Sep 10

Sound Byte – With 5 Racks

Digital sound effects at your fingertips!

The “Cart Machine” of The Future!
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ZOT Price: $39.00

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Digital sound effects at your fingertips!

With Sound Byte, the so-called “cart machine” used at commercial radio stations in the past is now available to anyone with a computer!

Whether you’re programming a commercial radio show (or amateur podcast),
adding spice to the commentary at a local sporting event or simply organizing
your personal playlist, Sound Byte beats the competition hands down at a great price.
We’re so sure that you’ll love it that we’ll let you download a copy risk free!

Sound Byte is perfect for:

  • Radio, podcast and TV productions – have ads, announcements, songs and sound effects at your fingertips
  • Theater Productions – play any sound effect on cue
  • Sports Events – jazz up the commentary for your home team with sound effects each time they score
  • Ham radio operators – generate CQ calls for contesting and more
  • Music Lovers – organize YOUR collection YOUR way

Sound Byte is the digital automation software for a variety of recorded sounds. It handles all audio formats supported by Quicktime, including:

  • MP3
  • WAV
  • AU
  • AIFF
  • AAC/m4a

This ZOT gets you the app and 5 racks. Compare the available versions here…

Available for both Mac and PC, you’ll enjoy features not found in more expensive software.
For example, you can:

  • Select up to 75 recordings per rack (screen) and assign a button to each
  • Assign Hot Keys to access individual sound effects at the touch of a button
  • Play multiple recordings simultaneously
  • Organize playlists in an order YOU control
  • Master the Timed Playlist feature for perfect timing every time
  • Use a MIDI keyboard to trigger sound playback
  • Direct sounds to different output devices and channels

A playlist feature allows you to organize sound clips to be played in a particular order.

There’s also a timed playlist, so that you can program certain sounds to play at an exact
time. Perfect for a live radio show or other event!

Take a look at our detailed description of
Sound Byte Features

Sound Byte makes a great
voice keyer for ham radio contests.

A Remote Control
program for Sound Byte is presently under development.

You may also wish to take a look at
an audio recording program for the Mac.

What people are saying about Sound Byte:

We have an Internet Radio Station and have been on the air for over two years. We air a “Live Call In Program” on Wednesday nights and yesterday was the first night we used Sound Byte and it worked without a hitch… SUPER Product!
- Wes

Thanks to Black Cat Systems, the best part of the cart idea is back again and in a digital audio format that makes it a must for anyone in theater, radio or recording. It’s awesome! All the sounds you need, right at your fingertips.
- Joey Stuckey, award-winning guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio personality, teacher, and sound engineer.

LOVE the app, worth EVERY penny and would have easily paid more for it. Kills any other live radio app we’ve used. Even the bloated several hundred dollar apps… Love it love it love it. Thanks again!
- JMack

This program is quicker and more user friendly than any hardware based unit out there. I use this program EVERYDAY while mixing network television and could not work without it. Thank you for a great product.
- Randy P.

I like this Sound Byte thing a lot! It’s pretty nice stuff. I can play any files no matter where they are, even if they are on a different hard drive. Nice!
- Fred C.

After using your software for our hockey games the parents stuck running the music are very pleased on how easy this program made our job simpler.
- Guy W.

I love Sound Byte, I use it on my radio show every morning and everyone is blown away at how I can whip the pants off anyone using one of those hardware based units.
- Scott P.

I just wanted to say, WOW, Sound Byte is truly an awesome program. I love the simplicity, instant response, and the compatabilty with every sound file I can think of. I never buy software, but I bought this within minutes of trying it out.
- Jeffrey H.

I sure love SoundByte.
I run the music for some of our local minor hockey teams and it works famously.
I have had several people ask me about it and they are really impressed when
I tell them about the free trial and the very reasonable registration cost.
Thanks for making such an excellent product.

- Trevor G.

I love the product. I host a morning news/talk show in Lansing Michigan.
I’ve always used a lot of audio, but my studio producer had to insert the audio
which is a coordination issue (especially with drop-ins, quick sound bytes etc.).
Now I have total control over audio.

- Walter S.

Your program has made running sound cues in our little non-profit theatre very easy.

For the money, there is nothing out there that compares.

Thank you for keeping it affordable!

- Mark C.

SoundByte Enhances Radio/Podcast production
– Craig Crossman

Sound Byte

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Aug 27

MyPhotoApp – 3 Month Pro Subscription

Create Raving Clients and Customers!

Give Your Customers Their Own App
Or – Make your business it’s own APP and watch your horizons expand…

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Normally: $79.00

ZOT Price: $24.95

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your word of mouth marketing!
Create custom apps for all of your clients!

So simple – Your Grandmother could use it!

“Even though I have just started using MyPhotoApp it is already bringing big dividends with my clients. One client showed it off to a friend and the friend called to book the next day. This will be another tool that will fit very well in my marketing.” — David Quisenberry, Images That Speak, McKinney Texas

“I’m glad i took the time to check out what you’re all about, cause now I am a fan for life and absolutely love! I have seen others even tried them but the ease and i’ll admit the pricing too totally hooked me!I I already made 3 Apps and the clients loved them!” — Adita Perez, Adita’s Photography, New Jersey

How to build a custom app in less than 2 minutes! Really!

This is a short 2 minute movie showing how easy and quickly one can create an iPhone application from scratch.

Using the app on an iPhone

A short movie showing you how to install and use the app on an iPhone. iPad and iPod usage and installation are identical. Android usage is the same, but the install is a little bit different.

Demo App

Check out how this works on your mobile device.

Just bring up your web browser on your mobile device and enter the url

How to integrate Pro Select with

This video was provided by one of our users, Arjen Eeken, and shows how easy it is to integrate MyPhotoApp with Pro Select.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Highlights include:

  • You can create all the apps you want — no limit.
  • 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We only want happy customers! We want to give you time to see if this works for your business. Give this an honest effort of creating apps and putting them into your clients hands and watch your referrals increase. Just one new client should easily will pay for your subscription!
  • Usage Statistics – See how many times your apps have been installed and how many times they have been viewed.
  • Works On iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android mobile devices.

Everyone knows that word of mouth marketing is the best. You get well qualified clients. It is not enough to just create a remarkable service where people are willing to refer you. The problem is how to keep reminding your clients to refer people to you without nagging them.

MyPhotoApp is the perfect referral enabling solution.

iPhone usage is skyrocketing. It is normal for our clients to have an iPhone… especially the more affluent ones who have disposable income to spend on things
like photography. When people get together it is usual for people to use their iPhones often to check on mail, text, answer the phone, etc. Having their own personal icon on their iPhone is a constant reminder of your photography business and a very natural conversation starter “Hey look at this cool personal app my photographer created for me! They ROCK!!!” .

Another scenario is that during a conversation, photography comes up. Your clients will have all the marketing collateral they need right there in their handy iPhone. You can even include special offers that your clients can share with their friends. James Cook Photography includes a coupon for a “free iPhone” app in every app they distribute. This is a low cost, high value incentive for people to book you. They want to be cool too and have their own iPhone app.

How MyPhotoApp can benefit your business…

There are several reasons why MyPhotoApp apps are wow items. First, it is very practical. People like to have pictures on their phones. Everyone has pictures on their phone because they are easy to store there. Finding pictures they want to share is usually a several minute task at least. With MyPhotoApp, their (your) pictures are only an icon push away. Second, there is the vanity factor. Who else has their very own icon on their phone? Not many. So your clients feel special and cool, especially when they are around friends.

The uses in your business are limitless. Here are some common ones…

  • Giving free apps to everyone of your clients has a hugh impact on your referral marketing. Not only are you giving them a “wow” gift — having their very own icon on their mobile device, you are also arming everyone of your clients with marketing collateral that is always with them. And because having their own icon is cool, they will want to share if more often.
  • If you are providing thank you gifts to your clients (if not, you should be), you can use the app as a surprise thank you gift. If you have any volume at all, the cost per app you create is not significant and has a high perceived value to your client. The perfect kind of gift!
  • Using apps as a bonus item only available in your higher collections or when they achieve a certain spend level is another fabulous way of using MyPhotoApp to increase your bottom line. Having apps then turns into a prestige item for your better clients.
  • You can create apps for other businesses that you have, or want to have, a relationship with. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, create apps for wedding planners, venues, florists, etc. that you have a relationship with. Be their preferred vendor to work with!

The potential uses are only limited by your imagination…

FREE 3 Day Trial

Take the MyPhotoApp challenge. We know if you use MyPhotoApp and create some apps and put them in your clients hands, you will see the value to your business and subscribe. Use all of the features of for 3 days for free. No credit card required. Just signup by clicking on the Register link above and use the simple registration form. You can signup and have your first app built in less than 10 minutes. Create one, give it to your client and see their reaction. Once they have it on their phone, it is theirs even if you do not subscribe. Consistently our clients say WOW! The free trial is full function and not crippled in any way! Give it a try and let your clients start doing marketing for you. Come back on the 4th day and grab it on the last day of this ZOT!

System Requirements:

Mac, Windows or Linux using Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser
Mobile Device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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Apple has had some difficulty with proper Mac App Store pricing for iCalamus during this promo. Please keep trying and watch our blog with updates from the developer – Ulf Dunkel.

Jul 31

Creating iOS Games for Beginners

1534 users are already taking this course!
Marin Todorov takes a hands-on approach and walks you step-by-step through the process of building a complete game using Cocos2d.

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Normally: $99.00

ZOT Price: $49.00

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Where would we be without the games? Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Peggle? Each one is as unique as they come, but they’re tied together to one simple principle: Cocos2d can make them. Cocos2d is the leading, open-source, royalty-free smartphone game engine. It’s easy to use, community-supported, reliable, mature, and over 1500 mobile iOS games have been published using it!

Why is Cocos2D so easy to use? Because you can play a sound effect, animate a flipping sprite, flash some rad custom font, all with just a couple lines of simple, pure Objective C code. No knowledge of OpenGL is required! Rotating, mirroring, parallaxing, scaling, tinting, sliding, jumping, and a Halloween-sackful of other effects are quickly at your fingertips.

Table of Contents

  • Over 18 lectures and 7 hrs of content!
  • Install and include Cocos2d for iPhone in your projects
  • Understand scene workflow in Cocos2d
  • Work with scene transitions
  • Put image sprites on the screen and manipulate their properties
  • Run animations and actions on your sprites
  • Chain and run simultaneously different actions
  • Build menus in Cocos2d
  • Plan and design a simple game
  • Develop simple games
  • and much more..
  • Course Requirements…

  • You will be expected to have beginner/medium understanding of Objective-C
  • You will need to work on a Mac computer with installed XCode 4.x+
  • You will need to be connected to the Internet
  • In his course, Marin Todorov takes a hands-on approach and walks you step-by-step through the process of building a complete game! After building this game, you’ll have all the coding knowledge you need to create the next gaming hit in the App Store!

    About the instructor…

    Marin Todorov is an independent iOS developer and publisher with 10 fun and innovative titles released on the App Store. He’s got experience in developing software on many different platforms- on the desktop, in the cloud and at present the iPhone. Marin was a university teacher for several years and also wrote a textbook on programming related to his course. He has published numerous technical articles in print and online media; his last larger contribution were a couple of articles on security and bundled databases to a book from Adobe and O’Reilly.

    Marin is also very active in the iOS developer community – he’s regularly writing in his blog about iPhone development and the App Store in general: ; he also sometimes writes guest posts and tutorials on other popular websites.

    Dan Murphy of Udemy answers macZOT’s questions:

    Why should our users BUY Udemy videos when they can find so much FREE stuff on YouTube/Vimeo etc etc etc…?
    You get what you pay for. These are 5-10hrs of guided tutorial, so at the end of the course you have really learnt something. You just can’t get that off YouTube.

    What is the refund policy on the course?
    We like to keep our users happy, so we have a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Send an email to for refund requests.

    How did Udemy get started?
    It was started by 3 co-founders that wanted to make good education available/affordable to everyone

    What have been 3 of your most popular courses? Why?
    Ruby, iOS and PHP……people want to learn to code and iOS is always popular.

    Will these courses pay for themselves in the long run?
    Like any knowledge it depends on what you do with it. But yes the content in these courses can be used as a starting point into a career in web/app development space

    Can I really make my own Udemy course? How?
    You sure can. Simply go to and click the ‘create a course’ button at the top left of the screen and follow you nose =)

    How long do I have access to the course materials?

    You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.

    Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
    Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don’t have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That’s up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!

    About Udemy

    Udemy enables anyone to take and build courses online. Our goal is to disrupt and democratize education by enabling anyone to learn from the world’s experts.

    Click to Udemy’s Site for more info.

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    Jul 26

    Onde AudioBook Converter For Mac

    Convert & Unlock iTunes DRM AudioBooks

    Movie Captioner and ProTools Training Zots…
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    Normally: $29.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    • Convert the DRM protected m4b, aax files in to any of the most popular file formats, including: MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, and MKA.
    • Speedy conversions: convert files at up to 12X recording speeds!
    • Batch conversions allow users to convert their entire audiobook collection with the press of a single button.
    • Advanced controls allow users to change the codec, bitrate, sample rate, and number of channels.
    • Don’t waste time searching for your files: Onde AudioBook Converter presents your entire iTunes audio book folder in one easy to use interface.
    • The Must Converter for iTunes audio books
      Onde AudioBook Converter allows users to easily strip DRM and any unwanted protection so your purchased m4b, aax audio books can be played on any device you like!

      View a basic tutorial…


    • Convert Audible AA to MP3 to play anywhere; in Audiobook Converter, you can easily select AA files from iTunes audiobook library and then convert them into MP3 or AAC in 12X speed.
    • Unlock all types of DRM protected Audio Books; if it plays on iTunes, Onde AudioBook Converter can unlock it.
    • Convert DRM protected m4b, aax audio book files to any of the most popular file formats, including: MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, and MKA.
    • You control the output functions: codec, bitrate, sample rate, and number of channels.
    • Convert at speeds of up to 12X recording speed.
    • Easy to use interface insures even the most novice users can unlock their files within seconds.
    • Advanced options allow even more control: change the bitrate, sample rate, codec, and the number of channels.
    • Instant and embedded access to iTunes folders makes for a quick and seamless user experience.



    • Silent recording means Onde AudioBook Converter works in the background, letting you do all the things you want while it does all the work you need.
    • Batch conversion options allow users to convert hours worth of media with the press of just a single button.
    • Onde AudioBook Converter automatically saves all metadata associated with your audiobooks to the new converted files.







    1. What kinds of audio files can Onde AudioBook Converter for Mac convert?

    Onde AudioBook Converter is capable of converting any audiobooks that can be played on your iTunes.

    2. What output formats does Onde AudioBook Converter for Mac support?

    Onde AudioBook Converter supports up to 9 output formats including AC3, AAC, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, MKA and MP3.

    3. What is the difference between the trial version and full version?

    The only difference is that the trial version of Onde AudioBook Converter for Mac can convert only 3 minutes for each audiobook while the full version has no such limit. You need to order the registration code to register the program to get full version.

    4. What is the most unique feature of this software?

    Compared with the similar software, Onde AudioBook Converter for Mac has an unparalleled conversion speed – up to 12X and multiple output formats.

    5. Can I set up the converted files according to my preference?

    Of course, you can. You may determine their names, output formats, folders, converting speed and output quality.

    6. Why is my iTunes silent during converting?

    That’s normal, since we need iTunes to play your audio book in the background. And we recommend you don't operate iTunes while converting.

    7. How can I customize the converting?

    You may set a custom speed for audio converting – from 1X to 12X or set a custom format for output filename. Also you can customize the output profile for better effect.


    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 – 10.8.4

    Click to Developer's Site for more info.


    Jul 19


    The powerful and really fast VNC viewer and Apple Remote Desktop client
    Get the MAC, iOS, and/or Android Versions Today – Choose your flavor below!

    ProTools Training, StoryBoard Quick – Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $4.99

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    Find out what all the amazing reviews are about!

    macZOT and Nulana have partnered to bring you the iOS, Mac, and Android versions of this mind bending new way to be in two places at once!

    “Remotix is just absolutley amazing, I use it all the time. It allowed me to log onto my work computer from my personal computer and there was hardly any lag at all, my internet isn’t the best and even apps like this still manage to run with zero problems! I literally just opened it and I was up and running in no time. The next best thing about this app is the ability to have multiple computers connected at once.” – Matt Falconer

    Remotix for Mac – $11.99 (50% Off!)

    Download the Free Mac Demo version…

    System requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.6.0 or better
    Intel Based Mac
    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Remotix for iOS – $9.99 (50% Off!)

    System requirements:

    iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Remotix 2.7 for Android – $6.99 (50% Off!)

    System requirements:

    Any Android based device with Android 2.2 or higher

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    it provide the best speed whne I am connecting to my other mac remotely and the best part is it dont put load on your CPU.. like it. – by AppsWillRise

    This app is so great for accessing all my apple devices! its like having all my computers built into one! Great for any business. Highly recomend!!! - by surf10000

    The first time I got this app I knew right away what to do because it made sense to a “normal” person and it came with easy to understand instructions when you first open the app up. - by SLatz18

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    Jul 16

    Onde iTunes Converter for Mac
    Free your files from DRM protection and play them when you want, with what you want: unlocked file formats can be played on any device without any pesky play/burn restrictions!

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $4.99

    Click to macZOT! Download Trial


    Convert annoying M4P and Audible AA files to MP3 and AAC formats so you can listen to your media any way you want, any time you want. 

    Onde iTunes Converter can even extract the audio from iTunes video files and save them in all the most common audio file types, including: MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4A, M4R, and MKA. You can also use Onde iTunes Converter to convert other popular file formats to these formats as well.

    The best part about Onde iTunes Converter is that it’s fast. Real Fast. Converting DRM media files at up to 12x speed ensures that Onde iTunes Converter is not only easy to use, but also quick and convenient.

    The Must Converter for iTunes -Onde iTunes Converter allows users to easily strip DRM media files of any unwanted protection so your purchased files can be played on any device you like! Furthermore, you can also extract audio files form iTunes movies, TV shows and Podcasts with no quality loss.

    Click here for a simple tutorial…


    Free your files from DRM protection and play them when you want, with what you want: unlocked file formats can be played on any device without any pesky play/burn restrictions!


  • Converting at rates up to 12x speed makes Onde iTunes Converter the fastest option when it comes to unlocking DRM protected media.
  • An intuitive interface allows the user see their entire iTunes catalogue along with conversion and output options, all within one simple, easy to use window.
  • Advanced options allow even more control: change the bitrate, sample rate, codec, and the number of channels.
  • Batch conversion allows the user to unlock entire albums in just minutes!

  • Don’t worry about losing your files’ data: Onde iTunes Converter saves all the data associated with DRM protected files and applies it to your converted files.
  • Since Onde iTunes Converter encodes output files directly while recording, extra disc space isn’t clogged with excessive temporary files.
  • No extra hardware requirements mean Onde iTunes Converter is the only program you need to unlock all of your DRM protected media files, as well as rip audio from protected iTunes video files!
  • Free lifetime software upgrade, after-sale service and technical support. 

    System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.0 – 10.8.2

    Jul 08

    Color Splash Studio for iOS

    $.99 66% OFF!

    PLUS! – Buy the iOS version today and get the Mac Desktop Version for FREE! ($7.99 Retail)

    Logoist and PhoneView Zots Continue… Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $2.99

    ZOT Price: $0.99

    Click to MacZOT

    Color Splash Studio is the most popular Mac app for ‘color splash’ photography and is now available on iPhone.

    Convert image to black and white and keep specific areas in color, add dramatic effects, tune lights in one click – you have tools and powers than no similar app offers.

  • Dramatic effects (turn photos into jaw-dropping masterpieces)
  • Grayscale, Sepia, Bluetone monochrome layers (revolutionize selective color editing)
  • Vignette
  • Integration with Instagram, FX Photo Studio and other great apps

    With the flick of a switch you can:

  • Import images from camera roll or Facebook
  • Takes photos with enhanced built-in camera
  • Switch between dramatic effects
  • Edit image
  • Adjust painting brush
  • Pan and zoom image
  • Turn on ZOOM PREVIEW for precise editing of parts under your finger
  • Preview mask or start over
  • Adjust hue, saturation, gamma and contrast of the image
  • Preview your color splash photo
  • Share to most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc)
  • Export pictures to Instagram and FX Photo Studio
  • Print photos via AirPrint
  • Put your pictures on a postcard and get it shipped to any part of the world

    Color Splash Studio is the impressive photo editor, fully compatible with latest iOS and works like a charm with iPhone 4S.

    Want a FREE Copy of the Mac OSX Version? Retail $7.99.

    To get your free copy of Color Splash Studio for OS X, simply send an edited photo to MacPhun ( with a subject “ZOT” within 24 hours of the end of this ZOT using the email sharing option of brand new Color Splash Studio for iPhone.

    1 – Buy Color Splash Studio for iPhone from the App Store (LINK)
    2 – Launch Color Splash Studio on your iPhone or iPod touch.
    3 – Import a photo from the camera roll or capture a new one using your iDevice’s camera.
    4 – Edit the photo using the app
    5 – Tap Done in the top-left corner.
    6 – Tap on the Email button at the bottom-left of the export and sharing options section.
    7 – Send the email to

    The free Color Splash Studio for OS X code will be sent to you within a day after your successful photo submission. (FYI – You will receive a code for the MacPhun site version of Color Splash Studio for OS X – not the Mac App Store version. They are identical in use and function, and same as with Mac App Store version you get all future updates of Color Splash Studio for Mac for free)

    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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  • Jul 05


    Full iPhone and iPad Access

    Tom Tran Theme ZOT Continues… Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!
    Weekend ZOT Preview too!

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch file storage, voicemail, SMS, call log, notes, contacts, bookmarks, music and photos all on your Mac.

    System Requirements:
    Any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
    Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
    iTunes v9.2 or newer

    Check the FAQ…

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    This weekend’s ZOT?


    Launch ZOT on the Mac App Store!

    Logos, Title Art, Icons, Banners, Web Site Elements, Greeting Cards, Buttons, iBooks Author Titles, Picture Collages, Desktop Backgrounds…. you name it! Create stunning imagery with Logoist for Mac. Logoist allows you to design images using layers, sophisticated effects and eye-catching shaders. Logoist comes with over 3.000 vector clipart images, over 200 configureable effect presets and over 150 patterns!

    Learn more about it here…

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    Jun 21

    iPhone, iPad, iTunes Video Tutorial ZOT Bundle

    80% OFF! In just 4 hours learn iPhone 4S, The New iPad, and iTunes from AppleGrad!

    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $120.00

    ZOT Price: $24.00

    Click to MacZOT Buy 1 item

    The AppleGrad Experience
    In about the time it takes to watch a movie, you can learn each Apple topic from AppleGrad Video Tutorials. Our mission is to teach you the important and need-to-know features. This means you can learn quicker, without the fluff that can add hours and confusion to the process. Conveniently download the video tutorial to your Mac or Windows PC. Watch the tutorial in iTunes or QuickTime Player with Chapter Navigation. You can also sync the video tutorial in iTunes to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to learn on the go (see requirements). During the entire learning experience, you don’t have to leave your home! No subscription, expiration, or login required!

    Video Tutorial Features
        •    Download and watch on a Mac or Windows PC in iTunes or QuickTime Player.
        •    Presented in 720p High Definition. You can clearly read what is being instructed on screen!
        •    Includes Chapter Navigation. Conveniently replay any section at any time.
        •    No subscription, expiration, or login required. Watch as many times as you want.
        •    Sync via iTunes to watch on the go on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (see requirements).

    iPhone 4S TrainingiPhone 4S Training
    Learn how to sync and manage content with iTunes and iCloud. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up, using, and enjoying your iPhone 4S.

    Runtime: 1h 13m    Download: 917 MB .zip    Video: 720p .m4v


    iPad 2012 TrainingThe New iPad (2012) Training
    Learn how to sync and manage content using iTunes and iCloud. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up, using, and enjoying your new iPad.

    Runtime: 1h 7m    Download: 857 MB .zip    Video: 720p .m4v


    iTunes TrainingiTunes 10 Training
    Not only will you learn the ins and outs of iTunes, you can expect to learn how to sync your iPod/iPhone/iPad and burn CDs.

    Runtime: 1h 5m    Download: 658 MB .zip    Video: 720p .m4v


    System Requirements
        •    A Mac or Windows PC to download the video tutorial.
        •    A high speed internet connection is required for downloading, not required for playback.
        •    Watch on a Mac or Windows PC in iTunes or QuickTime Player.
        •    Sync via iTunes to watch on the go on your iPad (gen 1+), iPhone (gen 4+), iPod Touch (gen 4).

    Buyer Testimonials
    “It was really convenient to download the training video and learn from my home.”Lisa M.
    “Terrific! Will do business again, if there is another tutorial I want. Thank you.”Wanda B.
    “Love it, the training helped me with my own films with tricks I never knew how to do until I got this.”Luis R.
    “Everything from the download to learning Final Cut was just great!”Mary S.
    “I will definitely purchase from this company in the future. Great product! Blazing fast service!.”Chris P.
    “Purchased and downloaded within 30 minutes! I learned what I wanted to and started working on my own projects afterward. Thank you!”Kaye W.


    This weekend’s ZOT?
    June 23,24,25


    PaintSupreme is a fun but full featured painting application with many compelling features like stunning brushes and cool filters. PaintSupreme is both a drawing and painting application as well as the perfect editor for your pictures.

  • Create, edit and polish images with an easy-to-use and fun user interface.
  • Layer-based editing with an unlimited amount of layers. Lots of powerful layer-based editing options (merge, group, lock etc.)
  • Powerful selection tools: Freehand, ellipse and lasso. Selections can be joined, subtracted and intersected and can also be loaded and saved.
  • Sophisticated but easy to use tools with a lot of powerful options, like the Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone and Paint Bucket tools.
  • Various transform, color adjustment and text tools.
  • Support of vector shapes which can be used as a shape source for the pixel tools and which can be converted to selections.
  • Guides and rulers make it easy to orientate and paint within sub-parts of the image.
  • Various filters to polish your images and photos.
  • Import and export of many external image formats.
  • System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

    Learn more about it here…

    Jun 17

    Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac

    Record Audio from Any Online Video or Audio Stream!

    Normally: $35.00

    ZOT Price: $17.50

    Click to macZOT! Download Trial


    Want to listen to your favorite songs, radio programs and audio from video anytime and without needing an internet connection? Just record your favorite streaming audio with a polished Mac audio recorder, Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac. Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac is the best ever Mac Audio Recorder, giving you the ability to record any online music and radio programs with 1:1 quality in a single click.

    AllMyMusic has it covered.

    • Records audio from YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, etc.
    • Records and save MP3/M4A audio files with zero quality loss
    • Intelligently retrieves track info including title, artist and album art
    • Automatically splits tracks and filters out ads

      Feature Highlights:

      Automatically Detect Streaming Media

      Open your web browser and access the audio stream you want to record. Now hit the Record button without leaving the page. Press Play in the browser and your job is done, as AllMyMusic for Mac uses a virtual sound card to record any audio played through your computer's sound card, preserving 100% of the original audio quality.

      Expect Lossless Quality

      Whatever it is, as long as you can hear online, you can record it in 1:1 quality. With the freedom to take your favorite shows on the go without worrying about waiting for endless buffering, the AllMyMusic for Mac OS X helps cut you loose from the internet cord.

      Intelligently Get Music Info

      When you begin to record an audio stream, AllMyMusic for Mac will retrieve the details of the recording – like artist, album and genre automatically, thanks to ID3 search powered by Gracenote®. You can also select to edit the tags.

      Tested and Proven on Top Sites

      Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac has been tested and has recorded seamlessly with 1:1 quality from over 500 radio stations and online music sites, including many notable streaming music sites such as:: YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Spotify, GUBA, NPC, MySpace,, BBC Radio Audio, iTunes Radio, RTVE, Sirius Radio, Radio Blog Club, XM Radio Online, AOL Music, etc.

      NOTE: AllMyMusic for Mac complies with all copyright laws and is 100% legal to use.


    • User Comments:

      I think any person, including the not so computer proficient, can use this software. It is pretty simple to operate. I like it! — Jennifer

    • With AllMyMusic for Mac, getting the best remix by my favorite artist is as easy as getting on YouTube, finding their HD video and hitting record. — Andrew F


    • System Requirements:

      • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 Mountain Lion , Intel processor, Mavericks Compatible