Jul 14

200 Photoshop Actions for Beautiful Photo Effects

Apply a wide variety of effects to your photos with just a click of the mouse.

Normally: $243.00

ZOT Price: $17.00

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Photoshop actions are a great way to apply beautiful effects to your photos and to save time. Rather than creating an effect from scratch you can run an action to create a specific effect. This bundle includes 200 different Photoshop actions (14 different sets of actions), so you'll have plenty of variety at your disposal.


Photoshop Actions


All of the actions are non-destructive, they leave your original photo layer untouched. And you can tweak the results if you'd like by editing the adjustment layers created by the action, or by adjusting the opactity of the effect.


The bundle includes a contact sheet for each set that shows the result of each action on a sample photo so you can get an idea of the effect that will be applied without needing to run each one. 


The following action sets are included in this offer:


  • Faux HDR Actions – vol. 2
  • Cinema Actions
  • Vintage Light Leak Actions
  • Wedding Actions
  • Vintage Actions – vol. 4
  • Cross Processing Actions – vol. 2
  • Black & White Actions – vol. 2
  • Vintage Dream Actions
  • Color Pop Actions
  • Summer Haze Actions
  • Split Toning Actions
  • Urban Actions
  • Winter Actions
  • Soft and Light Actions

These action sets would cost $243 if purchased individually, but with this deal you can get them all for just $17!

System Requirements:

These actions require Photoshop CS4 or newer (CS4, CS5, CS6, or CC).

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