May 31

FastCut + fgrab

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FastCut + fgrab

Advanced real-time video editor with integrated highly efficient screen recorder


Normally: $63.79

ZOT Price: $38.27

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Experience outstanding performance!

FastCut offers advanced video editing in real-time. FastCut uses the power of the GPU (graphic processing unit) for accelerated graphical calculations.


Feature List:

- Dynamic playback quality for optimal performance [Dynamic RT]
- 3D motion & FX keyframe animation [+ animation presets]
- Masking and keying
- Video transitions and filter+special FX
- Integrated live ATSUI title editor with letter animation FX
- Motion Blur

- Unlimited undo
- Ready for ultra high definition (UHD) footage, AVCHD support
- 3D composition clips (NEW in v3.1)




FastCut is a full-featured video editor. It brings 3D motion & effects keyframe animation, masking and keying, video transition and filter+special effects, an integrated ATSUI live title editor with title effects and so much more. FastCut has been designed for real-time processing from the beginning. The RT-engine is based on OpenGL to benefit from hardware acceleration and uses the CoreImage technology for filter effects.

You don't need the fastest machine to apply complex effects to multi-layer 3D compositions. FastCut dynamically scales the playback quality if appropriate for optimal playback performance. The clean and intuitive interface makes it very easy to use.

This is a must-have tool for everyone editing video on the Mac.


Watch a short screen movie about the new 3D composition clips (inter alia).



v3.1.1 brought several new title animation effects among other things, v3.1.4 is retina & Yosemite compatible, with the release 3.1.7 FastCut is prepared for the fgrab v1.5 upgrade.







This macZOT bundle contains both the FastCut video editor and the integrated screen recorder named fgrab [?f]-[græb].

The video capture performance of the NEW fgrab v1.5 release is just amazing.


With fgrab, capture any action on your screen and save it as a screen movie. After recording you can immediately play it back without a time-consuming export procedure. Use the FastCut video editor for further video processing.


Under the hood fgrab has a highly sophisticated capture engine. fgrab only captures the area of the screen that is in motion. CPU load and the amount of data written to hard disk depends on the screen action. No screen action implies no CPU load / no data written. fgrab is way faster than any other tool on the market (learn more in the enclosed user's guide). Hence creating fgrab necessitated great programming efforts.


In addition to the video capture one can record the mac system audio and a voice-over.


After the recording the screen movie can be saved as .fvf (fgrab video format). Double-clicking this file brings up fvf_player which allows you to set in and out points (among others) to prepare the insertion to FastCut movie projects. .fvf is a custom format made for a special purpose that is screen capturing.


May 28

Cisdem PDFToolkit for Mac

Manipulate your PDF files with Merger, Splitter, Compressor and Extractor.

Normally: $29.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Handling PDF documents on a daily basis? PDFToolkit for Mac facilitates the process for you by putting commonly used PDF Merger, PDF splitter, PDF compressor, PDF image extractor and PDF text extractor just a click away. All functions are well designed and easy to handle, perfect for your work or study.

————————————————- Use as PDF Merger ————————————————–

·         Merge PDF files into one single file, which is especially useful for scanned PDFs.

·         Combines different pages of invoices, bank statements, contracts, or e-books.

·         No limit on the number and files size you can merge.

·         Simply drag to sort files within the program's window.

—————————————————– Use as PDF Splitter ———————————————–

·         Three modes – split by Page, split by pages to keep, or split by pages to remove.

·         Names the output split files in a sequential order to ease file identification.

·         Reduces the size of large PDFs and makes them manageable.


——————————————— Use as PDF Compressor ———————————————

·         Compress PDF Files in 5 Modes: Lossless Compression, Average Image Quality, Low Image Quality, Normal Compression, and Minimal Size Compression.

·        Compress all PDF files by 40-60%: a 21MB file is reduced to less than 8MB.



———————————————– Use as PDF Extractor ———————————————-

·         Choose to extract images and text from current page, all pages or page range you specified.

·         Turn on the "OCR" button to extract images and texts from scanned PDF documents.

·         Recognize over 48 languages, including: English, French, Italian, German, Russian etc.

·         Support extracts text out of scanned PDF file that composed in multiple languages.


——————————————- What Our Users Are Saying——————————————–
"Great PDF program, the PDF to text feature has saved me so many times. Well worth the money."

——- William Burns, US


Extremely happy with it 
"I need PDF Toolkit to do one thing: combine PDFs as well as reduce the sizes. This app couldn’t be better! It gives you multiple sizing options, as well as telling you what the file size will be of each one before you even pick! This is so convenient, I am extremely happy with it."

——- Barbara Johnson, US


Easy to use
"PDF toolkit is a great solution to manage PDF files. My specific interest was compress large PDF files without loss of quality – this app delivered."

——- Brenda Eldridge, UK


System Requirements:

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later

May 26

Grunge Vectors Giga Pack: 473 Premium Vectors for Just $24 (Save $276)

Normally: $300.00

ZOT Price: $24.00

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Having a vast collection of grunge design resources in your design library is always a good idea. You never know when you’re going to need a rough-looking design, some halftones, splashes or anything else.

But creating such resources from scratch is pretty difficult (actually it’s tougher than it seems), and buying stock resources seems like the best option.

Well, we have a better one. Getting these resources with a 92% discount! Yeah, that’s right. Together with the guys from Designious we came up with a massive collection of grunge vectors that you will definitely find of great use!

Among these 473 vectors, you will find lots of splashes, scratches, spray paint, coffee stains, paint vectors, halftones, and not only! They’re perfect if you’re looking to give your projects a worn or vintage feel in just a couple of moments!

These vectors also come with an extended, multi-use license, allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects, and even in merchandise, without any additional fees!

Usually this set would cost you a staggering $300, but now you can get it for just $24. That’s an incredible low price compared to what you get!


Still not convinced? Download a freebie with 11 grunge vectors and test them as you like!



Let’s take a look at a couple of previews:

Grunge Chaos Vector Pack 5: 10 items worth $15



Grunge Chaos Vector Pack 4: 10 items worth $15



Grunge Chaos Vector Pack 3: 21 items worth $15



Grunge Chaos Vector Pack 2: 29 items worth $15



Grunge Chaos Vector Pack 1: 15 items worth $15



Scratches Vector Pack 1: 10 items worth $15



Paint Vector Pack 2: 45 items worth $15



Paint Vector Pack 1: 43 items worth $15



Halftones Vector Pack 2: 17 items worth $15



Halftones Vector Pack 1: 30 items worth $15



Spray Paint Vector Pack 3: 16 items worth $15



Spray Paint Vector Pack 2: 28 items worth $15



Spray Paint Vector Pack 1: 18 items worth $15



Splashes Vector Pack 3: 35 items worth $15



Splashes Vector Pack 2: 40 items worth $15



Splashes Vector Pack 1: 24 items worth $15



Drips & Drops Vector Pack 1: 35 items worth $15



Corners Vector Pack 1: 26 items worth $15



Grunge Vector Pack 1: 10 items worth $15



Stains Vector Pack 1: 11 items worth $15




Still not convinced? Download a freebie with 11 grunge vectors and test them as you like!



System Requirements:

- All these files are suitable for both Windows and Mac OS. ? Files are delivered as an instant download. – To use these files you need Adobe Illustrator CS+ or any any other similar application which supports .AI or Eps file formats. – Files can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. – An extended license is included to allow you to use the resources in designing items for sale, such as templates, postcards, T-shirts, etc.

May 20

265 Premium Stickers, Seals & Badges with an Extended License + Bonus – Only $24

Normally: $134.00

ZOT Price: $24.00

Click to macZOT!


Every designer or business owner needs, from time to time, a pair of stickers or labels to highlight a product’s features, sales, new products or discounts. This kind of stickers is a great way to get someone’s attention to a specific part of a website, poster, flyer or product design.

How many times you realized that you need one of these stickers or badges, and you spent ages looking for a good one on the web or started creating it from scratch? This type of elements is a real combo breaker; they’re not so easy to create, and it takes lots of time to get them right.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the guys from DesignTNT and came up with a humongous collection with 265 top-of-the line stickers, seals, and badges. They’re fully customizable and come in .Ai, .EPS or .PSD formats, together with a font list where it’s needed.

On top of that, as a bonus you will receive 34 premium speech bubbles from 3 different categories valued at $30.

This entire collection can be yours at a price of only $24! That’s less than 10 cents per badge!

That’s an incredibly low price for a whole bunch of top of the line items that also come with an extended license! Go ahead and try them; you will definitely be pleased with the results!

Take a look at what you get. Click on the images for a full preview of the set.































Bonus files: 34 Vector Speech Bubbles







So what are you waiting for? Get this deal now!

System Requirements:

? Files are delivered as an instant download. – To use these files you need Adobe Illustrator CS3+, Adobe Photoshop CS3+ or any any other similar application which supports .AI, .EPS or .PSD formats. – Files have an extended royalty-license and can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. ? Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

May 17

Paperless from Mariner Software

Scan Your Paper Documents and Create Your Own Digital Filing Record System

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial



If there was ever a time to create a digital filing system – now is the time and Paperless, from Mariner Software, is the product that will get you there. With Paperless you will be able to implement and maintain the task of organizing all your receipts and documents when you create a digital record. 


File management, 21st century style.

Paperless for Mac and Paperless for Windows reduces your need to keep paper documents of any kind. Simply scan your receipts, bills, statements, warranty cards, business cards – any type of paper and the OCR function of Paperless recognizes the data and adds it to the Details Window. Make more notes, assign categories – all the tools you need for a neat and clean digital filing system is all right there in Paperless. 


Order and peace of mind.

When it’s time for taxes, do you take your documents to your accountant in a shoe box? Do you scramble around searching for your medical receipts? With Paperless, you can create a database for everything – financial or medical or those product manuals for all your tools hanging in your basement. 


Paperless is more than a digital filing system. Use it to:

  • Generate spending reports
  • Keep track of all your medical expenses
  • Create multiple libraries to store paper – for home, for office, for school – as many as you want
  • Customize categories, subcategories; create custom fields; add in your own merchants, and more


If you want to go Paperless but you're unsure of how to start, here are some tips:

Go forward. Don't look back at all the paper you have and think you have to scan it all. You don't and you shouldn't. The month of May is barely over, so start there. Just gather the paper you have accumulated since May 1st and sort it, then scan it.

Stop getting paper. Tell your electric company that you want an electronic bill. Then, tell your financial institution. Resolve to contact someone each week to stop getting paper until you've reached everyone. With Paperless for Mac or Windows, you can easily import and file the electronic form of paper. 

Set aside scanning time. Just like you set aside time to pay bills, do the same for scanning. Then, go back and fill in details and file it away.

Set aside a day to shred. Once you get into the habit of scanning, you can shred right there and then. Before you know it, you will have more room on your desk to do all the other things you've wanted. 



System Requirements:

Mac: Intel only OS 10.7 and higher.


Windows: Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows Vista Professional or Windows 7 Professional editions required for Library encryption support.

*Note: if you are interested in a Windows version of this software, please contact us at

May 16

Stellar SpeedUp Mac Family License

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Stellar SpeedUp Mac Family License

Give Rocket Speed to your Mac by removing unnecessary files, junk, Internet files, logs, and leftovers

Normally: $49.99

ZOT Price: $24.99

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Fix Slow Mac
'Speedup' Gives Rocket speed to your sluggish Mac by deleting Log files, Junks, Trash, duplicate files, Internet cache etc in a single click
Clean with Demo Version
With the Demo version you can clean Log files, System junks, trash and leftovers.
Speedup Mac Volumes
Latest Speedup Mac allows to clean boot volume or other volumes of your Mac.It helps you remove unnecessary old large files, cache files, universal binaries, duplicate files, and language files from the selected drive.
Remove Unwanted Mac Applications
Through Uninstaller menu option, you can uninstall all unused applications, plug-ins, and widgets from your machine, just by simple drag and drop.
Preview  Before Removing
You can have quick look at all the files: video, audio, images and other files before removing.
Automatic Scheduler
With Scheduler you can schedule regular clean up at specified time and date, even it checks for updates at regular intervals.
Support for you
If you face any issues that we are here for you Monday to Friday 24*5 to assist you.
Filter  Unwanted Files
The ‘Filter Setting’ option of the software facilitates you to set filters, by which you can search the exact category of file type as well as can include or exclude any particular categories of file types.
Automatic cleaning of Removable devices
If you want, you can set preferences to remove junk files from the removable device each time when it is connected to Mac machine.
Supports OS X Mavericks
Speedup Mac is Compatible with the latest OS X Mavericks and a brand new UI.



May 14

A must-have bundle: Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 11 + HFS for Windows 10 + Camptune X

Free up data exchanges between Windows and Mac OS X!

Normally: $59.85

ZOT Price: $29.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 11

The first solution to support OS X 10.9 Mavericks!


Using a Mac is a wonderful experience – until you try to use a NTFS-formatted drive, which includes most Windows hard drives! Because in order to create, delete or modify any files on Windows NTFS drives you need Paragon NTFS for Mac – after minutes you won’t remember there ever was a problem. Remove the barriers between NTFS and HFS with ease and confidence!



Paragon HFS+ for Windows 10

Get ull access to Mac HFS+ File System from Windows!


Experience total communication between Mac & Windows with the industry’s highest performing file system technology Paragon HFS for Windows is the only solution that provides full read-write access to HFS /HFSX partitions on any type of disks (GPT, MBR) under most of Windows versions! Access Mac-formatted partitions in Windows systems with the fastest and most stable HFS driver on the market.



Paragon Camptune X

For the first time, you can redistribute disk space in Mac in minutes!


In the past, to reallocate free space on your Mac, you’d need to back up the Boot Camp partition, delete the partition, recreate an NTFS partition with a new size and, finally, restore the Windows partition backup to the new NTFS partition, a process that could take anywhere between two to five hours. Fortunately, Paragon Software has developed Camptune X, which achieves the same result in a matter of minutes!


Get all these essential tools now for just $29.95!
(regular price is $59.85)


System Requirements:

  • RAM: 256MB
  • Intel platform only
  • PowerPC G4 and G5 are not supported

Supported Operating Systems for NTFS for Mac OS X and Camptune X:

  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • OS X 10.7 Lion
  • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (32Bit, 64Bit)

Supported Operating Systems for HFS for Windows:

  • Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows XP (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 2008 server (32/64 Bit)
  • Windows 2003 server (32/64 Bit)

Learn more at

May 12

Design Cocktail

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Design Cocktail

$2012 Worth of Premium Goodies – Just $39

Normally: $2012.00

ZOT Price: $39.00

Click to macZOT!


In this design cocktail you will find a massive collection of must-have resources such as: vectors, Photoshop Actions and Brushes, Vector Illustrations, Textures and more – a total of 1365 premium items at your fingertips!

You will get:

- 250 Vector Illustrations worth $1000

- 750 Vectors worth $544

- 20 T-shirt Designs worth $200

- 102 High-Res Textures worth $70

- 69 Photoshop Brushes worth $38

- 47 Photoshop Addons worth $80

- 127 Web Elements worth $80

All these resources come with an extended multi-use license and exclusively on Inky Deals you can get them for an incredibly low price of $39!


See what’s in the bundle:

Price Tag Vector Elements Set – 18 Items Worth $10



Retro Vector Ribbons and Labels Set – 20 Items Worth $10



Retro Speech Bubbles Vector Set – 12 Items Worth $10



Sticker Labels Vector Elements Set – 15 Items Worth $10



Vector Premium Simple Labels Set – 9 Items Worth $10



Vector Grunge Stamps Set – 81 Items Worth $10



Mother’s Day Vector Set 2 – 15 Items Worth $10



Mother’s Day Vector Elements Set 1 – 12 Items Worth $10



Father’s Day Vector Elements Set 1 – 32 Items Worth $10



Memorial Day Vector Elements Set 1 – 27 Elements Worth $10



Happy Summer Days Vector Elements Set 1 – 42 Items Worth $10



Summer Vector Elements Set 2 – 33 Items Worth $10


Cinco de Mayo Vector Set – 21 Items Worth $10



Commercial Character Creation Kit – 21 Items Worth $10



Floral Frame Vector Set 1 – 20 Items Worth $10



Floral Frame Vector Set 2 – 20 Items Worth $10



Vector Floral Frames Set – 10 Items Worth $10



Vector Engraved Flowers Set – 8 Items Worth $10



Vector Calligraphic Ornaments Set – 23 Items Worth $7



Calligraphic Ornaments Set – 69 Items Worth $10



Calligraphic Vector Design Elements and Page Decoration – 15 Items Worth $10



Vector Quality Labels Set – 25 Items Worth $7



Greek Mythological Olympian Gods Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Olympian Gods Vector Pack 2 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Heroes Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Creatures Vector Pack 11 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Creatures Vector Pack 12 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Other Gods Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Other Gods Vector Pack 2 – 6 Items Worth $10



Greek Mythological Titans Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $10



Occult Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $10



Occult Vector Pack 1 – 6 Items Worth $10


Aztec Vector Pack 1 – 5 Items Worth $10



Aztec Vector Pack 2 – 7 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 122 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 123 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 124 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 125 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 126 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 127 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 128 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 129 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 130 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 131 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 132 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 133 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 134 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 135 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 136 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 137 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 138 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 139 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 140 – 6 Items Worth $10



Seamless Patterns Vector Pack 141 – 6 Items Worth $10



Foliage Vector Seamless Patterns Set 1 – 10 Items Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 600 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 601 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 602 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 603 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 604 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 605 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 606 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 607 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 608 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 609 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 610 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 612 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 611 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 613 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 614 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 615 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 616 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 617 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 618 Worth $10



T-Shirt Design 619 Worth $10



 Concrete Textures Set 1 – 10 Items Worth $10



Concrete Textures Set 2 – 13 Items Worth $10



Concrete Textures Set 3 – 14 Items Worth $10



Street Textures Set 1 – 16 Items Worth $10



Street Textures Set 2 – 16 Items Worth $10



Tileable Paper Textures Set 2 – 13 Items Worth $10



Tileable Cement Textures Set – 20 Items Worth $10



Decorative Frames and Dividers Brush Set – 15 Items Worth $7



Dividers Brush & Vector Set – 15 Items Worth $10



Grunge Frame Photoshop Brushes Set – 9 Items Worth $7



Grunge Photoshop Brushes Set 3 – 15 Items Worth $7



Grunge Halftone Photoshop Brushes Set 2 – 15 Items Worth $7



Complete Set of Mock-Up Templates – 12 Items Worth $40



Photoshop Text Styles Set 2 – 9 Items Worth $10



Concrete Text Styles Set 2 – 6 Items Worth $10



Metal Vector Graphic Styles Set – 14 Items Worth $10



Stitch Vector Graphic Styles for Illustrator – 6 Items Worth $10



Facebook Timeline Covers – 5 Items Worth $10



Vintage Facebook Timeline Covers – 19 Items Worth $10



Retro Ribbons & Banners Set 3 – 11 Items Worth $10



Premium Download Buttons Set 2 – 26 Items Worth $10



Premium Web Sliders Set 2 – 6 Items Worth $10



Progress Trackers Web Elements Set – 12 Items Worth $10



Retro Web Elements Set 3 – 28 Items Worth $10



Retro Web Buttons Set 1 – 20 Items Worth $10



50 Vintage Illustrations Worth $200


50 Abstract Illustrations Worth $200


50 Floral Illustrations Worth $200


50 Memorial Day Illustrations Worth $200


50 Kids Illustrations Worth $200


Don’t miss the chance to enrich your design library with this fantastic collection of top-quality design resources. Get this bundle now!

System Requirements:

? Files are delivered as an instant download (3.4 GB divided in 4 zip files).
- To use these files you need Adobe Illustrator CS3+, Adobe Photoshop CS3+ or any other similar application.
- Files can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects or in merchandise.
? Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

May 10

The iFunia Park – Mac Video Converter and YouTube Converter

Freely download YouTube Videos and Convert Any Videos For Any Formats or Devices.

Normally: $64.00

ZOT Price: $9.99

Click to macZOT! Download Trial



Have you ever wanted to convert video files on your Mac to a different format? Well, iFunia Video Converter for Mac does just the job! Or, have you ever needed to download YouTube Videos for playback on your portable device? Don't worry, iFunia Youtube Converter for Mac will help you out! This iFunia Park offers fast and effective solutions for users who want to download YouTube videos and make video conversions on their Mac. It's 84% OFF now, Get It Today!


# 1. Video Converter for Mac:

The new iFunia Video Converter for Mac has been completely reworked and now offers a new, faster transcoding engine, an extended list of supported multimedia formats, Super speed non-reencoding format conversion with zero quality loss. Moreover, iFunia Video Converter for Mac recently has again won the Gold Award for Mac video converter bestowed annually by independent consumer-help web site TopTenREVIEWS.

Main Features: 


Smartly Convert Videos for Any Formats

  • Support to convert SD videos (including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, H.264/ AVC, MOV, XviD, 3GP, FLV etc.)
  • Support to convert 1080p/1080i/720p HD Videos (HD MP4, HD WMV, HD MOV, AVCHD, HD MKV, etc.)
  • Batch converting any video file into a whole range of formats and resolutions: MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3, AVI, M2TS, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, WMA…
  • Extract audio from video file and convert it to any popular audio format, like M4A, MP3, AC3, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, AU, Nut, AIFF, FLAC, AMR etc.

Easily Convert Video for Portable Devices, Apple Software or YouTube…

  • Convert Video to popular portable devices like iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5, iPad Air, iPad mini, Apple TV, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian Phone, PS3, Android smartphones and tablets, etc. 
  • Convert any videos in any formats with the best settings for iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iDVD and more.
  • Convert video for sharing on popular video-sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.

Edit Video On-the-Fly

  • Trim/crop video to get the exact part you want.
  • Add image/text watermarks to video for copyright protection.
  • Select subtitle and audio track you prefer. 
  • Adjust video aspect ratios like brightness, contrast and saturation to enhance the visual effects. 
  • Convert video in any format to 3D while preview 2D to 3D effects in real time.
  • Rotate video and add external subtitles.

More Useful Features

  • Bigger screen video player.
  • Adjust a detailed range of output video/audio parameters.
  • Fast batch conversion speed.
  • Run well on Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
  • FAST, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE to use.


# 2. YouTube Converter for Mac:

Forget about annoying issues like pop-out ads or buffering caused by poor Internet connection! iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac makes it easy for you to freely download video, audio, subtitles, full playlists and channels from YouTube and convert YouTube videos and local FLV / MP4 / WebM / 3GP / F4V videos to other popular video formats for playing on your portable devices or  further use on Mac.

Main Features: 


FREELY Download YouTube Videos

  • Two easy ways to add YouTube videos: add video URLs to download, or drag-n-drop video thumbnail pic to download.
  • Support to select YouTube video formats from MP4, WebM, FLV and 3GP for downloading.
  • Support to select YouTube video quality from 1536p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p etc for downloading

  • Download the entire video collection from YouTube Artists' Playlist, Movie/Music Category, User's Personal Page (History, Liked, Watch later, etc.), Channel, and Course.

Quickly Convert YouTube Videos

  • Convert the downloaded videos to various popular formats like MOV, MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, SWF, etc with high speed.
  • Convert the FLV / MP4 / WebM / 3GP / F4V videos that you have on your hard drive to other popular formats.
  • Multiple output formats to fit various portable digital devices, including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, PSP, Xbox 360, Archos, Zune etc.
  • Works as YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac users to extract audio tracks from videos with the highest quality possible. 

Other Flexible Settings

  • Support to freely stop, pause or delete downloading YouTube HD videos at anytime on Mac without conflict other files.
  • Support multi-downloading and batch conversion.
  • Free to adjust output settings such as Resolution, Frame Rate, Encoder, Sample Rate, and Bit Rate.
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 Mavericks.

 —————-——————- The Best Video App Bundle, Don't Miss Out!  ————–———————

System Requirements:

Processor: 1GHz Intel or later OS: Mac OS X 10.6 / OS X 10.7 / OS X 10.8 / OS X 10.9

RAM: 512MB RAM (1GB or above is recommended)

Free Hard Disk: 20MB for installation at least

Graphics Card: Super VGA (1024×768) resolution, 32-bit graphics card or higher

May 09

LogoZilla 2: The Super Premium Logo Builder + Bonus for Only $29

Normally: $370.00

ZOT Price: $29.00

Click to macZOT!


As you know, a logo is one of the most important parts in creating a brand. It represents the company’s image, the first things potential customers or business partners make contact with, and it can significantly influence their decisions.

And that’s why designing logos isn't always such a fun activity. There are a lot of details to keep in mind from the first draft until the final design. And that implies a lot of stress and exhausting working hours.

Wanting to help you, together with the team from DesignTNT, we came up with LogoZilla 2: a Super Premium Logo Builder that will help you create extraordinary logos and save precious hours along the way.

What you get: 

- 298 logos and logo elements divided in 12 categories, such as: auto, bakery, bicycle shop, fitness, restaurant, golf and more.

- Each set has between 20-30 logos and logo elements. You can combine these elements between themselves or between different categories.

- Editable .Ai files and expanded .Eps files that look great in both black & white. You will also get a full font list and color pallets.

- Suitable for beginners and pros.

- An extended, multi-use license allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal and commercial purposes and even in merchandise.

Bonus: 4 Realistic Mock-Up Templates.

Usually each of these 12 sets would cost you $30 apiece, but now you can get this Super Premium Bundle for just $29! That’s an incredibly low price for such marvelous resources!

Take a look at what you get:


Automobile Logos – 30 Items



Bakery Logos – 31 Items



Restaurant Logos – 23 Items



Fitness Logos – 23 Items



Barber Shop Logos – 32 Items



Bicycle Shop Logos – 32 Items



Expedition Logos – 22 Items



Farm Logos – 27 Items



Golf Logos – 20 Items



Ice Cream Logos – 19 Items



Organic Logos – 21 Items



Seafood Logos – 18 Items




Bonus: 4 Realistic Mock-Up Templates


System Requirements:

- Files are delivered as an instant download. – All these files are suitable for both Windows and Mac OS. – To use these files you need Adobe Illustrator CS3+ or any any other similar application which supports .AI or .EPS file formats. – Files have an extended royalty-license and can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. – Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.