Jul 31

Focusky Presentation Maker for Mac

Make your presentation fun and stand out from the competition.

Normally: $99.00

ZOT Price: $30.00

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Rich pre-designed templates and themes


Focusky offers a rich set of beautiful templates and themes with pre-designed frames, which can be used to build different styles of presentations for diverse purposes. No design capacity required, simply insert your content! An engaging animated presentation comes out easily and quickly with Focusky templates and themes.


Zoom and Slide Based Presenting

Rather than being stuck in a static PowerPoint slide, your ideas are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way with zoom and span effect, like a animated movie.



Rich Media Presentation

Except text and links, multimedia including images, online YouTube video, Vimeo video, swf and flv video are available in software to express your ideas.



Wide-open Electronic Whiteboard

Organize your brilliant ideas in a free scaling digital canvas rather than being limited to a finite editable area. Free to present and make the information visualized.



Offline & Online Presenting

The Focusky allows you to publish the creative presentation in either EXE or HTML format for offline or online display.

Path of Discovery

Rather than traditional slide to slide presentation, have more fun with the zooming presentation which leads people down a path of discovery in mind mapping style.


Encourage Simplicity

Focusky encourages beauty and simplicity, helping maximize your information with the least amount of words and helping the audience focus on the most important aspects of the presentation.

System Requirements:

Platform: Mac / Windows CPU : 1.00GHz RAM : 1.00GB Memory Space : 300MB Flash Player 14.0+ required

5 Responses to “Focusky Presentation Maker for Mac”

  1. macishman Says:

    Sounded interesting, so I bought it. The installer errors out every time for me. What the?

  2. wernermuller Says:

    Tried to install the demo. Does not install.

  3. tkwallace Says:

    Note – Focusky creates a Flash presentation (not particularly Apple friendly) and also requires Java v6 to run. I have Java 7 installed and need to figure out where to get the older version to install. My company is moving us to Java 8 soon. Looks like I may need to enact Focusky’s 30-day return policy.

  4. Raney Says:

    It does require java 10.6 to run. I emailed their support and was provided a link to java 10.6. The link is Download the one that is for Lion and Mountain Lion. Works great now.

  5. fliphtml5 Says:

    The installation file may be damaged at during the transmitting procedure, you can also download the file via the official link