Nov 06


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Track your time and understand where you spend your time!

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Quick and Easy Tracking

Just select the activity you are working on and click start. You can also manually edit the timer if you missed to note the start.

Quickly Add Activities

Your life is full of activities of various types. TimeTracker helps you to capture each and every one of them along with an icon and has them ready when you want to track.

Clear Activity Types

TimeTracker divides your activities as Productive, Personal, Essential and Time Wasters with clear colour codes and generates productivity reports based on them.

View and Edit Activities

You can configure all activities of your life, quickly edit an activity, mark as inactive (will not be shown in tracking list) or delete it.

Time Analysis

See your life as a Pie Chart and understand how you spend your time and their importance. Also get the total hours spent on an activity and its overall percentage.

Productivity Analysis

Compare the ratio of your top productive activities in comparison with other activities in your life. Get the total time spent in each category (Productive, Personal, Essential and Time Wasters) for the time period.

Flexible Reports

Get time analysis and productivity analysis for various time periods like Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month and Last Month.

Report your time

Get the time report in both detailed and summary format for a time period and activity. Handy for freelancers and others who need to report time. Print, Email or Download report as CSV.

Configurable Notifications

Set up periodic notification which will remind you of the activity that you should be working on or check what activity you are working on to help better track your time.

Launch on Start

You can configure the TimeTracker app to launch on start so that the app is launched silently and is available instantly for your click or key stroke.


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