Jul 05

40 Badge Overlays for Your Photos

Decorate and Brand Your Photos With These Stylish Badges – For a Fraction of Full Price!!

Normally: $76.00

ZOT Price: $15.00

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Badge Overlays


Who Else Wants Their Photos To Impress People Wildly?

A Fantastic Alternative to Traditional Watermarking!


You'll get a total of 40 badges that can be used as overlays on your own photos. This includes a set of 10 badges that can be used to brand your photos with a much more attractive look than a traditional watermark. You'll also get 10 badges each for wedding photos, newborn photos, and senior portraits. The wedding badges are perfect for engagement shoots, save the date cards, and of course, photos from the big day. The newborn and senior badges are useful for your specialty photography, and since you can edit the text they can be used for just about any purpose.


Each badges comes in Photoshop format in a layered PSD file (not compatible with Photoshop Elements) that allows you to edit as needed. Of course, you can change the text (fonts used are free to download and links are provided for each font), and you can also change the color of different elements of the design. You can even experiment with blend modes to get a different look. Each badge comes with dark and light versions. The badges use vector shapes and can be re-sized as needed.


Here's a small sample:


Badge Overlays

Badge Overlays

Badge Overlays

Badge Overlays

Badge Overlays

Badge Overlays


(See them all here…)

Yeah – That'll do it!


System Requirements:

Photoshop CS3 or newer.

5 Responses to “40 Badge Overlays for Your Photos”

  1. Here_comes_the_Sun Says:

    The badges look nice, BUT: will they fully work in PIXELMATOR ??? Thanks in advance :)

  2. photographyplanet Says:

    They are intended for use in Photoshop and have not been tested in Pixelmator. I’m not aware of anything that would cause problems in Pixelmator, the files contain a background layer and two folders (one for a light badge and one for a dark badge) with text layers and vector shape layers. No smart objects or other more advanced layers are included, but I can’t say for sure if they will work in Pixelmator.

  3. malzot Says:

    I am just now trying them out in Pixelmator. The text is editable, but I don’t think “text-on-a-curve” is supported. At least I don’t think so; but, as a senior, I’m very inexperienced at this. I was able to move the elements around and change the text on straight lines, though, if that’s any help to anyone.

  4. kulajon Says:

    Can’t you just do that in PS?

  5. sdguy78 Says:

    Thought the zot was a good deal – but saying all of the fonts are free to download is misleading. Some of the fonts require a separate license in order to download. For instance photographer-badge-08.psd requires Steelfish, which is available for license for the low, low price of $264 for the family.