Mar 30

The 1LD “Big Deal!”

Professional Quality, Dutifully Supported Premium Rapidweaver Themes and Stacks

Normally: $93.75

ZOT Price: $37.50

Click to macZOT!


1LD Developes a whole range of outstanding products to make your RapidWeaver web design experience smooth, efficient and powerful.


You'll get two eye cathching themes and three stacks at 60% Off during this ZOT!


Poseiden – Brand New Theme!  - Retail $29.95



Live demo…


Cinema - Simple, Beautiful, & Clean - Retail $29.95


Live demo…

cleanQuotes - Fully Responsive RapidWeaver Stack for Displaying Testimonials & Reviews. Retail – $12.95


Live demo…


cleanTabs - provides an easy drag-and-drop solution for placing jQuery EasyTabs on any stacks page or stacks content area. Retail – $12.95


Live demo…

cleanCaps - Easily add and customize cleanCaps stack sections. Each section automatically replaces the first letter with the popular article and blog 'drop cap' effect.




©2013 / Sacramento, CA


System Requirements:

RapidWeaver 5, and Stacks required for the included "Stacks".


Mar 28


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Breathe New Life Into Your Photos!

Also available today from the creators of Focus – Wallpaper Wizard

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $7.99

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Focus allows you to apply lens blur, vividness, tilt shift and more for the photos you took with your iPhone or camera. 

Create Custom Focus Masks

Beautiful Focus Effects:
Create lens blur and "tilt & shift" effects on a photo by choosing subjects to be in focus and let the app do the blurring. Preview your results immediately with a sophisticated LiveBLUR algo which ensures that your photo will look exactly like you want it – professional results are easy.
Key Features:
  • Very easy to use – Tool Presets help you focus photos in one click.
  • Crop, zoom, fix horizon and adjust your photo aspect ratio.
  • Works with any image or photo – download from your camera flash drive and drag to Focus.
  • Full gesture support – rotate, pinch, zoom, move – everything with your fingers.
  • LiveBLUR – preview your results live.
  • Full support for latest Mac OS features – versions, full screen and more.
  • Face recognition – Portrait preset will detect a face on your photo and automatically focus on it.

Also Available Today From Coppertino:


Wallpaper Wizard

The Best HD Wallpaper Collection at 50% Off. $4.99

More info…



Ivan Ablamskyi

We believe in creativity!

“Developing software is my obsession. This is how we established Coppertino Inc. Coppertino is a city of my dreams. A city for developers, designers who create ideas and make them work and help other people. We do believe in creativity.”Ivan Ablamskyi, Founder

Coppertino is not Cuppertino

Coppertino is a name of a company. It’s literally an alloy of two words 
and elements ‘Copper’ and ‘Tin’. Cupertino is a hometown of Apple Inc in California. 
We believe Coppertino may exist virtually as a headquarters for creative developers. 
Any resemblance to a real city in California is purely coincidental :)

  • App 
    of the WEEK
    Sept. 2011

    for Focus

  • Featured 
    New & Noteworthy

    for Forismatic

  • TOP 10 
    Paid Apps 
    in USA

    for Wallpaper Wizard

  • Featured 
    Digital Darkroom
    Jun. 2012

    for Focus

Coppertino Inc. 3329 Keystone Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90034


System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.6 or Later

Mar 28

Wallpaper Wizard

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Wallpaper Wizard

The Best HD Wallpaper Collection

Also available today from the creators of Wallpaper Wizard - Focus

Normally: $9.99

ZOT Price: $4.99

Click to macZOT! Download Trial



Wallpaper Wizard is the ultimate wallpaper changer for your Mac, with over 100,000 wallpapers at resolutions up to 2880 x 1800 (great for Retina displays). Wallpaper Wizard also includes iOS sync support via iCloud, so you can get your favorite wallpapers on your iPhone or iPad as well as your desktop.
In addition to the 100,000+ HD wallpapers already included, WallPaper Wizard is regularly updated with new categories, exclusive art, and special categories for events like Independence Day. You can also upload your own pictures. 
With Wallpaper Wizard you get: 
Infinite choices   
Get access to over 100,000+ carefully curated HD wallpapers, spanning hundreds of categories: includes everything from cute cats to gorgeous landscapes, from luxury cars to your favorite celebrities and more. Download them at will, with no need to store 30+ Gb of images on your Mac! 
Special categories   
Exclusive wallpaper selections of artists, photographers, holidays, art exhibitions updated regularly! 
Full control of Automatic Wallpaper Slideshows
Set Wallpaper Wizard to automatically change your wallpaper at predefined intervals. You control which categories Wallpaper Wizard chooses from for random wallpapers, so you only see photos you want. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to instantly switch to the next wallpaper as well. 
Multiple screens supported
Assign different wallpapers to different monitors automatically (optional). 
Social Integration   
If you want, you can share your current wallpaper with your friends via Facebook and Twitter! 
Get it now and find yourself clicking ”Next wallpaper” just to see what Wallpaper Wizard will get for you!
24/7 Customer Support
+1 (888) 765-7069
Our call-center is happy to assist you with any questions about Wallpaper Wizard.
Or email us at


System Requirements:

Mac OSX 10.6 or later

Mar 25


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Full iPhone and iPad Access


Normally: $29.95

ZOT Price: $14.95

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Save iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app data, voicemail, text messages, iMessages, call log, notes, contacts, music and photos to your Mac.


Video Intro. Super well done. :)


Screenshot QuickTour. Very Informative.



Customer Remarks:
"Had the hard drive in my MAC replaced after a crash. Lost all my music and wasn't able to get my iTouch to sync with a new library. I've been fretting about it forever. Fret no more. PhoneView to the rescue. Absolutely amazing. Easy to use. Worked exactly as advertised. Thank you!" 
                                           -T Das 
"This tool is a great help. Backup your music in case it's lost on your computer, check sms in case there's something you think is weird on your bill and so on – just a few of it's features…"
                                           -MacUpdate Reviewer


About Ecamm Network
Company Overview
Ecamm Network, LLC is a Massachusetts-based market leader in advanced Mac and iPhone software products. Our line of webcams and media focused software products connect thousands of creative Mac users worldwide. Over the past eight years, Ecamm's blend of technological expertise and realistic development goals has allowed us to build a portfolio of products with truly unique functionality.
Customer Service Pledge
Whether you need help with sales, order fulfillment or technical support with one of our products, we will treat you like you've just walked into our office. No support ticket numbers. No auto-responses. Just direct person-to-person communication to answer questions and resolve issues as quickly as possible.
Satisfaction Guarantee
When it comes to purchasing software, we've always believed that a no questions asked money-back guarantee is the optimal way to provide you with the comfort and security that you deserve. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 14 days and you will have your payment refunded. For shipped items, shipping is non-refundable and a re-stocking fee may apply.
Commitment To The Environment
We're proud to have sold thousands of software products over the past eight years completely via electronic delivery, which means no boxes, discs or shipping. Our webcams and other accessories come in delightfully small, fully-recyclable cardboard boxes, and are manufactured using RoHS compliant components.


System Requirements:


System Requirements:
Any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
iTunes v9.2 or newer

Mar 22

Jumsoft Corporate Styles Packs

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Jumsoft Corporate Styles Packs

Maintain a professional and stylish consistency from your business cards to your invoices.

Each of the 6 packs contains from 36 to 41 elegant, consistently-styled Pages templates, which include everything from business cards and envelopes to brochures, manuals, and more.

Normally: $39.99

ZOT Price: $19.99

Click to macZOT!


Jumsoft makes it easy and affordable to get your company's print and web materials looking 110% Professional. 


Get this Corporate Styles Pack today and create a professional and stylish design consistency from your business cards to your invoices.


The premium-quality Corporate Style Packs offer the highest quality templates for Pages on the market for a remarkably low price. Each of the 6 packs contains from 36 to 41 elegant, consistently-styled templates, which include everything from business cards and envelopes to brochures, manuals, and more.


A new look for your Pages documents! Jumsoft’s Corporate Style Packs set features Six Packs with different designs: Color Fest, Elementary, Enterprise, Living Space, Subtle Mind, and Sugar Hues. (Retail $19.99 per pack. Full Set retails for $39.99) Each of them contains more than 80 layouts for virtually any type of documents you may need in your office. Give your clients and partners a “wow” moment!
Each pack contains up to 41 different templates, from a basic one-page Invoice, Resume, or Fax to a complex Brochure with up to 12 options for covers and inner pages. The layouts range from full-page text to a three-panel brochure with photos to a set of business cards to a schedule table. Build an entire suite of documents to represent your business with Corporate Style Packs!
What's in the pack?
Each Corporate Style Pack includes 36-41 templates in uniform style matching the type of each document. Use single-page templates for basic documents or decide on one of the several multi-layout templates for brochures and other publications. The latter range from a 2-layout Quiz to a 12-layout Horizontal or Vertical brochure. All of the templates are available in the popular A4 (210 × 297 mm) and U.S. Letter (8½ x 11 in.) sizes, except Envelope (DL Envelope format – 110 x 220 mm / 4¼ x 8¾ in.). A few templates are also available in the larger A3 (297 x 420 mm) and Tabloid (11 x 17 in.) sizes. You can view the dimensions of a selected template by clicking File > Page Setup and checking Paper Size. 
How do they work?
Corporate Style Packs are completely trouble-free: just download the installation pack and double click the icon in your download folder. Open the App and begin making use of the tmplates for your needs. Every object in the templates can be effortlessly recolored, reshaped, moved, or removed. Type or paste your own text, add and remove text boxes, and change the font if you wish. Drag your photos or pictures onto documents to replace the stock images. Maintain a professional and stylish consistency from your business cards to your invoices.
The app works seemlessly with Pages…
And the results are outstanding!
To learn more about the use of Corporate Style Packs, visit the Jumsoft support page and find the Pages Templates section.

System Requirements:

Corporate Style Packs requires Apple’s Pages’ 08 or later.

Mar 19

Boxshot VR

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Boxshot VR

Bring Your Online Products To Life.

Convert Image Sequences to 3D Objects for Web.

Normally: $29.00

ZOT Price: $13.99

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


When you're shopping online…wouldn't you like to see a cool 3D object you can rotate?

  • Use Boxshot VR to ehance your customers' experience in your online shop.
  • Create mind blowing mock ups for design work customers. 
  • Bring objects "to life" online!

Boxshot VR is a great tool for presenting your 3D artwork on the web. All you need is a sequence of images, showing your item from different angles. Boxshot VR helps you to put these images as a virtual 3d object on a website, where your visitors may rotate it using the mouse.


You can see the samples on Boxshot VR homepage. Best of all, no Flash is required, as the object you get is plain HTML5 code. This means it runs well even on iPad or iPhone!





Use real photos or not…

It is not necessary to use real photos, you may use Boxshot Ultimate or any other 3D application to render the sequence for you. 

Boxshot VR demo comes with a sample sequence, so you can give it a try first.




Image Sequence → 3D

Boxshot VR converts a row or grid of images to a pseudo-3d object that you can rotate with the mouse or finger. You may use real photos or rendered images, the result is always beautiful!

Easy and Intuitive

Zero web-programming skills is required – Boxshot VR takes care about everything. Load your images and get a ready for uploading HTML file. Amazing results with just a few mouse clicks!

HTML5 Compatible

Boxshot VR produces valid HTML5 code. Your virtual 3d objects will work in all the modern browsers, mobile phones and pads. No need to install Flash or QuickTime plugin, it just works!




System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6+

Mar 16

KnowledgeMiner – Copper

Make Better Decisions.

64-bit Parallel Self-organizing Predictive Modeling from Data: Mine. Extract. Predict. Identify. Simulate.
Also: Get a 25% discount when upgrading to Silver or Gold Edition during this ZOT! (Use code 3XCG-TZRE-76HP)

Normally: $105.00

ZOT Price: $25.00

Click to macZOT! Download Trial


Make Better Decisions Based on Relevant Data.


"I believe that tools like this are definitely the start of something very big in getting a handle on mountains of information." — Douglas, Dartmouth Medical School


Do you know the value of your data? Find unknown relevant relationships in your scientific, business or personal data easily by using outstanding self-organizing knowledge mining methods for prediction, classification, identification or simulation tasks in various fields.


KnowledgeMiner comes with documentation, extra literature, sample data and models such as:

  • World Oil Price prediction and simulation till 2025
  • Monthly Global Temperature predictions and What Drives Global Warming
  • Reproductive Toxicity prediction of chemicals to help you getting started with your data.

KnowledgeMiner Changes the Game for Small Businesses.


KnowledgeMiner is a professional, yet user friendly tool for building predictive models from noisy data autonomously. Whether applied to sales predictions, financial and resource planning, engineering problems, climate change, health or life sciences related questions, or mining collections of data from government agencies – KnowledgeMiner opens up a wealth of new possibilities to individuals, small business owners, and scientists that were previously available only to large entities that could afford expensive data mining applications.


Visit KnowledgeMiner to get all the details of the content above.


Why do I need a model?

Clearly, we are facing an ever-widening spectrum of complex problems, which require analysis and action. However, the means and adequate models for understanding, simulating, and predicting such problems often do not exist. This is particularly the case in many real-world, socio-economic, eco-economic, ecological, biological, and energy challenges. To fill this knowledge gap, new, inductive learning, self-organizing modeling methods have to be applied, which can help reveal the missing, implicit relationships in complex systems in an adaptive, fast, reliable, and objective way.


The efficiency and reliability of this self-organizing modeling approach has been proven in the past decades by numerous practical applications. More recent ones include the modeling and prediction of harmful health and environmental effects of chemicals such as carcinogenicity, mutagenicity or bioaccumulation for regulatory purposes and consumer safety to minimize animal tests, which was done in cooperation with the Istituto Mario Negri, Italy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the UK Food and Environment Research Agency, and others. (VEGA project)


Another example that shows the power and value of KnowledgeMiner is an ex ante forecast of monthly global mean temperatures until November 2017, which is based on models that were developed back in May 2010 and which is available for live actual vs predicted comparison.



Feature Highlights:

  • Brings high-performance Personal Knowledge Mining to users with unprecedented ease of model building and deployment – takes full advantage of the computing power of your Mac.
  • Hides all complex processes of knowledge extraction, model development, dimension reduction, variables selection, noise filtering, and model validation from the user.
  • Self-organizes linear or nonlinear, static or dynamic regression models and model ensembles – generates the equation that describes the data.
  • Checks if, and the extent to which, the developed model reflects a valid relationship or if it just models noise – employs advanced validation methods based on higher-dimensional modeling
  • Live Prediction Validation technology – for the first time, gives direct information about model stability for the given input values
  • Generated analytical models can be used for Status Quo or What-If prediction, analysis, simulation, or optimization problems
  • Optionally, it implements models and model ensembles in Excel – model export requires Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 or 2008

Language Support:

  • English, Spanish, and German


Quotes from users:

"I like KnowledgeMiner because its algorithm does not make any assumtions on the underlying data; well, at least not during the initial model-building phase. I also like the fact that it generates sets of equations that the user can review with detailed understanding of the interactions and dependencies of each variable. Also, the algorithm(s) behave surprising well under extreme conditions for certain complex dynamical systems. Congratulations for your excellent work." — Alexis Pobedonostzeff, Pfizer Inc., Director, Health Care Issues Analysis & Management


"I have purchased your program KnowledgeMiner and have had some time to use it. My research is in artificial intelligence applications in clinical medicine at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. I have so far used backward error propagation and probalistic ANNs for outcomes based research. I also have some experience with fuzzy decision theory and expert systems. Your program looks interesting and has some advantages over my current modelling software. … I wish to congratulate you on your very promising software." — Wayne, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Cardiology, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada


"Lovely maths and algorithms. Nice and simple product. Feel that it can significantly assist me. Looking forward to understanding it better to put it to real use." — Dr. Conrad Mackenzie, Australia


"KnowledgeMiner is the most advanced implementation of the GMDH approach now. It uses the inductive method, which is different from deductive techniques used commonly for modeling on principle. Many important successful results were received using this tool recently. They show the advantage of it over analogous well-known software." — Prof. Alexey G. Ivakhnenko, author of the self-organizing modeling approach (GMDH)

About Us.


Leading Knowledge Mining Technologies for the Mac.

KnowledgeMiner Software was founded by Frank Lemke in 1993 in Berlin, Germany. The company is active in research, development, consulting, and application of unique self-organizing modeling and knowledge discovery technologies. It developed the KnowledgeMiner® software package, a distinguished commercial self-organizing modeling and knowledge extraction tool for the Mac. The software implements an outstanding set of parallel algorithms for modeling, validation, and workflow processing of complex systems to allow knowledge extraction from noisy real-world data in a most objective, automated, and fast way. The company developed and implemented a number of original technologies for validation of inductively built data mining models including new approaches for application domain definition and identification, cost-sensitive and ensemble modeling with per-sample prediction uncertainty, and self-organizing knowledge extraction from high-dimensional variables space of noisy data. 
It is also the developer of former KnowledgeMiner Classic and KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel software packages.
  KnowledgeMiner Software has been doing consulting in model development and prediction of toxicological and eco-toxicological hazards and risks of chemical compounds from experimental data for regulatory purposes within REACH and participated in three international research projects funded by the European Commission related to QSAR modeling and model evaluation. Other fields of activity have been climate change related modeling and prediction problems, sales and demand predictions, macro- and micro-economic modeling problems like national economy and balance sheet prediction, energy consumption analysis and prediction, medical diagnosis of diseases, and wastewater reuse problems.

KnowledgeMiner is supporting the FuturICT project, a major international public effort on modeling, understanding, and simulating our complex, global, interconnected socio-eco-economic world.



KnowledgeMiner® is being used by:

NASA, Boeing, MIT, Columbia, Notre Dame, Mobil Oil, Pfizer, Merck, Dean & Company, and many other corporations, universities, research institutes and individuals around the world.

KnowledgeMiner Software contributed to a number of international research projects, for example:

Caesar Project VEGA Platform FuturICT


System Requirements:

* OS X 10.7 Lion or higher?

* 64-bit CPU ?

* Minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixel? Do* For Excel support, Excel versions 2011 or 2008

Mar 13

Graphic Styles – For Unique Slideshows

From here your slideshow tools are expanded wildly!

Normally: $17.95

ZOT Price: $7.95

Click to macZOT!


For those of you who know JumsoftYou know that the quality of their products is always TOP notch. Graphic Styles is no exception. When you download the file (after purchase) double clicking the icon opens Graphic Styles in Keynote. From there your slideshow tools are expanded wildly! Great Deal Today.

Create Unique Slideshows…
The Graphic Styles set offers a wide assortment of tools for creating unique Keynote slideshows. Each item, from button bullets to keyboard characters with a customizable background, will help you infuse your slideshows with distinction.
(There are 15 fontpacks included…)
Simple to Apply
Graphic Styles contains custom patterns, bullets, image frames, and keyboard characters. You can apply the elements to your Keynote presentation by simply copying and pasting them or, if you are applying a pattern, copying and pasting the selected graphic style.
(There are 24 frame types included…)
Easy to Adjust
All images include transparent backgrounds, and you can place them on top of various colors or patterns. You can adjust the tint, brightness, contrast, and other parametes of the frames and characters, as well as change the fill and opacity of the patterns.
(There are 27 pattern sets included…)

About Jumsoft:

In 2002, a couple of young Lithuanian enthusiasts of Apple’s Mac resolved to start Jumsoft, a company that would create and market exciting, easy-to-use, and powerful applications for the Mac platform. A few years and a number of projects later, our programmers are juggling a whole family of finance applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. In the next-door room, the design squad is busy drawing sleek and stylish clipart as well as document templates for iWork and Mail. The support team is always ready to answer your questions, and the project leaders wake up in the middle of the night to jot down new ideas for apps and the ways to improve them. We love what we do, and we hope it shows. (more team member photos here…)


System Requirements:

10.6 or later

Mar 11

Noise Texture Overlays for Photo Effects

Easily add grain and noise to photos with this set of 30 high-reses textures

Normally: $27.00

ZOT Price: $9.00

Click to macZOT!


If you like to add quick effects to your photos, this set of noise texture overlays is for you. You can add grain and noise to a photo by simply pasting a texture layer abover the photo and setting the blend mode to "screen". For experimentation you can apply the sharpen filter to the texture layer, change the opacity of the texture layer, or add multiple texture layers.


These 30 textures are 12 inches by 12 inches at 300 dpi (3600 pixels by 3600 pixels), making them highly useful for print projects as well as web-based projects. Whether you want to add some noise and texture to your own personal photos or use them to create professional items, this set is both affordable and effective.


A PDF file is included in the download to show how to use the textures in Photoshop.





Noise Texture Overlay


Noise Texture Overlays


Noise Textures





Noise Textures


Noise Textures

System Requirements:

Simply apply a texture on top of a photo in Photoshop (or another photo editor) and set the blend mode to "screen". 


Mar 09

Solostream Premium Themes Membership

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Solostream Premium Themes Membership

These guys KNOW WP!

Get 3 Months of Membership Benefits, and Unlimited use rights to every current Solostream premium WordPress theme Forever.

Normally: $99.00

ZOT Price: $49.50

Click to macZOT!



3 Days Only on macZOT! 

Get Every Solostream Premium WordPress Theme For Just $99 $49.50!

With a Solostream Premium Themes Membership, you get unlimited use rights to every premium WordPress theme we make – Forever. And 3 months of Free theme updates and free theme support through the Solostream Support Forum. 

 (That's 30 themes for $49.50!)

See LIVE DEMOS and all the info about all the themes here…


"After dabbling with Joomla and Drupal I came over to WordPress to develop my sites. Luckily for me I also stumbled across the WP-Bold theme from Solostream. It was exactly what I was looking for with my news site and was just as good, when combined with Cart 66, as an e-commerce theme. The support has been excellent, the features superb. The documentation is also the finest I've seen for a long time. I just wish I'd discovered them much earlier and not wasted time and money on the other CMS's and themes. Brilliant stuff."

                                                                                                                                                              - Mark


What you'll get with your 3 month Solostream Premium Themes Membership:
  • Flexible, User-Friendly WordPress Themes - Ingenious themes with a built-in control panel make it a snap to manage and customize your WordPress site.
  • Responsive Design Framework (Mobile Ready) – Adjusts to Browser Size
  • Elegant, Search-Engine Optimized Themes – Smart design and XHTML valid code ensures maximum search engine visibility for your WordPress site.
  • More Great Themes for Less Money - At $99  $49.50 for a Silver Membership, you get 30 Premium WordPress themes for less than some folks charge for one.
  • Access to New Theme Releases - Silver and Gold membership plans give you free access to all new themes released during your membership.
  • Outstanding Theme Support - Detailed theme documentation with tutorials, video and one of the best support forums around.
  • Cross-Browser Compatible Themes - Clean, valid code ensures your WordPress site will look the same across all modern web browsers.


Testimonial from Alan Boyd

"WP-Ellie is my first Solostream theme. It’s the best theme I have ever used BY FAR for customized coding and functionality. I have used dozens and dozens of premium wordpress themes from various theme building/selling sites and there is no comparison. The community and support is also second to none.

Thanks a lot and keep em coming."



Many of the themes use Responsive Design Frameworks – (Mobile Ready) 


Some Solostream FAQs:



Can I use the theme on sites?

No, you can not use our themes on sites as they don't allow outside themes. Solostream themes can only be used on self-hosted WordPress sites.

Can I modify this theme and/or remove the footer links?

Yes, you can modify the theme as much as you like.

Can I use the theme on multiple sites?

Yes, you can use the theme on as many sites as you like.

Can I translate the theme?

Yes, we provide a .po file, which you can use to translate the theme into your desired language.

Can I use this theme forever with no additional payments?

Yes. Whether you keep your membership active or not, you can continue to use the theme(s) for as long as you like.

Is this theme search engine optimized (SEO)?

Yes. As an online business, we understand the importance of SEO. As such, our themes are designed for maximum search engine visability. We also recommend that you use one of the many WordPress SEO plugins available (e.g. All-In-One SEO) to further enhance the search engine visability of your site.

Is this theme compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

Yes. We always keep our themes up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress.

Is it easy to add my own logo to the theme?

Yes. Simply upload your logo via the WordPress dashboard, then add the file URL to the WP-Blossom Theme Settings page found in your WordPress dashboard.

Will all WordPress plugins work with this theme?

Most WP plugins work just fine with our themes. That said, there are thousands of plugins, and there's no way to guarantee they'll all function properly with our themes. If you have a problem, we'll do our best to help you resolve it or find an alternate plugin with the same functionality.

Do you offer support for your themes?

Yes, and our customers speak very highly our support team. We have an active support forum where you can receive guidance on how to use the themes, as well as guidance on simple modifications your might want to make. If your modification request is more extensive, we offer a paid customization service.

What is your refund policy?

Since our products are intangible goods that are digitally delivered, we do not offer refunds. Please review each theme and ask any questions you might have prior to purchase (we've been known to make exceptions for extenuating circumstances).

Is it easy to change fonts, colors, etc.?

Yes. Our themes have a built-in theme settings page that allows you to easily make modifications. If you have any trouble, someone in the Solostream support forum will be happy to provide simple instructions on how to make minor modifications.

GPL License 

All Solostream themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL), the same license under which WordPress itself is published. This means you can modify the themes as much as you like, and use them on multiple sites.

More Comments About Solostream:

WordPress Testimonial from Jason

"After considering [other themes], I found that only the Solostream theme met our criteria of being easy to customize, setup, optimize ad locations with little hassle, and create unique looks for different websites with minimal effort. I’d recommend this theme to anyone without hesitation."

Jarret Morrow, M.D., Hive Health Media

WordPress Testimonial from Chris

"I work so damn hard on my website and now, thanks to you guys, it looks like I work so damn hard on it! I love WP-Clear. My site loads twice as fast, looks ten times better, and now I actually look like I mean business … to say I am satisfied, would be an understatement."

Chris Atkins, 21stCenturyNetworker



About Solostream:


What We Do (Our Mission)

As a web-based media company, the mission of Solostream is to create easily accessible content, products and services that help small businesses, organizations and individuals use the Web to:

  1. more quickly launch and grow their online presence.
  2. streamline and simplify their operations.
  3. connect and collaborate with others through the Internet.

Why We Do What We Do

At heart, we exist for two reasons:

1. We love freedom. There’s no greater opportunity in life than to be and become whoever you choose; to express yourself freely and fully; to impact the world in your own unique way; and to be compensated in equal measure to that impact. And that opportunity, we believe, is most readily realized through the start-up and operation of your own entrepreneurial venture.

2. We love the Internet and technology. We love it for its ability to add richness and simplicity to our lives. And we love it for its ability to connect people and bring them closer together, despite perhaps being miles apart.

10 Things We Care Most About (Our Values)

  1. Freedom – it’s why we exist.
  2. Simplicity – makes it easier to focus on what’s most important.
  3. Integrity – life is simpler when you understand and fulfill your commitments.
  4. Effectiveness – we want our stuff to get results for people.
  5. Human Relationship – we are many, we are one.
  6. Growth – it’s the natural course of life.
  7. Beauty – we like things to look good.
  8. Leading-Edginess – we like fresh and new.
  9. Tech-Savviness – it’s all about simplicity and competitive advantage.
  10. Pizza – we needed a #10 (and we really do love pizza).

Meet the Solostream Team

Mike Durkin is the chief bottle washer and head cheese of Solostream (aka CEO). A technology junkie, he’s passionate about helping people harness the power of web publishing. Prior to Solostream, he spent more than 12 years working and consulting with various Internet and technology start-ups, with a focus on sales, marketing, and operations.

Alistair Barnett is our resident tech support ninja. He’s a walking Internet how-to and can almost always tell you where to go on the Web to do x, y, and z. Over 10 years’ experience of being an avid Copyeditor, Web Designer, and Internet consultant allows him to assist in any way he can. His focus is on attention to detail, while also being a helpful, easygoing person.

Michael Pollock is the marketing and product development guy for Solostream. He’s also a blogger, a WordPress developer and an entrepreneur. When he’s not evangelizing Solostream or designing WordPress themes, he writes about using WordPress as the primary online tool in growing a profitable business.