Apr 02

ProcessTimer, a Process Monitor for Mac

Display CPU utilization and more

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ProcessTimer displays the architecture, CPU utilization and percentage of real memory used by the process that has GUI focus. It differs from Activity Monitor, it only focuses on a single process. By default, it tracks the process that has GUI focus, the frontmost app. The default behavior can be changed by Hold Process, and ProcessTimer will track the specific process for the remainder of the lifetime of the process, regardless if the frontmost app has changed.


ProcessTimer tracks the process that has GUI focus

Two small windows are used in order to display the CPU percentage and MEM percentage. The windows are floating windows, by default they show on top of other windows. The update frequency is set to often (1 sec) but can be modified.

Advanced Monitoring

ProcessTimer can enable monitoring of non-GUI apps

Further tweaks were made to ProcessTimer to enable monitoring of non-GUI apps, Attach to Process (to "attach" itself to any running process) and Attach Application (to launch an app that is currently not running and "attach" itself to it).

Useful Tools

ProcessTimer has several tools to its disposition

It employs a powerful file explorer, to explore the contents within an app bundle, show a resource within an app bundle in Finder or open a selected resource within an app bundle with a specific app, similar to Finder’s "Open With" menu.

Powerful Screenshot Grabbing

ProcessTimer has formidable screenshot grabbing capabilities

It can grab a screenshot of an app in five unique ways. It can grab the frontmost window of an app, center it in such a way that the resulting image has a square proportion and apply a textured background if an image texture (256×256) is provided.


System Requirements:

Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.6 or later

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