Dec 31

Cisdem ContactManager

Manage, Edit and Backup OS X Contacts in One Place!

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Does this sound familiar? It’s time to send holiday wishes again, and you need to check your OS X Contacts to ensure those you care about are listed and to delete the wrong information or duplicates. You may need to call your Mom to get the new address for your cousins who just moved out of state! Oh…and don't you do the same activity (clean up your contacts) every year around this time? Now is the time to get your Contacts in order! Don't worry! Cisdem ContactManager for Mac will help you out. With screening conditions and exports, you can analyze and fix most of the problems with OS X Contacts and export your Mac Address Book to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for an easy Contacts back up or sync.
——————————– Manage All Your OS X Contacts in One Place ———————————
Mac contact manager is an Address Book alternative that utilizes the Mac OS X built-in contact database so you can still use Contacts if you want. This means you can still sync with iCloud and any other service OS X Contacts supports (e.g. Google Contacts). Also, anything entered into ContactManager will also sync in Mac Contacts.
——————————- Easy to Use Interface with Customizable Views ——————————–
Mac ContactManager by default shows first names, last names, home email and the mobile numbers of your Contacts, however if you want to list it according to your preferences, you are can choose from a variety of categories to show. I.e. Phone, Address, Department, URL, Note, Company, Suffix, Job Title, Email, Birthday, etc. & many sub categories to get all the details of your Contacts.
———————– Export Contacts to CSV, Excel, vCard, Docx, etc Formats ———————–
The built-in Mac Contacts app will only export Contacts as VCards. Common spreadsheets or databases can't handle VCards so there's no easy way to get your Contacts into Excel or Numbers. ContactManager will export your Contacts to all common formats: CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages. These formats can then be used for contact backup purposes or syncing with a variety of popular platforms including Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.
————————— Scan through Contact Details with Smart Filters ————————-
Often times you'll find questionable Contacts, such as duplicate contacts, wrong information, incomplete information, etc. Smart Filters is a useful feature which helps to amend Contacts with 13 screening conditions like: Duplicate Contacts, Incomplete Name, Invalid Characters, Duplicate Address, Duplicate Phone Number, Duplicate Email Address , Note with Spacing Only, Unusual Title, Emails Duplicated among Multiple Contacts, etc. These filters can make sure all your Contact problems are eradicated entirely.
—————— No More Duplicates, Missing Addresses or Syncing Problems —————–
Organizing mailing addresses, names, emails, addresses, etc and removing duplicate Contacts will ensure that you can access every address in your Contacts, on all your devices, which is a top priority for contact management. Cisdem ContactManager lists all the questionable Contacts with details and has multiple solutions to fix.


————————————- Edit and Enrich Your Contact Information ———————————–
The fully dedicated Contacts editing feature works proactively to enrich your contact information, you can easily make edits to the Contact fields, such as contact name, email address, phone number and add properties to Contacts, including contact address, email address, phone number, etc. Anything entered or added into ContactManager will also sync in OS X Contacts.
——————————- What Our Users Are Saying —————————–
Great Contacts Replacement, No Nonsense
"Simple, easy to use, and does what Apple's Contacts should {but still doesn't do even in Yosemite). This app did what it said it would do, with no issues. And it was fast. Running Mac Pro with OS X 10.10."
———-  Vickie Stickney, US
Thank you, and Apple please take note
"I don't usually write reviews but this is a very elegant solution which should already be built into Apple's software. I mean seriously, I shouldn't need third parties to develop an app to allow me to organize and put my contacts into a spreadsheet. Seems like a pretty common, intuitive thing to want to do and it should be natively supported."
———-  Scott Moon, US
Worked flawlessly and quickly
"I purchased this app at 9AM and by 9:15AM I had cleared 54 duplicates out of my contacts. I also used the ability to export and back up my whole contacts to CSV a couple of times. For me, this app worked flawlessly and quickly."
———-  Kenneth Replogle, US


System Requirements:

- Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

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