Aug 23

Themes for iBooks Author

Express yourself with words and get appreciated.

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Themes for iBooks Author

Themes for iBooks Author is a collection of 115 compelling templates for Apple’s new application for book creation and publishing. Browse the wide range of designs to find the perfect look, add your text and images and publish your own book to iBookstore!

The 115 available templates cover various book categories from business and travel to arts and cooking. Each design is easily customizable and allows you to get the best of the book creation capabilities provided by iBooks Author.

Themes for iBooks Author

The emphasis of Themes for iBook Author is put on entertaining writing, so it is really easy to insert text, graphics or even movies. You can also change colors, font or style thus making your work look precisely the way you want. Add text, charts, tables or images anywhere on the page with a single click.

The luxurious design and wide range of modification possibilities help to bring content to life in ways the printed books never could!

*Requires iBooks Author

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Aug 13

iLiner 3.2

The Intelligent Outline Processor.
Gatekeeper ready.

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iLiner helps you brainstorm, organize and present ideas quickly and easily.
Designed for extended writing, iLiner 3.2 sports sophisticated outlining features like – Import and export outlines to OPML (Outline Mark-up Language), Unicode and RTF formats. And – Drag collapsed outlines into other OS X applications with all formatting retained.

More features:

Outline: Organize ideas quickly
• Three basic outline levels: parent, child and sibling
• Change outline levels by dragging topics horizontally
• Promote or demote topics by dragging vertically

Brainstorm: Discover ideas while composing
• Expand /collapse topics to concentrate on one aspect of your writing.
• Add line numbers or custom labels for easy navigation.
• Work with multiple drafts in tiled windows.

Present: Share ideas easily
• Export outlines directly to QuickTime slide shows.
• Add different styles and backgrounds to your presentation.
• Stream your presentations directly from the Internet using Apple’s QuickTime Player program.

Other Features
• Drag collapsed outlines to other applications with all formatting retained
• Import /Export outlines to other cross platform formats (RTF, OPML, PDF, TEXT).

Import over 20 different graphic file formats including PDF.
• iLiner 3.2 now supports OS X’s latest 10.8 Gatekeeper security protocols

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Aug 03

UltraKey 6

The Ultimate Keyboarding Tutor.

Going to College? Looking for a Job?

Learning to Type is SMART.

Attention: The App Store version of UltraKey is also on sale - ONLY Aug 4th and 5th

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The best typing coach you can get.

UltraKey is the best typing coach you can get because it clearly demonstrates each new skill and rapidly builds typing technique. With 8 hours use, 20 minutes a day, you will be touch-typing better than you ever thought you could.

To teach touch-typing well, you need a teaching assistant that is effective with students, genuinely motivates them, lets you direct the instruction, provides the reports you need, and above all — works reliably!

UltraKey is everything you’re looking for and more…

  • Clear effective instruction in all aspects of touch-typing.
  • Adapts to learning needs at the class and individual levels.
  • Comprehensive learning management system.
  • Free support through phone, web and email by the people who created UltraKey.
  • How does UltraKey compare?
    The biggest difference between UltraKey and any other typing program on the market is that it has been designed by educators to help fellow educators meet a wide range of professional and practical needs.

  • Reliable: UltraKey works day in and day out but when you need help, the same people who make the software are there to provide support for it.
  • Efficient: The curriculum is clear and straightforward and students move forward at an amazing pace. Not a moment of precious class or personal time is wasted.
  • Adaptable: UltraKey adapts to the individual, adjusts to suit teaching styles, conforms to class needs, and customizes to complement the curriculum.
  • Powerful: The UltraKey learning management system provides the ultimate in reporting, student tracking and custom control. You are completely in charge and you have the ongoing performance information you need to make informed decisions for your students.
  • Rewarding: Students love UltraKey because it challenges them, proceeds at their personal pace, and ultimately makes them winners!
  • When you purchase this ZOT you’ll get a coupon to use in the UltraKey store for your choice of the Home Licensed versions for up to 3 home computers and 8 users.
    North American, UK English, or Australia-New Zealand English.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed. We encourage you to watch the videos here and on the UltraKey site and buy during this sale. Any party who has any technical difficulty with UltraKey or is truly dissatisfied with UltraKey, please contact:

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    50% off! $19.99 Aug 4th and 5th only!

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

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    Jul 12


    Record, Remember and Catalog your dreams.
    See trends and learn more about yourself.

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    A Dream Catcher is a native American term for a device that keeps bad dreams away while allowing good dreams through.

    It’s 67% off in the App Store during this ZOT!


    Get either App for .99 during this ZOT!

    These apps help people of all ages record their dreams in writing, orally, and even by drawing. Where this technology exceeds a paper notebook is that the apps allow people to see trends in their dreams. For example, what dreams have this person or that place.

    Understanding our dreams is a healthy activity in one’s life. Most of us have dreams every night, yet have difficulty remembering them. The trick is to wake up and immediately try to connect with the dream. THEN WRITE IT OR RECORD IT - just a few notes will do. Most dreams are forgotten in five minutes. So, have your iDevice by your bedside and just be ready and open. Even people who remember their dreams have some difficulty noting trends and dream associations. This is where these apps truly help.

    DreamCatching includes two built-in Books with instructions and resources. Our website includes this information as well as links to appropriate organizations.

    The apps support English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese and Russian. Please forgive my poor translations and send me corrections where necessary. Note that the in-app books are in English only.

    For more information, please visit our website.

    Find DreamCatching on the App Store here…

    Find DreamCatchingJr on the App Store here…

    The word dream stems from the Middle English word, dreme which means “joy and music.”

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    We think Friday the 13th is a good day to begin remembering dreams more fully. Don’t you?

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    Mar 29

    Ultralingua Dictionary

    For people who love languages
    Ultralingua developer video interview and Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

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    Ultrlingua and macZOT have come together to DROP the Mac App Store price by 50% for 24 hours especially for YOU during today’s ZOT!

    Ultralingua has nineteen dictionaries to choose from, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and more. The app has translations for every word you need, verb conjugations, flashcards, number translations, and more with no internet connection required.

    Featured as “New and Noteworthy” by Apple three weeks in a row!

    “A very Mac-like, easy-to-use dictionary that’s perfect for the struggling language student.”
    - Mac360

    “…after using it for a few days, I can attest that this really is a powerful and comprehensive language reference – and I highly recommend it.”
    - MacTrast

    “Literally all words I tried (from the most important to uncommon verbs) were in the dictionary. For someone learning a language, Ultralingua’s offerings can prove to be invaluable.”
    - Enoda

    Pick YOUR dictionary!
    1. Purchase this application from the Mac App Store
    2. On first launch, choose one of our Ultralingua translation dictionaries to unlock
    3. If you want another dictionary, purchase it at a discounted price in the in-app store

    We’ve specialized in translation dictionaries for the Mac for 15 years – Ultralingua is the most trusted source for language reference among students, travelers, translators, and teachers. For the Mac App Store, we made a single app to make installing and using your dictionaries as easy as possible.

    You get ALL OF THIS no matter which dictionary you pick:

    • Hundreds of thousands of translations: every word you could possibly need
    • Noun genders and parts of speech
    • Slang, technical language, and regional differences in spelling and usage
    • Hundreds of usage notes about troublesome constructions
    • Smart search results in case you misspell or mistype
    • Search-as-you-go displays words and narrows your selection as you type

    • Only Ultralingua apps provide complete verb conjugations with every dictionary
    • Includes all standard tenses and forms
    • Smart search finds infinitives, irregulars, and catches misspellings

    • Add and edit custom flashcards and group them by topic
    • Allow the creation tool to auto-fill the translation for you, or add your own
    • Drag and drop flashcards into any order
    • Choose from 8 colors to sort your cards
    • When you are ready to flip through your deck, choose how many flashcards you see, what order they appear in, and which side you view first
    • Use ‘auto-advance’ to quiz yourself at different speeds
    • Store flashcards for all of your dictionaries as long as you need them

    • Translate numerals into text with the number tool
    • No internet connection required
    • Reference guide with answers to common writing and grammar questions
    • Change your device settings to view the app display in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or German

    Choose from any of the following dictionaries:

    • French-English
    • Spanish-English
    • German-English
    • Italian-English
    • Portuguese-English
    • Latin-English
    • Esperanto-English
    • Norwegian-English
    • French-Spanish
    • French-Italian
    • French-German
    • Spanish-German
    • Spanish-Portuguese
    • German-Italian
    • French-Portuguese
    • Italian-Portuguese
    • Spanish-Italian

    Want more than one dictionary? No problem. After selecting your first dictionary, you can unlock others for a discounted price in the in-app store! You can only get the ZOT on your first purchase, however the in-app discounts are fantastic!

    Available at the Mac App Store here!

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    FontPack Pro Master Collection – 6,200+ commercial use fonts, 10-user license

    93% off this weekend.
    Macware’s complete collection of every font designed by their SummitType font foundry. Over 6,200 OpenType fonts for commercial use, including a 10-user license to use the fonts in a variety of for-profit, commercial or personal projects across your organization. Fonts are categorized as Classic, Comic, Contemporary, Creative, Cursive, Handwriting, Holiday and Tech.

    Learn more about it here…

    Dec 27


    A powerful, reliable word processor, and a long time favorite with writers and scholars, for long document writing.

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    Mellel is a powerful and reliable word processor for people who are serious about writing. Mellel was designed to allow you to create long and sophisticated documents – from a book to a dissertation… or just a letter to your aunt (she’s on Facebook, though).

    Do not let Mellel’s speedy launch, nimble performance, or humble footprint mislead you – there are no bells and whistles, but there is power. In fact, we’ll openly claim: Mellel is the most powerful word processor for the Mac OS.

    Your documents should look the way you want them to look

    Looks matter, and Mellel has no competitors when it comes to controlling the way your document looks and creating consistent, predictable, and beautiful looking results.Consistency and predictability are the most important things when dealing with text and images.

    In Mellel, flexibility when setting columns or text does not come at the expense of of getting the results you want to get: Images with text flowing around them stay where you set them to stay, columns stay balanced, and headings don’t go strolling down the page just for fun. Looks matter, consistency matters even more.

    And stay in control. Get your documents in order, and keep them ordered

    As your document gets longer, it gets harder to keep all things in it in order. Mellel’s superb Outline feature is just the tool to achieve that. The outline pane gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire document, and lets you, tells you where you are, and lets you move things around easily.

    To streamline your document’s content, you can view elements such as captions for figures, tables, charts, and so on separately – and review them one by one.

    Another excellent streamlining tool is Mellel’s find: It allows you to create GREP-like searches, save them and create sets of Find Actions – allowing you to perform dozens of searches all at once.

    Headings are much more than you think

    Headings are easy, right? You just click the right style (in Mellel, the right auto-title) and there you have it.

    But with Mellel you can achieve so much more: you can set your title to look differently than its numbering, set which headings will be numbered and if they’ll reset the numbering, set headings to always appear at the top of the page, add a running header that changes dynamically, insert tabs and line breaks in a heading (but not in the ToC), set the content of the outline (to include just the title, for example), force appending body text to headings, and so on.

    With most of those, Mellel is the only word processor that allows you to do this automatically and reliably. You control how your document headings look, how the outline will look, how your Table of Contents will look, and so on. Once you’ve tried this with Mellel, it would be tough imagining how you could do without those up until now.

    Cite with ease and power

    Mellel offers you an easy way to handle citations and bibliographies, keeping them always in check, and preventing this delicate task from becoming tangled and annoying.

    The Bibliography palette in Mellel allows you to view all the citations in the document, navigate to them, switch to a bibliography manager, scan, unscan, rescan, etc. Scanned and Unscanned citations in the text are highlighted, and you can open them and easily set special options (e.g., page numbers, omitting author or year).

    Finally, there’s the bibliography: You can use the preferences to set how it will appear in the document, move it around in the document, and otherwise manipulate it.

    View Mellel tutorials here…

    General Features

    Mellel offers you a rich and advanced yet easy to use set of features for word processing. The following list highlights some of the features in Mellel.

  • Track Changes
  • Easy to use and powerful Outline pane
  • Outstanding Bibiliography and citation support
  • Tables
  • Sort
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Advanced Find and Replace
  • Advanced Hyphenation
  • Advanced multi-lingual support
  • Cross reference
  • Columns and sections
  • MS Word import and export
  • RTF import and export
  • Insert special characters
  • Live document statistics (word count)
  • Image placing and resizing
  • Document setup and info
  • Outline and Document navigation
  • Full screen mode
  • Smart Quotes (Typographer’s Quotes)
  • Writing the great American novel? Or just a small one? A scholarly book? A complex document? A play? A technical guide? Mellel offers special tools to help you write and organise long documents easily

    Multilingual Support

    If you need multilingual support or are writing bi-directional text, Mellel is just the thing for you. Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and Syriac never looked better on a Mac

    If “none of the above” is what you need, Mellel is still the right choice: reliable, time-tested, clean, and stable.

    Notes from the developer -
    “Your copy of Mellel from macZOT is a permanent license with free unlimited updates. For example: People who bought Mellel via MacZot in June 2008, and in 2009 ALSO got a permanent license. Essentially, the deal with Mellel is simple: You get an application on par, or better, than MS Word, for a fraction of the price MS Word costs. The reason for that is also simple: Because we think word processors are basic, essential tools and they should be affordable.”


    Ori Redler

    System Requirements: Mellel 2.9.1 is compatible with Mac OS 10.5 or later. It will not run on Mac OS 10.4.x or earlier.

    For more information, visit

    Oct 19


    Let your Mac do half the typing!

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $9.99

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    Do you type a lot? a little?

    No matter how much you type, TypeIt4Me will save you wear and tear on those wrists & fingers!

  • Never type your full name or email signature again;
  • Never hunt around for that standard contract clause;
  • Type a short abbreviation and have it expand to a word, a phrase, even several pages worth of text (with pictures, too);
  • Trigger AppleScripts with your abbreviations instead of reaching for a menu or pressing obscure keyboard combinations.
  • Have TypeIt4Me automatically correct your spelling using Apple’s built-in dictionaries in any of several languages.
  • Define abbreviations that prompt you from variable input when expanding (AutoCue).
  • TypeIt4Me is a background application that “watches” you type and replaces abbreviations you set up with clippings you assign to them. It requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher and works well with 10.7 (Lion).

    Read Customer Comments & Press Reviews.

    Read the list of all the features of TypeIt4Me.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Let your Mac do half the typing for you!

    Sep 21

    Mail Stationery AND
    Mail Stationery Smart

    Give your email a facelift.

    Normally: $29.99

    ZOT Price: $14.99

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    Two Jumsoft milestones for one low price.

    Every now and then, you aim for more than plain words could ever achieve. Trying to make the best first impression on a potential client. Congratulating your colleague on becoming a dad. Asking your crush out for a movie. That’s when small details matter the most, and that’s when your email message calls for richness. We have something for these occasions to make your daily lives just a bit more enchanting.

    Congratulate. Invite. Announce. Show. Amuse. Say it all.

    Mail Stationery

    Mail Stationery 3.1 is a beautiful collection of 100 top-quality templates for Apple Mail from professional designers who have produced not only visually attractive but also highly functional designs.
    In addition, most of the templates come with extra color themes or design variations, which will maximize your available choices for creative solutions.

    Click on the image below to learn more, see samples and be inspired…

    A powerful combination of words and style. This looks clever.

    Mail Stationery Smart

    Jumsoft presents the Mail Stationery Smart collection of 100 high-quality templates for Apple Mail. Sixty-six business-oriented designs have been adapted from the existing templates and themes of the Pages Templates Expert, Pages Templates Pro, and Keynote Themes collections. Not only do they make your email newsletters and proposals look more professional and compelling, but they also give you a chance to refine your entire corporate style with matching products from our array of products.

    Click on the image below to find out more…

    E-mails with the templates can only be sent from Apple Mail

    Compatible with:

  • Gmail
  • MobileMe
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • and Others…
  • System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 Mail or higher.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Sep 19

    iWeb To WordPress

    Convert Your iWeb Blog to a WordPress

    Normally: $49.95

    ZOT Price: $24.95

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    MobileMe is being discontinued, which means iWeb users who use the blogging feature with comments enabled will lose those comments as they are stored on Apple’s servers.

    Simply drag and drop your iWeb website onto iWeb to WordPress and it will instantly convert your iWeb blog to a WordPress blog. All of your blog posts and comments will be converted. It will be as if you have used WordPress the whole time!

    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)
    Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Intel/PowerPC)
    iWeb 3.0.x

    Product URL:

    Promo Video

    Instructional Video

    Sep 14

    Dejal BlogAssist

    Easy HTML markup for blogs and more.
    Simon Silver and Platinum available today also – Click Here…

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $7.00

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    BlogAssist is a handy tool to help weblog and website editing by making HTML markup easier.

    There are three easy ways to use it: you can use whichever one you prefer, or all three as desired.

    1. The System Menu: BlogAssist adds a small menu to the right-hand side of the menubar in all applications. You can simply select and copy some text into the clipboard, choose a suitable operation from the menu, then paste the result in the desired location. The text will have been transformed like magic. For example, copying hey and choosing Bold will result in <b>hey</b> – the HTML tags for boldface text, wrapped around the original text.
    2. The Services Menu: BlogAssist also appears in the Services menu, available in most applications. This is really easy to use: just select some text and hit Cmd-< to display a small panel. Simply choose an operation and click OK to drop the marked up text back into your document. The previously copied text also appears in the panel; useful for operations like Web Link that use two values. Copy a URL, select text to use as the link label, hit Cmd-< and choose the operation, then click OK, and you have a web link nicely formatted and inserted.
    3. The Floating Window: This is similar to the Services menu panel, but can be left open as long as you like. It floats above all other windows, always available. It can be hidden and shown via the BlogAssist system menu. With the floating window displayed, you simply drag text to one or both of its Value fields, choose an operation from the included pop-up menu, then drag the formatted HTML from the Result field. Like the Services panel, this window includes a convenient preview of how the HTML will be rendered in a web page.

    BlogAssist comes with several useful operations, including web and e-mail links, bold/italics/strikethrough/etc, LiveJournal tags, and more. But you aren’t limited to those — you can add, change, or remove them via the Operations Preferences.

    Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more


    Simon Silver and Platinum editions available today!

    Click here to Try, Buy, or Learn more!…

    Dejal Simon is the essential site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important server goes down or recovers. Developed in Cocoa, it is a native Mac OS X application with an intuitive and attractive interface.

    Simon is very versatile. It can be used to monitor your own website and servers, track posts and new comments on your or friends’ blogs, check for web mail, get notifications of updates to favorite news and entertainment websites, keep an eye on auctions, and many other uses.