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Protect your online and offline privacy by shredding files that can be used to track your web browsing and computer usage.

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Rest Assured

Privacy Is Security.

Privacy threats are lurking everywhere, from unscrupulous advertisers online to prying eyes at home or the office. PrivacyScan provides protection by scanning your system for files that could compromise your privacy and offers multiple levels of shredding to securely erase them from your system. No matter where you go on the web, PrivacyScan is ready to alert you to potential threats, and provides the means to eliminate them easily with an intuitive user interface.

With PrivacyScan, you can rest assured that your tracks remain covered, your private information remains private, and deleted items stay that way. Privacy is the security PrivacyScan provides.

Gone For Good

Secure Delete

Gone for Good

Multi-level shredding ensures secure threat removal.


Don't Miss A Thing

Automatic App Finder

Don't Miss A Thing

Install a new app? PrivacyScan automatically detects potential threats.



How It Works


Setup Assistant helps you quickly configure PrivacyScan to meet your needs, from automatically detecting potential privacy threats to secure shred settings. Customize apps on an individual basis to delete specific threats.

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Choose what to investigate when you scan your selected apps to detect privacy threats present on your system. Then, take action and ensure your security by neutralizing them.

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Secure DeleteShred

From the very basics up to and exceeding the US DoD government standards, PrivacyScan gives you the choice for the security level that fits your situation.

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