Jul 18

Fun-Business-da Mentals with

Fizzle – to peter out – or to sizzle and spark!

Normally: $35.00

ZOT Price: $0.00

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Three young business guys, Chase, Corbett, and Caleb have put together something cool. They call it


We've teamed up with them to offer you their current special of the first month for only $1.00


I (Brian) have recently joined the community at and want you to join me and other entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs.


These guys deliver plain, well-spoken ideas about skills you need in the free world of work.


Don't take my word for it. Just go risk your hard-earned dollar and see if it's not a great value.


Here are some examples of their content:

  1. 20 Lessons on Essential Website Design for Business Builders
  2. Productivity Essentials (that one user claims is the best info on productivity he's heard to date.)
  3. Defining Your Audience
  4. Essentials of Website Traffic

If all you did, was sign up for a dollar – then go watch 10 minutes worth of their content, I'll feel like you've met some great folks, seen what's possible, and exposed yourself to valuable ideas. My job will have been done.

Let me know what you think.



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Can all be done with a modern web browser.

One Response to “Fun-Business-da Mentals with”

  1. azap Says:

    You’ve got to see Chase in action. He’s a natural actor / comedian / educator.