Oct 13


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Keep your desktop organized and clean!

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Declutter is an solution to Desktop Clutter, that every Mac user faces.Declutter helps you to create Smart folders with rules based on file names and extensions. It automatically keeps your desktop organized and clean.

Beautiful Desktop

We all love when we buy our new Mac. It is the face of the device. Declutter helps you to keep it that way and even makes it more beautiful.

Smart Folders

Declutters helps you to create beautiful and intelligent folders in your desktop. Each folder is configured with rules so that the desktop is cleaned based on them..



FileName or Extension

The rules for intelligent folders in desktop can be created based on both file names or file extensions so that the clean up can be comprehensive and at the same time granular..

Complex Rules

The rules can be configured with multiple file name or file extension conditions. This enables the app to declutter the desktop with accuracy like human intelligence.

Folder Colors and Icons

Declutter app enables you to add beautiful colours and icons to the intelligent folders that you create to make the already clean desktop more beautiful.

Automatic Declutter

Declutter app enables you to configure automatic clean up for the timing configured to ensure that the desktop is always clean.

Instant Reach

Declutter app is available in menubar always if you enable it to launch on start and can be activated in a single click or configured hot key stroke.

Launch on Start

You can configure the Declutter app to launch on start so that the app is launched silently and keeps the desktop clean automatically.


3 Responses to “Declutter”

  1. ArundelDesigns Says:

    Seems like a half finished concept. You get exactly two types of filters, nothing so fundamental as date or registered type matching, purely text string. It refuses to recognise more than one file extension (tested trial version).
    To top it off, absolutely nothing is preset. Starting the user with the six templates in the screenshots doesn’t seem like a stretch. Lastly the app’s About and Help box shows the name OrganiseDesk, speaking to a lack of polish. Will wait for version 2.

  2. yatsav Says:

    Just want to mention that I did some testing too and that I can confirm that, contrary to what ArundelDesigns is saying, IT DOES RECOGNIZE MORE THAN ONE FILE EXTENSION – you have to add a coma but without any space between the extension’s name : png,jpg,
    I agree though that the presence of the wrong name is something that SHOULD be corrected – the developer has already recognized the fact, but two years later, the name is still there and that a serious flaw from the developers :
    That being said, the app works great and I believe today’s deal is a good one – but that’s a personal opinion.

  3. lonewolf-1 Says:

    It sounds like a good idea but I’d like to know what OSX systems does it work with? Thank you