Jun 29

Javabean Web Hosting

Enjoy the Fastest, Easiest and Friendliest RapidWeaver Hosting Provider.
Get the ZOT and Experience the Difference.

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Normally: $30.00

ZOT Price: $5.00

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Today’s ZOT gets you 3 months of Javabean Web Hosting’s Half-Caf Plan.

Javabean Hosting

Javabean Hosting is the fastest, easiest and friendliest RapidWeaver hosting provider. No other hosting provider knows or is as committed to RapidWeaver as we are. Javabean Hosting also includes these bonuses for absolutely free:

  • A dedicated RapidWeaver plugin
  • A MySQL stack to make backing up MySQL databases a cinch.
  • We know the ins and out of RapidWeaver including what publishing settings you need.

Half-Caf Plan

The Half-Caf plan is perfect for start-up websites and blogs that require some space to grow. Half-Caf is also our most popular and features 1GB of disk space and 10GB of Bandwidth. Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. All of our plans include great support, blazing fast hardware and software, and servers that are never oversold.

Free migration assistance

We don’t come up with excuses on moving day. We will grab a cup of coffee and help you pack, lift, and move those virtual boxes. We’re cool like that. Please contact us when you’re ready and we’ll answer your questions and work with you on getting everything set up.


Unlike other oversold shared hosts, we use first class dedicated hardware and software. As a result, your site runs faster, your users are happier, and search engines rate you higher. - source.

  • NO Contracts Yes, you read that right. We don’t lock you in or hold your site hostage. We believe you’ll love us and want to stay.
  • Premium support How can we help you? Skype? Email? Other? Let us know! You already know us and our work. Rest assured that you’re getting great support to help answer your hosting questions.
  • Daily backups We make daily offset backups to keep your data safe. More details here.
  • Unlimited domains Have as many sites as you’d like.
  • RapidWeaver friendly We have the tools that you need to run your RapidWeaver site.
  • RapidWeaver plugin We show true commitment to the RapidWeaver community with our own plugin
  • Green We’re truly committed to being Green with real promises and real action.


We’re nothing without our great customers. Here’s what a few of them have to say here.

Developer Interview

Hello, my name is Greg. I am the Barista behind Javabean Hosting. I’d like to take a few minutes to tell you…

Your Barista, Greg
  • What’s the most unique feature of Javabean Hosting? We are the only host with a dedicated RapidWeaver plugin. How cool is that?
  • Why did you start Javabean Hosting? I started Javabean Hosting because I became tired of the standard hosting model. Hosting companies lock you in with contracts and lock down their services. This makes it hard for users to build truly great websites. In addition to policies and technical limitations, I wanted a service that I knew was fast. I am obsessed with speed and like I can add hosting features that really matter (like GZip compression and extra fast disks). Sites (and their owners) deserve the best.
  • What part of hosting is most interesting to you? Speed & optimization. I enjoy squeezing the most out of everything and routinely tuning the hardware and software so my users are experiencing the fastest speeds possible.
  • What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product? First and foremost, service. I’ll earn your trust and guide you on the right track. Second, speed. You should start to feel a noticeable speed increase to your site once you’ve switched over. Interested in a less subjective approach, try YSlow. We can help you make sense of YSlow if you’d like and filter out what is important and what isn’t when it comes to speeding up your site.
  • What are some interesting experiences you’ve had with web hosting? Probably the most “interesting” experience I’ve had is the migration of my server from 1 provider to another upstream provider. About 3 months ago I had to make a switch due to a failure in the provider to deliver for me (and thus, my clients) on services that I expected. I was up until 5am that morning migrating everyone’s account. The bottom line is that I care about my users and what happened was unacceptable. Details of this migration can be found on my blog.
  • What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why? I use so many Indie apps (one of my favorite things about the Mac is the number of Indie developers!) but my favorites have to be Fantasical and Sparrow. I use these apps regularly and they make working with Email and Calendar painless.
  • What features would you like to add to your product? I have a few future plans for the Javabean plugin. For instance, I’d like to include more stats, controls and documentation. Yes, I know that is vague, but it is only because the cool stuff is worth the wait ;)
  • What would you like a user to ask you? “How much space do you recommend for my site?” (Typically, It depends on the size of your RapidWeaver project). Or on a personal note – “How do you drink your coffee?” (Hint: black. I enjoy tasting the various coffee flavors without altering the flavor with cream or sugar.)
  • What should I ask that I’m forgetting? What does a user need to do to get started? The process is fairly simple although can sound overwhelming. It can be summarized in 3 steps:
    • Sign up. Don’t worry if it isn’t the ‘right plan’. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.
    • Publish and test your site to your new host, migrate any databases, and email accounts.
    • Switch your domain from pointing at your current host to your new home at Javabean Hosting.
  • What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy? Please check out the FAQ below

Backups – How do you keep my data safe?

We take backups very seriously. There are a few methods that we employ to make sure we’re able to help you in a time of need.

  • Offsite backups via Amazon S3. Every night, we archive your entire site (including databases and email) to Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is globally recognized as the leading provider of storage in the cloud. We hold 30 days worth of backups.
  • Rsync backups. Unix nerds will appreciate Rsync backups. These are taken daily of all your files. Any time a file is changed, the file is backed up to another server. This allows us to restore a single file.
  • Server snapshots. We take entire server snapshots every night. We keep these backups so we can restore the entire server in case of extreme emergencies.


  • Is this for new or existing customers? This is for new customers only.
  • But Host XYZ offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space! Yes, this is true, other ‘big box’ hosting companies promise you the world. In reality, they are overselling their servers and stuffing as many users on the same machine as possible. This slows down your site and exposes you to higher potential of security flaws. We care about you and your site more than that!
  • Do I need to transfer my domain? Not at all! You are free to use your current domain registrar. Of course, if you’d like you can transfer or register a domain with us at any time.
  • How many domains can I have? As many as you’d like! Everyone has more than one website nowadays (including us).
  • How many sub-domains can I have? Of course, as many as you’d like!
  • How many email accounts can I have? There is a … nah, just kidding. There is no limit to the number of email accounts you can have. Almost fooled you, didn’t I?
  • Do you support plugin XYZ or Stack ABC? If you find something that is made for RapidWeaver and doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll work on making sure we have the necessary software installed.
  • I’ve purchased the Zot, what do I do now? Great! Please remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re very happy to answer them. Let’s get started!
    • Find coupon code. You can retrieve you coupon code via email or by logging into your Zot account.
    • Order your new service. Once you’ve obtained your coupon code proceed to order the Half-Caf plan. You can choose 1 of 3 options while signing up. You may:
      • Register a new domain. Have a cool new domain you’d ilke to register? Great! You can do so now. All domain registrations include free WHOIS and DNS management.
      • Transfer a domain. This option is if you’d like to move your domain from your current registrar (the company you originally bought your domain from) to Javabean. All transfers include 1yr extension for the expiration of your domain and free private WHOIS protection and DNS management.
      • I will update my name servers. This is for users who’d like to keep their domain at their current company. All that is required is that you update the domain to point to Javabean Hosting. You can transfer it later if you’d like. If you’re unsure of which option to choose, please use this one. We can help you with the process and explain everything!
    • Publish your site! You will receive a ‘New Account Info’ email shortly after signing up. This email contains your FTP/CPanel login and password. This is the login and password that you will use in RapidWeaver for publishing. Please keep it safe. For security, it is different from your billing login and password.
  • Why are there so many options when signing up? Choice. We believe you should have choice in how your site is set up. We don’t hold your site hostage and require you to register or transfer your domain to us. We will happily register or transfer your domain, the choices are yours.

Technical Details

Do you love reading a good tech specification? We only use first class hardware and software. Check this out:

  • PHP v5.3
  • MySQL 5
  • Raid-10 SAN (storage area network) for blazing fast hard drive access
  • Burstable 1Gbps network
  • Globally distributed DNS servers (13 in total) mean that DNS lookups are always fast no matter where your visitors are!
  • Auto-scaling architecture. We’re always ready for your site to hit the big time!

About Us

We’ve been on the RapidWeaver scene since 2008 and love building new products for RapidWeaver users. Some of these products you may have heard of or already use. Our products include our professional slideshow software WeaverPix, our file manager and collaboration tool WeaverFM, and our drop box utility WeaverBox. In 2012 and beyond, we look forward to continuing this trend and delivering high class products and services to the RapidWeaver community.

Jun 28

OverSite 4.0.3

Easy wireframing and interaction design

Logo Design Studio Bundle and Paragon NTFS and HFS Zots Continue… Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop! Weekend ZOT Preview too…

Normally: $65.00

ZOT Price: $25.00

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If you design, develop, or architect Websites, then OverSite is the app you’ve been waiting for… even if you didn’t know it! OverSite makes it simple to mock up and prototype your Website. You can quickly define your site’s overall structure… and OverSite will automatically generate a graphical site map. Creating wireframes of your individual pages—complete with hyperlink navigation between pages—is a breeze. You can attach notes to your wireframes to provide further details. And once you’re done, you can export your site structure to a number of different formats.

OverSite’s rich feature set includes:

  • An easy-to-use structure editor with drag-and-drop functionality and the new Rapid Structure Creator.
  • A wireframe editor, allowing you to mock up pages and screens of your site.
  • Detailed notes attached to widgets within your wireframes.
  • Reusable wireframe components with OverSite’s composites and templates functionality.
  • Automatic sitemap generation with customizable colors, fonts, and other UI elements.
  • Ability to test site interaction with OverSite’s Clickthru browser.
  • Ability to import pre-existing Web sites, and modify their site structures.
  • Ability to export site structures as folders and HTML files, clickable images, and other formats.
  • Get started quickly

    OverSite’s Rapid Structure Creator lets you simply type in your website’s structure… At the click of a button, OverSite will transform your text into a full-blown site architecture!

    Widgets and wireframes with ease

    OverSite’s rich menu of widgets lets you create wireframes and interactive mockups, and includes:

  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dividers
  • Images
  • Labels
  • Spinners
  • Library of Common Images/Icons
  • Drop-down Lists
  • Radio Buttons
  • Rectangles and Squares
  • Circles
  • Lines
  • Spreadsheets and Tables
  • Dialogs with Templates
  • HTML Components
  • Scrolling Panels
  • Tabbed Panels
  • Textareas
  • Paragraphs
  • Textfields
  • Sliders
  • Triangles
  • Stars
  • Polygons
  • Don’t like the default look of the components? Customize them however you want them to; size, colors, border sizes, fonts, and more can all be easily modified. Even the overall painting effect can be set to anywhere from no effect at all, to subtle shading, to glassy Web 2.0 effects. Don’t want to tweak the look and feel of every component individually? Just define your own custom styles and apply them to all of your components with the click of a button.

    But OverSite’s just getting started at that point. Its Composite tool lets you construct your own complex components, based on OverSite’s built-in components, that you can apply over and over again throughout your wireframes. Because let’s face it… repetition sucks! OverSite’s alignment, arrangement, and even-distribution tools let you quickly place components onto a wireframe, then even more quickly lay them out properly. Take advantage of a section’s wireframe canvases to create partial layouts that will appear in all of that section’s pages. Want to create a slight variation on an existing page? Don’t start from scratch with a new page; don’t even start with a cut & paste copy of the existing page! Just create a Version of the page, and make your modifications there!

    Create a page… and then create a Version and make a few tweaks

    Clarify your mockups

    Annotate your wireframes by attaching notes to your widgets. Notes describe the type of each widget, and any other information you need to provide to ensure your mockups are crystal clear.

    And lots more…

    OverSite’s list of features goes on and on and on… From autogenerated—yet fully-customizable—sitemaps,to built-in interaction testing (in regular or full-screen mode), to a plethora of exporting options, there’s a lot of functionality packed into this tiny price!

    What are people saying about OverSite?

    “This is the most full-featured and easy-to-use IA/wireframing/prototyping tool that I’ve come across and frankly I’m amazed that I’ve taken so long to discover it (it’s been around for 3 years).”

    - Christian from SmileyCat web design blog, A Better Way to Create Information Architectures, Wireframes and Prototypes

    “Thank you very much for creating OverSite – from my point of view it’s a blessing.”

    - Tony Cundiff

    “I have been using it for a week in two different projects and I’m impressed. Does what it says very well. Building the wireframes and prototyping the navigation is very fast and painless.”

    - Alexandre

    “I’ve been using this great little program for awhile, and the more I use it, the more useful I find it. The developer is friendly and helpful as well, and has even added bits of functionality that I’d asked for!”

    - Becca


    System Requirements

    OverSite requires the following to run:

    • Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.
    • A Java 1.5 (or higher) runtime.
      (OS X, up through 10.6 Snow Leopard, includes this by default. Users of 10.7 Lion will be prompted to download the latest version of Java the first time OverSite is launched.)

    For more information, visit

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    Javabean Web Hosting

    Enjoy the Fastest, Easiest and Friendliest RapidWeaver Hosting Provider.

    Javabean Hosting is the fastest, easiest and friendliest RapidWeaver hosting provider. No other hosting provider knows or is as committed to RapidWeaver as we are.

    Learn more about it here…

    Jun 27

    Mac Bundle: Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 and HFS+ for Windows 9.0

    Break down the barriers between Windows and Mac OS X.
    Get full read and write access to NTFS partitions under Mac OS X!

    Logo Design Studio Bundle Continues… Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $19.95

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    Download trial of NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 here…

    Download trial of HFS+ for Windows 9.0 here…

    Running Windows on your Mac? Not a problem with cross-platform technologies from Paragon!


    NTFS for Mac® OS X 9.5 and HFS+ for Windows 9.0 eliminate barriers between Windows and Mac OS-s, and ease data manipulation and data transfer for dual boot users.

    50% OFF on Paragon’s NTFS for Mac OS X 9.5 & HFS+ for Windows 9.0 BUNDLE to simplify cross-platform computing at once!

    Problem Our solution

    Mac OS X® provides little support of NTFS – the primary file system of any Windows
    PC. You cannot create, delete or modify files or folders on NTFS partitions, but only read

    With Paragon
    NTFS for Mac®
    OS X, you’ll get full read/write access to any version of NTFS under Mac OS

    Now you can use your Mac® for cross-platform file access:

    • Completely and instantly access all Windows® files and folders from your Mac® with the highest
      possible speed!
    • Easy, safe installation and usage
    • Unhampered data exchange between PC and Mac®
    • Share Windows files as a Mac® user via external disk drives
    • Get access to Windows video files on your Mac® to cut and post-produce them
    • Get access to .doc- and .pdf-files on your Mac®
    • You can even create and repair NTFS partitions under Mac® the way you usually do it with
    • Make any version of NTFS a native file system for Mac® OS X – no restrictions, full



    HFS+ for Windows® 9.0

    Get all the details here…

    NTFS for Mac® OS X 9.5

    Get all the details here…

    Why do I need this product?
    What exactly is Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X?

    Click here to get the detailed Pre Sales FAQ…

    Paragon NTFS for Mac® OS X is a low-level file system driver specially developed by Paragon Software Group from the ground up. The driver is based on unique Paragon Technology called Universal Files System Driver (UFSD). It provides reliable, fast and full read/write access to Windows NTFS file system under Mac® OS X like native file systems and completely supports Mac® OS X 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Lion with G4, G5 and x86 architectures and all NTFS versions – from Windows NT 3.1 up to Windows 7.

    What are some common uses of Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X?
    Paragon NTFS for Mac® OS X is intended to open up an effective two-way communication channel between Mac and Windows. There are a number of basic use scenarios:

    1. You’re a Boot Camp user (Mac OS X + Windows) who can really appreciate full read/write access to NTFS under Mac
    2. You need to transfer data (files over 4GB) from your Mac to a Windows-based computer with an external hard drive. The FAT32 file system well supported by both operating systems cannot be used on that external drive, since it cannot process files over 4 GB
    3. You’re not willing to bother with what file system your thumb drive or external hard disk uses. The only thing that matters is a 100% guarantee you’ll get access to them
    4. You need to provide unhampered data exchange within mixed corporate environment (Mac and Windows users).

    For personal use only
    Registration Information: After purchasing you will receive license information for the software within the next 15 minutes from Please add to “white list” to be sure to receive a service letter.

    Supported Operating Systems
    Mac® OS X 10.4 Tiger (10.4.6 and higher)
    Mac® OS X 10.5 Leopard
    Mac® OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (32Bit, 64Bit)
    newMac® OS X 10.7 Lion

    System Requirements
    RAM: 128MB
    Mac: CPU: PowerPC G4, G5* and x86 Intel
    * PowerPC G5 has not been tested for compatibility yet, but our driver is most likely to work flawlessly on it.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Jun 26

    Secret Folder

    Conceal folders and files on your Mac with a click for $1! Password Protection Too!
    Logo Design Studio Bundle Continues… Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $4.99

    ZOT Price: $1.00

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    Buy 1 item

    Secret Folder is very useful to keep your information away from prying eyes, it provides you with an easy and fast way to hide personal documents.

    “It’s amazing how something so simple in concept, works so well. Must have for any Mac user.”
    Freakin Awesome!! – Donnie Byers

    Conceal folders and files on your Mac with a click. Secret Folder provides you with an easy and fast way to hide personal documents. Password protection too!

    How do you make invisible folders and files on a Mac?
    Apimac Secret Folder is an app for Mac that provides an easy and fast way to protect personal documents and avoid them being seen, modified, or erased by other users. It allows users to hide folders and their contents. Files and folders can be added by means of a single click on a choose dialog box or via drag and drop.

    The app is really simple to use and can be protected with a password for extra security. Secret Folders is very useful to keep your information away from prying eyes or kids who may accidentally modify or delete your files.

    Using a password
    The ‘Require Password’ check button lets you protect the app with a password. If this option is selected, at the opening of Apimac Secret Folder a password dialog box will be displayed. To gain access to the application it will be necessary to enter the correct password.

    Notes about security
    This application uses the standard functionality of the operating system to make folders and files invisible. Programmers and experienced users could gain access to a folder made invisible and there are some applications that let you open invisible files or files contained in a folder made invisible. Whether you need advanced levels for protecting your data, there are other ways as protecting information on removable media (as creating encrypted disk images using Protect Files) or using Mac OS X FileVault. To learn more about Protecting information on removable media and on Mac OS X FileVault, open Mac OS X Finder’s Help. You can learn more about our Mac Security tools by visiting Mac Data Protection page.

    System Requirements of Secret Folder for Mac:

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended).
  • Approximately 28MB of available disk space.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

  • Jun 25

    Logo Design Studio Pro EXP Bundle

    Need a Professional Logo Pronto?

    Enjoy MASSIVE Savings and Get it Done in a Snap!
    Save over 93% on the logo bundle to end all logo bundles.

    Normally: $299.96

    ZOT Price: $20.00

    Click to macZOT!


    Design a new logo in minutes using the flexible design tools of the Logo Design Studio Pro EXP Bundle.

    Get Logo Design Studio Pro, all three expansion packs, and FontPack Pro for only $20. Expansion packs include Big Concept 1, Alphabet Art 1, and Human Nature 1. Save over 93% (retail value is $299.96).

    Design a new logo in minutes using the flexible design tools of the Logo Design Studio Pro EXP Bundle. Easily choose from over 1450 pre-designed logo templates, or start from scratch using over 3900 premium logo-centric vector graphics and shapes to jumpstart your creativity. Then add or change text, shapes, color gradients and more to get your look right.

    All 3900+ vector graphics are included in SVG format. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) allow you to fully edit each object to make unique new looks, a creative advantage no other application includes.

    Vector design tools allow you to scale logos to any size without losing their sharpness and clarity, and import and export SVG files that remain fully editable by Logo Design Studio Pro or any other vector editor. You can even make your logo background transparent to easily blend in with any web or print-based project.

    Click on the images below to find details about each product…

    Logo Design Studio Pro includes:

    • Over 1000 pre-designed logo templates
    • Over 2800 editable vector graphics
    • 500+ taglines and slogans
    • 500+ background textures
    • 15 commercial use fonts
    • Export in vector PDF and SVG; or EPS, BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIFF and more
    • NEW Knife tool to slice graphics on the canvas
    • NEW Eraser tool to remove parts of graphics
    • NEW Blend tool to create 3D tunnel effects and unique shapes
    • NEW Component Library to save and resuse new graphics you create

    Logo Design Studio Pro Expansion Packs include:

    • Over 450 more pre-designed logo templates
    • Over 3100 more editable vector graphics
    • Big Concept 1, Alphabet Art 1, and Human Nature 1

    FontPack Pro includes:

    • Over 1000 OpenType fonts
    • 5 computer, royalty free, commercial use license
    • Classic, refined, designer and creative styles



    Logo Design Studio Pro System Requirements:
    At least 512MB of RAM
    Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion (10.7)
    FontPack Pro can be used on Mac OS X (10.1 through 10.7)
    Click to Developer's Site for detailed info about each individual product…



    Jun 22

    Paint Supreme

    “Sleek, sleek, sleek!” – And you won’t believe the number of tools and choices available.

    ZOTBlog Giveaway this weekend!
    AppleGrad ZOT continues… Scroll down to visit The ZOTshop!

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $7.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    Give Paint Supreme a Try!

    Description _

    PaintSupreme allows you to create, edit and polish images in a fun way.

    Featuring an easy-to-use and cool user interface paired with professional tools, like the awesome brush tool, makes it a hard to beat package at a ZOT price of $7.99.

    New in v1.1

    • Wacom tablet support including pressure sensitivity.
    • Much improved vector functionality.
    • Selections and magic wand operations are now part of the undo/redo chain.
    • A large amount of smaller improvements, speed-ups, workflow and bug fixes.
    • Huge speed ups for the magic wand, brush, erasure and other tools.
    • Some new filters.
    • Quick settings for nearly all tools.


    • Create, edit and polish images with an easy-to-use and fun user interface.
    • Layer-based editing with an unlimited amount of layers. Lots of powerful layer-based editing options (merge, group, lock etc.)
    • Powerful selection tools: Freehand, ellipse and lasso. Selections can be joined, subtracted and intersected and can also be loaded and saved.
    • Sophisticated but easy to use tools with a lot of powerful options, like the Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone and Paint Bucket tools.
    • Various transform, color adjustment and text tools.
    • Support of vector shapes which can be used as a shape source for the pixel tools and which can be converted to selections.
    • Guides and rulers make it easy to orientate and paint within sub-parts of the image.
    • Various filters to polish your images and photos.
    • Import and export of many external image formats.
    • ZOTBlog giveaway this weekend!

      Share your comments below – questions, kudos, critiques, suggestions, etc… The developers at BrainDistrict GbmH want to hear The ZOT Community’s feedback. Three commenters will receive a free license after this ZOT ends. Give Paint Supreme a spin, share your thoughts and you may may be one of the lucky winners! (If you WIN and have purchased during this ZOT, your purchase will be refunded)


      “Sleek, sleek, sleek! Take everything you know about sleek painting software interfaces, then paint some more gray and silver coats of paint on it, and maybe you’ll be ready to use PaintSupreme. With only a few buttons breaking its grayscale layout, jumping into this new program is pretty easy and the concise organization of the main dropdown options makes exploring the basics a quick and unchallenging process.” – Review by Tom Fronczak of

      “Really appreciate the effort put into providing a tutorial for us users. To me it is a sign that you care enough about the user to get them to use software as easily as possible. I hope that others see the difference between you and other developers who leave you to beat your head against the wall until you figure out how to best use their software features and capabilities. Thank you.”
      – Testimonial from Rogerio R. Pérez

      “Keep sending your emails about the new tutorials. They are GREAT and I appreciate learning from them very much. I especially like the step-by-step approach without you taking any shortcuts or assuming that we all know every in and out of the program. I wish other program developers adopted a similar approach and I cannot wait for the next update/upgrade.”

      System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

      Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Jun 21

    iPhone, iPad, iTunes Video Tutorial ZOT Bundle

    80% OFF! In just 4 hours learn iPhone 4S, The New iPad, and iTunes from AppleGrad!

    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $120.00

    ZOT Price: $24.00

    Click to MacZOT Buy 1 item

    The AppleGrad Experience
    In about the time it takes to watch a movie, you can learn each Apple topic from AppleGrad Video Tutorials. Our mission is to teach you the important and need-to-know features. This means you can learn quicker, without the fluff that can add hours and confusion to the process. Conveniently download the video tutorial to your Mac or Windows PC. Watch the tutorial in iTunes or QuickTime Player with Chapter Navigation. You can also sync the video tutorial in iTunes to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch to learn on the go (see requirements). During the entire learning experience, you don’t have to leave your home! No subscription, expiration, or login required!

    Video Tutorial Features
        •    Download and watch on a Mac or Windows PC in iTunes or QuickTime Player.
        •    Presented in 720p High Definition. You can clearly read what is being instructed on screen!
        •    Includes Chapter Navigation. Conveniently replay any section at any time.
        •    No subscription, expiration, or login required. Watch as many times as you want.
        •    Sync via iTunes to watch on the go on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (see requirements).

    iPhone 4S TrainingiPhone 4S Training
    Learn how to sync and manage content with iTunes and iCloud. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up, using, and enjoying your iPhone 4S.

    Runtime: 1h 13m    Download: 917 MB .zip    Video: 720p .m4v


    iPad 2012 TrainingThe New iPad (2012) Training
    Learn how to sync and manage content using iTunes and iCloud. You will learn everything you need to know about setting up, using, and enjoying your new iPad.

    Runtime: 1h 7m    Download: 857 MB .zip    Video: 720p .m4v


    iTunes TrainingiTunes 10 Training
    Not only will you learn the ins and outs of iTunes, you can expect to learn how to sync your iPod/iPhone/iPad and burn CDs.

    Runtime: 1h 5m    Download: 658 MB .zip    Video: 720p .m4v


    System Requirements
        •    A Mac or Windows PC to download the video tutorial.
        •    A high speed internet connection is required for downloading, not required for playback.
        •    Watch on a Mac or Windows PC in iTunes or QuickTime Player.
        •    Sync via iTunes to watch on the go on your iPad (gen 1+), iPhone (gen 4+), iPod Touch (gen 4).

    Buyer Testimonials
    “It was really convenient to download the training video and learn from my home.”Lisa M.
    “Terrific! Will do business again, if there is another tutorial I want. Thank you.”Wanda B.
    “Love it, the training helped me with my own films with tricks I never knew how to do until I got this.”Luis R.
    “Everything from the download to learning Final Cut was just great!”Mary S.
    “I will definitely purchase from this company in the future. Great product! Blazing fast service!.”Chris P.
    “Purchased and downloaded within 30 minutes! I learned what I wanted to and started working on my own projects afterward. Thank you!”Kaye W.


    This weekend’s ZOT?
    June 23,24,25


    PaintSupreme is a fun but full featured painting application with many compelling features like stunning brushes and cool filters. PaintSupreme is both a drawing and painting application as well as the perfect editor for your pictures.

  • Create, edit and polish images with an easy-to-use and fun user interface.
  • Layer-based editing with an unlimited amount of layers. Lots of powerful layer-based editing options (merge, group, lock etc.)
  • Powerful selection tools: Freehand, ellipse and lasso. Selections can be joined, subtracted and intersected and can also be loaded and saved.
  • Sophisticated but easy to use tools with a lot of powerful options, like the Brush, Pen, Magic Wand, Gradient, Erasure, Clone and Paint Bucket tools.
  • Various transform, color adjustment and text tools.
  • Support of vector shapes which can be used as a shape source for the pixel tools and which can be converted to selections.
  • Guides and rulers make it easy to orientate and paint within sub-parts of the image.
  • Various filters to polish your images and photos.
  • Import and export of many external image formats.
  • System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

    Learn more about it here…

    Jun 20


    Duplicate the menu bar on all screens and windows

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $8.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    Feature Highlights:
  • Vertical menu pop-up at the current mouse location using a mouse button or shortcut
  • Auto fade-in and fade-out on mouse-over for window-top menu bars
  • Auto hide/slide for screen-top menu bar
  • Attaches a window-top menu bar to application windows
  • Selectable font size for menu bar buttons and menu items
  • Several menu button styles to choose from
  • Intuitive and easy to use window and application exclusion/ignore system
  • Works with almost all apps
  • Works great with one or multi-screen setups

    Visit MenuEverywhere’s site for more info…

    What our users are saying:
    “The software is everything I ever could dream of for my three monitors and more. Fantastic Work.” – Barry

    “MenuEverywhere is an amazingly simple app that is a huge workflow aid, especially on my large monitors.” – Bruce Miller

    “As a user of Mac software for over 20 years, I’m very pleased to add MenuEverywhere (ME) to my ‘must have’ utilities. It allows me to spread multiple windows across multiple monitors, and still have a menu bar everywhere! The creator of ME is constantly expanding/developing his software, making it especially delightful.” – Arthur Reed

    “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I just bought a Matrox TripleHead2Go and am running three monitors with my MacBookPro. MenuEverywhere definitely fills a need!
    Thanks for having the vision to create this piece of software.” -Frank G. Rizzo

    “You don’t realise until you install MenuEverywhere how much productivity gain it provides. Application menus always are close at hand via a pop-up or at the top of a window. And Hisham is an exemplary developer: he has added rapidly to the functionality of MenuEverywhere and is quick to respond to suggestions for changes to the interface or addition of new features. All-in-all, one of the most cost-effective additions you can make to your Mac experience, even if you use only a single screen.” -Pete Lovell (Academic)

    Who makes this stuff?
    I make this stuff. My name’s Hisham Khalifa…

    Requirements: Any Mac with OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or Later. Works with single or multiple display setups.

    Visit MenuEverywhere’s site for more info…

  • Jun 19

    Media Stacks ZOT for RapidWeaver

    Stacks Bundle from SymfoniP – 1 Day only

    Normally: $56.00

    ZOT Price: $14.00

    Click to MacZOT

    An exclusive Media Stacks bundle for macZOT. To delight the eyes and add effects quickly to your RapidWeaver Stacks pages. This very special one-day only promotion is brought to you by the team at SymfoniP

    What does the Bundle include?

    • Responsive Slider – add images to your Stacks pages to create a responsive Image Slider.
    • LightSlide Responsive Thumbnail Gallery Stacks ( Flickr and Picasa editions)
    • Flux Effect Stack – powerful Image Slider transistions to wow clients
    • EZ YouTube (YouTube channel and playlists supported)
    • EZ Vimeo (Vimeo user stream, groups, channel)
    • MultiSlider Gallery ( images, YouTube, Vimeo supported in a Slider)

    Check out the Preview Site we have put together to let you sample these stacks effects in a RapidWeaver created site.

    SymfoniP (pronounced ‘Symphony-P’ just in case you were wondering) has been creating Plugins and Stacks add-ons since 2009 specifically for RapidWeaver web developers and enthusiasts alike. We too use RapidWeaver on personal, small-scale and commercial projects, and these bundled stack elements are just a few of the effects that we get a kick out of in creating a powerful impact on client’s sites without any ‘hard-work’, no you do not need to know a lick of HTML code to use these solutions.

    Requirements: RapidWeaver 5 and the awesome Stacks Plugin

    Jun 18


    Essential tools for webmasters

    Normally: $29.95

    ZOT Price: $14.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Buy 1 item

    Welcome to Scrutiny’s MacZOT!

    Improve the quality and search engine ranking of your website, check your images, your internal and external links, generate an XML sitemap for submission to search engines, validate your html and make essential SEO checks such as page title, headings, meta description and keywords.

    How does it work?

    Feed Scrutiny your homepage URL and watch it follow internal links to find all of your pages and carry out checks from the same viewpoint as a search engine robot.

    What will it tell me?

    • Scrutiny scans your site, checking for internal and external links as well as images
      See problems at-a-glance highlighted in colour. Double-click for more detailed information
    • Generates and ftps an XML sitemap conforming to the standard protocol for submission to search engines
    • Checks your html using the w3c html validator; the public instance (which has limits) or your own installation (I currently recommend Validator S.A.C. which makes installation of the validator easy)
    • Highlights SEO issues such as missing page title, meta description, headings and keywords

    How does that help me?

    Fixing these problems will improve your visitors’ experience and improve your search engine rankings.

    Visualising your site’s structure as a graph will let you easily spot pages which are ‘out on a limb’ or not as well-integrated as they could be.

    New version on the way

    version 2 is in progress and planned for release later this year. It will have some new tools, improvements and a facelift. There will be no extra charge for existing licence holders including those who take advantage of this ZOT


    “Thanks for the great tool, I think webmasters who don’t need advanced options can make great use of it to spot main on page problems and remove obstacles to high rankings!”
    – from review by Singley via Macupdate

    System requirements

    Mac OSX 10.4 or higher, Intel or ppc. Crawling very large sites will require more resources and internet bandwidth than smaller ones.

    More information

    More screenshots, history and further information is available at: