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iBank 4

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iBank 4

The Gold Standard for Mac money management.

Normally: $59.99

ZOT Price: $37.99

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With iBank, you'll stay organized and up-to-date. You can easily monitor your account balances, pay bills on time, cut spending, plan savings, watch your investments and secure your financial future! "What Quicken would be if Intuit actually cared about Mac users. iBank may be as good as it gets for managing money on a Mac." "You probably haven't heard of IGG Software, but you will. It's the company behind the popular Mac and iOS financial software iBank and it's about to send a knock out blow to finance giant Intuit." "…powerful, fast, attractive, and full-featured. It does virtually everything I need a personal finance application to do…I’m incredibly impressed with iBank 4."


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Set up in a snap. Import from Quicken or start from scratch – iBank's setup assistant gets you going in no time. 

Track all your finances in one place. iBank includes tools for keeping tabs on all of your real-world accounts. 

Update your records with ease. Use iBank's integrated browser to import transactions from your bank's website, or get direct downloads from these banks

See where your money goes. Assign categories to all transactions, and split transactions for detailed tracking. 

Visualize your finances. Create instant reports on balances, spending categories, investments, net worth and more. 

Plan for prosperity. With envelope budgeting, you can build savings, track spending, compare goals vs. results. 


Sync data with your iPhone or iPad. iBank Mobileand iBank for iPad apps deliver finance management on the go. 

Track investments with ease. For all types of securities, take advantage of iBank's powerful investment analysis and reports. 

Reconcile with paper statements. Convenient reconciliation keeps your accounts properly balanced. 

Go global. Works worldwide, with multi-currency support and localization for British English and French.

Take control of your financial life. Use scheduled transactions, attach files to your transactions, print checks, export to TurboTax and more. 

Help when you need it. iBank offers great support, auser manual, the IGG Knowledge Basevideo tutorials and more.

Zot interview with Ian Gillespie
Developer of iBank + iBiz, and President of IGG Software, LLC. 
Why did you create iBank? What need were you trying to satisfy? 
I was a Mac user, of course, and I saw the need for a solid, truly Mac-based app that offered as many of the features of Quicken as was practical. The first version of iBank came out in 2004, and it was fairly rudimentary compared to how far it's come. iBank now features pretty robust investment tracking, direct downloads, and import and export capabilities. As it turns out, the latest version of Quicken seems to have taken a big step backwards lately in terms of functionality. People waited years for it, and it doesn't even do  a lot of other things that earlier versions did, and that's been driving a lot of users to iBank. So for people tracking their personal finances on a Mac – and there are a lot of us – iBank is now probably the most complete Mac finance solution available. 
What's the most unique, useful feature of your product? 
iBank is pretty full-featured, but we feel like some of the most important things that differentiate iBank aren't part of the product itself. For instance, it's hard to get help with a lot of technology products, so we make sure we've got a killer support team. The quality of help they provide has created a lot of customer loyalty. Along the same lines: we talk to, and listen to, and respond to our users. Bug fixes, changes to the user interface, new feature development, a transparent development process, regular updates… all of those things are customer-driven with iBank. It seems like an obvious way to do business, but I'm often surprised at how many companies don't get that right. 
What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product? 
Everyone comes to iBank with a different set of goals or priorities. But almost all of them start with the same steps: importing their Quicken account data, and downloading transactions from online accounts. Unfortunately, these are choke points: if they don't work right, we can lose a sale. But I mention them because in nearly every case, there are things we can help users overcome if they don't get their data to import correctly. Sometimes the problem is that a new user skips a step, but if the problem is on our end, or Quicken's, we've usually encountered the issue and can help the customer with a solution. On the bank download side, it's the same deal: not all banks support the direct download protocol, but we know how you can import transactions from nearly any bank or online account. And we want to get you going! Since we offer free support even for users in demo mode, we encourage people to bring their questions to us. 
What's your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why? 
There are so many great apps, it's not possible to pick a favorite. As a developer, I'm really enthusiastic about OS X, but that doesn't count… and for instance, I'm pretty into photography, but I wouldn't say I like PhotoShop or Aperture or iPhoto best. They all do different things, and do them really well, though I don't think any of them are perfect either. Right now there's a lot of excitement around iPhone apps and the iPad, and it's easy to understand why. The mobility and simplicity of the iOS platform is fantastic. But there's still a crucial role for more demanding tools, like PhotoShop, or even iBank and iBiz, so I'm certainly not giving up on the desktop either. 
What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible? 
Some of the things people have been asking for in iBank, like synching budgets and Direct Access Data with iBank for the iPad, are right around the corner. We're working on some long delayed features that users will be pretty excited about, but that's a function of resources as well. 
Of all the feature requests we hear, the biggest is probably bill-pay. It was something people were used to in Quicken, and now that Quicken Essentials has eliminated that functionality, it creates an opportunity for iBank to capture customers for whom bill-pay is a dealmaker. Having said that, adding bill-pay is a huge undertaking. It involves a lot of back-end, third-party stuff that adds costs, complexity and potentially, security issues. For the end-user, it probably means that gaining access to bill-pay will entail monthly charges. We've also seen a mini-trend of banks disallowing bill-pay that originates from third-party apps like Quicken – some institutions have concluded that the most secure method for paying bills is for account holders to do so from within their own accounts. 
So there are definitely some hurdles. We're still weighing the extent to which iBank better serves customers by including bill-pay functionality, or the extent to which customers can live without it. For instance, you can already access your accounts via iBank's built-in browser, pay your bills without leaving the app or incurring extra charges, and then reconcile the payment when you next download the transaction period including that charge. But for some customers, that's not how they want it to work. 
Over the long run adding bill pay feels inevitable. We're pretty responsive to users, and certainly, there are enough users calling for it. Again, it will take up development resources and time, so it's neither impossible nor improbable – just a matter of making it a priority.
Thanks Ian! 


About IGG
Who we are
We're a lot like you. We're Mac users. We like to go outside on sunny days. We have kids and mortgages and dogs. We are real people who happen to make software. It's creative, it's fun, and it can be really, really hard. Some days we feel pretty smart, but we never have all the answers. And when everything goes right, we get to help people like ourselves live a little bit better. That feels pretty good.
What we do
We write applications for Macs and Apple mobile devices. We love our gadgets, but we love our families even more. So we try to help folks like us manage our paychecks and our bills and our future. We also spend more hours than anything else here doing something important: communicating with our users. That means solving your problems, listening to your comments, learning new things or hearing great ideas. It also means we develop our apps in a kind of partnership with you: people who buy them, use them, depend on them, and sometimes, even love them.
Where we work
IGG Software, Inc. is a small company based in Putney, Vermont. It was started by Ian G. Gillespie, so his initials became its name. Ian is a real person, too, even if we hardly see him. We work virtually. That means we use everyday tools like email or iChat to communicate among ourselves or with partners and customers, without coming in to an office. Instead, we are spread out around Vermont, across the country, or occasionally even abroad. No commuting cuts our carbon output, which is nice, but it also means we are a happy, motivated bunch. We wake up, plug in, and rock out.



System Requirements:

requires Mac OS X 10.6+

7 Responses to “iBank 4”

  1. MrThumbs Says:

    I’m interested in iBank but wonder when v5 will come out? It’s been at least 2.5 years since v4 came out, this is v4.7.2, and I note that the upgrade from v3 to v4 was $30. So will be have to upgrade to v5 soon?

  2. paulryb Says:

    I installed this over a year ago, but never had the chance to fully try it out. Now, if I attempt to try this new version, I can only do so for five minutes. Can I get a longer trial to evaluate? Amazon comments on this software are quite split.

  3. Critilo Says:

    I am tempted to get this. However, I am also concerned that iBank 5 may be around the corner. Will buyers of today’s ZOT be entitled to a free upgrade?

  4. gasport Says:

    I ditto the two other comments about V5. When will it be released and will we be entitled to a free upgrade? This is not such a great deal if we do have to pay for an update.

  5. kitm Says:

    I went from Quicken to MoneyDance and most recently to iBank. There is lot to like with iBank although it’s reports are not up to Quickens.
    I also wondered about an upgrade to V5 so I contacted IGG. I never heard back from them. If you need support I find it sadly lacking. (Not as bad as Quicken’s but no where as good as MoneyDance or 1Password’s.) There is a poor user to user forum. If you ask a question there and it is answered IGG never looks at the question again, even if there is a follow up question. Rather they prefer you to talk to them one on one with “Live chat” which is available between 9am and 6pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday only. Since I work those hours on the West Coast, support is effectively not available.
    I have extensively looked at all the Quicken replacements and this is the best one out there (Support aside).
    But certainly room for improvement. Hopefully a new version soon.

  6. gasport Says:

    Well, it appears no one from igg software is watching this as they are all on a holiday until Tuesday. From what I can see, there is no mention of V 5 on their blog and several emails to them remain unanswered. I am assuming there will be an upgrade as they seem to have good iPad app…. Problem is the cost of both…. I have Moneydance and there are problems importing my QEM file into V2012 but not V2011… Ipad app is free but not as functional as iBank. I wish they had responded as I would purchase it but not knowing whether V5 is due soon and how much, if anything, it will cost to upgrade. I guess the only thing to do is wait and buy from Amazon when V 5 comes out. Sorry iggsoft…

  7. IGGSoftware Says:

    Yes, we are off this weekend, but thanks for all your comments and questions. Here’s the official word from IGG: iBank 4 is the current version, and continues to be fully supported and updated; there was a major update to 4.7 in February, as well as the subsequent releases of 4.7.1 in March and 4.7.2 in April. If there’s no mention anywhere of a future version of iBank, that’s because nothing has been announced. In the meantime, all iBank updates are free to registered users of version 4 (as they have been for well over two years), and the discount here is the lowest price ever offered for the app. We should also mention that no features of iBank are ever “sunset,” so if you’re using (and satisfied with) a current version, there’s no obligation to purchase a future paid upgrade once it’s actually released.