Dec 30

Watch TV On Your Mac – The Easy Way In 2011
Developer Interview Below…

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $19.95

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Experience New Years In HD! and right on your Mac, what could be better?

The Future Is Now. Introducing MacTVision HD, Online TV Made Easy

MacTVision Description

1 in 5 people will be cutting their cable and satellite service this year in favor of Internet based TV. Why pay a cable or satellite company $100 or more a month when everything you want to watch is available in MacTVision for a one time cost less than $40.00! AND includes lifetime subscription updates! Full featured and easy! We can’t be beat!

MacTVision features full HD (High Definition) episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels and news, FULL length movies, videos, and even streaming radio. Just one quick software install, no hardware or crazy stuff required!

MacTVision brings the best content the Internet has! You get DIRECT online streams of news, sports, local stations, network stations, and even global media outlets! Not to mention integrated service with millions of streams from YouTube, programming from Revision3 and Hulu, and much more!

We work hard so you don’t have to. Software is straight forward and easy to use.


MacTVision Features:

Updated DAILY and includes…

    * Full Popular TV Shows Instantly, On Demand!
    * Built Especially For Apple Mac Users.
    * EASY To Use, With Quick Search Features.
    * Channels From All Over The World! Watch Shows You Can’t Usually Get.
    * Thousands Of Local TV & Internet Channels Also.
    * Original Online TV Shows.
    * Full Length Hollywood & Independent Movies!
    * LIVE Broadcast News & Sports Channels.
    * Integration With Hulu, YouTube, Justin.TV, Revison3, and More!
    * Your Favorite Streaming Internet Radio Stations.
    * Auto Removal Of Dead/Broken Channels, Keeping Content Fresh.
    * No Monthly Subscription Fees!
    * No Catch, No Gimmicks, No Hidden Fees, No Rip-Offs – Our Guarantee!
    * Already Convinced? (We are to) Buy Here For A ONE TIME FEE – $39.95.

Go search around, and you will see why we can’t be beat and are the most popular service for TV on Macs! Everything else is nearly twice as much with hidden fees, requires additional hardware, or is a monthly subscription based service.

See why we are so cool now?

MacTVision Requirements:  OSX 10.4 and higher. Both PPC & Intel Based.

Click to MacTVision’s Site for more info.

Customer Feedback:

"So what type of voodoo spell was cast for this awesomeness?" – Brandon, New York

" 3 words, 1 phrase, I LOVE IT!" – Hillary, Florida

"Wouldn't have it any other way, great product guys" – Steve, California


Cut costs from regular cable and sattelite bills and bring all your fav shows, news, and even radio to one place with no subscription fees and lifetime updates.

Diving Into The Developer, Our Response To An Interview:

Q. What's the most unique, useful feature of your product?

A. The ease of use. We bring all the best channels of the Internet right to the MacTVision application, saving our customers time so they can enjoy the shows, not spend time looking for them.

Q. Why did you create this app?

A. Out of frustration! We knew we couldn't have been the only ones looking for a video and stream bookmarking service.

Q. What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

A. Because it is a Mac! The way the world should be. Mac users "know" they have the better OS.

Q. What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

A. Ease of use, lots of content – which is update daily we might ad. And the fact that we DO NOT charge subscriptions. Just a one time up front cost. That's it! We like straightforward.

Q. What are some interesting experiences you've had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

A. None as of yet, the transition has been great.

Q. What's your favorite Mac app out there from another developer?

A. Camtasia For Mac, makes our screencasting so much easier.

Q. What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

A. A toilet flusher.

Q. What would you like a user to ask you?

A. Can I pay you all more for this than you charge?

Q. What should I ask that I'm forgetting?

A. Where we are from! So, we are from NC, Arizona, and Quebec, Canada.

Q.What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

A. No matter how many times we say it, there are no subscription fees or further costs, and customers are our favorite people – and they do get lifetime updates and upgrades!


MacTVision Requirements:  OSX 10.4 and higher. Both PPC & Intel Based.

Click to MacTVision’s Site for more info.

Hope you will give us a spin! Thanks and Happy New Year!

14 Responses to “MacTVision”

  1. Xycod Says:

    You should mention at the very beginning and in a very large font, that your software WORKS ONLY IN THE UNITED STATES.

    That could spare me the time do download and launch it, just to learn that it is completely useless in any other part of the world.

  2. MacTVision Support Says:

    Hi Xycod!

    Sorry for your troubles!

    MacTVision actually works in over 80 countries, not only the US.

    See our Support page for setting your region:

    Contact us to work through any questions you may have.

    Thanks for your interest, and Happy New Year!

  3. swright Says:

    Could someone confirm that this really is US only?

    I’m sure you’re not wrong Xycod, but just in case it’s something you’ve missed, I’d like some official confirmation.

    You say in this very listing and on your official site that local TV and stations can be found from all over the world…if it’s true that this is US only, this is very misleading, especially as, shock horror, there’s a world outside of the States.

  4. Xycod Says:

    There are probably free internet TV stations that you can watch with the program, but you can watch them without the program too.

    But if you try to open anything like House MD, you will immediately find out that they are not licensed to see outside the US. This is plain stupid, why don’t the american TV/movie companies like our money?

    I understand that this beyond the power of the software developers, but it would be more honest to point it out clearly.

  5. rs Says:

    It’ll work outside the US, but you’ll need a VPN to access US-only sites like Hulu. The software just bookmarks the streams, it doesn’t actually forward the streams to you or anything like that.

    If you can’t access Hulu from where you are now, you still won’t be able to with this software.

  6. mwise Says:

    I tried to install this and keep getting an “exception of class NilObjectExecption was not handled” error. I repaired my permissions, but it still doesn’t work.

  7. MacTVision Support Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Steve again! Sorry for your troubles today.

    We will work through any problems you are having, our promise.

    We are a small firm (but growing quickly, especially as of late) so our research and development department is working overtime to address every possible error we can resolve. It is hard for us to account for the thousands of different hardware/software combinations out there, not to mention other app conflicts. We won’t leave you hanging though if you have purchased or are interested in MacTVision! :.)

    mwise, (and others):
    As for the NilObjectException you have received, repairing permissions AND updating plugins takes care of this 98% of the time, if it does not, we work through to find the cause.

    rs is correct,

    VPN will allow you to bypass content blocks. Blocked content to your country is beyond our control – we pass along the streams. Content regions can be setup with the software under “Settings” to give you programming based on your Country of origin.


    We can’t control what US tv/movie producers allow, wish we could! :.) You are right, there is a minimal amount of custom programming provided solely through MacTVision – the whole idea of MacTVision is made to give you one interface for accessing all the video providers out there to make video watching/streaming easier. We are adding more every day, country specific, to continually enhance MacTVision. Our next big goal is to work with Independent producers for original programming also!

    Our apologies for the growing pains, but MacTVision works for the majority of our customers, and anyone it doesn’t – whether content, install, or use – we will find a resolution for. We had to start somewhere. :.)

    We ran this weekend’s MacZOT Promotion to provide exposure to those who have an interest – or may have an interest – to pick the software up at a great price. It will go back up, but you have the chance to snag at a deal and get all new releases for free as part of our lifetime customer program. A big win for those who wish to see content expanded in the near future.

    Again, our apologies for any snafus in your experience, we will remedy most errors soon as we continually add to our database!

    I would urge anyone to use the trial first before purchase to make sure it works for you now – unless you have an interest in securing at this price over the weekend before it goes back up – and wait on a version/install package that works best for you.

    Enhancements are released everyday, and our next large upgrade is planned for January.

    Please contact us through the website for any specific questions.

    Also thanks to all the MacZOT users who have contacted us today complimenting our efforts! It give us a great boost move forward to make MacTVision awesome and fully accessible by all!

    Happy New Year To All!

  8. Robin_S Says:

    I’ve just been demoing MacTVision. I’m in the US, and I don’t watch a lot of TV on the internet, but when I want to, I’m never sure where is the best place to get the show. I know I can get a lot of stuff on YouTube and Hulu, but there are so many others, and having it all centrally located is very nice. Just scrolling through the show names … Alf, American Muscle Car, The Dog Whisperer, WKRP in Cincinnatii … yikes, this could be a huge time-waster! So, yeah, I bought it, cuz I’ve got all the time in the world (no), but that’s the beauty of this app: I spent more time looking for stuff before, and now I don’t have to! Now, if I can just keep Comcast from screwing me over on the bandwidth. Thanks for the Zot!

  9. steve1200 Says:

    Same as mwise: I tried to install this and keep getting an “exception of class NilObjectExecption was not handled” error. I repaired my permissions, but it still doesn’t work.
    Which plug-ins do I need to update?
    Will you make this offer available to those of us with the NilObjectException, error after the error is resolved?
    Thank you

  10. MissMondegreen Says:

    I tried the demo and it seems to work ok, but what sources does it pull from? I only found hulu videos, and not even all of those. I couldn’t find any streams pulled from any of the websites for the shows, and many of those sites not only hold full episodes for viewing, but more then hulu does. As a test I took the SyFy show Caprica and MacTelevision didn’t have anything. The Syfy website seems to have all of the episodes that have shown already (it certainly had all of season 1) and hulu had some episodes to.

    Aside from the fact that this was product was able to do less then my doing a quick google search, what exactly is the point of this product? It doesn’t save video streams for you, it doesn’t even find streams that well. Am I missing something or is this a 40 dollar product for something I can do through google?

  11. MissMondegreen Says:

    I will say that it is nice to be able to view lists of available episodes to view without turning on (and keeping on) a video player, but that isn’t something I’d pay 40 dollars for, or even 20

  12. MacTVision Support Says:

    Hi Robin!

    Thanks for the kind words! Glad you are enjoying MacTVision!

    Hi Steve!

    Yes, just received confirmation we will extend the pricing amount from the main website for Zot users who received the error. Everything has went great with install overall considering the amount of installs this week, looks like there is around 3% who are experiencing the problem with no rhyme or reason – but our devs are working on recreating to patch. Thanks for your interest and keep a check on the website for the pricing match.

    Hi Miss Mondegreen,

    We pull from over 13,000 different providers to give you the best choice in streams for your area. The MacTVision technology provides a pass along from these third party providers, so if you can’t access the content now, you can’t using MacTVision. There is a VPN feature in the software you can give a whirl though.

    Also, we can not control episodes, etc. This is all pulled from the third party providers, so whatever they offer, we do.

    MacTVision is made to be a single portal to make it easy to watch videos in one place – but keep in mind, just because we don’t offer it right now – we have added a feature for you to bookmark your own streams! Anything you might want to see, use the “Add Content” button on the menu bar to add your own streams. :.)

    Work-arounds for all as we continually build our database.

    Many thanks again for your interest!

  13. MacTVision Support Says:

    Also, we just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the support from ZOT users through our website. You have been very supportive in our efforts and given us some great feedback for enhancing MacTVision!

    We appreciate it, and look forward to growing MacTVision in leaps and bounds in 2011! Congrats to all of you who picked up the ZOT now and get the pricing discount to take advantage of our customer for life program.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  14. MacTVision Support Says:

    Hello Everyone!

    To anyone receiving the “An exception of class NillObjectException was not handled, the application must shut down.” error at launch, please make sure you are using an Admin account with full rights just once for a first time launch. After that, it will launch normally in a Standard or Limited Account that some of you may be using when installing.

    This has solved 99% of those experiencing the error. Thanks!