Jan 28

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac

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Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac

Password Protect Mac OS X Apps from Unauthorized Access.

Normally: $24.99

ZOT Price: $5.99

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Are you sharing your Mac with your family, friends or colleagues? Whether it is Uncle Ted wanting to watch your movie collection or colleague Sam wanting to edit a report on your Mac, or you are using Adium and don't want your children seeing every text message you send and receive. Stop worrying about sharing your Mac with family members, by using Cisdem AppCrypt to password protect individual applications and keep others from playing around with Quicken, Adium or your other Mac apps. You can even limit access to games as well.


———————— Encrypt Any Applications with Password ———————–
Have a shared family Mac? Keep the kids from accessing certain apps. You can even limit access to games and video apps as well. Kids, fellow workers, family members, guests – no worries! You pick which apps should be encrypted with a password and AppCrypt for Mac keeps them secure.
——————————— Encryption without Compromise —————————–
Today’s users demand wider and more unhindered access with file encryption. There are some App encryption software on the market which help you to encrypt apps by simply hiding the app on your Mac, which is very limiting and complicated. AppCrypt does NOT modify anything in your system settings or applications. It works as a background process and does not use any CPU load while idle. You select which apps get blocked and if you decide to remove the password from that app, simply delete the app from the lock list.
———————— Protect the Encoded Apps with Ultra Security ——————
Mail, Safari, Evernote, your favorite photo apps, iTunes, Mac App Store and any other apps you use – will be protected using advanced encryption schemes. To keep you covered, we even keep track of failed attempts to access the protected apps – so you'll know when it happened complete with date and time. You can even set it to capture a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera.


—————————– What Our Users Are Saying —————————-


Simple App encryption software, easy to use

"I have been a customer of AppCrypt for 2 weeks now, and I can tell you it was well worth the price the company charged for it. I paid it happily because it filled a niche not occupied by other apps. Sure, File Vault is great…if you want to encrypt your whole drive. But if you want to do it on an app by app basis, Cisdem AppCrypt is the perfect choice."
———-  Thomas Hogan, US
Very nice app that I depend upon
"I have been searching for a quick and painless way to password protect apps on my Macbook when I am working offsite. Cisdem Appcrypt is the best App encryption software I have found! The level of options that you can manipulate are unprecedented and allow you to have a record of the intrusion. This thing is freaking awesome, if you like to get away from the office and wish to work on protected apps you are risking a lot without an app encryption software. Keep up the good work!"
———-  Pete Maher, US
Great way to secure your App
"I like the way it operates, not having to create multiple text files or to save external files. It's all in the app. Awesome app to secure your OS X Apps!"
———-  Marvin Lara, CA


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Jan 23

Voilabits Mini Bundle

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Voilabits Mini Bundle

PhotoWatermark for Mac + PhotoResizer for Mac = $7.99

Normally: $34.98

ZOT Price: $7.99

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You take tons of photos with your families, friends or colleagues to preserve happy memories or special occasions in your life. And you may want to add a date-stamp or special symbols on the photo to make a simple card, or resize the photo for better sharing online. Now, with Voilabits PhotoWatermerk and PhotoResizer, it's as simple as a piece of a cake. So, why don't have a try right now? Here are the free trial versions of these two handy apps:
Regular Price:   $19.99  
A brilliant tool lets you watermark photos in batches, protect your private property copyright, create watermarks in one go with transparency, rotation, shadow, and more valuable features.
Customize Watermark for Special Effect
There are a variety of watermark types for your choice – image, text in various color and front (annotation, comments or write anything you want to emphasize), brand logo, date-stamp and symbols, etc. It lets you customize and edit watermarks for unique visual effects.
- Rotate to 90°CCW, 45°CW and any angle you like, you can also reposition it to a suitable place.
- Adjust transparency, give it an opaque or transluscent effect.
- Add colorful shadows to make it more attractive.
- Choose the font, color, size and many other font options for text watermarks.
Batch Watermark, Convert and Rename Photos
It enables you to quickly batch watermark photos, as many as 500 in a few seconds with one-click. You can convert all works to favorite image formats in bulk, and retitle file's name at the same time, so as to get rid of repetitive handling. With this handy app, you can save time to do other things.

Protect & Promote Your Brand by Watermark
Add a company logo as a watermark to promote your company brand and gain wider recognition. It also will protect your intellectual property from being copied by others. With this photo watermark software for Mac, you don't have to be afraid that your private photo artworks will be used without authorization in an ad or on the web. Just add a watermark to your photos and sweep away all your worries.
Save in Any Image Format or Share Directly

A wide range of image formats are available for importing and exporting, like, JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TIF, ICO, ICNS, PSD, etc. You can also directly upload your watermarked photos to Facebook and Twitter using the access button instead of visiting the official URLs.




Regular Price:    14.99   
A lightweight photo resizing tool to resize thousands of photos quickly all at once. Resize your image larger or smaller with original aspect ratio by percentage or by your custom size, avoiding image morph.
Resize Photo with flexibility
With flexible resizing options, photo resizer for Mac helps you easily  resize pictures. Resize an image by directly choosing a certain percentage (from 50%, 75%, 150%, 200%, etc.), or a custom size by inputting a specific width or height. It's so easy-to-use! Nothing beats this! What’s more, it can manually fit the original aspect ratio, you'l never worry about image morph, twisting, or distortion once the image has been resized.
Convert to Various Image Formats 
Multiple image formats are fully supported for import and export. You can convert to many formats,JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, etc., or upload your interesting and wonderful photos to Facebook and Twitter with the built-in acess button, which is so convenient, you'll enjoy your happy moments with friends right away.

Batch Process to Save Time
It is so cool and time-saving! This batch image resizer will not only apply the custom size to all photos at one time with one simple click, but will also convert them to any popular image format quickly, as well as renaming them together. What are you waiting for? Buy it today! (^.^)


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite.

Jan 21

FoldersSynchronizer 4.2 Super Offer

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FoldersSynchronizer 4.2 Super Offer

The best way to Sync & BackUp on Mac

Normally: $40.00

ZOT Price: $20.00

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FoldersSynchronizer is an nifty and popular utility for OS X which synchronizes and backs-up files, folders and disks. The user can choose one or more pairs of files, folders or disks and then they will be synchronized or backed-up exactly.


FS lets you organize your sync and backup in several sessions you can save to a file for a later reuse. On each session you can apply special options like Timers, Multiple Folders, Filters, Exclude Items, Auto-Mount local and remote volumes, launch your own AppleScripts, set how to resolve conflicts, execute an incremental or an exact copy, include locked files…



FS lets you specify global settings like whether FS should display a preview panel listing all the files FS is going to copy, replace and delete. You can also choose to save a log file, to send a log file to a custom email address, to sync and automatically quit the application…  FoldersSynchronizer is available also as background-hidden version. FoldersSynchronizer has been successfully tested on Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9. Look at the previous versions for previous OS, for Intel and PPC machines.




When backing up, the destination folder will be upgraded with the newest files, the new files (new entries) and the new Folders (new entries) coming from the source folder. The source folder will be left untouched. FoldersSynchronizer can execute incremental or exact backups. The incremental backup (default) never deletes items. The exact backup deletes from the destination folder, all the items no longer existing in the source folder, and it never deletes items from the source folder.




When synchronizing, the old files will be replaced with the newest files in both directions. The new files (new entries) will be copied in both directions, as well as new Folders. The old Folders will not be replaced entirely by the newer ones, as the Finder used to do, but their content will be updated with the most recent files, the new files (new entries) and new Folders (new entries). FoldersSynchronizer can execute incremental or exact synchronizations. The incremental synchronization (default) never deletes items from the folders. The exact synchronization deletes from a folder, all the items no longer existing in the mirror folder.

System Requirements:

OS X 10.8 or higher. Registered user can use all the previous 4.x.x version for previous OS X versions.

Jan 19

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

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Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

Facilitates Easy and Quick Repair of Video Files



Normally: $69.00

ZOT Price: $29.00

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Full Video Repair
'Video Repair' enables you to rebuild and fix corrupt video files including MOV file format supported by QuickTime
Repair Multimedia Files
Stellar Phoenix Video Repair allows you to add video files of different formats with a single click.
Allows Preview
Latest Video Repair allows you to preview the files after the repair is done.
Save at desired location
With Stellar Phoenix Video Repair you can change the saving location to your desired folder.
Simple  User Interface
Stellar Phoenix Video Repair comes with a Simple and User Friendly Interface.
Support for you
If you face any issues know that we are here for you Monday to Friday 24*5 to assist you.
Supports OS X Yosemite
Video Repair Mac is Compatible with the latest OS X Yosemite and a brand new UI.


Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Softpedia Review

Jan 15

Keynote And PowerPoint Templates from Slidevana

Quickly create presentations that impress and inspire your audience. 

Normally: $199.00

ZOT Price: $89.00

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"There's a template for nearly everything I need to say."
Brad Rosen, Founder of Drync
- This product is huge. We can't show it all here…
You get the Light and Dark Versions for PowerPoint and Keynote. Mac or Windows.

Click any of the four images below to get more info…


Join the thousands of organizations and independent professionals who are already using Slidevana to raise funding, close deals, teach lessons and inspire audiences.

Apple Logo Disney Logo SlideShare Logo Harvard Business School Logo | HBS LogoMassChallenge Logo U.S. House of Representatives Logo Constant Contact Logo


Elegant Design
A clean, minimal design looks professional and makes it easy to highlight your insights.
Easy as Cut and Paste
Each slide type comes in multiple layouts. Just add your content for professional results.
Fully Customizable
Tailor presentations to meet your needs with custom layouts and graphics.
All Inclusive
Get every single slide for one single price.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Try Slidevana absolutely risk free. If you don't love it, get a 100% refund.
Free Lifetime Updates
You'll receive all updates to Slidevana for free. Forever.


100% Guaranteed
Don't love Slidevana? Get a full refund.
We think Slidevana will change how you do presentations for good, but the best way to see what Slidevana can do for you is to give it a whirl. Try it risk free and if you aren't 100% satisfied, just let us know.


Jan 12

Cisdem PDFtoPagesConverter

Convert PDF files to fully editable iWork Pages on Mac

Normally: $29.99

ZOT Price: $5.99

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PDF files fill our lives, but there really isn't a good way to edit PDFs the way we do with iWork Pages on Mac. PDF to Pages for Mac converts PDFs to editable iWork Pages quickly and preserves the original text, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and graphics with high accuracy. After conversion, you can easily edit or reuse the PDF content on Pages or turn on iCloud so the documents you create are kept up to date across all your devices.

————————– Convert PDF Files to Editable iWork Pages ————————–

For Mac users who are feeling it's complicated to send or receive PDFs from others at work, or has piles of PDF documents which need to be edited, changing PDF files to iWork Pages is a good choice. PDFtoPagesConverter turns your PDF files into iWork Pages, which looks exactly like the original. No need to copy-paste and retype!

———————————– The Simplest PDF Converter Ever ——————————-

With an extremely simple interface. You can easily convert PDFs to Pages as easy as 1-2-3. Just drag&drop some local PDF files into the program and click the Convert button. You’ll get the converted files in seconds.


——————————- 100% Original Layouts and Formats ——————————–

Simplicity is nice, but in the end it is all about accuracy. This app retains formatting, content, graphics, and tables as accurately as possible. It does its best to put things in the right place after conversion. The conversion is done without text boxes so you can easily edit or reformat the Pages document.



————————————– Time-saving Batch Conversion ———————————-

Why waste time with one document at a time? Convert entire collections of PDF documents into iWork Pages in a single step. You can import up to 50 PDF files to the panel for conversion at one time.



————————————– Flexible Partial Conversion  ————————————–
If you don't want to convert the whole PDF into Pages, you can flexibly convert selected pages from the large PDF file, by entering a specific page number or page ranges.


—————————- Available to Convert Encrypted PDF Files —————————

A large part of the PDF files are protected in PDF password, PDFtoPages can direct converting encrypted PDF files with restrictions of copying, printing, and editing; if the PDF is password-protected from opening, you can also convert the PDF to Pages after entering the right password to unlock it first.


————————– Convert a 100-page PDF File within a Minute  ————————

Don’t waste your time waiting! With advanced encoding and decoding technology, PDF to Pages Converter assures you fast conversion speed. You can convert a 100-page PDF file in 1 minute.


—————– Edit PDF Files and Take Advantage of Pages for iCloud  —————-

Not only is the look and feel of your PDF retained, you get the all-important feature of being able to make edits to the Pages documents. With iCloud, your documents are kept up to date across all your devices.


———————————— What Our Users Are Saying ————————————
Very useful
"Have been using this almost daily now, for about 4 months and have had only 1 hiccup that was addressed very quickly and fixed by support. The docs came out slightly different as the original format by a line or 2 maybe, but nothing ever unusable or that I could not present in good looking Pages documents immediately. Works pretty well on Mavericks too. Great app for business and for personal use and is fast and reliable."

——- Lillian Stanley, CA


Superb app for PDF files!
"The highlights of this app are that you can convert multiple files in one go. Once you convert a file, you won't have to worry about your files being compromised because it gave me a well formatted file in every conversion I have tried with this app. This is a must have app for Mac users that works with PDF files on a regular basis or even those that occasionally need that conversion at the last minute!"

——- Eleanor Moylan, US


Nice utility app
"Really nice utility app. Drag the PDF files and tap on a button to convert. That's it; file will be available for editing on Pages. With iCloud, I can share the Pages documents across Mac, iOS, and web. This saves a bunch of time."

——- Andrew Hewlett, CA



System Requirements:

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

Jan 02

Candy Apple

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Candy Apple

Tasty graphic design and illustration for any professional or beginner!

Normally: $29.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

Click to macZOT!


Candy Apple is a fun way to easily design creative artwork and illustrations, and quickly enhance photos and add effects like a pro. Take a bite and treat yourself to a full featured vector drawing application packed with professional tools and dynamic effects that will make every design a polished work of art.

Supports: Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Intel, 64-bit) and newer, including Yosemite

Features include:

  • NEW! Added support for SVG format
  • Full vector support
  • Enhance pictures and add effects
  • Draw illustrations and graphics
  • Draw Rectangle, Oval, Round Rectangle, Round End Rectangle, Line, Polygon, Path, Freehand, Ring, Speech Balloon, and Arc
  • Use what you create royalty free
  • Convert text to a shape or path
  • Adjust freehand drawing to create smooth looking paths
  • Vectorize images to turn any photo into an editable graphic
  • Add strokes (regular, arrowed, rough, zig-zag)
  • Add fills (solid, gradient, pattern, zig-zag, hatch)
  • Add text on a path
  • Add an image to text
  • Blend and mask effects
  • Over 130 filters and effects
  • Full layer support
  • Boolean operation support to combine shapes
  • Easily align multiple items on your canvas
  • Rulers and guides make it easy to place items in the right location
  • Snap to grid, snap to guides, or snap to other objects
  • Zoom in or out to get every detail pixel perfect
  • Import SVG graphics and edit their vector paths
  • Export in fully editable vector PDF
  • Export as an image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF)
  • Supports transparent backgrounds
  • Extensive help file explains Candy Apple’s tools in detail
  • And more!

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Intel, 64-bit) and newer, including Yosemite.