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WealthTrace Retirement Planner

Be your own financial planner. Find out if you can retire comfortably.

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Do you have enough money to retire?

What do you mean you don’t know? …Actually, it is, in fact, pretty difficult to estimate just how much money you’ll need to save for retirement. I wouldn’t even recommend trying to scratch it out on paper! Thank goodness you won’t have to, when you grab a copy of WealthTrace Retirement Planner!

“Individuals looking to create their own retirement plan can save thousands of dollars by using the WealthTrace retirement planner.”-

  • Plan your financial future and retirement plan using your computer
  • See how much money you’ll have for retirement
  • Predict how long your money will last into retirement
  • Adjust your current financial plan to meet your spending goals
  • Watch results change in real time in response to changes that you make
  • Monte Carlo analysis available.
  • Calculate the probability of retirement success.
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*This is a Web Based Application – Today's "DOWNLOAD TRIAL" points you to a sign up form for a free trial of Wealthtrace. The sign up is quick and easy – You can be working less than a minute.

We want people to rest easier at night. There is no need for so many to be so stressed out about their retirement years. - From the Wealthtrace Mission Statement.

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“I have been searching for quite some time for a software program to assist in retirement planning. I worked with Fidelity's, Mint's, and Quicken's retirement planners and I felt they oversimplified things a bit too much. Mint and Quicken also seem to deal more with paying bills and monthly budgeting which I did not need. True to its advertising, it's simple but yet detailed enough to cover a variety of situations and easily allows you to do scenario planning. I also like that the software can do Monte Carlo simulation. Check out the videos! – they sold me on the software. I was a bit worried about paying $239 for an online software program that I found the internet, and knew nothing about except what I read on the internet, but I am now glad I took the leap. Excellent Choice!”- Wealthy&Wise ( reviewer)


The WealthTrace Retirement Planner
Save thousands of dollars by building your own retirement plan rather than hiring a financial planner to do it for you. With the WealthTrace retirement planner you have access to the same accurate software that financial planners do, and it is so easy to use that anybody can get started in minutes.
The WealthTrace retirement planner is the most accurate and powerful retirement planning application ever built for the individual consumer. It is an online retirement planning solution built for individuals who want to create their own financial plan. Our software will tell you, based on your assumptions, when your money will run out in retirement, what the shortfall will be, and what you can do to change the situation. All of this is done accurately, intuitively, and comprehensively.
We at WealthTrace saw a serious need in the marketplace for retirement planning software for individuals who want to create their own financial plan. 
We have created an easy to use and accurate solution. Quickly and accurately find out what you need to do in order to meet your retirement goals so you can rest comfortably and stop stressing about your retirement years.
With WealthTrace you get:
  • The ability to creat an accurate, comprehensive retirement plan yourself, with the ability to update it at any time
  • Inputs and results that are saved and can be updated any time
  • Budgeting worksheet that allows you to input your own expense items
  • A plan that takes into account changing taxes and cost basis over time
  • Professional support with access to a CFA® and Registered Investment Advisor
  • Ability to select multiple different investment types
  • An accurate, robust plan with no shortcuts so you can be confident in your retirement decisions
  • Ability to run powerful what-if scenarios on multiple variables at once
  • Ability to enter multiple real estate holdings, each with its own growth and tax rate. Nearly any type of investment can be handled accurately.
  • Easy to understand solutions that will help you reach your retirement goals
  • Sophisticated Monte Carlo analysis that will tell you the probability of achieving all of your spending goals without running out of money (Advanced Version Only)
  • Ability to create and save multiple separate plans
  • *For information on how you can get one on one help completing your plan along with real financial and investment advice from our in-house CFA ® and financial advisor, click here. 


This product is exactly as advertised. It is easy to set up and use, gives excellent data and makes running various scenarios simple. It is way more versatile and accurate than free programs available on-line. I'm delighted with my purchase.”- Rick Gilmore, User of Individual Version


“Their calculator will tell you, based on your assumptions, when money will run out in retirement, what the shortfall will be, and what you can do to change the situation. All of this is done accurately, intuitively, and comprehensively.”- Review on

I find the WealthTrace Retirement Planner to be very easy to use, the data input is very logical and the resulting color graphical outputs and tables extremely useful. The ability to run different "what if" scenarios makes the program highly versatile. All of my product support inquiries have been dealt with expeditiously. I am very satisfied with WealthTrace and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in a personal financial program.”- Angel Cruz, User of Individual Version


It was very easy to set up my plan and within a few minutes I was able to stress test various retirement scenarios to understand my retirement risks. I am very happy with WealthTrace.”- Tom Mack, User of Individual Version


Company – How WealthTrace Started
A Financial Advisor is Fed Up!
A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), former portfolio manager and financial software developer, Doug Carey decided to try his hand at investment management and financial planning. Little did he know how few solutions there were out there for retirement planning that were analytically powerful, but also easy to use. Days upon days of researching various retirement planning applications led to the same problems. They were difficult to navigate, non-interactive with clients, had limited scenario capabilities, and printed out 50 to 150 page reports with all of the useful information buried inside.
It was so difficult to get at the information clients were most interested in, namely, when will they run out of money, how much will the shortfall be each year, and the probability of their plan succeeding. He had had enough and sat down with a team of software engineers to create the WealthTrace Retirement Planner. The overriding goal was to make it so easy to use that both financial advisors and individuals who want to create their own retirement planning could use it. At the same time there was the intent of giving users the ability to find solutions to their retirement hurdles by giving them intuitive, powerful, on-screen before and after scenarios that help guide them towards their goals. 
Using our retirement planner it is incredibly easy to dial up and down variables such as these to see what you can do today to change your retirement situation. We want people to rest easier at night. There is no need for so many to be so stressed out about their retirement years. We should all be looking forward to relaxing after our work years are over. With the help of the WealthTrace Retirement Planner, many can do just that.


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