Jun 28

Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Pro

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Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Pro

Batch Convert, Resize, and Edit Photos

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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"I think this is an absolutely fantastic editing app that any photographer – amateur or pro – needs to get right now."

— appPicker –


Do you have hundreds of photos on your Mac waiting to be sorted out and edited? 
With BatchPhoto it doesn't matter if you have just a few or thousands of them, it will be just as easy & fast to edit them! Instead of enhancing and adjusting pictures individually, BatchPhoto lets you select a group of images, define a series of edits, and apply them in a single operation. 


Here's what you can do:
Transform & Adjust
• Resize hundreds of photos in one step for easy sharing or to save space;
• Automatically Rotate dozens of digital photos to portrait or landscape based on the embedded metadata;
• Easily adjust the DPI and the document size in inches;
• Replace any color in the image, with another color or with the alpha channel;
• Crop a rectangular section from multiple images at once
Convert & Rename
• Convert to and from 170 image formats, including JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF, PNG and more;
• Create PDF albums from multiple digital photos for easy sharing;
• Support for RAW image formats (digital negatives) from DSLR digital cameras;
• Change the cryptic names generated by digital cameras to meaningful names
Annotate & Decorate
• Automatically stamp the original Date/Time (as recorded by the digital camera) on photos;
• Protect photos with text and logo Watermarks;
• Add single or multi-line Text Comments to pictures in bulk;
• Decorate photos with beautifully designed graphical frames like Grunge, Vintage, Picture or Shape
Special Effects & Touch-Ups
• Apply special effects like: Sepia, Black & White, Oil Paint, Charcoal Sketch and more;
• Touch-up photos by adjusting the Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, and more;
• Use the Auto Contrast filter to simply adjust the contrast for multiple pictures
Additional Functionality
• Take advantage of multi-core CPUs to edit and convert thousands of images in one session;
• Upload images to Flickr, FTP or send via email in the same session;
• Use predefined or custom defined profiles to improve productivity;
• Use scripts to automate tasks and run the app from the command-line

"If you need time/date stamps, image type conversion, size changes, basic touch-up, or watermarks applied to your photographs, BatchPhoto will allow you to do this simply."

— Steve's Digicams –

"Filters and effects are really what make BatchPhoto special. Features in editing your batch are very, very extensive. Every filter you can imagine is available in BatchPhoto"

— MakeUseOf Review –


More of What our users are saying:

"I spent too much time editing photos one by one in the past! Someone suggested to me that there must be a better way. So I searched the web and found your product. I am very happy and this will save me a lot of time :)" – Kevork Yerevanian – Toronto, Canada

"I'd say it's a perfect choice for situations like "OMG, I just came from this kids birthday party with, like 200 images in RAW format and now I need to get them real small in jpg and they need to be sharpened out and saturation needs to be a bit increased and it just has to be done in no time." If it sounds familiar then BatchPhoto is for you." - Silvia,

"It is a really fast way for me to watermark and resize images to web ready from the files I need for printing. The ability to just put them in a folder and do them all at once and have them in the same folder makes picture management easier. Once again it is the speed." - Richard Oakland, UK – York


Click to Developer's Site for more info.

Jun 28

Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Enterprise

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Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Enterprise

Hot-Folder Image Processor

Save $100 Now!

Normally: $129.95

ZOT Price: $29.95

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"BatchPhoto Enterprise takes [batch editing] one step further by completely automating the process. All you need to do is create a "hot folder" for the program to monitor. When added to one of these folders, either on your computer, network or an FTP site, BatchPhoto will automatically apply your specified edits."

Steve's Digicams — Review


Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto Enterprise is a Windows® & Mac® OS X software program that can monitor an unlimited number of folders on your computer, network or sites (through FTP) for newly added or modified images, and for each monitored folder apply a custom set of edits.

BatchPhoto Enterprise works by matching each monitored folder (hot-folder) with a custom defined set of edits (a script) and by constantly scanning the folders for newly added or modified images. The program will work silently in the background and can start automatically with your computer.

Imagine transferring a few hundred RAW images from your DSLR digital camera to a hot folder and in a few minutes having all those images automatically resized, rotated, watermarked with a logo, renamed, converted to TIFF and uploaded to a FTP account or to Facebook. All of this without you having to make a single click!

All of BatchPhoto's features can be used for editing images from monitored folders. This is not an exhaustive list:

  • Change image size automatically since BatchPhoto can make the difference between portrait and landscape photos and resize accordingly;
  • Automatically rotate photos based on the information embedded by digital cameras with orientation sensors (most modern cameras);
  • Crop hundreds of images to custom dimensions just by dropping them into the monitored folder;
  • Automatically Watermark photos dropped in the hotfolder with either text or logos;
  • Add multi-line Text Comments or imprint the original Date/Time as recorded by digital cameras in the EXIF metadata record;
  • Hot-folder RAW converter, with support for almost all RAW image formats from camera vendors, like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji, Kodak, Pentax, and more;
  • Read and convert to 170+ image formats, including: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, GIF, BMP, TGA, PSD, JP2, and more;
  • Create PDF documents from the images dropped into the monitored folder or convert PDF files to multiple images;
  • Rename images with a powerful customization tool that allows the use of keywords and search & replace in filenames;
  • Directly upload to FTP, or to social networks like Facebook and Picasa;
  • Apply special effects like: Black & White, Sepia, Charcoal, Borders, Shadows, Polaroid frames, and more;
  • Decorate photos with beautifully designed Grunge, Vintate, or Picture frames;
  • Apply custom touch-ups like: Auto Contrast, Auto Gamma, Levels, Sharpen, Reduce Noise, and more.

Click to Developer's Site for more info.

System Requirements:

OSX 10.6

64 Bit Mac

Jun 24


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Less typing, fewer mistakes.
More spare time!

Normally: $32.99

ZOT Price: $16.99

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Typinator – Type faster with fewer errors


Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often misspell words when typing?

Typinator boosts your productivity and eliminates errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics and auto-correcting typing errors.

With thousands of predefined corrections for common typos and misspelled words for US and British English, German and French, Typinator is not only a typing assistant that speeds repetitive typing tasks, but also a system-wide auto-correction tool that automatically fixes typing errors and misspelled words.

Setup is simple – just define your abbreviations along with their replacement texts or pictures. When you type one of your abbreviations in any application, Typinator inserts the corresponding replacement.

Words cannot describe the huge benefits Typinator offers to you. We therefore invite you to view a short demo movie.

tutorial movie


  • Easy to configure, simple to use.
  • Works system-wide with any application.
  • Built-in AutoCorrection sets with thousands of corrections for English, German, and French.
  • Include script results in expansions.
  • Interactive input fields.
  • Embedded calculations.
  • Text file includes.
  • Pocket calculator.
  • Date and time calculation.
  • Quickly create new snippets.
  • Quickly search for snippets.
  • Inserts pictures.
  • Inserts the current date and time.
  • Synchronize your snippets via DropBox.
  • HTML snippets set with over 100 abbreviations for elements of the HTML standard.
  • FileMaker functions set with over 350 abbreviations of FileMaker functions.
  • QuickSearch – it's like Spotlight for snippets, just faster.
  • Import from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, and from text files.
  • Set the cursor position within the expanded text.
  • Case sensitive expansion.
  • Full Unicode support.



Tucows MacWorld

Typinator received four out of five mice in its latest Macworld review.


MacUpdate"One of the most useful programs for the Mac. I use this program hundreds of times a day. It's a HUGE time-saver. It will reduce your spelling errors, speed up your typing, and can make your life a lot easier. Having tried TypeIt4Me and SpellCatcher, I recommend Typinator."


"With Typinator, the developers of Ergonis once again demonstrate what makes good software. The program meets all expectations and acts unobtrusively in the background. Typinator is very easy to use, and the savings of work and time are enormous. Whoever has to frequently type business letters or other texts must love Typinator."

Matt Neuburg (TidBITS)

TidBits"Of all the utilities I've tried for doing this, Ergonis Software's Typinator remains the simplest and most reliable. The interface is clear, and there are just enough options to make Typinator powerful and flexible without sacrificing clarity and ease of use. As usual with Ergonis's products, simplicity and reliability are the watchwords."


"It took me about 10 seconds to decide to buy this product. If you type the same phrases over and over again in e-mails or other documents, you will save an enormous amount of time."

Michael Hyatt (CEO Thomas Nelson Pub.)

"I love Typinator. I have tried the others, but Typinator is the easiest – by far. It is one of four essential productivity apps I could not live without."

Read further reviews and testimonials

System Requirements

  • Typinator runs on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and newer.
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) recommended.
  • Universal Binary – runs on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs.
Typinator is available in English, German, and French.

About Ergonis Software


We believe many of today's software systems are too complicated for the users' needs. With the user in mind, it is our goal to build software that solves problems in a user-friendly, ergonomic way, instead of burying the usability under tons of questionable features.

Ergonis Software is located in the Softwarepark Hagenberg, Austria.

Jun 23

IOS & Mac OS X Programming Tutorial – Objective C & Xcode

Knowledge is Power! 

Learn to Program For Both IOS Devices And The Mac OS X Operating System. 

Normally: $99.00

ZOT Price: $49.99

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“One of the better courses on Udemy…”
“I’ve purchased a couple of courses on Udemy in relation to programming mobile applications, without any hesitation I can say this is the best one so far. I did have an issue at the beginning of the course where the sound would play without the video, I switched to Firefox and after doing so it worked flawlessly. Overall a very constructed course that is full of very useful information.”
- Steve Holland, 3 months ago
Date Released: Jan 2013

Content and Goals
  • Over 73 lectures and 5 hours of content!
  • To Gain A Solid Understanding Of Programming For Both IOS And The Mac OS X
  • To Teach The Skills Needed To Build Robust Code
  • To Give The User A Understanding Of Working With Objective C, Xcode And The Apple Framework
In this Objective-C programming training course expert author Jesse Feiler teaches you how to leverage the technologies that Objective-C, Xcode and the Apple Frameworks have to offer. This course focuses on the Objective-C programming language, utilizing Xcode and Frameworks wherever necessary to build your App.
You start the tutorial with a review of the Xcode interface, and how you are going to use it to build your Objective-C project. Jesse teaches you what Objective-C is, and the structure of an Objective-C App. Throughout this video tutorial you will learn about using declared properties and instance variables, how to manage memory, creating and working with classes, and how to use the debugger effectively. You will explore protocols and delegates, using blocks, handling exceptions, using selectors and much more!
Once you have completed this computer based training course on Objective-C programming, you will understand how to write Objective-C code, how to utilize provided Apple Frameworks and how to use Xcode to build your App.


- Andrew Kent


30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Access – No Limits

“Learning with video tutorials is downright mind blowing.

I recently finished an Adobe Illustrator course created by Infinte Skills (They produced the course above also). It’s absolutely amazing how differently I approach creating artwork in Illustrator now. The course demistyfied that complex application greatly. My first attempt at creating a project after watching the course went so smoothly – It was astonishing. - Watch a video, perform the excercises, and you’ll know more right away. Knowledge is Power!”
- Mike Biskup, macZOT


System Requirements:

Works on: Windows PC or Mac

Jun 19


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The smart way to manage your domains
"If you manage more than zero domains, you need it."
- Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.99

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


If you own a bunch of domain names or maybe you manage your clients' domains, DomainBrain is an indispensable tool that will allow you to easily manage all the data related to your domains: registrar info, passwords for ftp, ssh, database, admin accounts, emails accounts, etc.


Think of it as 1Password for your domain data.


DomainBrain has an extremely straight forward and beautiful user interface. However, it's not just a pretty face, or icon!  - DomainBrain has some really powerful features.



"If you manage websites, get this app, you won't regret it."ZeroBlue Technology Solutions


DomainBrain Features

  • Customizable Data Categories – Add or delete multiple instances of a category or create custom categories and fields
  • Table Categories – Category type for tabular data such as email lists
  • iCal Integration – Set reminders for domain expiry dates in iCal
  • Optional Password Protection – Password protect all data with AES encryption for extra security
  • Nested folders – User may organize their domain library according to their own needs
  • Show/Hide Categories – Display or hide categories on a per-domain basis
  • Auto-Populate from WHOIS Database – Fill in expiry date and server name in the Registrar window
  • CSV Import/Export – All data may be imported or exported as a CSV file

What Are Others Saying?

"A simple and extremely useful way to keep track of all that important but easily-forgotten information." – TUAW

"The best tool to manage a domain library you could ever find on OS X." – MacStories

"The new DomainBrain 2 is pure awesomeness. If you manage more than zero domains you need it." – Mike Bowzeylo, Base2 Studio

"I lean on DomainBrain to handle my websites and blogs. Its organized and it remembers when I don't." – Marco Cerulli, Cerulli Graphics

"As a web designer and hosting provider, Domain Brain is one app I absolutely cannot be without. With the amount of clients that I have and the type of services I provide for them, having their information at my fingertips is an absolute essential. Domain Brain has made my daily job much less stressful because I know I can count on it to keep my important client information safe and in one easy-to-find place. A no-brainer to have Domain Brain as part of your workflow." – Rob Loomis, Well Water Design

"For me, NOTHING compares to DomainBrain for storing all my domain and website information. From FTP logins to MySQL database usernames and passwords, DomainBrain has a place for it – even email and CMS info has a dedicated place. With DomainBrain I have only one place to go to find any information about my sites and my client's sites." – Pete Skewes, Coastal Web Design


Developer's Website:


System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.5+

Jun 17

Keynote Templates from Slidevana

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Keynote Templates from Slidevana

The Perfect Companion for Keynote OSX or iOS. Quickly create presentations that impress and inspire your audience.

Get PowerPoint Templates or BOTH Keynote and PowerPoint for $89 in the ZOTshop below…

Normally: $139.00

ZOT Price: $69.00

Click to macZOT!


"There's a template for nearly everything I need to say."
Brad Rosen, Founder of Drync
- This product is huge. We can't show it all here…


Better presentations, less time

Build better presentations in less time

Over 150 slides enable you to quickly communicate complex ideas…
Great presentations are about the ideas, not the slides. Yet most people spend more than half their time making slides rather than honing their message. Slidevana takes the tedium out of creating clear, elegant slides and enables you to focus on conveying your message.
Elegant presentation design
Amplify your ideas with elegant, information-oriented design
Just say "no" to distracting eye candy. You use Keynote because you care about creating beautiful, professional results. While Keynote has several great themes, those themes contain only a handful of slide layouts—leaving you to do most of the heavy lifting for sophisticated presentations. Slidevana's clean, minimal theme combines the quality you expect from Keynote with a vast array of layouts that give you great results in less time.

McKinsey, BCG, Bain

Leverage the tools used by top management experts

Take your presentations to the next level
Slidevana is based on the same techniques used by top management consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. At your fingertips, you'll have the tools to deliver powerful, insightful analysis, and you'll be able to impress and persuade even the most sophisticated audiences.

Personlized Presentations

Tailor Slidevana to meet your specific needs

Customize with your own logo, graphics, and layouts…
Need to personalize your presentations? Have no fear, Slidevana isn't just a pretty Keynote template. Slidevana takes full advantage of Keynote's theme engine. You can easily add custom elements or create entirely new Slidevana layouts from scratch.
Keynote on iPad and iPhone
Create amazing presentations on the go
Slidevana works beautifully on iPad and iPhone. Not in the office and need to finish that important presentation? We can help! Just copy the layouts you need and type in your content. Presto! You'll have a beautiful deck, authored on your mobile device in a fraction of the time it would take to create from scratch.
You get the Light and Dark Versions:

Click any of the four images below to get more info…


Join the thousands of organizations and independent professionals who are already using Slidevana to raise funding, close deals, teach lessons and inspire audiences.

Apple Logo Disney Logo SlideShare Logo Harvard Business School Logo | HBS LogoMassChallenge Logo U.S. House of Representatives Logo Constant Contact Logo


Elegant Design
A clean, minimal design looks professional and makes it easy to highlight your insights.
Easy as Cut and Paste
Each slide type comes in multiple layouts. Just add your content for professional results.
Fully Customizable
Tailor presentations to meet your needs with custom layouts and graphics.
All Inclusive
Get every single slide for one single price.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Try Slidevana absolutely risk free. If you don't love it, get a 100% refund.
Free Lifetime Updates
You'll receive all updates to Slidevana for free. Forever.


100% Guaranteed
Don't love Slidevana? Get a full refund.
We think Slidevana will change how you do presentations for good, but the best way to see what Slidevana can do for you is to give it a whirl. Try it risk free and if you aren't 100% satisfied, just let us know.


System Requirements:

Designed for Keynote (Mac, iPad, iPhone)

Slidevana for Keynote works with iWork Keynote '09 and Keynote for iOS on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Slidevana was designed from the ground-up for Keynote and takes full advantage of its native components like charts and tables. Please see for details.

Jun 15

PhotoMarks — Batch Watermark Photos

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PhotoMarks — Batch Watermark Photos

The full-featured solution for visually batch watermarking your copyrighted images. - Because Your Photos Deserve It.

Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial

Buy at App Store

Buy at iTunes  

With PhotoMarks for Mac & PC you can completely customize the appearance of your text and logo watermarks, as well as perform additional edits like Resize, Rename, Auto Rotate, or add Graphical Frames to your photos in the same session. It works by editing photos in batch mode and takes advantage of multi-core processors for speeding up the process. You can also save your settings as profiles to easily reuse them later. 

PhotoMarks is an elegant solution with a beautifully designed user interface, where previews are available for every step of the process.

Try the fully-featured trial version of PhotoMarks and Buy it Today. 

But wait, PhotoMarks is also available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! You can get it for only $2.99 today from iTunes App Store.

Mac Version Features

  • Batch Processing with Support for Multi-Core Processors;
  • Completely Customizable Text Watermarks with Pixel-Perfect Positioning, Tile Mode, Rotation, Multiline Text, Custom & Textured Fonts, Shadow, Stroke, Bounding-Box, and more;
  • Completely Customizable Logo Watermarks with Pixel-Perfect Positioning, Tile Mode, Rotation, Scaling, Stroke, Shadow, and more;
  • Smart Resize Filter that Makes the Difference between Landscape and Portrait Photos, for Automatically Reducing Image Size in Pixels;
  • Auto Rotate Filter for Automatically Rotating Photos to the Right Orientation or Just Use a Predefined Rotation;
  • Graphically Decorate Photos with Beautifully Designed Grunge, Vintage, Picture, and Shape Frames, add a Shadow Effect, or a Simple Border;
  • Completely Customizable Rename Filter with Keywords and Search & Replace Features;
  • Upload directly to FTP or send via Email;
  • Upload to Flickr;
  • Easy to Use User Interface with Previews for Every Step of the Process;
  • Support for More than 50 Image Formats, Including RAW Formats from DSLR Digital Cameras;
  • Save Settings as Profiles and Easy Reuse Them Later.



Jun 12

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac

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WinX HD Video Converter for Mac

A perfect HD video converter for Mac – Offering professional HD and SD video converting solutions to help you play videos on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

Normally: $45.95

ZOT Price: $15.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


WinX HD Video Converter for Mac 


Feature-Rich Mac Video Converter to Convert AVI, M2TS, MKV to iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes. 


Lifetime Free Upgrades!

Full Functions!

65% Off! 


This is currently the most professional and popular HD video converter running on Mac OS. It can easily convert HD videos and Blu-ray videos to SD formats, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, PS3, etc. 




Supports Multi-track HD and Blu-ray Video 

Convert multi-track HD video BDAV, M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, TrueHD, MTS, MPEG-TS video/audio. For example, convert Multi-track MKV to MP4, M2TS to MKV, Blu-ray M2TS to MKV. It makes perfect copies of your Blu-ray movies. 





Mac Screen and Camera Video Recorder

Every move on and before the Mac screen can be recorded with the embedded Screen Recorder and Video Recorder. It is a shortcut to make software/game tutorial or guide, record your own room or show into video clips and convert recorded videos for playback or editing.





Convert Videos for Apple and Android

Convert all HD and regular videos like AVCHD, MKV, MTS, M2TS, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, to other formats for playback on popular portable devices like iPod, iPad Air 2/mini 3, iPhone 6/6+/5S, Apple TV, Xbox, Xbox360, PSP, PS4, HTC, Samsung, Nexus, Kindle Fire, etc.  




Youtube Video Downloader and Converter

It is also a Mac YouTube video downloader for online video content downloading to help you extract (music) videos, HD videos and even 4K videos from YouTube, etc.






More Features:

  • Create VOB Files on Mac for DVD Burning 
  • High output video and audio quality 
  • Fast video converting speed 
  • Customize video parameters 



Learn more about this perfect HD video converter for Mac

Free download – Give it a try!




  • It is quite easy to use. Most of the features are pretty much self explanatory, with the minimalistic, simple interface and the use of tabs, navigating through the features and performing any feature is pretty much a walk in the park.             - Zachary 
  • When I come across interesting videos, I like to share them on Youtube. Most converting apps failed. I have tested WinX with HD and regular video. All are good.           - Paige 


System Requirements:

Operation System: Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion/Yosemite (10.10) Processor: 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above RAM: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended) Free Hard Disk: 100MB space for installation Graphic Card: 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)

Jun 10

MockupScreens for Mac

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MockupScreens for Mac

Quick and Easy Screen Prototypes. 

"Instant productivity!" Plus – Several Major Improvements*

For both Mac and Windows!

Normally: $99.95

ZOT Price: $49.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


"Instant productivity! It is so easy that I can prototype realtime in a meeting."

     - Laura Arlov, author of  "GUI Design for Dummies" 


Seen it before? Major Updates in this version:
Search-Replace feature and new widgets – Calendar (Date-Picker), Dialog, Progress Bar


MockupScreens Helps You:


Experiment interactively with your clients, and quickly visualize scenarios of your application, even before the coding has started.

  • Show screen mockups to your customers, and get valuable feedback from them.
  • Speed up design and development by bridging the gap between clients and developers, using MockupScreens to visualize the application being built.
  • Clearly understand your users by turning abstractideas into screen mockups that everybody will understand.
  • Manage user expectations by building on user feedback, using MockupScreens to demonstrate the design and function of the system.
  • Clarify requirements and set the priorities right, to avoid rework later.






Without any programming knowledge or prior training!


For Independent Consultants…

If you are independent consultant or developer, then MockupScreens allows you to prepare bids and proposals much more quickly than you can do today. If you can develop and submit an additional proposal every three months, this piece of software will pay for itself immediately.

Or if You Work for Corporate IT Department!

And if you work for corporate IT department, then MockupScreens avoids misunderstandings and expensive development projects that result in the wrong system being developed. And we are talking about tiny fraction of the cost of project development!

Understand Your Customer:

Once the requirements have been gathered, take the easy route and test your grasp of the users' needs by presenting them with the one thing they understand best. Give them a visual representation of the screens that they'll actually use when the new system is installed. MockupScreens lets you show them what you believe they need, in terms that they'll understand. Users will have an opportunity to tell you what they REALLY want, before program development begins. 

Get Better Software Requirements!

Misunderstandings are costly in software development. If you are not careful, you could find yourself aiming at a moving target while scope creeps up on you or even end up building an application that nobody needs or wants. The right thing to do is to use prototypes as a tool to show you where you are wrong – immediately.

Ensure Your Team's Success!

Many top-notch software development teams don't have system analysts on board. The task of developing the requirements often falls to the programmer who has the best communication skills. With developers, users, and management speaking their own special languages, there are many opportunities to "get it wrong".

You can ensure your success by creating and presenting visual prototypes, including screen shots or screen mockups. Mockupscreens lets you speed your way through the creation of visual prototypes. You don't need to be an artist to create clear, stunning screens with MockupScreens.

What if You Already Own Some Other GUI Capable Tool?

Some people ask me why would they need MockupScreens if they already have a design or programming package with GUI design capability. Well, MockupScreens is completely different because it's designed SPECIFICALLY for this task. With MockupScreens you can:

  • Enable non-programmers and non-designers to "draw" application screens
  • Comment your mockups right in the meeting with customers
  • Populate screen elements with data easily
  • Organize screens in scenarios
  • Achieve far greater productivity
  • Create screens which can't be mistaken for "almost done" application
  • Change look of your mockups "on the fly"


macZOT asked Igor Jese, Developer of MockupScreens a few questions:

Who uses MockupScreens? 
 MockupScreens is used:
- by designers to get the "structure" of the interface right
- by system analysts to get the "requirements" right
- by team leaders to communicate to programmers what the software should actually do
- by consultants and sales people to create their proposal more quickly and clearly
What problem does MockupScreens solve?
Basically, when you develop a new software everybody agrees what it should do – in principle. But in fact there is often a big problem. Different people in different fields talk very different "languages". For example there is no chance for a banking expert and a programmer to understand each other. With their best efforts they will perceive what the other person says at best as unintelligible – and at worst as utter nonsense.
What's the solution?
You DRAW the software before building it. You draw a "mock-up" of each screen. This way your banking expert and programmer won't talk about abstractions any more, but will discuss concrete things they can SEE and understand. 
Darko Marijancic, a long time MockupScreen user who lives in the same city as I do, (Zagreb, Croatia) invited me to a have beer this winter – to show me how MockupScreens saved his project.
The project was to automate several highly legal processes in a government agency per some new EU regulations. After all the negotiating and procurement was finished (which lasted very, very long, it was a government agency after all) the deadline was dangerously near.  And the only programmer who new something about the subject matter left the company. In the meantime – it was Murphy's Law in action.
So what Darko did was arrange with the client three workshops per week. At those workshops, two client experts explained to Darko what the system should do – and Darko used MockupScreens to draw the screen mock-ups right there in front of them. The client's experts were very glad, because they could correct Darko immediately and Darko would simply ask for clarifications and re-draw the mock-ups until all three were satisfied.
Not only that, but Darko knew that programmers would have very little time for implementation, so he made notes together with the customer right on the screens. They couldn't allow for mistakes, they needed to get it right the first time. After three weeks (which in serious software development sounds like Sci-Fi – Usually it's many times longer) development already started to get under way. Basic functionality of the system was done in under two months, with very little or no rework.
What Darko said was "That Mockup period was weeks of hard but satisfying work. The client was happy too, because we all knew we were saving time in the long run. We were determined to make it work. Your tool helped tremendously. I don't even want to remember the times when I was doing the same thing with pen and paper, or even worse –  on projects where we weren't doing mock-ups at all."
Nowadays (finally) everybody in software development knows what mockups are, and that they should be doing mock-ups. But not everybody does. They (mock-ups) are considered kind of "alternative" in some companies. 
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As Seen on MSDN Magazine:

quote.pngMockupScreens makes creating wireframe screens and organizing them into scenarios as simple as pointing and clicking."


Read What Our Users Say:


quote.pngInstant productivity! It is so easy that I can prototype realtime in a meeting." 
Laura Arlov, author of GUI Design for Dummies
quote.pngI wanted to take a moment and write you this note for the excellent contribution you have made via this tool.
Adnan Fida, Sr. Technical Team Leader, Point2 Technologies
quote.pngYour product provides the perfect tool for getting the idea across without giving the impression that the project is already done!" 
Brenner Klenzman, President, WilloWare Inc.
quote.pngMockupScreens helped me do a better job at helping my customer understand what they're going to get." 
Sean Winstead, Director, Surehand Inc.
quote.pngMockupScreens allows our programmers to turn my ideas into project code quickly." - J.D.Young, President, Digital Retail Solutions
quote.pngI have been looking for something like this for a long time!"
Eileen S. Haag, e-Learning Applications Group Manager
quote.png"My compliments for this application, I'm discovering it and enjoy the easy way things work."
André Duc-Taffe 
quote.pngMockupScreens is a great tool for designing and/or analyzing the design of an application."
Charles R. Parrish 
quote.pngMockup Screens is an excellent product for creating quick user interface prototypes. It is extremely easy to learn and so efficient that you can use it in meetings to explore design ideas or create rough scenarios of use without the product getting in the way." 
Chauncey Wilson, Usability Manager in The MathWorks
quote.pngFirst of all, i want to thank you for this wonderful tool! I wish you a happy New Year, hope Mocukupscreen's going to grow…"
David Sissoko from SQLI
quote.pngAs before, I really like this product and I have already begun to use it in my work. I hope you continue to develop it and will be open to suggestions for enhancements and so on from the user community."
George C. Rasch from Data Specialists Inc.
quote.pngI've just started using MockupScreens today and it works great. I can sketch a screen in minutes."
Marianne van der Meulen – Griffioen from TOPdesk
quote.pngI have looked around for GUI designing tools and found many tools are too complicate for "interactive" designing session. You have done a good job with the user interface of software."
Peter Cheung from ModelSoft 
quote.pngI recently purchased three copies of your product. It is fantastic! Thanks for a great product."
Warren Hayford

About Igor Ješe, the Author of MockupScreens


Igor Ješe works in software development since early 1990s, with emphasis on software requirements and development methodology. He is a certified Software Requirements Expert and Project Management Professional, and also the author of Mockup Screens – a popular tool for quick GUI prototyping.


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