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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Record Screen in a breeze!

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With more money being invested in mobile apps and computer tools than ever before, we are seeing the introduction of many useful programs. Recently, one of these can be seen in the shape of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro – a tool that allows screen activities and sounds to be recorded and saved to the computer system.

main features


With some screen recorders, the quality isn't quite up to scratch and it can cause some ‘lag’ but this one doesn’t suffer from either of these problems. Regardless of whether you want to record video games or a simple tutorial, you will have the ability to record high-quality action. In addition to this, you can also decide exactly what part of screen you want to record. If your viewers need to see the full screen, this can be done by choosing the ‘full screen’ option but you can also choose a region of the screen to record. If necessary, you can even include your webcam and talk as you record using your Mac’s microphone or by connecting a device of your own.

record on screen


In terms of quality, you will be able to record in high-definition (HD) with 720p and 1080p both available. With this in mind, the raw files will be ready to upload to YouTube or whatever your preferred video sharing site may be. If you find that programs like this can be a little tricky to operate at times, this could be the solution for you as the interface is easy to navigate even if you have never used a program like this before. After just a few minutes, everything will be easily controlled and you will have your desired settings ready to go.


Another benefit of choosing this screen recorder is the ability to record your web camera as you record the screen. Ultimately, this means that you can record ‘picture-in-picture’ footage with your webcam overlapping the main screen recording. With adjustable future start time settings, you can even plan your recordings for certain times during the day. Let’s say you want to record at midday, just set the timer to 12:00 when you get the chance and it will record for however long you choose.

webcam recording


Additionally, if you want to give visual aids to your viewers, you can even add annotations to the screen in the middle of your recordings. Amongst others, you will find arrows, lines, and text to emphasize your speech. When you have done recording, you're able to publish it to 9 vidoe formats for different purposes. And if you prefer, you could also record screen automatically via the built-in task scheduler. From the scheduler panel, you could set a future time point to initiate screencast on your screen and to finish it according to the length set by you. You could also plan for recording on daily or weekly basis (e.g., start recording at 5pm on every Monday and Tuesday, etc).

schedule recording tasks


Despite it, you can also tulize the built-in screenshot feature; at any point during the recording, hit the capture button and a picture will be sent to the appropriate folder. Finally, you can send this image straight to your chosen social media platform.


Main Features:


•   Three recording modes

•   Picture-in-picture videos

•   Export .mov high-quality files

•   Arrange scheduled recordings

•   Capture both video and audio

•   In-recording annotations

•   Convert files to different types

•   Merge videos

System Requirements:

Mac Version: Mac OS X 10.6 and above versions. Windows Version: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

3 Responses to “AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro”

  1. _Maurizio Says:

    The software looks good but I think there is a problem : The license seems only valid for a year (see the website). This then seems a subscription .
    I think the thing should be emphasized .

  2. Acethinker Says:

    Hi, just to clarify that the license of this software is for lifetime, not just for a year. Thanks.

    AceThinker Support Team

  3. timi Says:

    Stay away from this.
    Everything about the developer is shady.

    I wish ZOT would do quality checks before posting stuff.