drag a file out, so you can drag to any location.

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Two Main zones.

There are two main areas in Fresh. The top one shows files that Fresh has identified as new to you, currently being edited, etc. When you download a file from the internet, or save an attachment in Mail, or edit a file in Word, it will show up here. As new and changed files appear on your computer, then are added to this area. If you click on an item, then press the delete key, then that item is simply removed from the list, with the file on disk left alone. To throw a document into the trash, just press ‘command – delete’ or drag it to the trash can in the dock. Since new items will be appearing in the ‘Fresh Files’ area all the time, if you see a file there that you will be working with today, just drag it into the ‘Cooler’ below.


The ‘Cooler’ on the bottom is a like a shelf where you can put things for storage. In this respect it it sort of like your desktop – with two important distinctions. One is that the files listed in the cooler can be anywhere on your computer. The other is that this cooler features an ‘autoclean’ function – it automatically throws out items that overflow. This means that you don’t have to worry about cluttering up the cooler with too many items. All of the items shown in Fresh are really pointers to the actual files, so don’t worry when something falls out of the cooler due to disuse, it won’t really be thrown out.



You can search from within Fresh using Spotlight, or dig down into any folder on your computer to select the folder you need. This keeps your workflow going. Fresh always appears on the screen of the application that you are using.



Fresh can tag files – to tag a file simply select it (or multiple docs) then press the return key. You can pick from recently used tags, or simply type in tags. To move onto the next document, press the ‘tab’ key. You can also rate files with 1 to 5 stars.

Note: To create two word tags use the underscore character ‘_’.


Tips and tricks.

Fresh uses a large window so you can see the files that you are dealing with, but keep in mind that as you drag something out of Fresh, the window vanishes, leaving you with plenty of space to complete your drag.

In the Fresh zone, you may see 4 to 10 items listed, depending upon your monitor size. Fresh actually keeps track of more items than this – you can use the arrow keys to look a bit farther into the past. Same thing applies to the cooler. As you add items, other items will drift out of view. Fresh allows you to go back and find items that have recently fallen off the front view. Don’t forget that in the cooler you are free to rearrange the order of the documents as you see fit.

When you use a file in Fresh – it automatically gets added to the cooler. You can reorganize items in the cooler as you see fit.

There is a menu available for each document that allows you to see the path of the item. In the Fresh zone you can also use this menu to add exclusions: You can exclude all files of a certain type, specifically that single file, or exclude any folder. This allows you to keep unwanted files from appearing in Fresh. You can edit these exclusion settings in the preferences.


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Fresh 2 requires OS X 10.7 or later.

Note: Sometimes the version numbers available from the MAS and directly from us vary slightly due to the Apple Store approval process.

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“HoudahSpot is EXACTLY what Spotlight should have been in Mac OS X”
Chris Pirillo

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Sep 19

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Martini for Final Cut Pro

Bridge the gap between what has been shot and what has yet to be completed.

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Martini – The QuickShot Creator for Post Visualization

Click the image above to watch the DEMO VIDEO.

See into the future and visualize your upcoming shots with Martini! Now, bridging the gap between your unshot scenes and your final edit is faster and easier than ever with the shot-creating power of Martini!

Don’t get blacked out! No more black slugs with text explaining what “shot goes here” — show that shot with the dynamic power of Martini. From single shots to multi-shot sequences, Martini helps directors and editors piece together a better final film.

Loaded with hundreds of classic and unique shot styles – Martini’s easy-to-use interface guides you through the quick creation of frames. Select a shot style, from single person up to 5 people in a shot…everything you need from basic over-the-shoulder shots, two and three shots, close-ups as well as fight scenes, chase scenes and other pre-composed multi-shot sequences.

Select a location: choose from hundreds of pre-loaded backdrops. Interiors, exteriors and even your own digital location photos. You’ve already scouted your location? No problem, use the My Locations option and bring that into your shot.

Location, Location, Location!

Martini is packed with locations and backdrops so wherever your production takes you, Martini can develop a shot for you. Interiors, exteriors all included and you can even use your very own location photos as well! Got digital photos of your actual location? Using the My Locations feature, you can integrate those locations with Martini’s actors to be super shot specific!

What did they say??

Creating subtitles and shot descriptions right on the frame is a snap! Select your font, color and size and overlay text or scene description right in the composite frame.

Martini the QuickShot Creator is available for Final Cut Pro [MAC] X, 7 & 6 as well as Adobe Premiere Pro [WIN] CS5.5, CS5 & CS4. Today’s ZOT is for the MAC version. Drop us an email is you want the Windows version at the ZOT price –

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About PowerProduction Software:

PowerProduction Software is celebrating well over a decade of creating storyboard and film/video software for the Hollywood production community. Our co-founders are graduates of USC School of Cinematic Arts and have worked extensively in the media field: from broadcast television, commercial production, feature and indie filmmaking and now digital media. The rest of our company’s partners/staff are all immersed in media production of all kinds. Our philosophy on budgeting and storyboard software design is to make the software do what YOU need it to do, not make you bend to what the software wants to do. Make sense? It would, if you’ve had to learn to use programs that have been created by programmers who know what computers can do, but know nothing about how creatives work.

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Sep 17

A Better Finder Attributes 5

The ultimate file tweaking tool for Mac OS X
Mountain Lion & Retina Ready

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A Better Finder Attributes 5 is the ultimate file tweaking tool for Mac OS X.

Change EXIF Digital Photo Shooting Timestamps at Will

A Better Finder Attributes 5 allows you to manipulate JPEG, CR2, NEF, ARF, CRW & CIFF EXIF timestamps at will by setting them to specific times or batch adjusting them by adding and removing time (useful for correcting the timestamps of images taken with a digital camera with a incorrectly set clock and to compensate for timezone changes).

Correct Finder Sorting for Digital Photos

A Better Finder Attributes 5 also allows you to synchronize the file creation and modification dates with the shooting dates of JPEG EXIF as well as a wide variety of RAW formats, so that files sort properly in the Finder and other systems.

Total File and Folder Creation and Modification Date Control

A Better Finder Attributes 5 gives you total control over file creation and modification dates, setting them to specific times and dates, adding or removing time or simply removing them altogether.



More File Magic

On top of these features, A Better Finder Attributes 5 gives you control over:

  • whether or not file extensions appear in the Finder
  • batch locking or unlocking of files
  • setting or removing legacy creator & type codes
  • removing invisible files
  • seeing invisible files in the Finder
  • batch setting of Finder labels
  • forcing the Finder to update its information about files and folders

A Better Finder Attributes 5 features an elegant and intuitive interface with many advanced features. Simply drag & drop the files you want to change into the file list, select an action from the popup menu and modify the settings to your liking, then click on "Perform Changes".

Automate with Droplets

A Better Finder Attributes 5 allows you to save frequently used settings to separate "droplet" applications. Drag & drop files onto the droplet application to apply the changes stored in it. Double click the droplet to edit the stored settings.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • batch operation
  • drag & drop into the file list or onto the application icon
  • select files in the Finder and activate A Better Finder Attributes 5 via the Finder context menu or via a hot key
  • automatically deals with file date consistency rules
  • separate processing for files and folders, batch processing of sub-folders

Mac OS X Limitations on File Dates

Please note that Mac OS X imposes a number of "common sense" rules when it comes to file dates and will not allow you to set dates to "invalid" values.

In particular, you cannot set the dates to future values (i.e. later than now) and files cannot be modified before they are created. A Better Finder Attributes 5 can automatically take care of these complications for you via the "automatically correct inconsistent dates" feature.

Also note that while A Better Finder Attributes will let you set dates before 1972, the Mac OS X Finder does not "like" such dates and as soon as you point the Finder to such a file, it will "correct" this date to the 1st of January 1972.

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.7 or later.
Older versions can be downloaded from the product website.

Visit the Product Website here…

Sep 16


Clips single and composite window shots.

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WindowClipMBI is a menu bar app that takes single shots and composite shots of windows, including menus and tool tips, of any other app to the clipboard. The app is conveniently accessible from the menu bar all the time, from any app. There is no need to remember numerous key combinations or search through layers of windows for generating multi-window shots.

What can WindowClipMBI do for me?

Displays thumbnails of all app windows.

The menu contains images of all current visible app windows, including menus and other auxiliary windows, like the menu bar, tool tips, Desktop and Dock. Simply select a menu item to take its picture and put it on the clipboard, optionally opening it in Preview also.

Scale, filter and reflect clips.

Clippings can be scaled, and special effects can be applied, such as converting to monochrome. Reflections can be added to each clipping, with various options.

Timed screen shots and composites.

Screen shots and “all windows” composites can be timed so you can set up the windows prior to capture. For screen shots, options for including the current mouse cursor or hiding the Desktop is available. Composites can be full screen or trimmed to the smallest bounding box. WindowClipMBi is also available from an app’s Services menu.

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later. Mountain Lion Ready.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Developer Interview…

Hi, my name is Joe Pagliaro, and I am the founder of Limit Point Software. I have been developing Mac software for about 20 years, from System 7 to today’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Now, we not only develop for the Mac, but of course also for the iOS platform. This is a very exciting time due to the growing synergy between the iOS and Mac platforms. I love developing for these platforms because there are so many possibilities and I am excited about the future products we will provide for them.

Now for questions and answers related to this product and the Mac.

  • What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    The ability to list all apps that currently have visible windows in the easy to reach, ever present system menu bar menu and to preview each of those windows from within that menu and take their picture.

  • Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    I actually created this app for myself to take pictures of all my other app’s windows. I have written many apps and WindowClipMBI facilitates technical support, documentation and website creation for all my apps.

  • What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.?

    A great source of interest, and one of the best perks of being a Mac developer is attending the annual World Wide Developer Conference where all new things Mac are exhibited by the people who created them.

    Also interesting is the constant generation and evolution of an enormous amount of fun technologies and requisite hardware, including the close symbiotic relationship between the software and hardware.

    It is also interesting how Mac development is made possible by a complete set of many free development tools for building, testing and distributing apps.

  • What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

    One of the features I like most about WindowClipMBI is its ability to create timed composite shots of an app’s windows. But I also like the ability to create full screenshots that include the mouse cursor, whatever it may be at the time the shot is taken, and the integration of one of our other apps, Shade, which “cleans up” the desktop for lucid full screenshots.

  • What are some interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

    Through all the years I have been developing on the Mac I have been immensly impressed with how most products remain almost 100% reliable and stable across upgrades, even major version updates. For example, with Mountain Lion absolutely no modifications to any of our numerous products were needed for compatibility!

    OS upgrades have enabled us to enhance our apps in unexpected ways, or even create apps that would have been very difficult otherwise. For example, WindowClipMBI itself was easy to create because of a technology introduced in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.

    With the introduction of Mac OS 10.6 Lion we took advantage of the opportunity to enhance and perfect almost all of our apps for inclusion in the new Mac App Store, and that has dramatically increased our success and excitement to be a Mac developer.

  • What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?

    My favorite app has been, for a very long time, Mathematica, by Wolfram Research. This is because I am a mathematician! Math is what I majored in at college and attended grad school for, and back then I used Mathematica a lot to aid in my course and research work.

  • What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

    To include the windows of apps on other machines on the local, or even remote, network. Less improbable/impossible: It would also be nice to be able to selectively include multiple windows from any and all apps, selected from a graphical list display.

  • What would you like a user to ask you?

    Will you always support this product for as long as possible? Answer: yes.

  • What should I ask that I’m forgetting?

    How long did it take for you to write this app? Answer: just a few days because of the development environment and the system software at my disposal. This is one of the great advantages of developing for Mac and iOS, speed and ease of development.

  • What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

    This is a very simple and straightforward app, so I do not get very many questions about it at all. One question that is interesting is the inquiry as to whether I will support other destinations of the snapshot, such as a file or an email message attachment. Answer: It is planned. Currently the output is the clipboard, and optionally a new document in Preview app.

User feedback is a huge asset to me, and I always encourage users to ask questions and offer suggestions for my products. I very frequently implement user suggestions. So if anyone has any questions or feedback during or after this promo, please send them to me at Thanks, and enjoy!

Sep 14

Flying Logic 2.0

The Revolutionary Tool for Proactive Thinkers.

Play “What if…?” with plans, arguments, and ideas.

Normally: $249.00

ZOT Price: $99.00

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The Elevator Pitch

Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool for proactive thinkers, whether you want to change your personal life for the better, or grow a world-class business that impacts thousands or millions of people. Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors. Project management software won’t help you when you have no idea what part of a complex system needs improvement, or what that improvement might look like, or how to cause that improvement. Answering these questions is a critical and often-overlooked part of the planning process, and this is where Flying Logic shines. Flying Logic diagrams are not static images— they are working models of your reasoning that you test as you build and that stay “live” as you share your reasoning with others.

Version 2.0 Now Available!

Our first paid upgrade includes a huge number of new features and enhancements including our top request: Incremental Layout! The document window has a completely new design including inspectors that can be shown, hidden, and resized to suit your work style. Also: custom symbols, colored groups, zoom the canvas up as well as down, group hoisting, and too many more to list here! So check out the list of new features, read about the new features in detail in the Flying Logic User’s Guide, and watch for articles, tips, and videos in our blog.

“Flying Logic is a powerful tool for visual support of critical thinking. I have used the diagrams to explain the rigor behind proposed methods for solving customers’ challenges and have enjoyed great feedback. I have successfully used the tool to define inter-related actions and requisite conditions required to effectively mitigate Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI). Flying Logic elevates my ability to think visually and to rethink with minimal rework in the diagrams. It is a true enabler of constructive thought.”
Rich Petersen – Principal, Capridea, Inc.

Fast, Beautiful, and Truly Compelling Plans

If there is anything in your life, business, or organization that needs improvement? Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors.

Critical Thought More Critical Than Ever

Rational thinking, planning, and communication skills are key to every field of human endeavor ranging from personal growth to building viable, competitive businesses. Even the ability to successfully articulate non-rational concepts such as emotion and intuition ultimately depends upon the mind’s power to reason. And anyone from young children, to governments, to the CEOs of multinational corporations can benefit from well-developed reasoning abilities and a common language in which to reason. Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool that fills a widespread need for software that supports, simply and beautifully, the practice of reasoning. However, no software can do your thinking for you, so Flying Logic was inspired by the Theory of Constraints.

The Theory of Constraints (TOC)

The Theory of Constraints is an overall management philosophy founded on the idea that all real-world systems; whether personal, interpersonal, or organizational; have at least one constraint: something that holds the system back from accomplishing more of its primary purpose, or goal. The rate of this accomplishment is called throughput. If a system had absolutely no constraints, it would be capable of infinite throughput. But though infinite throughput is impossible, amazing throughput gains are possible through the careful identification and management of the system’s key constraints. The purpose of the TOC, originally developed by Eliyahu M. (“Eli”) Goldratt and first popularized in his bestselling business novel The Goal, is to give individuals and organizations the tools they need to manage their constraints in the most effective manner possible. Originally applied to manufacturing lines, TOC principles have been successfully adapted for areas as diverse as supply chain, accounting and finance, project management, health care, military planning, and software engineering.

TOC claims that a real-world system with more than three constraints is extremely unlikely, and in fact usually only one constraint is key. Perhaps counter-intuitively, this is because the more complex a system becomes, the more interrelationships are necessary among its parts, which results in fewer overall degrees of freedom.

A major implication of this is that managing a complex system or organization can be made both simpler and more effective by providing managers with few, specific, yet highly influential areas on which to focus — maximizing performance in the areas of key constraints, or elevating the constraint (making it less constraining.)

The Five Focusing Steps

To accomplish this, the developers of TOC developed the Five Focusing Steps, which define a process of ongoing improvement. (Step Zero was later added for additional clarity.)

  1. Articulate the goal of the system. How do we measure the system’s success?
  2. Identify the constraint. What is the resource limiting the system from attaining more of its goal?
  3. Exploit the constraint to its fullest. How can we keep the constraining resource as busy as possible, exclusively on what it does best?
  4. Subordinate all other processes to the decisions made in Step 2. How can we align all processes so they give the constraining resource everything it needs?
  5. Elevate the constraint. If managing the constraining resource more efficiently does not give us all the improvement we need, then how can we acquire more of the resource?
  6. Avoid inertia. Has the constraint moved to some other resource as a result of the previous steps? If so, don’t allow inertia itself to become the constraint: go back to step 1.

The Thinking Processes (TP)

The Thinking Processes emerged as TOC practitioners worked with organizations that needed to identify their core constraints and how to manage or elevate them. They needed the answers to three deceptively simple questions:

  • What to change?
  • To what to change?
  • How to cause the change?

The Thinking Processes are based on the scientific method, to which is added a simple visual language for describing and reasoning about situations, arguments, and plans using the language of cause and effect. There are two basic kinds of reasoning: sufficient cause and necessary condition.

“Flying Logic is easy and intuitive to use. For those of us who use the TOC Thinking Processes, Flying Logic has succeeded where every other tool — whether it’s software, sticky notes, or pencil-and-paper — has failed. First, it eliminates the time spent on drawing and arranging the entities, and leaves us with more time to do the thinking! Second, it enables us to test our assumptions quickly, easily and visually.”

- Lisa Scheinkopf, author, Thinking For A Change: Putting the TOC Thinking Processes to Use

From these, the practitioners developed several methodologies called application tools designed to answer the three questions. The application tools provide the ability to develop a complete picture of a system’s core constraints and how to overcome them.

Current Reality Tree

Used to move from an articulation of the undesirable symptoms (or desirable strengths) present in a system to the core cause that has the most influence over them (i.e., the constraining resource or core issue.)

There are illustrations and explanations for many other “trees” on the Flying Logic website.

The Need for Software Support

Although there are many success stories of organizations that have implemented TOC using the Thinking Processes, so far there have been two problematic approaches to working with the application tools:

  • Groups work with a facilitator in front of a white board to capture their thinking. This has the drawback that as they grow, whiteboard diagrams quickly become disorganized and difficult to understand.
  • Individuals create their own plans or memorialize plans created by other groups using tools such as Visio. The primary drawback to this approach is that the planner often becomes bogged down in diagram layout details: fonts, sizes, colors, placement, styles, etc., that have nothing to do with the actual planning process.
  • Either way, there is no easy way to test the logic inherent in the diagram.

Flying Logic was designed to eliminate all of these constraints by allowing groups or individual planners to create Thinking Process diagrams using an intuitive interface that requires no attention to layout issues, and by producing presentation-quality output as a by-product of the planning process.

By providing a clear, visual language of causes and effects, Flying Logic encourages detached, rational thinking. By removing constraints around re-working the diagram, Flying Logic encourages people to painlessly consider every factor that really matters, and address every blind spot as it comes up. A good analogy is spreadsheet software – before spreadsheets, people still did financial projections, but they were laborious, error-prone, and there was a great deal of resistance to rework. After spreadsheets, people take many more factors into consideration and easily explore many more alternatives in their financial planning.

Just as a spreadsheet allows you to play “What if…?” with numbers, Flying Logic lets you play “What if…?” with plans, arguments, and ideas.

The Flying Logic Interface

Flying Logic uses a simple, gesture-based interface. Drag from the list of entity types on the left to create your diagram. Each time you place an entity, it “snaps into place” with arrows that represent the causal relationships automatically appearing where you want them. Drag from entity to entity to create additional causal relationships as desired, or drag from entity to arrow to combine causes into necessary condition relationships. Relationships representing AND, OR, and NOT are easily created.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later • 26MB free disk space
  • Flying Logic runs identically on Mac OS X, Windows® or Linux, and files can be freely exchanged across platforms. Want a license for the Windows or Linux version? Drop us an email at

    Click to Developer’s Site for All the info.

  • Sep 12


    “Easy to use and incredibly versatile, this program will make designing logos, icons and other graphics a breeze.”

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $9.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Fabulous Value

    by Dr.Bop
    This is an amazingly full-featured vector graphics editing program. The screen shots with (kinda cheesy) sample logos really don’t do it justice. With completely configurable and editable layers, the capacity to import and modify your own art, save your own custom presets, export individual layers as .png files or as a .psd file (and on and on), Logoist is a stunning value at twenty bucks. (So the ZOT Price is Out of This World!) I’m no artist but was able to execute immediately ideas I had in mind — faster to finish in Logoist than the time it took me to just START with the demo versions of more “full featured” apps. These only left me baffled — and with an empty canvas. I turned to Logoist, and BOOM!, projects drafted, reviewed, refined, exported and implemented in a few hours. Perfect.

    Available Exclusively in the Mac App Store. 

    macZOT and Avis Nocturna have joined forces to bring you this Super Popular App at 75% Off! Try the Demo here – and Buy it in the MAS while the price is ROCK BOTTOM!

    Logos, Title Art, Icons, Banners, Web Site Elements, Greeting Cards, Buttons, iBooks Author Titles, Picture Collages, Desktop Backgrounds….You name it!

    Create stunning imagery with Logoist for Mac. Logoist allows you to design images using layers, sophisticated effects and eye-catching shaders. Logoist comes with over 3.000 vector clipart images, over 200 configureable effect presets and over 150 patterns!

    Click to Developer’s Site for Extensive info…

    Feature Highlights

    • Layers
    Layers are the centerpiece of Logoist. Insert rectangles, ellipses, text, clipart and paths to create the basic shape of your image. Layers can even be combined by boolean operations like substract or add.

    • Shaders
    Logoist offers sophisticated shader algorithms that allow you to create metal, glass, plastic and several other materials for your work ranging from a subtile embossed look to a glossy and reflective metal or glass appearance.

    • Effects
    Assign as many effects as you like, for example inner and outer shadow, glow, blur or borders to layers. Create presets from your effect configuration to easily apply them to other layers. Combined effects with shaders in any way you like.

    • Borders
    Every layer in Logoist can be bordered with either a flat color, a pattern, a gradient or even using a shader for awesome results. Add multiple borders combined with other effects to any layer if required.

    • Clipart
    Logoist includes over 3.000 vector clipart images for designing your logo, heading or icon. Of course, effects and shaders can be applied to all clipart images you’ve added to your Logoist project.

    • Patterns
    A huge collection of patterns is also included with Logoist. Every layer can be filled with a pattern. Additionaly apply effects or shaders like bevel, inner and outer shadow or glow. Patterns can also be used as borders on all layers.

    • Transformations
    Text and clipart can be transformed using several built-in methods like trapezoid, pinch, ripple, wave or sheer transformations. This way, you can bend text around shapes to create impressive results.

    • Easy to use
    Logoist features a well thought-out user interface which makes it easy to understand and use. Built exclusively for Mac OS X, Logoist nicely integrates all features OS X Lion offers like Versions, Autosave, Resume and Fullscreen Mode.

    • Paths
    Editing paths has never been easier: Logoist comes with a sophisticated tool to edit paths including Bézier paths and straight shapes which can even be combined with other paths, clipart and text using boolean operations.

    • Fonts
    Logoist features a handy font selector that previews all fonts installed on your Mac as well as a live preview of the text including all shaders and effects applied to it. This way, you can easily choose the best fitting font for your composition.

    • Samples
    Logoist comes with over 100 samples you can use as templates for your own logos, headlines or banners. Furthermore, several tutorials are included teaching you how to get the most out of Logoist.

    • Export
    Logoist works completely resolution independent. Export your artwork either in screen resolution or print-ready resolutions of up to 600dpi in several file formats. You can use the results in Pages, Keynote, iWeb, Microsoft Office and almost all other apps, Mac or PC.

    • Native Photoshop PSD export
    Use Photoshop, Pixelmator or any other graphics app supporting the Photoshop file format to refine your logo or include it in an existing project. Logoist exports Photoshop PSD files including layer information and blending modes in up to 600 DPI.

    • Technology
    Logoist uses advanced technologies from OS X to offer a flawless uninterrupted workflow. Grand Central Dispatch distributes the work evenly to all available processor cores of your Mac. Most shaders and effects work directly on your Macs graphics card by using Apples Core Image technology.

    • Ready for OS X Mountain Lion
    Logoist already supports OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion offering iCloud Document Storage for automatically saving your Logoist documents in the cloud and syncing them to all your Macs. Furthermore, Logoist uses the Share Sheets feature from Mountain Lion allowing you to mail your work to your colleagues or post them on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook directly from Logoist.

    System Requirements
    Logoist requires Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or later. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is fully supported. It fully makes use of 64 bit capable processors found in all recent Macs but also runs on older 32 bit based Macs.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info…

    Visit the Mac App Store Preview to Buy!

    AvisNocturna Software
    has been founded in 2001 and has been a developer of Mac Software ever since. The flagship product TerraRay has garnered a large following with a dedicated Flickr group and has received numerous favorable reviews, for example from (4 out of 5 stars).

    Developer Interview
    Mendel Kucharzeck of Avis Nocturna Speaks…

    1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?
    It is common that you spent hours in graphics apps to get a nice and unique effect, for example glass text, right. In Logoist, it is just a few clicks away. The best thing is that all effects are completely configureable to adjust them to your personal taste and your current project.

    2 Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    Simple tasks require so much effort in common graphics apps, that had to change and it did with the arrival of Logoist in the Mac App Store.

    3 What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac and/or iOS platforms?

    Mac users are spoiled. They demand eye-catching apps, great features at a reasonable price. Users push developers into making great products!

    4 What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?
    Simply add a few layers, select presets for these layers to get a first impression of the powerful features.

    5 What are some interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?
    For well-written software, OS upgrades are mostly a non-issue. Don’t write bad code and test early with beta OS releases.

    6 What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?
    Despite having a horrible user interface I have to say that it is Cinema 4D by Maxon. Never saw a software this powerful.

    7 What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?
    Version 1.1 will be available in August bringing background presets, flames filter, better path handling and maybe video tutorials.

    8 What’s your upgrade policy?
    Free upgrades in the foreseeable future (definitely not in the next 2-3 years!)

    9 What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?
    The question I receive the most is that how the sample documents are created. Look closely at the layer list at the right of the main window. Check each layer and the associated effects to get a hang to how you can create your own effect combinations.

    Sep 11


    Backpack to Evernote

    Normally: $12.99

    ZOT Price: $5.99

    Click to MacZOT

    infiniteNIL Software and macZOT have come together to offer you a GREAT deal on this Mac App Store only App. Click the App Store button below to grab it while the price is in the ZOTzone. $5.99

    Everport is a Mac OS X application that helps you quickly move your 37signals Backpack data to Evernote. Just add your Backpack accounts, select the pages to import, and click import.

    Easily import your Backpack data into Evernote with a graphical user interface (GUI). No more hunting for scripts or writing your own and running them from the command-line.


    Supports multiple Backpack accounts. Imports data into Evernote in an organized way.
    Each Backpack page becomes an Evernote notebook. Each item on a Backpack page becomes a separate note in Evernote.
    New notebooks are placed in a new stack named after your Backpack account. Images, galleries, and attachments are moved to Evernote as well.
    Lists are kept as lists with checkboxes Everport is built so that other services may be added in the future, such as 37signals’
    Basecamp, and others that customers request.

    Customer Testimonials:

    Saved me a boatload of time (4 stars)

    I’m very happy with this find. I recently decided to cancel my backpack acct and transfer all of my 50+ pages to evernote. The manual process was killing me so I decided to try this app. I’m happy to report that out of the 50 or so pages I transferred, I only had one error (only have the page transferred). I’m guessing this little app saved me about 3+ hours. In my case, it was a one time use app since I don’t plan on creating or transferring over any new backpack pages.. but from a time-value standpoint… it was totally worth the $12.99. Oh and as an extra bonus, I received almost an immediate response from the developer when sent in a support email for the 1 page I was having trouble with. Great support!

    Requires Mac OS X Lion

    Developer Bio

    infiniteNIL Software is one man company located in Sandy, UT, a suburb of Salt Lake City. It was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to creating software for Apple platforms to help people in some way. Find out more at

    Developer Interview

    1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    I think the most unique feature is the main feature of the product. If imports your Backpack data into Evernote.

    2 Why did you create this product? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    37signals hasn’t shown Backpack a lot of love lately. In face, they’ve stopped taking new users. I thought there would be a demand to move that data to something else. Evernote seemed like it would be a popular target. Plus Evernote had this API and a contest as well.

    3 What is most interesting to you about developing for the Mac platform.

    I love the Cocoa APIs. I’ve been a fan of them since the NeXT days. I always wanted to use them and I finally had a chance when Apple bought NeXT. They are well designed and make you very productive.

    4 What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

    Basically, just look at how easy it is to move your data from Backpack to Evernote. As one customer said, it will save you a boat load of time.

    6 What’s your favorite Mac product out there from another developer? Why?

    I think I would have to say Things from Cultured Code. It looks great and it just works. Especially their cloud syncing they just released.

    7 What features would you like to add to your product in the future?

    I would like to add support for importing data into Evernote from other sources such as Basecamp and any other web service that makes sense. That’s something I’m waiting for feedback from potential customers.


    infiniteNIL would love to hear your comments below. Please provide your comments and we will do our best to respond to them. Thanks!

    Sep 10

    Sound Byte – With 5 Racks

    Digital sound effects at your fingertips!

    The “Cart Machine” of The Future!
    Set for iWork ZOT continues – Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $79.00

    ZOT Price: $39.00

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    Digital sound effects at your fingertips!

    With Sound Byte, the so-called “cart machine” used at commercial radio stations in the past is now available to anyone with a computer!

    Whether you’re programming a commercial radio show (or amateur podcast),
    adding spice to the commentary at a local sporting event or simply organizing
    your personal playlist, Sound Byte beats the competition hands down at a great price.
    We’re so sure that you’ll love it that we’ll let you download a copy risk free!

    Sound Byte is perfect for:

    • Radio, podcast and TV productions – have ads, announcements, songs and sound effects at your fingertips
    • Theater Productions – play any sound effect on cue
    • Sports Events – jazz up the commentary for your home team with sound effects each time they score
    • Ham radio operators – generate CQ calls for contesting and more
    • Music Lovers – organize YOUR collection YOUR way

    Sound Byte is the digital automation software for a variety of recorded sounds. It handles all audio formats supported by Quicktime, including:

    • MP3
    • WAV
    • AU
    • AIFF
    • AAC/m4a

    This ZOT gets you the app and 5 racks. Compare the available versions here…

    Available for both Mac and PC, you’ll enjoy features not found in more expensive software.
    For example, you can:

    • Select up to 75 recordings per rack (screen) and assign a button to each
    • Assign Hot Keys to access individual sound effects at the touch of a button
    • Play multiple recordings simultaneously
    • Organize playlists in an order YOU control
    • Master the Timed Playlist feature for perfect timing every time
    • Use a MIDI keyboard to trigger sound playback
    • Direct sounds to different output devices and channels

    A playlist feature allows you to organize sound clips to be played in a particular order.

    There’s also a timed playlist, so that you can program certain sounds to play at an exact
    time. Perfect for a live radio show or other event!

    Take a look at our detailed description of
    Sound Byte Features

    Sound Byte makes a great
    voice keyer for ham radio contests.

    A Remote Control
    program for Sound Byte is presently under development.

    You may also wish to take a look at
    an audio recording program for the Mac.

    What people are saying about Sound Byte:

    We have an Internet Radio Station and have been on the air for over two years. We air a “Live Call In Program” on Wednesday nights and yesterday was the first night we used Sound Byte and it worked without a hitch… SUPER Product!
    - Wes

    Thanks to Black Cat Systems, the best part of the cart idea is back again and in a digital audio format that makes it a must for anyone in theater, radio or recording. It’s awesome! All the sounds you need, right at your fingertips.
    - Joey Stuckey, award-winning guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio personality, teacher, and sound engineer.

    LOVE the app, worth EVERY penny and would have easily paid more for it. Kills any other live radio app we’ve used. Even the bloated several hundred dollar apps… Love it love it love it. Thanks again!
    - JMack

    This program is quicker and more user friendly than any hardware based unit out there. I use this program EVERYDAY while mixing network television and could not work without it. Thank you for a great product.
    - Randy P.

    I like this Sound Byte thing a lot! It’s pretty nice stuff. I can play any files no matter where they are, even if they are on a different hard drive. Nice!
    - Fred C.

    After using your software for our hockey games the parents stuck running the music are very pleased on how easy this program made our job simpler.
    - Guy W.

    I love Sound Byte, I use it on my radio show every morning and everyone is blown away at how I can whip the pants off anyone using one of those hardware based units.
    - Scott P.

    I just wanted to say, WOW, Sound Byte is truly an awesome program. I love the simplicity, instant response, and the compatabilty with every sound file I can think of. I never buy software, but I bought this within minutes of trying it out.
    - Jeffrey H.

    I sure love SoundByte.
    I run the music for some of our local minor hockey teams and it works famously.
    I have had several people ask me about it and they are really impressed when
    I tell them about the free trial and the very reasonable registration cost.
    Thanks for making such an excellent product.

    - Trevor G.

    I love the product. I host a morning news/talk show in Lansing Michigan.
    I’ve always used a lot of audio, but my studio producer had to insert the audio
    which is a coordination issue (especially with drop-ins, quick sound bytes etc.).
    Now I have total control over audio.

    - Walter S.

    Your program has made running sound cues in our little non-profit theatre very easy.

    For the money, there is nothing out there that compares.

    Thank you for keeping it affordable!

    - Mark C.

    SoundByte Enhances Radio/Podcast production
    – Craig Crossman

    Sound Byte

    Click banner below for details…

    Sep 09

    Set for iWork

    All in one place. The ideal tool for users of iWork.

    Normally: $49.99

    ZOT Price: $24.99

    Click to macZOT!



    The ideal tool for users of iWork, Set for iWork provides you with over 1,645 unique designs for Pages documents, 210 spreadsheet templates for Numbers, 98 first-class slideshow themes for Keynote, and 1,010 images and icons for illustrating your content. All templates are available in the US and international paper sizes.


    Templates for Pages

    Set for iWork


    Consists of categories:

    -Business Cards
    -Cards & Invitations
    -CD & DVD Covers
    -Employee IDs
    The premium-quality Pages Templates set offers 1,645 beautiful and functional templates for Apple’s Pages. It includes a variety of template types, from business cards and brochures to posters and invitations. Pages Templates features a compelling combination of a modern and professional print layout and the gripping feel of creativity, adding a note of sophistication to your content. 

    Templates for Numbers


    Set for iWork


    Consists of categories:


    The high-quality Numbers Templates collection offers 210 diverse and useful templates for Apple`s Numbers. Use them for your business or personal needs. Handle your day-to-day tasks without difficulty. Customize the templates to your requirements: create tables, make calculations, draw diagrams, insert images thus tackling your job efficiently and effortlessly.



    Keynote Templates


    Set for iWork



    Keynote Templates consist of 98 themes for Keynote presentations. These are more than just pretty backgrounds – each one of them includes up to 24 different master slides, which lets you choose the best layout for your information. The themes are available in up to five sizes: 1920×1080, 1680×1050, 1280×720, 1024×768, and 800×600 pixels. Let us take care of the appearance of your presentation, while you focus on the content.







    Consists of categories:

    -Traffic Signs
    Graphics is the ultimate set of illustrations suitable for any iWork document that requires color, texture, and authenticity. You will definitely find the right illustration among the 1,170 high-quality images.


    Sep 07


    Control your computer fast and securely from anywhere

    Normally: $29.90

    ZOT Price: $14.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    JollysFastVNC is a secure ARD and VNC client. 
    Its aim is to be the best and most secure VNC client on the Mac.

    Main Features:

    • Fast.

    • Secure – SSH tunneling, SSL, SOCKS support inbuilt.

    • Full Retina display support.

    • Mac login, keyboard, pasteboard, remote screen lock and monitor selection support.

    • Windows login and domain login support.

    • Multiple connections, fullscreen, multi-monitor support.

    • SmartZoom for viewing large remote desktops.

    • International keyboard support

    • Reverse connections including automated Nat-PMP / UPnP port opening on routers.

    • WakeOnLan support.

    • Global/Specific hierarchical preferences.

    • Bonjour including auto connection to Bonjour hosts.

    • Remote cursor support – including smartzoom movement.

    • Automatic pasteboard synchronisation.

    • vnc:// and jfvnc:// url schemes for opening vnc connections from other programs.

    • VNC encodings ZRLE, Tight, zlib, rre, hextile, raw, copyrect, resolution change, pixel format change, lastrect and some more.

    Works on 10.4 to 10.8 ! You can download it for free at or above using the TRY button.

    What others say

    “All I can say is wow!”

    “excellent international keyboard support”.

    “4.5 of 5 stars”

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    macZOT Interview with Patrick Stein - Creator of JFVNC.

    1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?
    I think currently SmartZoom is the feature that is unique to JFVNC. Further it’s simplicity to create advanced SSH tunnels.

    2 Why did you create this product? or What need were you trying to satisfy?
    I was programming ScreenRecycler at the time and chose VNC as distribution method for sending the display data over then network. VNC is a well known, open protocol which has clients on all platforms so I did not have to program a client.
    I created ScreenRecyclers engine with extreme speed in mind – if you want to push video you have to have fast code. Early versions of ScreenRecycler ran very, very slow however. So I tried to find out where I had problems lay. ScreenRecycler used up 1 to 2% of the CPU , so that was not it. Network bandwidth was at about 100 to 200 kBytes/second – well below my gigabit limit of 100MBytes/second. So I looked at the CPU usage of the VNC client – 99% CPU ! Now I had a problem – the one thing I had thought I did not do was a client for ScreenRecycler.
    So I started a weekend hack to see how fast one could get a VNC client with OpenGL. I created a early speedtest VNC viewer for ScreenRecycler and it ran at 20 MBytes/second the moment it first connected. So 100 times faster and ScreenRecycler was usable with that speed :-)
    After delivering ScreenRecycler with JollysFastVNC just as a viewer, people started to urge me to make JollysFastVNC a full fledged VNC client, well I got convinced. I was just about ready to release the first version when Leopard came out with ScreenSharing included. Well, instead of dropping JFVNC’s development I advanced the product more and more to my own needs and after another year it was a finished 1.0 version.

    3 What is most interesting to you about developing for the Mac platform.
    I discoverd Cocoa ( or NextStep as it called back then ) in 1991 and time has proven me right that this was the development platform of the future.

    4 What’s your favorite Mac product out there from another developer? Why?
    Currently I do like Reeder and Echofon.

    5 What features would you like to add to your product in the future?
    I would like to add iCloud syncing , but Apple disallows that for non AppStore programs.

    6 What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?
    You need a working network setup. If you want to access your machine from outside your own local network via the internet have a look on how to setup dyndns and port forwarding on your router. If you are on a older OS version downloads for 10.6 and below are at the bottom of .

    7 How will your product improve the users experience on their Mac?
    Control your computer fast and securely from anywhere.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.