Jun 21

StarMessage – Moon Phases screensaver v5.4

Write romantic messages with the stars of the night sky, view the current moon phase and much more.

Normally: $9.95

ZOT Price: $5.95

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A screen saver that was loved by Windows users is now brought to MAC.


See the current moon phase together with moon phase information

The StarMessage screen saver shows a realistic presentation of the night sky, with the moon in its actual phase.

Moon phase image

Write messages with the stars of the night sky

StarMessage allows you to write a series of messages and the stars will move to write them on the sky.

Messages with stars

Read love, wise, funny quotes

The screensaver contains a hand picked list of the best quotes organised around several categories.

Love quotes, famous quotes, funny quotes

Relaxing sounds of nature (birds sounds, ocean sounds, etc)

sounds of birds, sounds of ocean waves

Keep your computer awake during long downloads

keep computer awake, prevent computer sleep, keep MAC alive, keep windows alive


Full list of features at:


Many users stopped looking for other screensavers after they met StarMessage. Maybe this will happen also to you.

  • "I have been using StarMessage for years and it is still the greatest screensaver available! Thank you."
  • "I was searching to download a windows 7 screen saver. This is a serene screen saver for the whole family.
  • I discovered StarMessage Screensaver many years ago, after I purchased my first PC and was looking for some screensavers by searching on the Internet.
    I liked it, so I downloaded the free version which I used along with a Halloween screensaver, my two favourite screensavers.
    Time passes.
    Some years ago, after several computers and notebooks (or laptop, if you prefer) has changed, with consequent loss of data almost every time, by talking with my old friends about the past and how computer world has developed in these 20 years, I remembered my favourite screensaver.
    Therefore I made a search with Google and found that StarMessage was still existing, so I immediately downloaded it and some weeks of use I registered it.
    When I was young I liked to see the name of my girlfriend written by the stars on my tower PC screen.
    Today I like to watch the name of my wife (yes, it's the same name and girl of 20 years ago) and the name of my two children aged 5 and 8 years written by the stars on my notebook screen.
    Paolo from Italy

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 and later. (Windows version also available, but not part of this offer. Email us if you want us to setup an offer for the Windows version as well.)

Jun 14

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover

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Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover

Recover and remove PDF user and owner passwords.

Normally: $34.99

ZOT Price: $17.49

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Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover is an ultimate PDF decrypter to recover & remove both user (open) password and/or owner (restrictions) password of PDF files in any format. There are no restrictions to open, edit, copy, and print PDF files anymore! With an automatic remembering search preference setting and resume decryption progress, it can be your individual and business' best tool.

Top Features

- Recover & Remove Owner Password & User Password
Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover for Mac is powerful enough to recover and remove PDF user password (required to open PDF files) by using brute force decryption. No matter how complicated the password is, it's possible to restore the password though it may take some time.
- Search Decryption Preference Setting. 
To save search time, you can check or fill in some details about your password like user name, password length, additional characters, etc. Besides, it will automatically remember your search preference for the settings.
- Resume Decryption Progress. 
Besides showing the decryption speed and remaining time, it can remember the decryption progress. When unlocking those PDF files protected by complicated passwords, you can click on "Save for Later" to save the decryption process. Next time, when you reopen the PDF file, you can choose to continue the saved decryption progress or not.
- High Compatibility & Decryption Efficiency
  • Supports Adobe PDF version 1.0-1.7 and multi-language, including English, German, French, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Korean, etc. It's fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 – OS X 10.11.
  • It won't alter your PDF documents in any way and ensures that no harm to the PDF file content is done.
  • Keep password(s) for files that have already decrypted.



System Requirements:

- 1G Hz or above Intel processor.
- 512 MB physical RAM (memory) or more.
- 1024×768 or higher resolution display.
- Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite and OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Jun 13

Master for Pandora Radio

Stream & Download Pandora Radio Music Right on Your Mac!

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Master for Pandora Radio is the ultimate desktop client for Pandora Radio. It helps you enjoy Pandora Radio in beautiful mini-players without opening your web browser, download any song to your Mac lightning fast, and control your music playback with simple keyboard strokes! 


Essential Feature List:


* Beautiful & Powerful Mini-players

Master for Pandora Radio has two beautiful & powerful mini-players in both menu bar & Today View. So you can listen to & control music without opening web browser. No need for Adobe Flash Player as well.



* Smart Download

Master for Pandora Radio is so smart that it automatically detects what’s playing and can download that song anytime you want with one simple click. No need to copy-n-paste the URLs or constantly switch to web browsers and downloaders!



* Auto Download Mode

If you turn on the “Auto Download” mode, all songs played would be automatically downloaded in the back. Perfect for downloading your favorite stations.



* Download in Batch

You can simultaneously download multiple songs to your Mac. And you can pause/resume any or all of them anytime you want.



* Song Cover & Info Preservation

Album cover & song info are 100% preserved in downloaded tracks. So they would look beautiful when you add them to iTunes or devices.



* Control with Simple Keyboard Strokes 

You can play/pause, skip, rate songs in this app with customizable hotkeys & media keys (F8, F9).



* Background Playback & Now Playing Notifications

You can close the mini-player and the music would still keep on playing in the back. And there would be popup notifications when the playing song changes.



* Various Preference Settings

Master for Pandora Radio has various options of preference settings. You can customize this app a great deal to make it more suitable for your preferences.



If you love Pandora, then Master for Pandora Radio is essential to you! Download it now, and you'll definitely love it!


(The support for Mini-player in Today View requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later).

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.8 or later (The support for Mini-player in Today View requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later).

Jun 08

Boilsoft Apple Music Converter for Mac

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Boilsoft Apple Music Converter for Mac

Remove DRM protection from iTunes Apple Music

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $19.95

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Boilsoft Apple Music Converter for Mac is a powerful yet easy-to-use Apple Music to MP3 converter and DRM removal software that allows you remove DRM protection from Apple Music songs, audiobooks, movies, TV shows and output MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R and MKA with lossless quality.



  • Remove DRM from Apple Music tracks, movie, TV shows, Audiobooks.
  • Convert Apple Music M4P, M4V, M4B, and AA, AAX files to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.
  • Preserve original ID tags to output MP3 and M4A audio files.
  • Convert at 16X speed without quality loss.



Remove Apple Music DRM

Subscribed to Apple Music you have access to the world’s music catalog, however you can only authorize 5 computers. You can’t enjoy your Apple Music beyond the 5 devices since the tracks are DRM protected. To enjoy your songs, audiobooks anywhere you want, you need Apple Music converter to remove DRM protection from the files.


Easy to use Apple Music Converter

Boilsoft Apple Music Converter automatically loads all iTunes media and uses iTunes playlists to organize the tracks, so it is easy and obvious how to select what is going to be converted.


Fast, Flexible

Boilsoft Apple Music Converter for Mac converts DRM songs as up to 16X speed, but you can set the speed. It supports 8 output formats for you to choose the most suitable one: MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R, MKA. Feel free to customize profile, bitrate, SampleRate and output file name format.


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6 and later

Jun 03

DoYourData MacUninstaller

Smart Mac Uninstaller, Not Only An Uninstaller

Normally: $9.99

ZOT Price: $4.99

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Smart Mac Uninstaller, Not Only An Uninstaller
DoYourData MacUninstaller is a powerful Mac uninstaller. It not only can completely uninstall Mac applications, plug-ins, widgets, but also can remove unnecessary multi-language files to reduce the applications size.
smart mac uninstaller
Thoroughly Uninstall Mac Applications
MacUninstaller allows you to easily uninstall Mac applications, widgets, plugins. It also removes all the junk files (including app junk, register files, logs) and traces of the application when you are uninstalling it. In one word, it will completely remove all parts of the selected application from your Mac.
uninstall applications
Simple and Safe MacUninstaller
Installation of an application is easy, but removing all the parts of the application is complicated. Now, MacUninstaller makes the complete uninstall become easy.
  • Easily uninstall Mac apps and remove unused language files.
  • It doesn’t allow you to uninstall the built-in app in OS X, so it is safe for your system.
  • It also can completely uninstall crashed application or virus-infected application.

System Requirements:

Support for OS X 10.6 or later