Nov 25

DeltaWalker Oro

File and Folder Comparison and Synchronization.
Advanced. Friendly. Optimized.
For You, and Your Computer.

All features. Three platforms—Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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DeltaWalker is an advanced, yet approachable and fun to use file and folder comparison and synchronization application/diff tool for Mac OS X that lets you compare and synchronize folders as well as compare, edit and merge files. Most any type of files.



Tens of thousands of users—from savvy individuals to software professionals demanding the very best of their tools, from one-man shops to Fortune 50 companies—trust DeltaWalker with their file and folder comparison needs. Daily. Here's how and why:

  • Software and Web developers—compare, analyze, and merge different versions of source files. Use three-way comparison to compare your changes and those of another contributor with a common ancestor and to automatically merge all non-conflicting differences in seconds. Compare and synchronize a local copy of a web site with its server using FTP, SFTP, FTPS or WebDAV. Compare and syncrhonize with the Cloud – Google Drive and Dropbox. View and compare XML files both as is and canonicalized. Compare and merge HTML files as text then preview in-place with the built-in browser. Visualize and compare JAR, EAR, ZIP and other compressed files as if they were simply folders.
  • Photographers & Videographers—compare your archives and backups using different comparison methods including ultra-fast and 100% reliable byte-by-byte comparison. Rest assured knowing that even your resource forks are going to be compared and copied. Visualize and compare your images. Create HTML comparison reports for future reference.
  • Code reviewers—rely on accurate inline difference visualization to see and understand every change. Stay in context and in control within side-by-side integrated folder and file comparison. Generate HTML reports for archiving and auditing purposes, or for exchange via email.
  • Release engineers and managers—visualize, navigate, analyze, edit, and merge complex changes in folder hierarchies and individual files. Reconcile changes from two contributors using three-way comparison and automatic merging.
  • Language translators—compare two folders with files in different languages and work your way through individual files simply by double-clicking them.
  • Legal and publishing professionals—let down-to-the-letter comparison accuracy show you even punctuation mark differences when comparing different document drafts. Trust DeltaWalker to quickly extract and compare the text of even the largest PDF, Office, and RTF documents.
  • Scientists, researchers, and engineers—save time, eliminate guessing, and minimize errors when comparing text outputs and results of different experiments.
  • Computer users—eliminate information duplication with speed and confidence. Quickly compare entire drives and folders checking only file sizes and timestamps or use byte-by-byte comparison to guarantee that files are same or different, then synchronize with a few simple clicks.

Folder Comparison: Today's Fastest 

There's fast, faster and fastest. Then, there's DeltaWalker!


Adaptable in its core and to your processor cores, DW takes full advantage of your HW.


TBs of data, million+ items. 

Local & Remote/Cloud


File Comparison: Clarity, Precision. 2 & 3-way. Your way.

In-place editing. Click & merge. Syntax coloring. Automatic 3-way merge. 

Local & Remote


Image Comparison: Worth a Thousand Words

Functional and beautiful. Intuitive and versatile. Visualization and pix-by-pix differencing. Zooming and panning. 2-way and 3-way; your way.


Local & Remote


From iWork to Office

From plain to Rich Text Format (RTF). From iWork - PagesNumbersKeynote to Office - WordExcelPowerPoint docs, DeltaWalker has you covered. Add PDF support and the best character encoding auto-detection and you get the most comprehensive doc format coverage amongst any diff tool on the market today. 2 and 3-way. Multiple layouts.


One-click SCM Integration

DeltaWalker sports industry's first and only one-click integration with Git, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar and easily integrates with other SCMs and applications.



Automate repetitive tasks using JS, world's most popular language. Harness the power of DW and the entire Java runtime. Write and run scripts using a built-in script editor and runner.


Location transparency

SFTPFTPFTPSHTTPHTTPSWebDAV… stop joggling multiple applications when working with remote files and folders and take your productivity to a different level with the world's most versatile file and folder comparison and synchronization tool. Remote or local, DeltaWalker lets you treat them all the same and if given ample network speed you may not even know you are working with remote resources.


Runs Everywhere

DeltaWalker plays nicely with your friends on the world's top three platforms: Mac OS X. Windows. Linux.

It yet stands alone as the only diff tool with intelligent, beautiful and native UI on all three platforms, identical functionality and breathtaking performance.


DeltaWalker 2.0 brings together years of usability refinements, performance improvements and cutting edge features:

  • Indispensable for testers, system integrators and anyone looking to automate their comparison, merge and synchronization tasks the all new DW 2.0 scripting API opens a wide frontier of new applications and possibilities; it’s powerful, elegant and inviting thanks to extensive documentation and sample scripts. Backed by the world’s most popular programming language, JavaScript, and paired with an integrated script editor and a script runner DW 2.0 redefines the notion of scripting in a comparison tool.
  • Text editor syntax-highlighting for the most popular programming and markup languages.
  • Bold new artwork, including new icons throughout and full support for high/retina resolution displays.


Learn more…



DeltaWalker video tutorials.



I'm so hopelessly addicted to your product for my day-to-day existence! Jonah Lefkowitz, Technical Director,


DeltaWalker is a BRILLIANT PRODUCT and a HUGE SAVIOUR! Jamie Band, Stimulus Software


You absolutely make the best tool and photographers need to use it. Jared Platt, Photographer / Educator


Quite possibly the best Mac app ever! John Kosh, Seattle


It was a jaw-dropping moment to behold DeltaWalker… Andrew Eddie, Joomla's lead developer


DeltaWalker is the most important utility I have installed on my Mac! Steven Young, Apple Expert, Apple Inc.


DeltaWalker – a breath of fresh air…gets my money, without hesitation. Eiren Smith, Independent Product Manager


The only file-comparison tool I've found that supports all files types my team uses. Bunnie Cummings, AppleCare, Apple


DeltaWalker is among the 'must-have' tools for any developer today. Mike Fahy, Mobile, Web and OS X developer


Deltopia stands truly alone in how welcoming they are to new ideas. William Kuenning, Military Family Voices




4.5 MacUpdate stars



3 Responses to “DeltaWalker Oro”

  1. emanneercs Says:

    What differentiates Oro from Pro ?

  2. emanneercs Says:

    Does either Oro or Pro work on .DMG files?

  3. DeltaWalker Says:

    hi emanneercs,
    I believe we answered these questions in our email exchange, but for the benefit of others:
    Oro offers the same advanced functionality as Pro, but on all 3 supported platforms.
    DeltaWalker currently cannot compare DMG files the way it’d compare ZIP files for instance – as hierarchical structures – but it can compare them as binary files using byte-by-byte comparison.