Sep 30

Maik Barz Complete Stacks Bundle

All you need for your everyday webdesign…
Make your RapidWeaver site better with great Stacks!

Normally: $160.00

ZOT Price: $49.99

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Stacks is a simple and powerful way to create pages in RapidWeaver: A plugin designed to combine the drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of fluid layout.

This weekend you’ll get a complete bundle of Stacks designed for your everday work at designing websites. Get professional results easily and quickly!

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Jump on the Stacks bandwagon in a serious way this weekend. Grab this bundle and save a bundle.

Sep 29

Clean Text 6.5 – Site License
(Install on up to five computers!)

An Essential Tool
to Reduce Text Cleanup Time
Special Offer and Weekend ZOT Preview below…

Normally: $24.99

ZOT Price: $9.95

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Apimac Clean Text is a tool dedicated to webmasters, graphic designers and magazine editors to reduce text cleanup time. Clean Text eliminates all text formatting and performs other useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing unwanted spaces, removing tab characters, converting smart quotes, tabs, returns, and more.

Clean Text is a must when you have to paste some text copied from one document or application into another, and you want the text to get the attributes (such as color, font, dimension and style) of the new document instead of preserving the attributes copied from the old one. What’s more, the brand new Quick Clean action let you solve with a single click the most common cleaning problems of text found in email messages, documents and web pages.

Testimonial – Giusva Iannitelli – PensieriParole Staff

“We collect more than 25,000 quotes in our website. The database is mainly based on user submissions, and hand editing all of them to meet our typographical conventions simply couldn’t be done. Clean Text really is what saved us these years.”

Iconized window
Clean Text sports the brand new Iconize feature: just a click and your favorite application becomes a handy and small window that stays on top of all the other windows and performs on the text present on the general clipboard of the Mac, two of the most used features: fixing text and strip style.

Main Features of Clean Text:

  • Fixes Paragraphs.
  • Removes returns within a paragraph and removes multiple empty lines between paragraphs.
  • Replaces multiple spaces with a single space and removes spaces at the beginning and at the end of a line.
  • Replaces each tab with a specified number of spaces.
  • Replaces each sequence of a specified number of spaces with a single tab.
  • Removes the quoting characters ">" at the beginning of lines.
  • Adds the quoting characters ">" at the beginning of lines.
  • Removes returns.
  • Replaces each return with a single space.
  • Converts to smart quotes.
  • Converts to straight quotes.
  • Replaces quotes with curly quotes.
  • Replaces curly quotes with straight quotes.
  • Text shifting right or left.
  • Adds a specified number of spaces before each line (delimited by line ending).
  • Sorts all the lines all the lines of the text (delimited by a line ending) using ascending order.
  • Capitalizes sentences. Capitalizes the first word of each sentence (delimited by "." and ellipsis "…").
  • Capitalizes words.
  • Sets characters to uppercase.
  • Sets characters to lowercase.
  • Random case.
  • Removes duplicate lines. Keeps only the first line between a group of equal lines.
  • Text encoding. Windows to Mac encoding.
  • Mac to Windows encoding. Converts MacOSRoman encoding to Windows Latin 1.
  • ROT-13. Rotates characters 13 positions in the alphabet.
  • Reverse text. Reverses characters.
  • Reverses each word.
  • Reverses words.
  • Converts three periods to ellipsis. Replaces each chunk of three periods with one single ellipsis (in Mac version only).
  • Converts ellipsis to three periods (in Mac version only).
  • Creates fi and fl ligatures. Creates professional publishing fi and fl ligatures for each "fi" and "fl" sequences in the text (in Mac version only).
  • Removes fi and fl ligatures (in Mac version only).
  • Encodes to Macintosh Line Endings (CR).
  • Encodes to Unix Line Endings (LF).
  • Encodes to Windows Line Endings (CR+LF). Converts all line breaks to "Carriage Return"+"Line Feed"

    New in release 5.0 are:

  • Support for Universal (that means it’s made to run on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers)
  • User interface improvements.
  • Addressed all know bugs.

    New in release 6.0 (’08) are:

    • Support for multiple-windows.
    • Auto-update feature.
    • Consistance of the working windows environment between sessions.
    • User interface improvements with Leopard optimization.
    • Fixed all reported bugs.
    • Various code optimizations.

    New in release 6.5 are:

  • New Iconized window with common used-tasks.
  • Support for Mac OS X Services technology
  • Fixed all reported bugs.
  • Various code optimizations.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    System Requirements:
    Any Macintosh, Power Mac, iBook, PowerBook, eMac, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.4 or newer.

    Special offer!
    Sept 30th


    Google Maps for the rest of usDesigned to be so easy to use, so intuitive, that you really don’t need any instructions.Choose a Map that fits you well between five types. Move the pointer to center your target: click and drag maps to view adjacent sections immediately or type an address…

    Try, Buy, or Learn more about RapidMaps here…

    This weekend’s ZOT?

    Maik Barz Complete Stacks Bundle

    All you need for your everyday webdesign… Stacks is a simple and powerful way to create pages in RapidWeaver: A plugin designed to combine the drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of fluid layout. This weekend you’ll get a complete bundle of Stacks designed for your everday work at designing websites.

    Learn more about Maik Barz Stacks here…

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    Google Maps for the rest of us
    Special Offer Below…

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $6.99

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    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Sep 27


    Pay off your debts faster than you ever imagined – Get the ZOT price on the App Store here…

    Normally: $19.99

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    Pay off your debts faster than you ever dreamed

    This is simple – Debtinator will save you money. If you’re carrying debts, you know you should pay them off. You know that your life will be simpler and easier if you’re not constantly making payments. You may even know some techniques for dealing with them. But you can do better.

    Ever hear of the snowball method? It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s helpful. But it’s not the best you can do – it encourages you to pay off your debt with the lowest balance first. You see results more quickly, and then you free up the money from the lowest balance debt to put towards the next one, so results snowball quickly.

    But in terms of saving you money? It’s actually not so hot.

    A better approach is to pay off your debt with the highest interest rate first. That’s the one that’s costing you the most money and the one that you want to get rid of first.

    And how should you do that? Incredibly, most people encourage you to guess. Debtinator encourages you to know.

    So some debt counselor tells you to guess and see if you can maybe send an extra $50 every month to your credit card. Or maybe it’s $100 or only $20. The point is to send a little more. But the problem is, how do you know how much money to send?

    So what happens if you’re sending an extra $50 every month and then six months later you don’t have the money in the bank to pay your car insurance? Or your gym membership? Or your heating bill which went up in the winter? You end up back behind the eight ball and need to charge the bill to your card to pay it, and rack up more debt on your card. Maybe at a higher interest rate than before.

    Debtinator takes a dynamic, whole picture approach.

    With Debtinator, you don’t need to guess – you fill in your entire financial picture. Tell it what your income is, what your debts are, your recurring expenses, and how much money you want to set aside just for you (more on this later!). Now, with your full financial picture, it will dynamically restructure your payments based upon what you can actually afford!

    Maybe you can afford to pay $50 this month. But maybe it’s only $40 next month. And $20 after that. And then nothing for 3 months. But at that point, you’ll pay off your car insurance bill in full and not need to rack up more debt to do it. Then maybe the month after that, you can send $100 extra for a while until you need to save up for something else.

    You can’t do that with just a spreadsheet and guesswork.

    Plus, Debtinator works within your lifestyle. It’s silly to ask you to send all your money to your debts. Of course, that’ll get you out of debt the fastest, but what about living your life right now? If you try to forego everything that makes life fun – going out to eat, going to the movies, buying video games, taking vacations, whatever you enjoy – you’re not going to stick with the plan. You’ll rack up more debt, you’ll get defeated, and spiral back down.

    Instead, Debtinator lets you live your life now. So go ahead and budget $50/month to eat out, and $100 for video games, and save up $1,000 to take a trip. The software doesn’t care or judge, it just analyzes your situation to tell you if it’s possible.

    Maybe you can spend $50 eating out every month. Or maybe that’ll cause you to run out of money and not pay your rent in 3 years. The scenarios will figure that out for you so you can make changes now. $40/month might be enough to keep you going. Or $20.

    Or you may find out that you can actually spend $75/month eating out instead. Maybe the extra money spent now will only keep you in debt another two months longer and cost you a few hundred in interest, and maybe you think that’s worth the trade off. The point is, you get to decide for yourself. With your full financial picture, you’ll know the impact of the changes you make. So enjoy yourself a little more now and pay a little less, or pay a little more and be debt free sooner. Pick a plan that works for you and stick with it.

    The envelope method budgets your money for you

    The Envelope Method is a great way to keep track of your money. Your grandparents probably used it – stick a wad of cash into an envelope labeled “Groceries” and you know that’s how much you have to spend on food. Run out of money there? It comes out of the Gasoline envelope. Or Entertainment or Emergency or whatever. It works great…but who deals in cash any more?

    Debtinator lets you virtually segment your bank account into budgets for you. So you have separate blocks of money to pay your debts, budget money for groceries, pay for entertainment, and so on. Is your video game budget depleted and you really want that new game? Well, you can do it, but you’ll realize that you’re taking money from your Eating Out budget to do it. You get to decide which is more important.

    Did you run out of money and can’t pay your bills this month? Move some money out of Emergency Funds to cover it. But keep your money blocked away until you need it, then move it around as you can. It’s not just a big shared pool of funds any more, it’s all there for a purpose.

    And Debtinator can work with most situations.

    • Have a variable APR mortgage that adjusts in 3 years? Debtinator can model it.
    • A credit card with a chunk of the balance at a low balance transfer rate and the rest at a higher purchase rate? Debtinator can model it.
    • Want to set aside at most $200/week for groceries? Debtinator can model it.
    • Don’t want to pay off your mortgage early so you always get the tax deductions, but still want to overpay everything else? Debtinator can model it.
    • Want to pay off your lowest balance debt first to free up more cash? Debtinator can model it.
    • Not sure how to pay down your debts? There are 18 different scenarios to compare. Figure out what works best for you.

    And if life changes and something unexpected comes up? Not a problem – just regenerate your payment plan and Debtinator will adjust your schedule to compensate for that unforeseen expense or additional income. If that $500 car repair bill is going to cause you to miss a mortgage payment in 5 years, you can find out about it now and take steps to address it before it becomes a problem.

    Finally, if there’s some financial tidbit that the app is missing that you’re just dying to have, please tell us about it. We’ve thought of a lot, but we haven’t covered everything. So let us know. If the app can already do it, we’ll show you how. If it’s a good looking feature, we’ll add it in. Trust us, we hate debt even more than you do, so anything we can do to stomp it out for everyone, everywhere, we’re willing to look at.

    Go try out the demo. It’s fully functional, you’re only limited by the number of times you can open the file. Punch in your info, and run the minimum payment plan. Make a note of how much interest you’ve spent. Then try the highest interest plan. All you have to do to come out ahead is save $10 in interest payments to cover the purchase cost – everything beyond that is money in your bank.

    Good luck!

    Debtinator is a universal binary and requires MacOS X 10.5.4 (Leopard) or better.

    For more information, visit’ve got tons of documentation, quick start guides, and tutorial videos to help get you up and going fast.

    Sep 25

    The Control Center For Your Business

    Contactizer Pro
    Organize, Fast-Track, Maximize

    Save BIG Monday and Tuesday from this page.

    Normally: $119.00

    ZOT Price: $59.00

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    Contactizer is an amazing all-in-one solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business information. Contactizer Pro makes your contact management experience more efficient, productive and inventive. Contactizer Pro, specifically built for Mac OS X, provides a wealth of powerful PIM features, all through an innovative, elegant and intuitive interface.Localized in English, French, and German.

    Contactizer redefines contact management by providing a wealth of revolutionary features that maximize your productivity. Contactizer is built on top of powerful Mac OS X technologies (Cocoa, Spotlight, Core Image, Core Data and more), resulting in an outstanding user experience and peak performance. Keep looking for updates as we add innovative new features to Contactizer.

    Top Core Capabilities

  • 5 modules (Contacts, Tasks, Events, Communications & Projects)
  • Manage projects and track their progress.
  • Automatically summarize contact-related information in a single view.
  • Link email messages to your contacts in real time.
  • Collaborative network sharing. No server needed!
  • Tag contacts, tasks, events, communications, projects with multiple category labels.
  • Interconnect all Contactizer items including reciprocal relationships.
  • Mail merge (HTML email template builder included!).
  • Event Manager with meeting organization and more.
  • Manage follow-ups for invitations to events and tasks.
  • Assign Type to tasks and connect follow-up actions (calling by phone, sending a fax, sending email…).
  • Synchronize with iSync and iPhone (and make information available on other devices!).
  • Organize any of your information using smart groups.
  • Built-in Google Maps search service for contact addresses location.
  • Incoming call notifications and dialing through Bluetooth phones.
  • What’s New in 3.8?

  • General user interface has been modernised.
  • Completed / Uncompleted / Progress filters are now placed on the top header of tableviews to allow data to be filtered by categories AND by status
  • It’s now possible to subscribe to ICS calendars (online calendars)
  • Projects & Tasks are now more deeply paired
  • Categories are now part of the Bonjour Sharing for Contacts & Tasks
  • A task can be linked easily to one or more projects thanks to a new popup widget
  • Low levels have been optimized for the upcoming Contactizer iPhone app.
  • Improvements
  • Project’s completed date could now be edited
  • A task can be linked easily to one or more projects thanks to a new popup widget
  • Contact groups & categories are now available as merge keys
  • Addresses in Contact full edit window are now ordered according to the card country setting
  • What are people saying about it?

    Chris Breen, Editor at Macworld US

    Contactizer Pro is, in many ways, an impressive information manager. The notion of the contact as hub to the information attached to it is an attractive organizational idea – one that you might take to.

    For the complete review visit Macworld US.

    Tom Gorham, Editor at Macuser UK

    The growing appeal of Macs in small businesses has been matched by an explosion of networkable task and contact managers. Despite some rough edges, this new version of Objective Decision’s Contactizer Pro more than holds its own ina competitive market.

    For the complete review visit Macuser UK.

    System requirements:

    Contactizer is an universal binary application so it will work natively on both PPC and Intel based Macs running Mac OS X version 10.5.4, 10.6, and 10.7!

    External Links

    Contactizer Home

    Sep 23

    RWmultitool 2 – Full Version

    The Rapidweaver tool for creative minds.
    Get DiscoBrick this weekend also! Details below…

    Normally: $20.90

    ZOT Price: $9.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Image Editor for Rapidweaver themes
    Leopard and Snow Leopard compatible.


    RWmultitool is ready for RapidWeaver5
    This tool has been designed to edit the images of RapidWeaver graphic themes.
    With this tool you can modify theme graphics or add new images easily and without any specific knowledge of graphic design,
    Just drag your picture in RWmultitool and you’re done! Now, editing your theme graphics is a simple and funny game.
    This is not an ordinary software: it’s a tool for creative minds, inside RapidWeaver. A new theme generation is here: the limit is just your fantasy…

    Key features:
    • Add your images
    • Edit your images
    • Make a duplicate of theme images
    • A lot of CoreImage effects
    • Automatic backup/restore
    • Project saving ( layers as Photoshop )
    • Add text
    • Add masks
    • Add frame, shadow, reflection and more……


    RWmultitool is not a regular plugin! is an image editor for
    RWthemes so it works with themes not directly with RW.
    When you edit your RWtheme with RWmultitool
    RapidWeaver 4/5 will automatically refresh it.

    RWmt2 installation notes:
    • Make sure RapidWeaver was installed
    • Install external themes. Try our
    free themes! (at the bottom of the page)
    Note: RWmultitool read and can edit the themes contained into the folder Library/ApplicationSupport/Rapidweaver/.
    For this reason you must install more themes before ( with a simple double clik over the Theme-icon).

    • Run RWmultitool ,choose your theme and the related image.
    If you cant see any theme installed in the theme menu, enable “view all themes” check.
    Same behavior for the Lite version of RWmt.
    For further informations read the Guide and the FAQ.

    RWmultitool license on MacZot
    You will get a Single Licence ( serial code ) for RWmultitool2.
    To get the license please, visit your account in MacZot a few hours later.

    Click to RWmultitool Site for more info
    Click to Developer’s Site for more info

    Special offer!
    Sept 24th and 25th

    DiscoBrick iTunes plug-in

    Your eyes will always be in sync with your ears!
    DiscoBrick is an open GL 3D visualization plug in for iTunes that renders your favorite music visually! DiscoBrick has an extensive VFX styles library, with visualizations suitable for every genre, from classical music to trance, techno, house and whatever you love to hear and/or dance to. VFXs can be grouped easily to form personal collections, so your eyes will always be in sync with your ears.

    Try, Buy, or Learn more about it here…

    Sep 22

    Wondershare Vivideo for Mac 2.0.0

    Easy-to-use yet powerful video editing for Mac
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $39.99

    ZOT Price: $20.00

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    Buy 1 item

    Wondershare Vivideo for Mac 2.0.0

    Wondershare Vivideo for Mac helps you to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions like trimming, cropping, rotating, adding stylish titles, applying filter effects, inserting transition and motion effects, etc. on Mac OS X. So you can export videos to various popular video formats and portable devices for wider sharing and enjoyment or directly upload them to YouTube for sharing with family and friends.

    Feature Highlights:

  • Supports importing all popular videos, audios and photos for editing
  • Retouch videos and photos with rich filters, titles, transitions and motions
  • Burn the edited videos to DVD for better video preservation
  • Save videos to local or portable devices or directly share to YouTube
  • System Requirements:

    • Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Intel processor, fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

    User Comments:

    I am very satisfied with this software. It is very accurate for editing videos and I can get what exactly I want with it.

    I love your software! It saves me so much time and work, so thanks.

    Very nice product. Definitely worth buying.

    Visit Wondershare Vivideo for Mac’s website for more info

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    Sept 24th and 25th

    RW Multitool

    The Rapidweaver tool for creative minds.
    This tool has been designed to edit the images of RapidWeaver graphic themes. With this tool you can modify theme graphics or add new images easily and without any specific knowledge of graphic design. Just drag your picture in RWmultitool and you’re done! This is not ordinary software: it’s a tool for creative minds. A new theme generation is here: the limit is just your fantasy…

    Learn more about it here…

    Sep 21

    Mail Stationery AND
    Mail Stationery Smart

    Give your email a facelift.

    Normally: $29.99

    ZOT Price: $14.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Two Jumsoft milestones for one low price.

    Every now and then, you aim for more than plain words could ever achieve. Trying to make the best first impression on a potential client. Congratulating your colleague on becoming a dad. Asking your crush out for a movie. That’s when small details matter the most, and that’s when your email message calls for richness. We have something for these occasions to make your daily lives just a bit more enchanting.

    Congratulate. Invite. Announce. Show. Amuse. Say it all.

    Mail Stationery

    Mail Stationery 3.1 is a beautiful collection of 100 top-quality templates for Apple Mail from professional designers who have produced not only visually attractive but also highly functional designs.
    In addition, most of the templates come with extra color themes or design variations, which will maximize your available choices for creative solutions.

    Click on the image below to learn more, see samples and be inspired…

    A powerful combination of words and style. This looks clever.

    Mail Stationery Smart

    Jumsoft presents the Mail Stationery Smart collection of 100 high-quality templates for Apple Mail. Sixty-six business-oriented designs have been adapted from the existing templates and themes of the Pages Templates Expert, Pages Templates Pro, and Keynote Themes collections. Not only do they make your email newsletters and proposals look more professional and compelling, but they also give you a chance to refine your entire corporate style with matching products from our array of products.

    Click on the image below to find out more…

    E-mails with the templates can only be sent from Apple Mail

    Compatible with:

  • Gmail
  • MobileMe
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail
  • and Others…
  • System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 Mail or higher.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Sep 20

    SDB Explorer for Amazon SimpleDB

    SDB Explorer is the most advanced user interface to manage Amazon’s NoSQL SimpleDB. We don’t run this offer every day. This is the first ZOT offer for SDB Explorer ever. Don’t miss it !!
    Special Offer – Minalyzer

    Normally: $69.99

    ZOT Price: $35.00

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    • Supports bulk upload to Amazon SimpleDB.

    • Supports Import data to Amazon SimpleDB.

    • Supporting AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) interface for Amazon SimpleDB.

    • Easy Listing of Domains from all Region End Points supported by Amazon SimpleDB.

    • Upload My-SQL data to Amazon SimpleDB.

    • Schedule SDB Commander for automation of Export Domain operation.

    • Export multiple Domains from Amazon SimpleDB to native file system in XML format.

    • Support SELECT query.

    • Search on Item name (i.e. Amazon SimpleDB item identifier).

    • Sort your Amazon SimpleDB records by Attributes in ascending/ descending order.

    • Supports Multiple Item rows delete on a single click.

    • View Domain property.

    • Update Item row.

    • Empty your domain.

    • View the charges taken by Amazon SimpleDB for last executed query.

    • Save AWS credentials with or without password on local.

    • Support for MAC/Linux/Windows platform.

    • Proxy support.

    • Tips, On-line Help, Documentation, Demos, Screen shots, Discussion forums, Product Support, Status info and Error reporting.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Special offer!
    Sept 20th only


    Point Minalyzer to ANY website, Crawl (Spider) all of its Content & Create Full Text Index on it.

    Try, Buy, or Learn more about it here…

    Sep 19

    iWeb To WordPress

    Convert Your iWeb Blog to a WordPress

    Normally: $49.95

    ZOT Price: $24.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    MobileMe is being discontinued, which means iWeb users who use the blogging feature with comments enabled will lose those comments as they are stored on Apple’s servers.

    Simply drag and drop your iWeb website onto iWeb to WordPress and it will instantly convert your iWeb blog to a WordPress blog. All of your blog posts and comments will be converted. It will be as if you have used WordPress the whole time!

    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)
    Mac OS X 10.4 or later (Intel/PowerPC)
    iWeb 3.0.x

    Product URL:

    Promo Video

    Instructional Video