Jul 25

Cisdem DuplicateFinder

Find and Remove Duplicate Files Fast and Accurately

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Don't you hate seeing the same photos, documents, spreadsheets, MP3s, etc. in your hard drive? Duplicate File Finder Mac helps you find duplicate files that have identical content, regardless of name and display them in an easy to understand report. The program ensures 100% accuracy and will ensure you'll keep at least one instance of each duplicated item for sake of safety. With this Mac duplicate file finder, you don't need a bigger hard drive, all you need is to clean things up.

————————————————— Find True Duplicate Files ————————————————-

Duplicate file finder Mac is the industry-leading duplicate file finder which uses the most advanced scanning technology – MD5 value checksum algorithm. It accurately detects the identical files by comparing all the file content byte by byte within minutes.

—————————————- Find Duplicate Images, Videos, Songs —————————————-

No matter what kind of duplicates are on your Mac, Duplicate File Finder Mac will find them. It supports a wide range of file types including document files such as docx, xlsx, pptx; audio files such as mp3, wma, wav; video files such as mp4, vob, flv; images files such as jpg, gif, bmp; and more!


——————————————- Scan Multiple Sources and Devices —————————————–

·         Add multiple folders/drives for scanning – anything with a drive letter.

·        Search external devices, such as MP3 players, USB drives, Digital Cameras, etc.



————————- Flexible Search Settings: Filter Where and What to Search ————————-

·         Optionally restrict scanning to particular file types (e.g. images, audio, video, archives, etc.)

·        Hide certain files to ensure they are not scanned next time.

·        Finds out the large (1 MB+) duplicate files.

·        Fast Filter: Quickly filter the duplicate files by numbers, size or scanning order.



———————————————— Straightforward File Report  ———————————————–

·         Built-in preview of the categorized duplicates and show file metadata to decide which file to delete.

·         Marks the adjacent duplicate file groups by different colors.

·         You can easily see where the duplicates are located.

·         Manual removal of duplicates, and lets you final check, there is no going back.


———————————————— Saves Time, Space & Money  ———————————————-

Finding duplicate files needn’t be a chore. In fact, duplicate file finder Mac makes it a breeze. Just drag and drop folders to scan for identical files and quickly preview duplicate files to decide which to remove. From there, one click is all it takes to find duplicate files, faster than it takes most people to finish their morning coffee.


——————————————- What Our Users Are Saying——————————————–
Wish I knew earlier
"Really impressive feature in this app help you save as much time as possible while whittling down your duplicate files wherever they hide. I removed over 20 Gigs of duplication from libraries that have carried over from PC to PC for years."

——- Nicolas Romero, US


Pretty Cool duplicate file finder
"Duplicate Finder is a really cool program. It helped me clear of a bunch of duplicate data. I even took my mom’s external drive and cleared 1GB of duplicate files. It’s a great program."

——- Stewart Monroy , US


Just awesome!!!
"Easy, ready to use and performs as expected. I was thinking about buying more Dropbox space because available space was limited, with Duplicate Finder, I don’t need a bigger hard drive… I just need to clean things up."

——- Wayne Davies, CA



System Requirements:

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later

3 Responses to “Cisdem DuplicateFinder”

  1. pile Says:

    Awesome little stuff!

  2. GeneL Says:

    How does this differ from yesterday’s “Dazzle?”
    I tried that and ended up with a ton of results, but no “love!”
    Every duplicate finder app that I have tried has given me so many resulting files, but no way for a “non-technical” user like me to know what’s safe or the appropriate ones to delete. I see them, but I can’t figure out how to choose!
    Is this just me?

  3. big77 Says:

    So, this will find duplicates on “…anything with a drive letter.”? I guess that leaves out Macs then. Sloppy copy doesn’t leave me feeling hopeful.

    Anyhow, I did take a look. Some notes:
    GUI is annoying. Useless animation but no progress indicator. No way to filter results by name, sort, or to ignore/collapse specific results. Can’t even save the results output for later examination or manipulation.

    I was told I could recycle 5.81 GB of “Other” files, but when I looked at the output there were only a few hundred MB to save. I reran it again, this time specifying to sort the output by size (you can only do that BEFORE you run!). This time there was a lot more, but still not anywhere near the 5.81 GB. So this means either the number is wrong, the output is truncated, or, more likely, both.

    Unlike most other duplicate finders this one is smart enough to not show duplicates inside Application packages! (Configurable)

    I’m definitely passing on this one.