Jul 14

Massivelementals #1-10


Warm Up the Web!
Bring a Hand Drawn Look to Your Website, Blog, Emails, FB… Anywhere.

Normally: $79.50

ZOT Price: $14.95

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Greetings ZOT Friends! 
I've had the pleasure of sharing deals with you and thousands of other Apple Enthusiasts since 2008. I've gotten to know many of you on a first name basis via email and I've also gotten to know and work with hundreds of super-creative, hard working developers from everywhere on the planet. I've learned a TON and now I'm done. Today I'm leaving the ZOT Team to focus on my Art and Music.          Thanks to you all for being here! - Mike Biskup
macZOT lives on in highly capable hands…
Stay Tuned.

How about another ZOT before I go?

If you missed this last April – Have a look!


Mike Biskup's


The supercool, royaltyfree, webpictures with the reallylong name.
Can't draw? Googling Images Again?
Get Massivelementals #1-10 at over 80% Off and add a handmade touch to your Websites, Print Projects, Cards, Flyers etc… Icons and drawings designed to keep people's eyes on your projects.
  • Easily drop "Massivelementals" into your website, emails, cards, posters, etc. 
  • Hand drawn buttons and icons Catch Eyes and Give your website a unique look
  • Use MORE images and LESS words to keep people interested in your projects.
  • Colors are Fully Editable in a variety of graphics apps (including AI) - Match the colors in your site.

When You Buy this ZOT, You'll Get:
  • Massivelementals #1-6 immediately upon purchase…
  • Massivelementals #7-10 as soon as I create them… No later than Nov 21st 2013. (My mom's birthday)
  • You'll also save A TON of money. Over 80% off!  - That's the ULTRA-Low, ZOTfriend, THANKS for being here, discount price to keep your wallet healthy.

*And here's the fun part… You'll help me draw the next sets!
  • Buy this ZOT – Email me a description (or photo) of something you'd like to see me draw and I'll include it in one of the next 4 sets of Massivelementals!


I created Massivelementals because…

  • In my opinion, most clipart is very sterile looking, unartistic and often downright ugly. And The WEB is such a fantastic place for ART to LIVE!
  • I've been wanting to create "icons" since before computers had them. I love signs.
  • You might not be able to create your own drawings – You've got other skills!
  • I have a life mission - "I create a world of beauty and bounty by sharing my Art and Music generously." 


This is the full preview of Massivelemental Set #6


See Full Previews of Massivelementals #1-6 here…




View usage tutorials here…

  • Resizing images without pixelation
  • Using transperant backgrounds
  • Coloring the Black and White images easily to match your site colors.


Thanks for reading this and considering a purchase today. Your comments are welcome below. If you'd like to be updated on future Massivelementals  - Subscribe to my Newsletter… 

What else is there to say? Peace!

- Mike Biskup



P.S. - Have a listen to my new album of music on BandCamp…

P.S.S. – Need an Amazing gift for your sweetheart?





System Requirements:

Use on any computer. File types included: .ai (Adobe Illustrator), Single Image PNG, and PDF, SVG. Files can be converted to PSD within Photoshop as well. Usage terms are at the bottom of this page on my website.

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