Jan 26

Graphic Inspector

Check images and vector graphic files for
multitude of attributes

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Graphic Inspector (screenshot)
Graphic Inspector displays extensive info on entire folders on images and vector graphic files and lets you quickly locate files with specific attributes. It's designed to help users of any trade, whether it's print, web design, electronic publishing or digital photography.


Checkup presets
With Graphic Inspector, you can quickly get crucial information on multiple graphic files instead of opening and checking each of them manually. And Checkup Presets turn Graphic Inspector into a powerful quality control solution which lets you quickly discover files with unwanted attributes and helps preventing costly mistakes.

For example, Graphic Inspector can flag all RGB JPEG files whose resolution is below 300 dpi, ICC profile doesn't contain "US Web Coated" etc.
Graphic Inspector: Checkup Presets (screenshot)
File Info


   File kind
   Color mode
   Color profile

Advanced prepress info
   TIFF/EPS compression
   Color mode of Illustrator files
   Spot colors in Illustrator and Photoshop files
   Fonts in Illustrator files
   File type and creator

   EXIF, IPTC and GPS metadata

Export Data

Export file data as tab-delimited text file.


File icons
Optional icon previews
Resizable file preview
QuickLook is now used to generate previews, which lets preview
   additional file formats
Revamped user interface
Individual alerts are now marked in red directly in the file list
Context menus in file list
The list of EPS fonts and spot colors can now be viewed in file list
Checkup presets are stored in a dedicated location instead of preferences
Selecting a different preset triggers rescan automatically
Improved behavior of split views
Fixed issues with presets window behavior on Mavericks and later
Improved performance and stability, many other fixes and improvements
The app was rewritten from ground app using new advanced technologies,
   which will let adding new features quickly and easily


    User Guide [PDF]

    Version Control


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