Nov 09

Prosoft’s Hear Sound Enhancement Software 50% Off

Enhance the sound of your movies, music and games with Hear software.

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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Prosoft's Hear - High Quality Sound Enhancement Software 
for your Mac or PC

  • Grealy improves the sound quaility for music, movies and games.
  • Customize your sound preferences and apply dramatic effects with all the options available in Hear.
  • Control the sound volume independently for all of your open applications



Hear offers a wide array of settings that are quick easy to find and will greatly improve the sound quality of your music, movies and games.

  • MIXER - allows you to adjust the sound volume for various applications, so you don’t have a loud mail sound while you are listening to music
  • EQUALIZER - features the most advanced N-band equalizer with built-in peak limiters. You can choose between slider or curve mode for fine-adjustments
  • GENERAL - adjust the general settings (bass, dewoofer, fidelity) and enable various effects
  • 3D - expanding audio environment out of actual speaker positions
  • FX - is an aggressive type of surround sound remixing
  • BW - meditate to your music…it’s a special feature that can help you relax after work, it does so by generating brain waves targeted at relaxation
  • MAXIMIZER - bring your concert home…produces a more “live” feature to the music (bass is boomier and highs are crisper)
  • AMBIENCE - allows you to add reverb effect to the output
  • SPEAKER - widen the frequency range of your speaker system (or headphones) and corrects output phase
  • SUB - expands bass frequencies like a real subwoofer does
  • LIMITER - ceiling and threshold, control aspects of level compression
  • SPACE - creates a virtual re-sounding frame behind the listener’s position and bounces the sound around
  • FIDELITY - restores the subtle nuances that are often damaged in the recording process

Hear Sound Enhancement Software Video Overview


Hear what others have to say about Hear….


Genius at Everything, August 2012 – Hear Review – Improve your Mac's Sound

"Definitely the best option available for Mac users, and one that you should not let pass!"


iPadpedia – November 2012 – Hear Review

"It is absolutely marvellous. Every time my Mac produces a sound: whether it is iTunes, or VLC or a browser window playing a Youtube video, the sound is fuller, deeper and far more vibrant than without Hear!"

System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.6.7 / 10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9* 512MB or more of system memory is recommended. Does not support USB and FireWire audio interfaces. Windows™ XP, Windows™ Vista, Windows™ 7 and Windows™ 8. *Sandbox is a term Apple uses to describe applications that are secluded from other programs so that security issues will not spread to other areas of the computer. Below are some of the applications that are sandboxed in Mavericks 10.9 and won't work with Hear: Quicktime Mail Voxer Safari Flash Player

4 Responses to “Prosoft’s Hear Sound Enhancement Software 50% Off”

  1. PatrickH Says:

    I got the demo version a week ago for EQ that I could use with Spotify and other apps. (I’ve used the free Soundflower/AU Lab EQ, but got frustrated with its performance issues.) I’ve been very pleased and had decided to purchase Hear, but I was waiting to see if there would be a Black Friday sale. I bought it with today’s Zot.

    In addition to the EQ, I’ve used Hear’s other controls to expand the soundstage when using quality headphones. The effect is quite nice with my Sennheiser 558′s, but less noticeable with lower-quality gear.

    I’ve found the presets that come with Hear to result in over-processed, useless sound. Using its EQ plus FX and Fidelity functions at minimal settings and turning off the other functions gave me the best sound I’ve ever gotten from my Mac. You can save custom presets.

  2. paulryb Says:

    Tried the demo and decided it wasn’t for me. Trashed it. Now my sound sounds messed up. I broadcast music from my computer to radios in my house via Griffin Rocket. Have been using it for years. Now my small speakers are vibrating and the sound is distorted.

  3. MrThumbs Says:

    Hear has an “uninstall…” menu item in the “Hear” menu. Just trashing the app probably doesn’t remove all the audio-related items. You could probably re-install Hear, then use the uninstall to make sure all the components are removed.

    BTW, for anyone that’s interested, I’ve been using Hear with Mavericks (10.9) successfully for a few weeks now. No crashes, etc., so far.

  4. paulryb Says:

    @MrThumbs Thanks for your suggestion. It worked! Glad to have my normal sound back. Thanks again.