Mar 26

Mac Data Recovery + Volume Repair Bundle

Repair Your Volumes on Mac and Recover your Lost Data

Normally: $198.00

ZOT Price: $100.00

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Recovery with Original Names
Use 'Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery' to recover Files with the Original Names as saved before deletion, recover from hard drives having capacity greater than 2TB, you can recover data and files even after you have initialized & formatted your hard drive or any other storage media. It is a DEEPER SCAN that takes more time but brings in greater results.
Lost/Deleted Volume Recovery
Recover volumes that were lost due to any corruption or malware attack. You may even use it when you have accidentally deleted a volume while managing partitions with disk utility or any other partition manager & Boot Camp partitions.
Boot Camp Support
Recover from Windows Partition on your Mac, with the help of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery
Media Imaging
Use this feature when your hard drive or storage media has developed a lot of bad blocks. In such cases, you can create an exact image of the entire drive or the affected volume and then scan the image using Stellar Phoenix to get back data safely.
Preview Before Recovery
Preview all your lost files before recovering them
Saving Recovered Data
Save your scan data so that you can continue later from the same point thus saving time in recovery
Free Ticket + Chat
Get free chat with support and resolve your problems in minutes
Dedicated Phone Support
Get free dedicated phone support with this bundle thus no waiting time to get in touch with customer support
Expert Advice
Get Free Expert Advice 'on recovering and restoring your files and remote assistance from Tech experts let them help you recovery your files



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System Requirements:

Processor: Intel RAM: 1 GB Free Disk Space: 50 MB Free Space

3 Responses to “Mac Data Recovery + Volume Repair Bundle”

  1. cjc1959au Says:

    Is the Volume Repair the only addition to the $50 SPMDR that we had recently?

    How much is just the Volume Repair?

    What does it offer me?

  2. james2012 Says:

    Its a great software kit. I wish this offer was available a week ago I had to pay extra $25 for both the products on website.
    The Recovery software works wonders recovers all delete files even from a usb stick,the files were deleted as my friends system had virus and it has to be formatted.volume repair works fine you can rollback to previous working state of the disk.

  3. stellar Says:

    @cjc1959au : Yes Volume Repair is the additional product to the SPDMR which you had recently.

    Volume Repair Regular Price is $99

    Volume Repair, Repairs Corrupt Volume Information’s on Mac OS X , it rollbacks the OS to a working state in case of Volume has corrupted.