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Search and You Will Find. Explore and Get More Lore.

Normally: $9.95

ZOT Price: $4.99

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At macZOT, we know the App Store is a mixed bag…

Some of you love it – Some of you hate it. It’s the same for developers. In some ways the MAS is wonderful – In other ways it’s not. Today macZOT and XtraLean give you a choice.

Get your DataLore license for only $4.99 via the developers and macZOT (above) OR grab a similar deal on the MAS by clicking on the MAS button below. (XtraLean, the developers of DataLore, have lowered their Mac App Store price for 24 hrs. especially for YOU!)

DataLore, the unique front end to Spotlight

Lightning Fast File Searching – Locally or on the Network

Looking for a better, more powerful file search tool? A search tool that delivers more information than just the location of your files? One that lets you search multiple hard drives, all at the same time? Look no more – Try DataLore!

Search and find files on your own Mac, other Macs on your network, and external drives, all at the same time! Innovative Search-As-You-Type technology lets you find your files fast. Search filenames, file types, file content, date ranges, and more. Narrow your search results using a host of filters. And don’t just stop there – use the More Lore sidebar to explore and learn more about your search results and the files within!

If you have one Mac, you’ll love DataLore for its speed! If you have more than one Mac, you’ll go GAGA over the speed and flexibility of finding and retrieving files for all of your Macs, while comfortably seated at your Mac du jour!

DataLore is Lean, Powerful, and Lightning Fast! For both simple searches and for power users who need the ability to perform complex search queries, quickly, easily, and without interruption…Look no more – Try DataLore!

“Awesome!! Finally a Smart Finder Tool…DataLore is a dream!! A must have…Especially for graphical or other work requiring quick file management… 5 stars!!” – Customer Review

SCREENCAST DEMO OF DATALORE IN ACTION: View the short screencast tutorials of DataLore in action! These screencasts will give you a quick run down of the basic features as our Developer, Hagen Kaye, performs an actual search, both locally and on the network. Please click the following link to view it:

Feature Highlights: Lean & Powerful

Here are just some of the unique, useful features of DataLore:

• Innovative “Search-As you-Type” Technology for finding your files fast
• Text entry with Shorthand and Special Characters for more complex, highly defined searches
• Unique “More Lore” sidebar gives you more information on your files and related searches
• Search your own Mac, other Macs on your network, and multiple external drives, all at the same time
• Control which users can access which portions of your computer (or not at all)
• Search filenames, file types, contents of files, date range and more
• Filter searches by file type and file kind to narrow down the search results
• Multitude of filters to further narrow down your results, such as: documents, images, downloaded files, source code, folders, music/audio files plus many more
• Search your entire computer or select to search only a specific folder(s) and include/exclude file types
• Handy Date Range control lets you select a preset date range or manually enter your own date range
• Search results list offers a host of options to help you view and manage your files
• Intelligent keyboard shortcuts for finding and exploring files even faster
• Quick Look support for quickly viewing your files
• Clean and powerful user interface
• Lean code means it uses very little memory and less energy, even when performing complex power searches or network searches
• Plus so much more

The DataLore Advantage

Innovative “Search-As-You-Type” Technology

Search as fast as you can type! Searching is live and dynamic. DataLore will start working right away while you’re typing to locate files. Perform simple and complex searches all via a text entry box. Simply start typing in the Search Text Box and DataLore will start searching right away. No need to press start or stop, or click on multiple drop down menus. DataLore will start searching with you, will stop with you, and will change with you, responding immediately to your every move. This unique text entry method for performing quick searches, from simple to complex, works with you while you type, without any interruption. When you want to change or adjust your search criteria, simply change the text and DataLore will follow your lead, moving with you full steam ahead. DataLore will produce the results faster than you can say, “Go DataLore!”

Powerful Text Shorthand & Special Characters

The simple search text box can perform powerful searches using a type of “shorthand” that makes it easy to do simple or complex searches, with special characters to define the search. Perform simple searches with words separated by spaces or perform more complex search patterns using Boolean and Wildcard queries, date ranges, file types, and much more. Combine special search characters to produce more refined results and really hone in on the file you are looking for. The text shorthand options make both simple to highly-defined, more complex search queries, fast and easy!

Search Only Specific Folders & Filter by File Type & File Kind

If you have a rough idea of where your file is, or where it definitely is not located, and you know what file type you are looking for, you can select to search for a specific file type and to search for it in selected folders. You can further narrow down your search by excluding specific file types from the search results, and by specifying which kind of file(s) to display in the search results, and which kinds not to display. And it’s just that simple and fast!

Get More Information from the “More Lore” Sidebar

Let the More Lore Sidebar guide you with quick helpful tips and help you discover more about the files you are looking for. View related files that were created, modified, or opened on the same day as your selected file, or compare two files with each other to learn if they are identical or different. View a histogram of your search results list or view related searches displaying information such as similar file types and dates, other files by the same author, plus much more. Discover files you may not have even realized you still had…With DataLore you can do so much more with your files, that goes beyond just finding them.

Search Multiple Locations…All at the Same Time

Search locally on your own Mac, search other Macs on your network, or search multiple external hard drives, quickly and easily. You can even search multiple locations all at the same time if you wish. You can search an entire computer or search only specific selected folder(s), and drag and drop files from the results list to copy them from the remote computer over to your own computer. Easily add and remove shared folders from other networked Macs and quickly turn off remote access from the handy menu bar icon. The built-in sharing tool makes it easy to connect to other Macs running DataLore, without the need for passwords or mounting a networked drive. Searching other Macs and drives is just as fast and easy as searching your own Mac!

As with all of our other products, DataLore is lean and powerful with a clean, easy to use interface. And you can get it today at the special ZOT price of only $4.99!

System Requirements

• Mac® OS X 10.6 and 10.7 or later (Snow Leopard & Lion)
• Intel-based Mac
• Spotlight indexing must be enabled
• To search networked Macs, DataLore must be installed on all Macs with remote access turned on.

Learn More About DataLore

  • Screen Cast Tutorials
  • DataLore’s Full Feature Set
  • Built-In Help Guide: From DataLore’s Main Menu, select Help->DataLore Help to launch the informative built-in Help Guide
  • Using Special Characters: DataLore’s built-in Help guide contains a handy reference page for using special characters to perform more complex search queries. It also shows examples of different ways you can combine characters to produce even more defined search results. You can access this page by clicking the “Text Shorthand for Quick Searches” heading from the Help Guide Index.
  • The More Lore sidebar provides some handy guides as you move through your searches.
  • World Class Customer Support
  • XtraLean’s Website

Try out DataLore today and Buy at 50% off at the special ZOT price for only $4.99!


We are a small two-person (husband and wife) company who consider each and every one of our customers a part of the team. We are committed and dedicated to our products and the people who use them. Founded in 2002, XtraLean Software develops solely for the Mac, and has over 20 years of experience in the software development industry. Located in Kitchener, Ontario, in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle, XtraLean serves customers in all parts of the world.

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Oct 28

FontPack Pro Master Collection

6,200+ commercial use fonts, 5-user license
Special Offer Below…

Normally: $300.00

ZOT Price: $50.00

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Macware’s complete collection of every font designed by their SummitType font foundry. Over 6,200 OpenType fonts for commercial use, including a 5-computer license to use the fonts in a variety of for-profit, commercial or personal projects across your organization. Fonts are categorized as Classic, Comic, Contemporary, Creative, Cursive, Handwriting, Holiday and Tech.

Installed fonts work in all applications including Quark, Adobe, Microsoft, iLife, iWork and more.

- 6,200+ fonts included (every font in our collection: old and new)
- Royalty free, commercial use license for up to 5 computers
- Categorized for easy previewing
- International character support
- Installable on Mac or PC for any font supported application
- Free font management app coming soon


More Samples…

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Special offer!
Oct 29,30,31


The right window right when you need it.
Illuminate is the premier tool for finding that document window you know you have open somewhere. If you’ve ever opened the same webpage six times, frantically shuffled windows around trying to find the one you need, or squinted as Exposé’s thumbnails to figure out what exactly they’re showing, then Illuminate is the app for you.

Try, Buy, or Learn more about Illuminate here…

Oct 27


The right window right when you need it.

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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Find the Right Window When You Need It

Illuminate is the premier tool for finding that document window you know you have open somewhere. If you’ve ever opened the same webpage six times, frantically shuffled windows around trying to find the one you need, or squinted as Exposé’s thumbnails to figure out what exactly they’re showing, then Illuminate is the app for you.


  • Visually browse all the windows in a specific application or all applications using Cycle Windows.
  • Make windows appear instantly by typing just a part of their titles using Quick Switch.
  • Quickly toggle between the two most recent windows you’re working on with Previous Window.
  • Extend Illuminate’s capabilities with its built-in AppleScript support.
  • Never lose a window again thanks to Illuminate’s full text search.
  • See all your windows in one place using Illuminate’s system wide window menu.
  • Customize the keyboard shortcuts for all of your favorite Illuminate features to fit your workflow.
  • Keep up to date with the latest features and bug fixes with Software Update built using Sparkle.

Full Text Search

Do you ever have trouble remembering where you had that important document on hamster scarves opened at? Maybe you can’t remember the title of the document, but you do remember what it’s about. Illuminate provides full text search, allowing you to find all the windows that contain a certain word or phrase. Regardless if you can remember what a window looks like or what its title is, Illuminate can find it for you.

Search By Sight

Clearly Exposé doesn’t cut it when you have more than a handful of windows open. Illuminate’s Cycle Windows feature allows you to visually search through any number of windows by showing you only as many as are recognizable at one time. It provides numerous keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate through all the windows, so you never have to leave the comfort of your own keyboard. Save yourself eyestrain and give Illuminate a try today for free.

Make Windows Appear on Command

Sometimes you already know the name of a window, but don’t want to dig through window menus or shuffle through all the windows you have open just to get to it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just for ask for the window and have it appear? With Illuminate’s Quick Switch feature you just type the title of the window and press return and presto, it appears. If you can’t remember the exact title, no problem. Illuminate will offer suggestions and autocomplete as well. Quick Switch is the quickest way to get to the window you want.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS 10.6 or later
  • Intel based Macintosh

More Info…

Oct 26

DVD Snap 3

Capture screenshots from any movie running in Apple’s DVD Player

Normally: $14.95

ZOT Price: $7.77

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What is DVD Snap 3?

DVD Snap 3 allows you to capture screenshots from any movie running in Apple’s DVD Player.

Pick any scene you want and DVD Snap 3 either snaps a single photo or series of timed snaps in an interval of at least half a second.

All your captured photos are automatically taken to
DVD Snap 3′s beautiful photo gallery where you can export them to a destination folder of your choice in any common format.

Snap it – the way you want.

Everyone has different tasks to accomplish, whether you need a still image or entire photo series, DVD Snap 3 has always the right method for your case.

Think of a particular moment in your favorite movie, jump to the scene and hit record. That’s it – in an incredibly short time, your photo was saved to the integrated gallery.

Let’s say you’re working on collages, mashups or studies and you’re not sure which scenes are going to work best with the project. For this case, DVD Snap 3 includes a feature called “Timed Snap”.

Just enable the timer and hit the record button. DVD Snap 3 is going to automatically snap a photo in your defined time interval while the movie keeps playing. Afterwards, you can quickly browse through your photo collection and decide which photos to be exported or deleted. It’s that easy.

Even action or slow motion scenes are no big deal in DVD Snap 3, thanks to the timer with the short snap interval of just half a second.

A beautiful gallery for your photos.

What is the best photo capturing application without the right management? DVD Snap 3 was especially designed to feature an intuitive, clearly organized and easy-to-use photo gallery. Snapped screenshots are automatically sorted by their timecode or creation date.

For a closer Quick Look preview, just select your desired photos and hit the space bar.

The photo gallery also comes with a handy search feature for the photo’s timecode as well as a zoom slider for adjusting the photo size within the gallery. This can be especially useful when comparing entire photo series.

Export to any common file format.

DVD Snap 3 captures all screenshots in their original movie resolution (PAL / NTSC) while optionally cropping all black bars during export.

Thanks to DVD Snap 3′s own database, searching, loading and exporting of hundreds of photos takes just a few seconds.

Just drag your best shots to a destination of your choice and DVD Snap 3 exports them labeled with the movie timeframe, date/time created or a consecutive number.

As a result of the great performance, 100 photos are exported in only nine seconds. If you prefer other common photo formats for further processing, just hit “Restore” and choose between JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PDF.

Made for Lion.

Since OS X Lion, DVD Snap 3 is the first and only application to feature screenshot capturing in Apple’s DVD Player.

The third major version of DVD Snap has been completely rewritten from the ground up to support OS X 10.7 Lion.

After an intensive time of developing, DVD Snap 3 is now the exclusive DVD Player screenshot-capturing-solution, featuring an all new user interface, focused on the beautiful photo gallery. Speaking of enhancements, photos are no longer taken upscaled in full-screen mode, but at the native DVD resolution.

DVD Snap 3 works also perfectly under Snow Leopard. As usual, the new version is totally free for all previous users of DVD Snap.

What users say about DVD Snap 2…

“Being somewhat cyber-challenged, I required “some” technical support, and the developer was not only responsive, but also very reassuring – I felt like I had a private tutor. Now that I know how the program works, I’m impressed. It really is easy to use, and the picture quality is absolutely excellent.” – John A. Sunkiskis

“…I have been computing professionally since 1983, when I computerized a nationally known business in Manhattan…DVD Snap 2.0.1 is a very cool program; it really helped me do this latest project…Tobias Jordan, (Developer & Founder of Tool Force Software), has just provided me with the best, most comprehensive, innovative, thorough, professional, caring, knowledgeable, personal tech support I have ever enjoyed in my entire life!” – Christina Stow

“This program does what it promises… I wanted it to snap only the contents within the frame of DVD Player. It did just that. The picture quality was superb. That’s what this program is supposed to do; that’s what this program did.” – Timothy James

“DVD Snap is fast, easy and it just works – Mac Like! I use it everyday and have had no problems at all. I like it and recommend it highly.The developer is very responsive to user feedback and provides rapid updates. Great App!” - Paul Schlegel

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.

PPC or Intel Mac with at least 1 GB RAM

DVD Snap 3 is not Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatible.
DVD Snap 3 is fully Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatible.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Oct 25

Inpaint 4 – Personal License

Remove an unwanted object from a photograph.
Buy a Business Use License for Inpaint for $19.99…

Normally: $19.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

Click to MacZOT Try Now  

Inpaint is so easy to use. Simply paint and fill the object you want to remove from your picture, then press the Smart Remove Selection arrow button. Inpaint will magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. Go to our Video Guide page and see for yourself how easy it is for anyone to do with just a few simple steps. Download our Try-Before-You-Buy demo and use it on your own photos!

There are two types of the license: Personal and Business. With the Personal License, you can use this program program in non-business, non commercial environmenton (typically – on your home PC). Otherwise, you should purchase a Business License.

Top Reasons to use Inpaint

  • Repair old photos
  • Remove watermarks
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Digital Facial retouching
  • Remove date stamps
  • Easy to get started

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 and higher(only intel cpu), 2000 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM

Compare Business and Personal Licenses here…

Visit Inpaint website for more info

Oct 24


A new App!! A cool Visual FX collection for your entertainment

Normally: $16.50

ZOT Price: $8.99

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Nice Price: The App 1.0.1 is available with a promotional price for a
limited time and today on macZOT you can buy the license with a further discount!


Amaze your friends with this new App! Use disco themes
and project your photos, live video and Flickr Pics.


DiscoBrickDJ, a concert quality, highly optimized visualization tool that has the raw rendering power you need to pump out pixels to high-resolution screens for your entertainment! Use your MacBook, an external monitor, or a projector.

DiscoBrick supports dynamic image mapping onto 3D objects to create a different image every time it plays. Use your own images, LIVE video coming from iSight or other external sources, or still images – Flickr Images too, (no login required) to change any object in the theme!

RSS Reader: Read your favorite news. Supports all RSS (Really Simple Syndication) text feeds. Simply designate your path as DiscoBrick: a title and text will be displayed.


Control Panel: Using the compact interface is easy and gives you access to all the features.
Choose your version of the Remote panel – Standard, mini and nano versions available.

Customize the interface: You can change the background image in the Control Panel – Nine graphics available; simple, classic, hi-thech, transparent etc. Selecting your favorite is quick and fun. Personalize your experience – go to the Showcase!.


Themes Panel: Selecting your favorite theme is quick and effortless: just click on its preview thumbnail in the themes panel. No boring effect name lists!

Lots of themes:
Who said visualizations are for high-BPM music only ? DiscoBrickDJ has an extensive VFX styles library, with visualizations suitable for every genre, from classical music to trance, techno, house and whatever you love to hear and dance to. VFXs can be grouped easily to form personal collections, so your eyes will always be in sync with your ears.

For further information read the “features page” and the FAQ.

• The DiscoBrickDJ license on MacZot
You will get a Single Licence for private use.
To get the license please, visit your account in MacZot a few hours later.

Click to DiscoBrick Site for more info – Click to Multithemes Site for more info.

Oct 21

Panorama Maker 5 Pro for Mac

Create perfect panorama images with your photos and videos

Special Offer Below…

Normally: $79.99

ZOT Price: $29.99

Click to MacZOT Try Now  

  • Stitch both photos and video frames as panorama
  • Provide 5 different photo stitch modes for your exclusive needs
  • Powerful media file management and photo editing
  • Easily print panorama photos with built-in online Print Service
  • Supports both Photo and Video Stitch

    Panorama Maker 5 Pro for Mac allows you to stitch both photo and video frames as panoramas. It can automatically analyze, select, match and then organizes corresponding photos or video frames correctly for you.

    5 Different Photo Stitch Modes

    360º, Auto, Vertical, Horizontal and Tile, all these 5 stitch modes enable you to easily make panorama photos from different vast landscapes, city skylines, mountains, forest, the fence in your backyard, skyscrapers, or cascading waterfalls.

    Powerful Media Management and Photo Editing

    Media management can help you organize your media conveniently and efficiently. The complete set of easy-to-use photo editing features like cropping; setting brightness etc., allow you to add final touches to your work and enhance your panorama making.

    Built-in Online Print Service

    If your panorama is ready and don’t know where to print, the built-in Online Print Service program will help you to print your panorama very conveniently. It is designed specifically for you to print your professional-looking masterpieces.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6, 10.5, 10.4

  • Power PC or Intel Mac
  • 100 MB free hard drive space required for program installation
  • 512 MB DDR RAM or above
  • Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Special offer!
    Oct 22 and 23


    The Swiss Army Knife of Launcher Programs.
    Lion Ready!
    Snard is the Swiss Army Knife of launcher programs. It provides many of the functionalities of the old Apple and Application menus, yet it can be customized to your heart’s content. Snard can be used as a system menu, hot key activated popup menu or you can assign individual Snard items via hot keys – for even quicker access. Maximize your Mac OS X navigation experience, and try Snard today.

    Try, Buy, or Learn more about it here…

    Oct 20


    The Swiss Army Knife of Launcher Programs.
    Lion Ready!
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below

    Normally: $10.00

    ZOT Price: $5.00

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    What is Snard ?

    Snard is the Swiss Army Knife of launcher programs. It provides many of the functionalities of the old Apple and Application menus, yet it can be customized to your heart’s content. Snard can be used as a system menu, hot key activated popup menu or you can assign individual Snard items via hot keys – for even quicker access. Maximize your Mac OS X navigation experience, and try Snard today.

    Snard’s Feature list includes :

  • Easily Open Applications as root
    • Option-Select an Application in the Snard menu
    • Use the “Open App as Root…” Menu Item
  • Flexible Menu access – Snard works the way you want it to work
    • Option-Space shows the Snard menu under mouse pointer
    • Use from the Menu bar
    • Use Hot Keys to access items – open worksets/files/applications, and paste snippets from your keyboard
  • Perform a search locally or internet wide using Sherlock
  • Use Worksets to specify a list of files to open with one click of the mouse
  • Easily access all your System Preferences
  • Organize items into Groups for easy access
  • Place your favorite folders in Snard for quick access
  • Quickly enter text using Snipppets
  • Add and launch URLs directly from Snard
  • Snard is Multiple Monitor aware
  • Location menu – quickly access recent servers and favorites
  • Preferences menu – quickly access all your system preferences
  • Click to Developer’s Site for more info.
    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.3 or later. Lion Ready!

    User Comments

    “Absolutely Fantastic!!!!!
    Best of any launcher utility I’ve ever used!

    -Bob Lazzarini

    “Snard is one of those insanely useful apps that you’ll never get tired of finding new uses for.”

    “Snard rocks–it’s one of the most useful docklings yet for OS X. In fact,
    it’s one of the best utilities for OS X. Just try it and you’ll be hooked, then pay David his $10. He’s certainly
    earned it.”

    -Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

    “Great product, by the way. Easily worth the $10. After trying fruit menu, max menus and things like prefling, Snard filled the bill and replaced them all more elegantly.”

    -Joseph Ferrare

    “…awesome little program that has totally changed how I feel about the Dock”

    -lesterCat on VT

    “… I also tried Launchbar…, my vote goes to Snard. Just felt like a better solution for me.”

    -reich on VT

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    Oct 21st and 22nd

    Print Creations for Mac

    A family of fun and easy print-projects that brings out the creativity in you.

  • Projects include Greeting Card, Photo Calendar, Album Page, Photo Book, Brochure and more
  • Print from home, send to a professional printing service, or share by email and on the web
  • High quality and easy-to-use templates
  • Automatically add greetings
  • Learn more about Print Creations for Mac here…

    Oct 19


    Let your Mac do half the typing!

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $9.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Do you type a lot? a little?

    No matter how much you type, TypeIt4Me will save you wear and tear on those wrists & fingers!

  • Never type your full name or email signature again;
  • Never hunt around for that standard contract clause;
  • Type a short abbreviation and have it expand to a word, a phrase, even several pages worth of text (with pictures, too);
  • Trigger AppleScripts with your abbreviations instead of reaching for a menu or pressing obscure keyboard combinations.
  • Have TypeIt4Me automatically correct your spelling using Apple’s built-in dictionaries in any of several languages.
  • Define abbreviations that prompt you from variable input when expanding (AutoCue).
  • TypeIt4Me is a background application that “watches” you type and replaces abbreviations you set up with clippings you assign to them. It requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or higher and works well with 10.7 (Lion).

    Read Customer Comments & Press Reviews.

    Read the list of all the features of TypeIt4Me.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Let your Mac do half the typing for you!

    Oct 18

    Domain Mastery: QuickWho

    Normally: $24.95

    ZOT Price: $7.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Who Owns that Domain? Find Out Fast

    QuickWho provides a rich array of information about specific Internet domains that surpasses other command-line, GUI or web-based "whois" tools. Are you curious about who owns a particular domain name? Do you want to contact them, or gather more information about them? QuickWho can help you with these tasks.

    Why QuickWho?

    Simple, pleasant-to-use interface.

    Save domain data to a file or print for later analysis.

    Display geographic data about domain as well as basic domain data.

    Thorough user documentation via the "Help" menu.

    Support for AppleScript and Services.

    Less cumbersome than using an Internet-based whois tool. No need to load web page into browser.

    Get QuickWho

    To install QuickWho, download the latest version. It can be installed anywhere
    on your machine. The download is a 30-day demo; you can purchase a license to
    use the program past the 30-day trial period. Mac OS X 10.6.6 is the minimum supported
    platform. Ready for Lion, fully compatible with 10.7!

    For more information, visit Code by Kevin.

    What’s New in Version 3.2

    • Fix bug that prevents displaying of some domain data.

    • Improved stability when printing output.

    • Native-UI toolbars.