Nov 11

Stellar Drive ToolBox

Set of 14 awesome must have Mac utilities at an unbelievable price.

Normally: $99.00

ZOT Price: $49.00

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image Benchmark
Assesses & compares your hard drive performance with that of other standard systems
• Evaluates hard drive performance 
• Shows performance results for various test modes
• Saves results to a user-specified location


Drive Monitor
Assess the health of your hard drive & scans it for bad sectors
• Shows health by continuously checking its SMART parameters
• Provides detailed information about the hard drive and volumes
• Detects bad or damaged sectors on the hard drive


image Smart Finder
Search & manage files, folders & directories on Mac hard drive
• Shows the content of a folder or drive as Sunburst chart
• Displays the content of a folder as fly-out column list
• Displays data of selected folder as a list of files


Smart Mac Care
Schedules different modules of software for easy & convenient monitoring
• Schedules tasks of various modules of Stellar Drive TooBox
• Schedules 'SpeedUp Mac' module to accelerate your Mac
• Schedules 'Drive Monitor' to periodically check the health of your drive
• Schedules 'Wipe' to allow wiping of hard drives at a specified time
• Schedules 'Volume Repair' to repair volume corruption issues periodically
• Schedules 'Shield' to protect your important data on the hard drive


image Drive Initialize
Efficiently formats your Mac hard drive to create new HFS+ or FAT 32 partition
• Formats Mac volume and creates new HFS+ or FAT 32 partitions
• Supports 3 partition table map types, i.e. GUID, Apple & MBR
• Places device drivers & partition map onto the wiped portion of the drive


Volume Repair
Safely verifies, repairs & rebuilds any Mac hard drive volume
• Effectively verifies and repairs Mac drive volumes
• Repairs permissions of various files & applications on your Mac boot volume
• Extensively scans a Mac volume for file system errors
• 'Rebuild' option to perform Verify and Repair operations simultaneously


image SpeedUp Mac
Easy Mac cleanup software to remove all unwanted files & data from any Mac hard drive.
• Easily removes unwanted Caches, files, Logs, System junks, etc.
• Deletes duplicate files & large files to optimize system performance
• 'Quick Look' button to preview image, audio, and video files


Drive Defrag
Complete solution to defrag Mac hard drives and boost your system performance
• Effectively defrags Mac hard drives and volumes
• Uses advanced algorithms for Quick drive defragmentation
• Defragments individual files as well as metadata.


image Partition Manager
Manages Mac partitions by Adding, Deleting, Formatting, Resizing & Hiding/Revealing any selected Mac volume
• Creates new partitions on your Mac hard drive
• Formats and Resizes Mac volumes
• Hides & Reveals any Mac partition, supports HFS, HFS+ & FAT file systems


Stellar Shield
Automatically keeps images of the hard drive at the scheduled time & helps in restoring deleted data
• Backs-up entire Mac drive by storing copy of system area as an image
• Allows deleted file recovery from previously stored image files
• Allows taking periodic snapshots in every reboot, everyday, any day or any desired Date & Time


image Raw Data Editor
Utility for advanced Mac users to repair minor corruption in file structure by editing the corresponding Hex value
• Reads the offset value, Hex value and ASCII value of the file structure
• Allows to modify Mac volume by opening it in hex format
• Allows to read and edit Mac drive in raw format


Stellar Wipe
Completely wipes unwanted yet sensitive data from the Mac drive, beyond recovery
• Wipes selected files and folders in one go
• Easy-to-follow, interactive interface
• Option to choose from a range of disk wiping algorithms


image Drive Clone
Creates mirror image or exact clone copy of the Mac hard drive and logical volumes
• Creates identical image of any specific drive or volume
• Supports cloning of Windows and DOS drives partitioned with MBR
• Restores volume from cloned folder or mirror image


Data Encryptor Bonus
Provides ultimate security to confidential data by encrypting and hiding files or folders
• Encrypts selected files and folders with password
• Provides option to locate all hidden encrypted files in the system
• Option to verify if the listed hidden files really exist in the system


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See what customers say about Stellar Drive ToolBox:


Malware created problems with my email account – Outlook 2010 (with 3 email addresses) had problems both with back up passwords and corrupt .pst filees. Now all fixed – password finder was put to good use.


Very pleased with the recovery of audio CD data from some rare CDs that had deteriorated due to the use of self-adhesive labels. They had become completely unplayable, but I have now recovered all tracks with almost no imperfections.


System Requirements:

Processor: Intel (G5 or later) RAM: 1 GB (Min) Free Hard Drive space: 50 MB (Min)

5 Responses to “Stellar Drive ToolBox”

  1. kuupoika Says:

    This is a cool looking piece of software… this would have been REALLY handy to have had last week!!
    Cheers from Oz

  2. toddlacy Says:

    Same price as the manufacturer’s web site.

  3. admin Says:

    @toddlacy We just checked their website and Drive Toolbox is $99.

  4. stellar Says:

    @toddlacy The price on the website is $99

  5. sole2000 Says:

    Sorry but toddlacy is right, as of today price on is $50 (until December 10th, 2013)