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The smart way to manage your domains
"If you manage more than zero domains, you need it."
- Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio

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ZOT Price: $14.99

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If you own a bunch of domain names or maybe you manage your clients' domains, DomainBrain is an indispensable tool that will allow you to easily manage all the data related to your domains: registrar info, passwords for ftp, ssh, database, admin accounts, emails accounts, etc.


Think of it as 1Password for your domain data.


DomainBrain has an extremely straight forward and beautiful user interface. However, it's not just a pretty face, or icon!  - DomainBrain has some really powerful features.



"If you manage websites, get this app, you won't regret it."ZeroBlue Technology Solutions


DomainBrain Features

  • Customizable Data Categories – Add or delete multiple instances of a category or create custom categories and fields
  • Table Categories – Category type for tabular data such as email lists
  • iCal Integration – Set reminders for domain expiry dates in iCal
  • Optional Password Protection – Password protect all data with AES encryption for extra security
  • Nested folders – User may organize their domain library according to their own needs
  • Show/Hide Categories – Display or hide categories on a per-domain basis
  • Auto-Populate from WHOIS Database – Fill in expiry date and server name in the Registrar window
  • CSV Import/Export – All data may be imported or exported as a CSV file

What Are Others Saying?

"A simple and extremely useful way to keep track of all that important but easily-forgotten information." – TUAW

"The best tool to manage a domain library you could ever find on OS X." – MacStories

"The new DomainBrain 2 is pure awesomeness. If you manage more than zero domains you need it." – Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio

"I lean on DomainBrain to handle my websites and blogs. Its organized and it remembers when I don't." – Marco Cerulli, Cerulli Graphics

"As a web designer and hosting provider, Domain Brain is one app I absolutely cannot be without. With the amount of clients that I have and the type of services I provide for them, having their information at my fingertips is an absolute essential. Domain Brain has made my daily job much less stressful because I know I can count on it to keep my important client information safe and in one easy-to-find place. A no-brainer to have Domain Brain as part of your workflow." – Rob Loomis, Well Water Design

"For me, NOTHING compares to DomainBrain for storing all my domain and website information. From FTP logins to MySQL database usernames and passwords, DomainBrain has a place for it – even email and CMS info has a dedicated place. With DomainBrain I have only one place to go to find any information about my sites and my client's sites." – Pete Skewes, Coastal Web Design


Developer's Website:


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5+

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