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Morph Age Express

Advanced Morphing for Creating Stunning Images!
"There are several apps for OS X that offer morphing…none are as feature capable and easy to use as Morph Age."

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.95

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How does Morph Age work?
Morph Age is a "made for Mac" application for morphing and warping still images or movies.


1. Import various image formats, including direct access to your iPhoto media. You can even use your iSight, directly from within Morph Age to import a picture.
2. Define curves on the images. Any change made on the curves is reflected on the resulting movie through the corresponding distorsion and morphing effect.
3. Render the animation in QuickTime format.
4. Optional: Further compose it in Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

What is the difference between Morph Age Express and Pro?


  Still images Movies Retail Price ZOT Price Download
Express Version Yes No $49.95 $24.95 Try!
Pro Version Yes Yes $149.95 $74.95 Try!


Which Features?
Morph Age features the latest advances in morphing, including Smart Assist and interactive preview. It also allows frame accurate processing and advanced keyframed animation.

  • Real-Time Rendering: You can quickly and easily prototype the transformation thanks to the real-time preview, even for mega-pixels images. Click Play, and you see the morph/warp in real-time, whatever the image size. You can even move the curves defining the transformation while playing the animation.
  • Animation Control: You can animate curves independently, so that different parts of the image/movie move at different times (eyes first, then ears, then mouth…). Animation effects, such as springy motion, are also available.
  • Non-Linear Transformations: Blending can also be animated at will. You determine which amount, or percentage, of the first image/movie you want to combine with the second one. In a woman to cat morphing animation for instance, it makes it possible to get a woman quickly show up with cat fur while still having human traits.
  • Zooming: As Morph Age offers sub-pixel accuracy, you can zoom at the input images/movies (or the real-time preview rendering) to place curves accurately.
  • Colorizing: You define a color, for each curve independently, that will "bleed" on the underlying image parts. This color bleeding is animated consistently with the deformation.
  • Layers: It is a way to express which parts of the image/movie are above others. For instance, the chin is above the clothes, and whenever the chin is moved downwards, it should pass over them (and not under).

What are people saying about it?
"One of the reasons why I love Morph Age Express is for all of its useful and unique features. Some of them include unlimited undo and redo for big mess-ups, curve tools and multiple curve selection, simple and complex animation effects, a speedy hybrid rendering engine, multiple output formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG) and lastly a great user guide. Honestly, when I opened up Morph Age, I knew absolutely nothing about morphing. After reading the user guide, I gained the skill and confidence I needed to start warping and morphing like a pro." (by Sam Hayat)

"There are several apps for OS X that offer morphing capabilites but none are as feature capable and easy to use as Morph Age. The quality of the animations that Morph Age is able to render is fantastic." (by Matthew Price)


Want more information?
Visit for screencasts, user guides, FAQs, etc.

Creaceed is a Belgian company with a passionate team experienced in signal and image processing, which provides intuitive and easy to use creative applications to Mac professionals and consumers.


Above all, Creaceed's team is made of passionate people:
Raphaël Sebbe, Sandrine Loiseau, and Benoît Bourdon.

System Requirements:

Any Intel Mac with at least 64 MB of VRAM (GPU)

OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or higher

11 Responses to “Morph Age Express”

  1. rs_eXc Says:

    ZOTBlog giveaway!
    The developers at Creaceed want to hear The ZOT Community’s feedback. Share your comments at the bottom of our home page – questions, kudos, critiques, suggestions, etc… One commenter will receive a free license after this ZOT ends. Give Morph Age a spin, share your thoughts and you may may be the lucky winner! (If you WIN and have purchased during this ZOT, your purchase will be refunded)

  2. hecaspari Says:

    this is a very useful program . I like its ease of use and the very reasonable price tag.

  3. pedram Says:

    What is the highest resolution for both 4 and Pro (video and still)?

  4. SULTANI Says:

    Last time I use a morph program was elastic reality cost about $500.00 by Avid which got discontinued after few year. Morph age for $25.00 is a bargain.

  5. rs_eXc Says:

    To Pedram:
    Modern GPUs can handle up to 8000x8000pix (64 MP) images (you can see about your particular GPU in Morph Age Preferences). If the image you import is bigger than your supported resolution, Morph Age can switch to Software Mode, which can handle up to 16000×16000 (256 Megapixels) on all Macs, memory permitting.

    You can force this software mode by clicking Force Software Rendering in Morph Age Preferences.

  6. rs_eXc Says:

    To Sultani:
    Don’t worry, we don’t plan to discontinue Morph Age. :-)

  7. occupant Says:

    Do wish this were for the PRO version. There are workable alternatives for morphing still images, but morphing video is an art. Would like to see morphing added to Elasty… too much to ask?

  8. rs_eXc Says:

    To occupant:
    Adding morphing features to Elasty would be pretty difficult unfortunately :-(

  9. Here_comes_the_Sun Says:

    Because I do like “Elasty” by Creaceed, I’m curious about “Morph Age” (and actually would be reeeeally thankful, if I would win… ;-)
    To other users who are interested in special effects in their video: you should really have a look at “Elasty” :)

  10. johnbrandt Says:

    This could make some really incredible video illustrations to portray political figures and celebrities. I can’t wait to start demonstrating how some of the goofiest really appear to us. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, move over. Morph Age is here!

  11. rs_eXc Says:

    If you want more information about Elasty, the Movie Toolbox:
    Pay attention, there are no morphing features in this application.