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MockupScreens for Mac

Quick and Easy Screen Prototypes. 

"Instant productivity!" Plus – Several Major Improvements*

For both Mac and Windows!

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"Instant productivity! It is so easy that I can prototype realtime in a meeting."

     - Laura Arlov, author of  "GUI Design for Dummies" 


Seen it before? Major Updates in this version:
Search-Replace feature and new widgets – Calendar (Date-Picker), Dialog, Progress Bar


MockupScreens Helps You:


Experiment interactively with your clients, and quickly visualize scenarios of your application, even before the coding has started.

  • Show screen mockups to your customers, and get valuable feedback from them.
  • Speed up design and development by bridging the gap between clients and developers, using MockupScreens to visualize the application being built.
  • Clearly understand your users by turning abstractideas into screen mockups that everybody will understand.
  • Manage user expectations by building on user feedback, using MockupScreens to demonstrate the design and function of the system.
  • Clarify requirements and set the priorities right, to avoid rework later.






Without any programming knowledge or prior training!


For Independent Consultants…

If you are independent consultant or developer, then MockupScreens allows you to prepare bids and proposals much more quickly than you can do today. If you can develop and submit an additional proposal every three months, this piece of software will pay for itself immediately.

Or if You Work for Corporate IT Department!

And if you work for corporate IT department, then MockupScreens avoids misunderstandings and expensive development projects that result in the wrong system being developed. And we are talking about tiny fraction of the cost of project development!

Understand Your Customer:

Once the requirements have been gathered, take the easy route and test your grasp of the users' needs by presenting them with the one thing they understand best. Give them a visual representation of the screens that they'll actually use when the new system is installed. MockupScreens lets you show them what you believe they need, in terms that they'll understand. Users will have an opportunity to tell you what they REALLY want, before program development begins. 

Get Better Software Requirements!

Misunderstandings are costly in software development. If you are not careful, you could find yourself aiming at a moving target while scope creeps up on you or even end up building an application that nobody needs or wants. The right thing to do is to use prototypes as a tool to show you where you are wrong – immediately.

Ensure Your Team's Success!

Many top-notch software development teams don't have system analysts on board. The task of developing the requirements often falls to the programmer who has the best communication skills. With developers, users, and management speaking their own special languages, there are many opportunities to "get it wrong".

You can ensure your success by creating and presenting visual prototypes, including screen shots or screen mockups. Mockupscreens lets you speed your way through the creation of visual prototypes. You don't need to be an artist to create clear, stunning screens with MockupScreens.

What if You Already Own Some Other GUI Capable Tool?

Some people ask me why would they need MockupScreens if they already have a design or programming package with GUI design capability. Well, MockupScreens is completely different because it's designed SPECIFICALLY for this task. With MockupScreens you can:

  • Enable non-programmers and non-designers to "draw" application screens
  • Comment your mockups right in the meeting with customers
  • Populate screen elements with data easily
  • Organize screens in scenarios
  • Achieve far greater productivity
  • Create screens which can't be mistaken for "almost done" application
  • Change look of your mockups "on the fly"


macZOT asked Igor Jese, Developer of MockupScreens a few questions:

Who uses MockupScreens? 
 MockupScreens is used:
- by designers to get the "structure" of the interface right
- by system analysts to get the "requirements" right
- by team leaders to communicate to programmers what the software should actually do
- by consultants and sales people to create their proposal more quickly and clearly
What problem does MockupScreens solve?
Basically, when you develop a new software everybody agrees what it should do – in principle. But in fact there is often a big problem. Different people in different fields talk very different "languages". For example there is no chance for a banking expert and a programmer to understand each other. With their best efforts they will perceive what the other person says at best as unintelligible – and at worst as utter nonsense.
What's the solution?
You DRAW the software before building it. You draw a "mock-up" of each screen. This way your banking expert and programmer won't talk about abstractions any more, but will discuss concrete things they can SEE and understand. 
Darko Marijancic, a long time MockupScreen user who lives in the same city as I do, (Zagreb, Croatia) invited me to a have beer this winter – to show me how MockupScreens saved his project.
The project was to automate several highly legal processes in a government agency per some new EU regulations. After all the negotiating and procurement was finished (which lasted very, very long, it was a government agency after all) the deadline was dangerously near.  And the only programmer who new something about the subject matter left the company. In the meantime – it was Murphy's Law in action.
So what Darko did was arrange with the client three workshops per week. At those workshops, two client experts explained to Darko what the system should do – and Darko used MockupScreens to draw the screen mock-ups right there in front of them. The client's experts were very glad, because they could correct Darko immediately and Darko would simply ask for clarifications and re-draw the mock-ups until all three were satisfied.
Not only that, but Darko knew that programmers would have very little time for implementation, so he made notes together with the customer right on the screens. They couldn't allow for mistakes, they needed to get it right the first time. After three weeks (which in serious software development sounds like Sci-Fi – Usually it's many times longer) development already started to get under way. Basic functionality of the system was done in under two months, with very little or no rework.
What Darko said was "That Mockup period was weeks of hard but satisfying work. The client was happy too, because we all knew we were saving time in the long run. We were determined to make it work. Your tool helped tremendously. I don't even want to remember the times when I was doing the same thing with pen and paper, or even worse –  on projects where we weren't doing mock-ups at all."
Nowadays (finally) everybody in software development knows what mockups are, and that they should be doing mock-ups. But not everybody does. They (mock-ups) are considered kind of "alternative" in some companies. 
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As Seen on MSDN Magazine:

quote.pngMockupScreens makes creating wireframe screens and organizing them into scenarios as simple as pointing and clicking."


Read What Our Users Say:


quote.pngInstant productivity! It is so easy that I can prototype realtime in a meeting." 
Laura Arlov, author of GUI Design for Dummies
quote.pngI wanted to take a moment and write you this note for the excellent contribution you have made via this tool.
Adnan Fida, Sr. Technical Team Leader, Point2 Technologies
quote.pngYour product provides the perfect tool for getting the idea across without giving the impression that the project is already done!" 
Brenner Klenzman, President, WilloWare Inc.
quote.pngMockupScreens helped me do a better job at helping my customer understand what they're going to get." 
Sean Winstead, Director, Surehand Inc.
quote.pngMockupScreens allows our programmers to turn my ideas into project code quickly." - J.D.Young, President, Digital Retail Solutions
quote.pngI have been looking for something like this for a long time!"
Eileen S. Haag, e-Learning Applications Group Manager
quote.png"My compliments for this application, I'm discovering it and enjoy the easy way things work."
André Duc-Taffe 
quote.pngMockupScreens is a great tool for designing and/or analyzing the design of an application."
Charles R. Parrish 
quote.pngMockup Screens is an excellent product for creating quick user interface prototypes. It is extremely easy to learn and so efficient that you can use it in meetings to explore design ideas or create rough scenarios of use without the product getting in the way." 
Chauncey Wilson, Usability Manager in The MathWorks
quote.pngFirst of all, i want to thank you for this wonderful tool! I wish you a happy New Year, hope Mocukupscreen's going to grow…"
David Sissoko from SQLI
quote.pngAs before, I really like this product and I have already begun to use it in my work. I hope you continue to develop it and will be open to suggestions for enhancements and so on from the user community."
George C. Rasch from Data Specialists Inc.
quote.pngI've just started using MockupScreens today and it works great. I can sketch a screen in minutes."
Marianne van der Meulen – Griffioen from TOPdesk
quote.pngI have looked around for GUI designing tools and found many tools are too complicate for "interactive" designing session. You have done a good job with the user interface of software."
Peter Cheung from ModelSoft 
quote.pngI recently purchased three copies of your product. It is fantastic! Thanks for a great product."
Warren Hayford

About Igor Ješe, the Author of MockupScreens


Igor Ješe works in software development since early 1990s, with emphasis on software requirements and development methodology. He is a certified Software Requirements Expert and Project Management Professional, and also the author of Mockup Screens – a popular tool for quick GUI prototyping.


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