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Cisdem PDFtoPagesConverter

Convert PDF files to fully editable iWork Pages on Mac

Normally: $29.99

ZOT Price: $5.99

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PDF files fill our lives, but there really isn't a good way to edit PDFs the way we do with iWork Pages on Mac. PDF to Pages for Mac converts PDFs to editable iWork Pages quickly and preserves the original text, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and graphics with high accuracy. After conversion, you can easily edit or reuse the PDF content on Pages or turn on iCloud so the documents you create are kept up to date across all your devices.

————————– Convert PDF Files to Editable iWork Pages ————————–

For Mac users who are feeling it's complicated to send or receive PDFs from others at work, or has piles of PDF documents which need to be edited, changing PDF files to iWork Pages is a good choice. PDFtoPagesConverter turns your PDF files into iWork Pages, which looks exactly like the original. No need to copy-paste and retype!

———————————– The Simplest PDF Converter Ever ——————————-

With an extremely simple interface. You can easily convert PDFs to Pages as easy as 1-2-3. Just drag&drop some local PDF files into the program and click the Convert button. You’ll get the converted files in seconds.


——————————- 100% Original Layouts and Formats ——————————–

Simplicity is nice, but in the end it is all about accuracy. This app retains formatting, content, graphics, and tables as accurately as possible. It does its best to put things in the right place after conversion. The conversion is done without text boxes so you can easily edit or reformat the Pages document.



————————————– Time-saving Batch Conversion ———————————-

Why waste time with one document at a time? Convert entire collections of PDF documents into iWork Pages in a single step. You can import up to 50 PDF files to the panel for conversion at one time.



————————————– Flexible Partial Conversion  ————————————–
If you don't want to convert the whole PDF into Pages, you can flexibly convert selected pages from the large PDF file, by entering a specific page number or page ranges.


—————————- Available to Convert Encrypted PDF Files —————————

A large part of the PDF files are protected in PDF password, PDFtoPages can direct converting encrypted PDF files with restrictions of copying, printing, and editing; if the PDF is password-protected from opening, you can also convert the PDF to Pages after entering the right password to unlock it first.


————————– Convert a 100-page PDF File within a Minute  ————————

Don’t waste your time waiting! With advanced encoding and decoding technology, PDF to Pages Converter assures you fast conversion speed. You can convert a 100-page PDF file in 1 minute.


—————– Edit PDF Files and Take Advantage of Pages for iCloud  —————-

Not only is the look and feel of your PDF retained, you get the all-important feature of being able to make edits to the Pages documents. With iCloud, your documents are kept up to date across all your devices.


———————————— What Our Users Are Saying ————————————
Very useful
"Have been using this almost daily now, for about 4 months and have had only 1 hiccup that was addressed very quickly and fixed by support. The docs came out slightly different as the original format by a line or 2 maybe, but nothing ever unusable or that I could not present in good looking Pages documents immediately. Works pretty well on Mavericks too. Great app for business and for personal use and is fast and reliable."

——- Lillian Stanley, CA


Superb app for PDF files!
"The highlights of this app are that you can convert multiple files in one go. Once you convert a file, you won't have to worry about your files being compromised because it gave me a well formatted file in every conversion I have tried with this app. This is a must have app for Mac users that works with PDF files on a regular basis or even those that occasionally need that conversion at the last minute!"

——- Eleanor Moylan, US


Nice utility app
"Really nice utility app. Drag the PDF files and tap on a button to convert. That's it; file will be available for editing on Pages. With iCloud, I can share the Pages documents across Mac, iOS, and web. This saves a bunch of time."

——- Andrew Hewlett, CA



System Requirements:

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

6 Responses to “Cisdem PDFtoPagesConverter”

  1. JanaeFunkhouser Says:

    Thanks, Maczot and Cisdem!
    This app is just what I need now. And it works pretty well on my Macbook. $5.99 is really a nice price. Worth it!

  2. jonmeta Says:

    I’m looking forward to using this since Pages is my preferred wp. Unfortunately, system requirements on this page say OS X 10.6, but the demo requires minimum 10.7 and won’t open with 10.6.8.

  3. Piet Says:

    Hmm… it says: «’PDF to Pages for Mac’ converts PDFs to editable iWork Pages quickly and preserves the original text»; but on it says: „Notice: This version doesn’t support OCR, scannet PDF will be converted to image in Pages.“ — Which one is right?

  4. olivierdb Says:

    Piet, You’re absolutely right! This software is totally useless! I tried with a scanned PDF document and all this s/w did was to copy-paste images of the PDF pages into a Pages document. Absolute rip off! Avoid it! I’ve always been disappointed by Cisdem s/w. A waste of money IMHO.

  5. CLS9 Says:

    Sys reqs say 10.6 or later. I have 10.6.8 and the trial download is only for 10.7 or later. So is this for 10.7 or later or 10.6? If I pay $5.99, will I have an app that I can use on my old 10.6.8 OS or not?

  6. Jacky Says:

    We’re deeply sorry for our fault! It indeed doesn’t support OS X 10.6. If you need refund, please contact macZOT support team.
    In addition, it can’t convert scanned PDF cause it’s not with OCR supported. Sorry for the fuzzy description.
    Any way, please do not say it’s useless. I’m 100% sure it works well on Mac OS X 10.7 or later.