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Clips single and composite window shots.

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WindowClipMBI is a menu bar app that takes single shots and composite shots of windows, including menus and tool tips, of any other app to the clipboard. The app is conveniently accessible from the menu bar all the time, from any app. There is no need to remember numerous key combinations or search through layers of windows for generating multi-window shots.

What can WindowClipMBI do for me?

Displays thumbnails of all app windows.

The menu contains images of all current visible app windows, including menus and other auxiliary windows, like the menu bar, tool tips, Desktop and Dock. Simply select a menu item to take its picture and put it on the clipboard, optionally opening it in Preview also.

Scale, filter and reflect clips.

Clippings can be scaled, and special effects can be applied, such as converting to monochrome. Reflections can be added to each clipping, with various options.

Timed screen shots and composites.

Screen shots and “all windows” composites can be timed so you can set up the windows prior to capture. For screen shots, options for including the current mouse cursor or hiding the Desktop is available. Composites can be full screen or trimmed to the smallest bounding box. WindowClipMBi is also available from an app’s Services menu.

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later. Mountain Lion Ready.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Developer Interview…

Hi, my name is Joe Pagliaro, and I am the founder of Limit Point Software. I have been developing Mac software for about 20 years, from System 7 to today’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Now, we not only develop for the Mac, but of course also for the iOS platform. This is a very exciting time due to the growing synergy between the iOS and Mac platforms. I love developing for these platforms because there are so many possibilities and I am excited about the future products we will provide for them.

Now for questions and answers related to this product and the Mac.

  • What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    The ability to list all apps that currently have visible windows in the easy to reach, ever present system menu bar menu and to preview each of those windows from within that menu and take their picture.

  • Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    I actually created this app for myself to take pictures of all my other app’s windows. I have written many apps and WindowClipMBI facilitates technical support, documentation and website creation for all my apps.

  • What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.?

    A great source of interest, and one of the best perks of being a Mac developer is attending the annual World Wide Developer Conference where all new things Mac are exhibited by the people who created them.

    Also interesting is the constant generation and evolution of an enormous amount of fun technologies and requisite hardware, including the close symbiotic relationship between the software and hardware.

    It is also interesting how Mac development is made possible by a complete set of many free development tools for building, testing and distributing apps.

  • What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

    One of the features I like most about WindowClipMBI is its ability to create timed composite shots of an app’s windows. But I also like the ability to create full screenshots that include the mouse cursor, whatever it may be at the time the shot is taken, and the integration of one of our other apps, Shade, which “cleans up” the desktop for lucid full screenshots.

  • What are some interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

    Through all the years I have been developing on the Mac I have been immensly impressed with how most products remain almost 100% reliable and stable across upgrades, even major version updates. For example, with Mountain Lion absolutely no modifications to any of our numerous products were needed for compatibility!

    OS upgrades have enabled us to enhance our apps in unexpected ways, or even create apps that would have been very difficult otherwise. For example, WindowClipMBI itself was easy to create because of a technology introduced in Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.

    With the introduction of Mac OS 10.6 Lion we took advantage of the opportunity to enhance and perfect almost all of our apps for inclusion in the new Mac App Store, and that has dramatically increased our success and excitement to be a Mac developer.

  • What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?

    My favorite app has been, for a very long time, Mathematica, by Wolfram Research. This is because I am a mathematician! Math is what I majored in at college and attended grad school for, and back then I used Mathematica a lot to aid in my course and research work.

  • What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

    To include the windows of apps on other machines on the local, or even remote, network. Less improbable/impossible: It would also be nice to be able to selectively include multiple windows from any and all apps, selected from a graphical list display.

  • What would you like a user to ask you?

    Will you always support this product for as long as possible? Answer: yes.

  • What should I ask that I’m forgetting?

    How long did it take for you to write this app? Answer: just a few days because of the development environment and the system software at my disposal. This is one of the great advantages of developing for Mac and iOS, speed and ease of development.

  • What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

    This is a very simple and straightforward app, so I do not get very many questions about it at all. One question that is interesting is the inquiry as to whether I will support other destinations of the snapshot, such as a file or an email message attachment. Answer: It is planned. Currently the output is the clipboard, and optionally a new document in Preview app.

User feedback is a huge asset to me, and I always encourage users to ask questions and offer suggestions for my products. I very frequently implement user suggestions. So if anyone has any questions or feedback during or after this promo, please send them to me at Thanks, and enjoy!

Sep 14

Flying Logic 2.0

The Revolutionary Tool for Proactive Thinkers.

Play “What if…?” with plans, arguments, and ideas.

Normally: $249.00

ZOT Price: $99.00

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The Elevator Pitch

Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool for proactive thinkers, whether you want to change your personal life for the better, or grow a world-class business that impacts thousands or millions of people. Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors. Project management software won’t help you when you have no idea what part of a complex system needs improvement, or what that improvement might look like, or how to cause that improvement. Answering these questions is a critical and often-overlooked part of the planning process, and this is where Flying Logic shines. Flying Logic diagrams are not static images— they are working models of your reasoning that you test as you build and that stay “live” as you share your reasoning with others.

Version 2.0 Now Available!

Our first paid upgrade includes a huge number of new features and enhancements including our top request: Incremental Layout! The document window has a completely new design including inspectors that can be shown, hidden, and resized to suit your work style. Also: custom symbols, colored groups, zoom the canvas up as well as down, group hoisting, and too many more to list here! So check out the list of new features, read about the new features in detail in the Flying Logic User’s Guide, and watch for articles, tips, and videos in our blog.

“Flying Logic is a powerful tool for visual support of critical thinking. I have used the diagrams to explain the rigor behind proposed methods for solving customers’ challenges and have enjoyed great feedback. I have successfully used the tool to define inter-related actions and requisite conditions required to effectively mitigate Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI). Flying Logic elevates my ability to think visually and to rethink with minimal rework in the diagrams. It is a true enabler of constructive thought.”
Rich Petersen – Principal, Capridea, Inc.

Fast, Beautiful, and Truly Compelling Plans

If there is anything in your life, business, or organization that needs improvement? Flying Logic is a highly visual, easy to use software application that does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers. Just as you would not do detailed financial projections in your head, you need Flying Logic for all nontrivial planning and reasoning endeavors.

Critical Thought More Critical Than Ever

Rational thinking, planning, and communication skills are key to every field of human endeavor ranging from personal growth to building viable, competitive businesses. Even the ability to successfully articulate non-rational concepts such as emotion and intuition ultimately depends upon the mind’s power to reason. And anyone from young children, to governments, to the CEOs of multinational corporations can benefit from well-developed reasoning abilities and a common language in which to reason. Flying Logic is a revolutionary tool that fills a widespread need for software that supports, simply and beautifully, the practice of reasoning. However, no software can do your thinking for you, so Flying Logic was inspired by the Theory of Constraints.

The Theory of Constraints (TOC)

The Theory of Constraints is an overall management philosophy founded on the idea that all real-world systems; whether personal, interpersonal, or organizational; have at least one constraint: something that holds the system back from accomplishing more of its primary purpose, or goal. The rate of this accomplishment is called throughput. If a system had absolutely no constraints, it would be capable of infinite throughput. But though infinite throughput is impossible, amazing throughput gains are possible through the careful identification and management of the system’s key constraints. The purpose of the TOC, originally developed by Eliyahu M. (“Eli”) Goldratt and first popularized in his bestselling business novel The Goal, is to give individuals and organizations the tools they need to manage their constraints in the most effective manner possible. Originally applied to manufacturing lines, TOC principles have been successfully adapted for areas as diverse as supply chain, accounting and finance, project management, health care, military planning, and software engineering.

TOC claims that a real-world system with more than three constraints is extremely unlikely, and in fact usually only one constraint is key. Perhaps counter-intuitively, this is because the more complex a system becomes, the more interrelationships are necessary among its parts, which results in fewer overall degrees of freedom.

A major implication of this is that managing a complex system or organization can be made both simpler and more effective by providing managers with few, specific, yet highly influential areas on which to focus — maximizing performance in the areas of key constraints, or elevating the constraint (making it less constraining.)

The Five Focusing Steps

To accomplish this, the developers of TOC developed the Five Focusing Steps, which define a process of ongoing improvement. (Step Zero was later added for additional clarity.)

  1. Articulate the goal of the system. How do we measure the system’s success?
  2. Identify the constraint. What is the resource limiting the system from attaining more of its goal?
  3. Exploit the constraint to its fullest. How can we keep the constraining resource as busy as possible, exclusively on what it does best?
  4. Subordinate all other processes to the decisions made in Step 2. How can we align all processes so they give the constraining resource everything it needs?
  5. Elevate the constraint. If managing the constraining resource more efficiently does not give us all the improvement we need, then how can we acquire more of the resource?
  6. Avoid inertia. Has the constraint moved to some other resource as a result of the previous steps? If so, don’t allow inertia itself to become the constraint: go back to step 1.

The Thinking Processes (TP)

The Thinking Processes emerged as TOC practitioners worked with organizations that needed to identify their core constraints and how to manage or elevate them. They needed the answers to three deceptively simple questions:

  • What to change?
  • To what to change?
  • How to cause the change?

The Thinking Processes are based on the scientific method, to which is added a simple visual language for describing and reasoning about situations, arguments, and plans using the language of cause and effect. There are two basic kinds of reasoning: sufficient cause and necessary condition.

“Flying Logic is easy and intuitive to use. For those of us who use the TOC Thinking Processes, Flying Logic has succeeded where every other tool — whether it’s software, sticky notes, or pencil-and-paper — has failed. First, it eliminates the time spent on drawing and arranging the entities, and leaves us with more time to do the thinking! Second, it enables us to test our assumptions quickly, easily and visually.”

- Lisa Scheinkopf, author, Thinking For A Change: Putting the TOC Thinking Processes to Use

From these, the practitioners developed several methodologies called application tools designed to answer the three questions. The application tools provide the ability to develop a complete picture of a system’s core constraints and how to overcome them.

Current Reality Tree

Used to move from an articulation of the undesirable symptoms (or desirable strengths) present in a system to the core cause that has the most influence over them (i.e., the constraining resource or core issue.)

There are illustrations and explanations for many other “trees” on the Flying Logic website.

The Need for Software Support

Although there are many success stories of organizations that have implemented TOC using the Thinking Processes, so far there have been two problematic approaches to working with the application tools:

  • Groups work with a facilitator in front of a white board to capture their thinking. This has the drawback that as they grow, whiteboard diagrams quickly become disorganized and difficult to understand.
  • Individuals create their own plans or memorialize plans created by other groups using tools such as Visio. The primary drawback to this approach is that the planner often becomes bogged down in diagram layout details: fonts, sizes, colors, placement, styles, etc., that have nothing to do with the actual planning process.
  • Either way, there is no easy way to test the logic inherent in the diagram.

Flying Logic was designed to eliminate all of these constraints by allowing groups or individual planners to create Thinking Process diagrams using an intuitive interface that requires no attention to layout issues, and by producing presentation-quality output as a by-product of the planning process.

By providing a clear, visual language of causes and effects, Flying Logic encourages detached, rational thinking. By removing constraints around re-working the diagram, Flying Logic encourages people to painlessly consider every factor that really matters, and address every blind spot as it comes up. A good analogy is spreadsheet software – before spreadsheets, people still did financial projections, but they were laborious, error-prone, and there was a great deal of resistance to rework. After spreadsheets, people take many more factors into consideration and easily explore many more alternatives in their financial planning.

Just as a spreadsheet allows you to play “What if…?” with numbers, Flying Logic lets you play “What if…?” with plans, arguments, and ideas.

The Flying Logic Interface

Flying Logic uses a simple, gesture-based interface. Drag from the list of entity types on the left to create your diagram. Each time you place an entity, it “snaps into place” with arrows that represent the causal relationships automatically appearing where you want them. Drag from entity to entity to create additional causal relationships as desired, or drag from entity to arrow to combine causes into necessary condition relationships. Relationships representing AND, OR, and NOT are easily created.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later • 26MB free disk space
  • Flying Logic runs identically on Mac OS X, Windows® or Linux, and files can be freely exchanged across platforms. Want a license for the Windows or Linux version? Drop us an email at

    Click to Developer’s Site for All the info.

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    Modify RapidWeaver Theme images and code.

    MyPhotoApp and jAlbum Zots continue in the ZOTshop. Scroll down…

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    Edit or replace any element in any RapidWeaver theme.

    RWThemeMiner is a RapidWeaver theme editing assistant. It enables you to edit or replace any element in any RapidWeaver theme. It provides a user-friendly interface between the contents of your RW themes and your image and text editing applications. With RWThemeMiner making theme modification is easy and intuitive.

    RWThemeMiner assits you in editing or replacing theme image files as well as editing text files such as: css, html, js, plist, etc…

    More Features:

  • Open any selected item in the finder.
  • Rename any item.
  • Replace theme images with drag and drop.
  • Safe Theme Editing

    Installed RapidWeaver themes are left untouched. Editing of these themes is done with copies of the original themes.

    Choose Your Preferred Editors

    RWThemeMiner allows you to use your favorite image and text editing programs.

    Easy Image Replacement

    Drag and drop image replacement is supported.

    Requires OS 10.4 or later
    Compatible with all versions (3.5 and later) of RapidWeaver

    Click to Developer’s Product Page for more info.
    Company Home Page

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    MyPhotoApp – 3 Month Pro Subscription

    Create Raving Clients and Customers!

    Give Your Customers Their Own App
    Or – Make your business it’s own APP and watch your horizons expand…

    jAlbum and iCalamus Zots continue in the ZOTshop. Scroll down…

    Normally: $79.00

    ZOT Price: $24.95

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    your word of mouth marketing!
    Create custom apps for all of your clients!

    So simple – Your Grandmother could use it!

    “Even though I have just started using MyPhotoApp it is already bringing big dividends with my clients. One client showed it off to a friend and the friend called to book the next day. This will be another tool that will fit very well in my marketing.” — David Quisenberry, Images That Speak, McKinney Texas

    “I’m glad i took the time to check out what you’re all about, cause now I am a fan for life and absolutely love! I have seen others even tried them but the ease and i’ll admit the pricing too totally hooked me!I I already made 3 Apps and the clients loved them!” — Adita Perez, Adita’s Photography, New Jersey

    How to build a custom app in less than 2 minutes! Really!

    This is a short 2 minute movie showing how easy and quickly one can create an iPhone application from scratch.

    Using the app on an iPhone

    A short movie showing you how to install and use the app on an iPhone. iPad and iPod usage and installation are identical. Android usage is the same, but the install is a little bit different.

    Demo App

    Check out how this works on your mobile device.

    Just bring up your web browser on your mobile device and enter the url

    How to integrate Pro Select with

    This video was provided by one of our users, Arjen Eeken, and shows how easy it is to integrate MyPhotoApp with Pro Select.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Highlights include:

    • You can create all the apps you want — no limit.
    • 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We only want happy customers! We want to give you time to see if this works for your business. Give this an honest effort of creating apps and putting them into your clients hands and watch your referrals increase. Just one new client should easily will pay for your subscription!
    • Usage Statistics – See how many times your apps have been installed and how many times they have been viewed.
    • Works On iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android mobile devices.

    Everyone knows that word of mouth marketing is the best. You get well qualified clients. It is not enough to just create a remarkable service where people are willing to refer you. The problem is how to keep reminding your clients to refer people to you without nagging them.

    MyPhotoApp is the perfect referral enabling solution.

    iPhone usage is skyrocketing. It is normal for our clients to have an iPhone… especially the more affluent ones who have disposable income to spend on things
    like photography. When people get together it is usual for people to use their iPhones often to check on mail, text, answer the phone, etc. Having their own personal icon on their iPhone is a constant reminder of your photography business and a very natural conversation starter “Hey look at this cool personal app my photographer created for me! They ROCK!!!” .

    Another scenario is that during a conversation, photography comes up. Your clients will have all the marketing collateral they need right there in their handy iPhone. You can even include special offers that your clients can share with their friends. James Cook Photography includes a coupon for a “free iPhone” app in every app they distribute. This is a low cost, high value incentive for people to book you. They want to be cool too and have their own iPhone app.

    How MyPhotoApp can benefit your business…

    There are several reasons why MyPhotoApp apps are wow items. First, it is very practical. People like to have pictures on their phones. Everyone has pictures on their phone because they are easy to store there. Finding pictures they want to share is usually a several minute task at least. With MyPhotoApp, their (your) pictures are only an icon push away. Second, there is the vanity factor. Who else has their very own icon on their phone? Not many. So your clients feel special and cool, especially when they are around friends.

    The uses in your business are limitless. Here are some common ones…

    • Giving free apps to everyone of your clients has a hugh impact on your referral marketing. Not only are you giving them a “wow” gift — having their very own icon on their mobile device, you are also arming everyone of your clients with marketing collateral that is always with them. And because having their own icon is cool, they will want to share if more often.
    • If you are providing thank you gifts to your clients (if not, you should be), you can use the app as a surprise thank you gift. If you have any volume at all, the cost per app you create is not significant and has a high perceived value to your client. The perfect kind of gift!
    • Using apps as a bonus item only available in your higher collections or when they achieve a certain spend level is another fabulous way of using MyPhotoApp to increase your bottom line. Having apps then turns into a prestige item for your better clients.
    • You can create apps for other businesses that you have, or want to have, a relationship with. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, create apps for wedding planners, venues, florists, etc. that you have a relationship with. Be their preferred vendor to work with!

    The potential uses are only limited by your imagination…

    FREE 3 Day Trial

    Take the MyPhotoApp challenge. We know if you use MyPhotoApp and create some apps and put them in your clients hands, you will see the value to your business and subscribe. Use all of the features of for 3 days for free. No credit card required. Just signup by clicking on the Register link above and use the simple registration form. You can signup and have your first app built in less than 10 minutes. Create one, give it to your client and see their reaction. Once they have it on their phone, it is theirs even if you do not subscribe. Consistently our clients say WOW! The free trial is full function and not crippled in any way! Give it a try and let your clients start doing marketing for you. Come back on the 4th day and grab it on the last day of this ZOT!

    System Requirements:

    Mac, Windows or Linux using Safari, Chrome or Firefox browser
    Mobile Device: iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

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    Apple has had some difficulty with proper Mac App Store pricing for iCalamus during this promo. Please keep trying and watch our blog with updates from the developer – Ulf Dunkel.

    Aug 19

    Compress Files

    Easily compress, archive, and encrypt.
    Also – Omit invisible files.
    Get it on the Mac App Store too! Your Choice. :)

    JCPSloppy ZOT continues…
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    Normally: $9.99

    ZOT Price: $2.99

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    Ready for Mountain Lion

    Easily compress, archive, encrypt and omit invisible files.

    To compress a file, simply drag and drop the file into the app window. You can compress more than one file by dragging multiple items onto Compress Files window, and you can also compress larger groups of files by placing them in a folder and dragging the whole folder onto Compress Files.

    Compress Files enables you to easily create:

    • Zip compressed archives (.zip)
    • TAR archives (.tar)
    • Gzip compressed archives (.tar.gz)
    • Bzip2 compressed archives (.tar.bz2)
    • Xar archives (.xar)
    • 7zip compressed archives (.7z)
    • Compressed Disk Image (.dmg)

    and also:

    • Zip compressed and encrypted archives (.zip)
    • Compressed and encrypted disk images (.dmg)
    • Compressed and encrypted 7zip archives (.7z)


    Invisible Mac-specific files can be extremely annoying when you transfer Zip files to other systems. Windows and Linux make these files visible and they can create confusion to recipients that receive your files. Compress Files lets you specify if you want to omit Finder specific information (such as the .DS_Store files) and Mac specific file attributes (such as a resource fork) when creating Zip archives.

    To compress a file, simply drag and drop the file you want to compress onto the Compress Files icon. If Compress Files is closed, the program will launch and compress your files. You can also compress files by dragging files into the app window. Just launch Compress Files and the window will appear. You can compress more than one file by dragging multiple items onto Compress Files window, and you can also compress larger groups of files by placing them in a folder and dragging the whole folder onto Compress File.

    For high security, you can use Compress Files to encrypt part of your hard disk through the use of an encrypted disk image protected with a password. You can then also email this disk image to other people who know the password. The image will show up as a volume on your desktop. When your Keychain is locked, or when you send that disk image file to another person, the image is secure. When your Keychain is unlocked, you can copy, move and delete files as you would on any normal hard disk.

    One of the features most appreciated by power users is Compress and Attach. Drag one or more files into the Compress Files window, and quickly you will find a ready-to-send email message with compressed file attached with your preferred options. You can do this without all the invisible files created by the Finder that confuses Windows users.

    Got files that take up a lot of space on your hard disk? Files that slow down your search because they’re piling up in droves? Want to keep some files in a safe place? Use the archiving feature of Compress Files. Your computer has never been so clean and tidy!


    Email SecurityWhen user chooses to create a .dmg encrypted file, Compress Files creates 128-bit AES Encrypted DMG files. Encrypt Email leverage Mac OS X technology to create disk images with AES encryption, which is one of the most secure encryption methods and widely adopted by many governments. When user chooses to create a .zip or .7z encrypted file, Compress Files creates AES-256 Encrypted Zip or AES-256 Encrypted 7Zip files. See Security section of Advanced Encryption Standard at Wikipedia to learn more.

    For any product information, please contact our support, we are happy to provide information about our software and technical assistance.

    Mac OS X Logo
    System Requirements of Compress Files for Mac:

    • Mac computer with an Intel processor.
    • Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion).
    • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended).
    • Approximately 12MB of available disk space.

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    Aug 14

    PinPoint and/or Scenario

    PinPoint: Join the Custom Pointer Revolution for $2.99!
    Scenario: Automate Easily with AppleScripts! Also Just $2.99!

    Developer Interview Below. iLiner Zot continues…
    Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $4.99

    ZOT Price: $2.99

    Click to MacZOT

    *Click the image above for more info…
    macZOT and Lagente Software have come together to Create TWO Mac App Store ZOTs just for YOU! Normally $4.99, both of these clean, useful, feature rich apps are just $2.99 for the next 3 days. Grab one or both via the links below.

    PinPoint: Join the Custom Pointer Revolution for just $2.99!

    This is an excellect application for (1) those with visual problems, (2) those with several monitors, (3) those needing a precision alignment facility always at hand, or just (4) those wanting a bit of fun. I wouldn’t be without it. – An Archeologist

    Download 7 Day Free trial…

    That beautiful 27 inch screen has one drawback: that mouse pointer is much harder to locate. PinPoint places an image of your choice around it, animated or not, to make it easy to find. Doing precision work? full-screen crosshairs make it easy to spot on multiple monitors too! Suble, pulsing organic graphics or exhuberant, funny animations, whatever your taste, PinPoint certainly has an option to please you.

    Watch screencasts to:

  • Get a quick Overview
  • Learn how to create custom pointers
  • Create Animated Pointers
  • Use built in tools to Create Screencasts

  • Click for more info…

    Scenario: An unobtrusive tool which launches AppleScripts when certain events occur.

    I have it set to lower my computer screen brightness to zero and start playing a certain iTunes Playlist at a certain volume once the specified Hot keys.. when I’m ready to go to bed. For the idle command, I have it set to pause iTunes when the computer becomes idle after a certain amount of time. And then, brings the brightness of the screen and the volume back up once the idle ends.
    That requires a little bit of Applescript knowledge, but it’s nothing you can’t just Google and find out.
    -Ruthlin Zephyr

    Leave your Mac for a while and set your iChat/Messages status automatically. Need to eject volumes when not in use? Make something happen when you wake your Mac or every time you log in? Build the AppleScript and let Scenario launch it for you when required. If you like to customize your Mac and love AppleScript, show Scenario some love too!

    Click for more info…

    macZOT Developer Interview with Renaud Boisjoly

    Lagente Software, Based in Montreal, Quebec

    1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    For PinPoint, users really enjoy the animated properties of some of the pointers, like Pulsing Circle with Click Wave. But the most unique is probably the Full Screen Crosshairs which can span multiple monitors. Each user has their own favorite, so I guess flexibility is the preferred feature?

    2 Why did you create these apps? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    Years ago, a friend of mine was using 6 monitors for trading Stocks and was always losing his mouse pointer on all that screen real estate. PinPoint was the solution to that problem and over time, as it became more popular, users send in requests and we simply implemented one after the other. It also became a presentation tool so we enhanced it for that more and more, adding the ability to display keystrokes for example.

    For Scenario, being MacBook users we needed a way to prompt us when waking our Macs to remember to set our iChat message appropriately. AppleScript would allow us to set this, but being bird-brained, we always forgot to launch the script. Scenario now takes over and asks us where we are and sets the status accordingly. If you are well-versed in AppleScript, you can even deduce where you are using many tricks like the IP address you get from your provider for example and set the location accordingly.

    3 What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

    Really, the Mac and Cocoa would allow developers to focus on the need to fulfill and less on the complexity of the programming environment. The genius in Apple’s strategy was to leverage NextStep which was already an amazing development environment which made it a lot easier to learn how to program and offer great solutions in less time. Leveraging all this again for the iPhone is another fantastic coup!

    4 What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?
    Most people buy a piece of software to fulfill one precise need. With PinPoint, they discover new uses as well. For example, one user bought it because they wanted a way to visually locate their pointer on screen, but discovered that by installing it on their customer’s Macs, and activating the ” Show Keystrokes ” feature, users they were helping would also see which keys they were pressing during a remote connection and learn from this.

    5 What are somxe interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

    Well, moving to the Mac App Store was one change which forced us to reconsider the whole interface. We cleaned up many things in the UI. But it got us thinking of our next version… and how to really take advantage of the new technologies in Mac OS X. Stay tuned, we want to make it exciting!

    6 What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?

    Anything that makes us productive and creative really excites us. We have a few faves. Acorn for graphics work is something we use every day. Fast, simple efficient. Love it. Omni Outliner to jot down and organize our ideas, Mac and iPad versions. We use it everywhere, even in the car (my wife likes to drive, don’t worry). Keynote and Pages for presos and documents, Crashplan for backups, wow, the list never ends! Twitterrific, FileMaker Pro, 1Password, all awesome! Oh, and our favorite coding tool? This is really great… PaintCode! If you like drawing shapes in code in your Apps, this tool is more than a must! But you need to be a developer to appreciate it :-)

    7 What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?
    Ah, the Holy Grail of pointer enhancement is to be able to completely hide the Mac’s pointer. Simply not possible on the Mac at this time and the most-requested feature. We tried many things and some users use a tool call Cursorcerer to do this, but that tool would not be approved on the Mac App Store we think. No way around this… so we focus on enhancing the existing pointer as much as we can.

    But for our next version of PinPoint… we’re looking into neat neat stuff. Stay tuned, we need some encouragement as this will take some time as it is a total re-write. Faster, leaner, beautiful-er…

    8 What would you like a user to ask you?
    We just love getting feature requests from our users. It gives us goals to strive for. Any very useful feature we love hearing about.

    9 What should I ask that I’m forgetting?
    What are the best bagels out there? I’d have to answer either St-Viateur or Fairmount… Montreal Bagels yeah!

    10 What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?
    People buying PinPoint don’t ask too many questions beforehand. They see the value to them and they ask enhancements later sometimes. For Scenario, we do get a few questions before as it is a more technical tool. Users will ask how to solve a specific problem and we let them know if we think it is possible and if Scenario will help them. We love challenges.

    More Testimonials:


    I run a pretty custom setup. Mac Pro/Imac with 5 x 27″ monitors. I am prone to lose my pointer often. I use the full screen cross hairs on both machines, this allows me to find my mouse when it is lost. – Guy Denton


    I use Scenario on demo computers at a retail store. It’s great to be able to run an application quit-script when the screen saver comes on so that when a new customer comes to the computer all the previous applications are closed and it’s ready for a new demo. It has been a great addition to our toolbox of apps for our technicians as well. Lagente has great customer support as well! This app is a must have! – Chase Thompson-Baugh

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    Aug 09

    PulpMotion 71% Off!

    Create amazing slideshows using videos, photos and music!


    Normally: $49.00

    ZOT Price: $14.00

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    WOW your friends & family in just a few clicks.

    Wedding, birthday, travel – just a few of the hundreds of different slideshows that you can create. Now more than 40 themes in PulpMotion. Search by Event to narrow down your choice to suit your needs.










    Drag & Drop your ideas

    Pick one of the incredible PulpMotion themes, drag & drop your pictures or videos, add some of your favorite music… And you're Done!
    After just a few clicks you can sit back and enjoy your creation! Screen tips help you along the way at every stage. Looking to unleash your creative talent? No problem – PulpMotion offers further functionalities to fine tune your creation! Filters, Ken Burns, customizable text effects are all available.





    video export  

    Sharing Has Never Been Easier

    Our easy to use Export menu allows you to share your creations exactly as you want to on the iPhone, Youtube etc. There are shortcuts for exporting to Mail, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, iPod, Apple TV, etc.Create standalone compositions bundled with a player.
    You can export in HD with support for anti-aliasing and motion blur for high quality export. There is an Anti-flickering option for super high quality when working with high resolution images.

    • Save your export parameters as a preset to re-use next time.
    • Improved color fidelity.
    • Modify screen size to suit your needs before exporting.






    Zones of interest

    PulpMotion add zones of interest to your images using the in-built image editor. Give them a name and some notes and let the "story-telling" themes turn them into stunning animations.





    All your media at your fingertips and more



    PulpMotion introduces a new way to browse your media. Not only can you access all standard media repositories, such as iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, etc, but it lets you navigate trough your media in full screen. A convenient timeline shows on which dates you have images or videos. Select date ranges to quickly access the media by date.
    Brand new media options in this version include Ken Burns and animated text effects.



    Themes to suit every occasion



    PulpMotion comes with a rich and extensive set of themes.
    Now more than 40 themes in PulpMotion. Search by Event to narrow down your choice to suit your needs. Click the image below to explore the themes…

    Your browser doesn’t support JavaScript or you have disabled JavaScript.




    Advanced sound capabilities



    Do all your sound editing in PulpMotion. You are no longer restricted to one sound media per slideshow. Instead, drag and drop your sound files in the provided timelines and decide when a given sound effect or music should start. PulpMotion even lets you synchronize your music with your show. You can easily adjust the timing for your images to match the length of the associated sound file. Record audio annotations and associate them to your pictures and movies.


    System requirements:
    1 GHz G4, G5, or Intel processor ; 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended) ; Quartz Extreme compatible graphic card with 128 MB of shared memory ; An iSight camera or DV camera (optional) ; Internet connection required for registration ; Requires Mac OS 10.5 or above ; Fully compatible with Lion (Mac OS 10.7).

    Click to Developer's Site for more info.





    Jul 31

    Creating iOS Games for Beginners

    1534 users are already taking this course!
    Marin Todorov takes a hands-on approach and walks you step-by-step through the process of building a complete game using Cocos2d.

    KeyBoard Maestro and Accounted Zots continue…
    Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $99.00

    ZOT Price: $49.00

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    Where would we be without the games? Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Peggle? Each one is as unique as they come, but they’re tied together to one simple principle: Cocos2d can make them. Cocos2d is the leading, open-source, royalty-free smartphone game engine. It’s easy to use, community-supported, reliable, mature, and over 1500 mobile iOS games have been published using it!

    Why is Cocos2D so easy to use? Because you can play a sound effect, animate a flipping sprite, flash some rad custom font, all with just a couple lines of simple, pure Objective C code. No knowledge of OpenGL is required! Rotating, mirroring, parallaxing, scaling, tinting, sliding, jumping, and a Halloween-sackful of other effects are quickly at your fingertips.

    Table of Contents

  • Over 18 lectures and 7 hrs of content!
  • Install and include Cocos2d for iPhone in your projects
  • Understand scene workflow in Cocos2d
  • Work with scene transitions
  • Put image sprites on the screen and manipulate their properties
  • Run animations and actions on your sprites
  • Chain and run simultaneously different actions
  • Build menus in Cocos2d
  • Plan and design a simple game
  • Develop simple games
  • and much more..
  • Course Requirements…

  • You will be expected to have beginner/medium understanding of Objective-C
  • You will need to work on a Mac computer with installed XCode 4.x+
  • You will need to be connected to the Internet
  • In his course, Marin Todorov takes a hands-on approach and walks you step-by-step through the process of building a complete game! After building this game, you’ll have all the coding knowledge you need to create the next gaming hit in the App Store!

    About the instructor…

    Marin Todorov is an independent iOS developer and publisher with 10 fun and innovative titles released on the App Store. He’s got experience in developing software on many different platforms- on the desktop, in the cloud and at present the iPhone. Marin was a university teacher for several years and also wrote a textbook on programming related to his course. He has published numerous technical articles in print and online media; his last larger contribution were a couple of articles on security and bundled databases to a book from Adobe and O’Reilly.

    Marin is also very active in the iOS developer community – he’s regularly writing in his blog about iPhone development and the App Store in general: ; he also sometimes writes guest posts and tutorials on other popular websites.

    Dan Murphy of Udemy answers macZOT’s questions:

    Why should our users BUY Udemy videos when they can find so much FREE stuff on YouTube/Vimeo etc etc etc…?
    You get what you pay for. These are 5-10hrs of guided tutorial, so at the end of the course you have really learnt something. You just can’t get that off YouTube.

    What is the refund policy on the course?
    We like to keep our users happy, so we have a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Send an email to for refund requests.

    How did Udemy get started?
    It was started by 3 co-founders that wanted to make good education available/affordable to everyone

    What have been 3 of your most popular courses? Why?
    Ruby, iOS and PHP……people want to learn to code and iOS is always popular.

    Will these courses pay for themselves in the long run?
    Like any knowledge it depends on what you do with it. But yes the content in these courses can be used as a starting point into a career in web/app development space

    Can I really make my own Udemy course? How?
    You sure can. Simply go to and click the ‘create a course’ button at the top left of the screen and follow you nose =)

    How long do I have access to the course materials?

    You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.

    Can I take my courses with me wherever I go?
    Definitely! If you have an internet connection, courses on Udemy are available on any device at any time. If you don’t have an internet connection, some instructors also let their students download course lectures. That’s up to the instructor though, so make sure you get on their good side!

    About Udemy

    Udemy enables anyone to take and build courses online. Our goal is to disrupt and democratize education by enabling anyone to learn from the world’s experts.

    Click to Udemy’s Site for more info.

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    Jul 27

    BannerZest 3 PRO

    Create animated HTML5 content in a few clicks – 78% Off!

    Onde AudioBook Converter, Movie Captioner and ProTools Training Zots…
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    BannerZest 3 for Mac is a popular authoring tool for the creation of amazing banners based
    on a wide range of ready-made themes.
    In its latest version BannerZest 3 Pro not only supports Flash® banners but also HTML5 (for iOS and Safari) banners
    that can be viewed on iPhone and iPad iOS browsers, which do not support Flash®.

    Great little program that does what it promises. Saves hours and produces high quality results. – Dale Garrison, Sep 2011

    • Choose from more than 30 Flash® Themes and 14 HTML5
    • Pick one of the HTML themes to generate content that will render on iPhone and iPad.
    • Your banner in Flash® will also look great on iOS thanks to a HTML bannner that can be fully customized.

    Simply Drag-and-Drop!

    BannerZest Pro is the fastest and easiest way to add punch and movement to your images online and get professional-looking slideshows. Integration with all major web site editors is a breeze! All you have to do is select, drag, and drop the images you want into a designated area. Then choose from BannerZest’s menu of creative ready-made animated themes, click, and you’re done! Edit your media with ease – resize and crop your images. Navigation is fast and simple with the resizable Inspector window.


    A large choice of themes

    Various themes are available to let you visualize your slideshows. You can customize every aspect of every theme. BannerZest 3 comes with a wide range of themes available for Flash® or HTML5 (for iOS and Safari). Choose from more than 30 Flash® Themes and 14 HTML5 (for iOS and Safari) themes in BannerZest Pro (10 themes in HTML5 (for iOS and Safari) are available in Bannerzest Standard). You can customize the theme, change the background, text colors, the timing transitions, and much more. Make the most of your Website with BannerZest and impress your audience.

    Create animated Web content

    Flash® based animations require zero understanding of Flash®. In fact you don’t even need to own Flash®. Everything has been integrated into BannerZest, allowing you to be up and running – or rather, scrolling, popping and rolling – in no time. It’s the same for HTML5 (for iOS and Safari); you don’t need programming skills in order to create animated Web content. Using BannerZest all of your animated content can now be viewed on iPhone and iPad iOS browsers. You can export animated banners as Flash®, HTML5 (for iOS and Safari), or as a Flash®/HTML5 (for iOS and Safari) hybrid. Move into top gear with your banner creation by using BannerZest’s standard presets. With BannerZest Pro, you can also simply load up a system preset or select one of your own pre-saved sets of parameters and apply it to your new creation! Web banner size and other parameters will be adjusted automatically, saving even more time.

    In one word: Professional!

    BannerZest Pro helps you to create, animate and present your content with a professional appearance while improving functionality.
    Grab the attention of your audience – add music or any other sound to your banner and add some pizazz through BannerZest Pro. BannerZest Pro allows you to reorder the displayed photos, and to assign a link to each picture.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.5 or later.

    Visit Developer’s Site

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    Jul 25


    The Easiest Way to Create Captions and Transcripts For Your Movies
    Developer interview below…

    DiskTools Pro, Storyboard Quick, and ProTools Training Zots…
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    Normally: $99.95

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    Buy 1 item

    MovieCaptioner will be available at 50% off via a link from this page until July 26th 10pm PDT.

    Need to make your videos accessible, but don’t know how? MovieCaptioner can help you get the job done quickly and easily! You can then export captions for YouTube, your Web site, or to add to your movie for broadcast TV.

    MovieCaptioner keeps repeating a segment of the movie until you are done typing what you hear. Just hit the Return key and it will save your caption and automatically advance to the next few seconds of the movie, allowing you to zip through your captioning tasks in no time flat.

    Getting Started with MovieCaptioner

    More tutorial videos can be found here: MovieCaptioner Tutorial Videos.

    You don’t need to be a multimedia guru, either. The caption track is added automatically with the click of a button. And exporting Transcripts compiles all the captions into one concise text file, with or without timecode. If you can type, you can make your movies and YouTube videos accessible!

    Make closed captioned movies for YouTube, iPhones, iPods, DVDs, and Broadcasting!

    Already have transcripts and just need to add them as captions to your movies? MovieCaptioner will allow you to import the text as captions, making the job a snap! It will also import other caption formats such as SCC, STL, XML, QT Text, SRT, SUB, CART, and Adobe Encore to convert to other supported formats. And now that YouTube offers auto-captioning, let them take a first cut at it, then import their machine-captioned SBV file that you can download from YouTube right into MovieCaptioner, where you can fix the inaccuracies and export to different formats. MovieCaptioner will read all timecode and text from the YouTube captions to make your job easier.

    Need to create captions for broadcasting? Now that Final Cut Pro 7 can import SCC files, creating Line 21 captions just got easier as well. Just import the SCC file MovieCaptioner creates into Final Cut Pro when printing to tape and you’re done! Or combine your SCC caption file with an MPEG-2 video in Compressor for broadcasting. Here is how Chris Duke of MOTORZ-TV uses MovieCaptioner to prepare his show: How-To Caption Videos For Broadcasting

    Free Upgrades! Previous purchasers will be notified when a new version is available and will be sent a download link to upgrade for free.

    Who Is Using MovieCaptioner?

    If you choose MovieCaptioner, you’re in good company. MovieCaptioner is being used world-wide by:

    • Independent video producers who need to make their videos accessible for the Web and for broadcasting
    • Colleges such as RIT, Cal Poly, Cal State, Ohio State, the University of Wisconsin, Texas State, University of Texas at Austin, Gallaudet, and the Texas School for the Deaf, just to name a few who need to make their course content and public videos accessible
    • Government agencies such as NASA, NOAA, USDA Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, NREL, US Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Defense, and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority are just a few of many world-wide users.

    What Our Users Say:

    “Thanks so much for your help. I’ve been using MovCaptioner for years and telling folks that you regularly update the software and offer amazingly responsive customer support. You’ve once again demonstrated that commitment, which along with MovCaptioner’s flexibility and ease of use convinced my program to order licenses for one of our teaching labs so that we can more effectively incorporate captioning into our digital media curriculum.”

    “…Our crew member who uses the program captions all of our YouTube videos and was just hired by an outside company to caption their educational DVDs. The ability to use this program and to finally have a paying job means all the world to him and me. So thank you again.”

    “I was so happy when I discovered MovieCaptioner! I work at Washington School for the Deaf in Vancouver, Washington, and I have been captioning videos since 1983, when we got our first computer and it took nearly 60 hours to caption a 1-hour program! The advances in technology have greatly reduced the captioning process time, and with the option of using MovieCaptioner for captions or subtitles, it makes it an indispensible tool. I also love the feature of being able to export captions for use on YouTube!”

    “We found out about MovieCaptioner via YouTube at a point in time when we wanted to increase the accessibility of our videos. We knew we wanted to add captions, and wanted the process to be as simple and streamlined as possible. We’ve been able to repurpose our voiceover text documents and import them straight into MovieCaptioner to quickly get our captions set up, and saved for YouTube use. Even though YouTube offers caption translation, in the future we’ll likely use MovieCaptioner to add translations of our own in additional languages.”

    “Thanks for beeing really supportive on your excellent software. It is great to know that if there are any questions, you are right there to help. Thanks to MovieCaptioner I have subtitled all the last productions with German, English and French Captions. It is great. I export them as “.SUB” for YouTube use and “.SCC” for Iphone and Ipod use. The last projects we did here in Frankfurt, Germany, were dealing with sign language and deaf people. It is great to be able to produce barrier free with just simply adding captions. It is really not a big deal, thanks to MovieCaptioner. There is no reason not to create captions for a video – that goes out to everyone!!!”

    “I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great piece of software. MovieCaptioner does one thing really well (captions) and has saved me “buttloads” of time in creating captions and translations for our videos.”

    “Thank you again for a fantastic solution that my clients love and which saves me considerable effort and time!”

    “Thank you for making a great program even better! I love the Nuance Dictate addition [MovieCaptioner works with Nuance Dictate for Mac so you don't even have to type!]. I am running a session for teachers on MovieCaptioner today with teachers and therapists here in Australia this afternoon.”


    • MacIntosh OSX 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7
      (Windows version now available as well.)
    • QuickTime Pro 7.6.6 or higher required for embedding caption tracks (not required for creating transcripts, SMIL, or Flash XML files, etc.)
    • Flip4Mac plugin (free) required for loading Windows Media movies to create SAMI captions
    • Perian plugin (free) for QT required for loading FLV movies
    • ClosedCaptionImporter plugin for QT (free from Apple) for creating SCC captions

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    A Few Questions for MovieCaptioner’s Developer, Pat Besong

    1 What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?

    MovieCaptioner really streamlines the process of creating captions and transcripts by making the video run in a loop for 4 second intervals (this is adjustable). So, all you have to do is type what you hear, then hit the Return key and it moves on to the next few seconds. It’s almost addicting in a way, because you’ll think, “I’ll do one more,” but maybe it’s mid-sentence, so you think, “I’ll just finish the thought.” Pretty soon you’re halfway through your movie.

    2 Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?

    I created MovieCaptioner out of frustration with some other software created for captioning movies. It was either too clumsy to use, didn’t work on a Mac, or cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. It’s been quite a popular piece of software for small video companies and universities.

    3 What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

    I’ve been using a Mac since they first came out (Apple Lisa), so I’m a true Mac guy. I like to be able to create something that other Mac users can use to make their work easier.

    4 What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

    Ease of use and efficiency is the name of the game in creating captions. Watch the Getting Started With MovieCaptioner video (above) and get a feel for how the process works. It’s really very easy once you see it in action. There are more tutorial videos on my website as well. There is a Help menu that launches the manual, so it should be easy to find what you’re looking for. And of course, I’m always an email away if you have any questions.

    5 What are some interesting experiences you’ve had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

    I’ve had a couple of times when Apple has thrown me a curve. Most notably when Snow Leopard came out I found out that the default version of QuickTime installed with Snow Leopard did not have the QuickTime Pro functionality that QuickTime 7 has, which is necessary for doing embedded QuickTime text captions.

    6 What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

    I’ve recently completed a Windows version and it can do most things that the Mac version can do. I am also working on adding a Spell Check, but that’s still not done. My suggestion to users for now is to export a Transcripts (with timecode) file and open that in Text Edit or some other application that has a built-in spell check. By using the transcript with timecode, you will be able to easily find the words in your MovieCaptioner project by referencing the timecode.

    7 What would you like a user to ask you?

    Can I buy more licenses? I’m kidding. While I’ve had many repeat customers and customers that have upgraded to a site license, I really appreciate it when users ask “Hey, can you get it to do this?” Most of the features in MovieCaptioner are a direct result of user feedback and requests. I do listen to what people say and if it makes sense (and I think I can do it), I’ll try to add that feature to the next version. I use MovieCaptioner myself (it’s called “eating your own dogfood”), so I’m open to any suggestions that will make the software better.

    8 What should I ask that I’m forgetting?

    Maybe how big SynchriMedia is? I’m just one guy who does this in his spare(?) time, believe it or not. I’m not even a programmer by trade. My degree is in Art. I’m not the best programmer in the world, but I do what I can. Somehow I keep finding a way. I think the creativity of an artist lends itself well to programming in this regard.

    9 What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

    I usually recommend that people copy their movies to their main hard drive before starting a project. This is so the Preview text files can be written to the same folder as the movie, and so that there aren’t any write-permission problems or file path problems that may occur if the movie is on another drive. As I’m not an expert on the broadcast production end of things, I usually point users to the Creative Cow captioning forum, where there are lots of people who do this sort of thing daily.

    Using a low resolution (320×240) movie is usually sufficient for creating captions (for better performance) and you can always swap out to a higher resolution version before exporting.

    Also, if you want to change the font or size of a previously set caption you need to remember to click either the Change Selected Caption(s) or the Change All Captions button to effect the change.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Click banner below for details…