Dec 30

Watch TV On Your Mac – The Easy Way In 2011
Developer Interview Below…

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $19.95

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Experience New Years In HD! and right on your Mac, what could be better?

The Future Is Now. Introducing MacTVision HD, Online TV Made Easy

MacTVision Description

1 in 5 people will be cutting their cable and satellite service this year in favor of Internet based TV. Why pay a cable or satellite company $100 or more a month when everything you want to watch is available in MacTVision for a one time cost less than $40.00! AND includes lifetime subscription updates! Full featured and easy! We can’t be beat!

MacTVision features full HD (High Definition) episodes of popular television shows, streaming channels and news, FULL length movies, videos, and even streaming radio. Just one quick software install, no hardware or crazy stuff required!

MacTVision brings the best content the Internet has! You get DIRECT online streams of news, sports, local stations, network stations, and even global media outlets! Not to mention integrated service with millions of streams from YouTube, programming from Revision3 and Hulu, and much more!

We work hard so you don’t have to. Software is straight forward and easy to use.


MacTVision Features:

Updated DAILY and includes…

    * Full Popular TV Shows Instantly, On Demand!
    * Built Especially For Apple Mac Users.
    * EASY To Use, With Quick Search Features.
    * Channels From All Over The World! Watch Shows You Can’t Usually Get.
    * Thousands Of Local TV & Internet Channels Also.
    * Original Online TV Shows.
    * Full Length Hollywood & Independent Movies!
    * LIVE Broadcast News & Sports Channels.
    * Integration With Hulu, YouTube, Justin.TV, Revison3, and More!
    * Your Favorite Streaming Internet Radio Stations.
    * Auto Removal Of Dead/Broken Channels, Keeping Content Fresh.
    * No Monthly Subscription Fees!
    * No Catch, No Gimmicks, No Hidden Fees, No Rip-Offs – Our Guarantee!
    * Already Convinced? (We are to) Buy Here For A ONE TIME FEE – $39.95.

Go search around, and you will see why we can’t be beat and are the most popular service for TV on Macs! Everything else is nearly twice as much with hidden fees, requires additional hardware, or is a monthly subscription based service.

See why we are so cool now?

MacTVision Requirements:  OSX 10.4 and higher. Both PPC & Intel Based.

Click to MacTVision’s Site for more info.

Customer Feedback:

"So what type of voodoo spell was cast for this awesomeness?" – Brandon, New York

" 3 words, 1 phrase, I LOVE IT!" – Hillary, Florida

"Wouldn't have it any other way, great product guys" – Steve, California


Cut costs from regular cable and sattelite bills and bring all your fav shows, news, and even radio to one place with no subscription fees and lifetime updates.

Diving Into The Developer, Our Response To An Interview:

Q. What's the most unique, useful feature of your product?

A. The ease of use. We bring all the best channels of the Internet right to the MacTVision application, saving our customers time so they can enjoy the shows, not spend time looking for them.

Q. Why did you create this app?

A. Out of frustration! We knew we couldn't have been the only ones looking for a video and stream bookmarking service.

Q. What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform.

A. Because it is a Mac! The way the world should be. Mac users "know" they have the better OS.

Q. What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?

A. Ease of use, lots of content – which is update daily we might ad. And the fact that we DO NOT charge subscriptions. Just a one time up front cost. That's it! We like straightforward.

Q. What are some interesting experiences you've had creating new versions of your software when OS is upgraded?

A. None as of yet, the transition has been great.

Q. What's your favorite Mac app out there from another developer?

A. Camtasia For Mac, makes our screencasting so much easier.

Q. What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?

A. A toilet flusher.

Q. What would you like a user to ask you?

A. Can I pay you all more for this than you charge?

Q. What should I ask that I'm forgetting?

A. Where we are from! So, we are from NC, Arizona, and Quebec, Canada.

Q.What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?

A. No matter how many times we say it, there are no subscription fees or further costs, and customers are our favorite people – and they do get lifetime updates and upgrades!


MacTVision Requirements:  OSX 10.4 and higher. Both PPC & Intel Based.

Click to MacTVision’s Site for more info.

Hope you will give us a spin! Thanks and Happy New Year!

Dec 29

BeFit is the ultimate calorie tracking tool, based on the nutrition data for the foods that you eat.

Normally: $15.00

ZOT Price: $6.00

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Make your New Years Resolution to lose weight
stick this year!

BeFit is the ultimate tool for tracking your caloric intake in the everyday foods that we eat. But it doesn’t stop there, we also let you track every single piece of data found on the Nutrition Facts panel on the foods that you eat everyday!

BeFit is more than a calorie tracker, track sugar intake, (great for diabetics). Track fats taken in vs. calories and more, the possibilities are limitless.

Create food lists and each list calculates and graphs the food items contained within them. Create as many lists as you want, for each meal, each day, the choice is yours!

Oh So Rewarding

BeFit is the ultimate tool for anyone interested in tracking calories for weight loss. The truth is that based on a 2000 calorie diet, if you take in less then you burn then you loose weight. This tracking tool helps you know when enough is enough!

Vast Food Library 7000+

With BeFit you get a large FDA / USDA food database included. Spotlight search has also been coded into the app to make it very easy to find the food your looking for. Each food item comes with a full Nutrition Facts panel just like you would see in the store.

Track, Sort & More

With BeFit you have the ability to make infinite tracking lists. Each list can be renamed, and sorted to your liking. You can hide and show nutrients based on what you want to track and you will get a running total in each list.

Read more about BeFit at the BeFit Software Page.

System Requirements

OS: 10.5 ~ 10.65
Platform: Intel / PPC

Dec 28

Labels & Addresses
Design and print labels and envelopes on your Mac

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.95

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Click to BeLight’s Site for more info.

Labels & Addresses (Formerly Mail Factory)
is a home and office tool for printing all sorts of labels and envelopes.
The program helps to design and print
envelopes, postcards and diverse labels, such as address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels. Merge printing
capability makes the program a great office tool for those who need to print multiple labels and envelopes in one
go, using data from a print list.

Labels & Addresses helps you to:

  • Save time when working with mass mailings.
  • Accurately and precisely address parcels and envelopes.
  • Print barcodes, price tags, inventory numbers and more from files and databases.
  • Create neat labels for your file folders and other items.
  • Design Christmas, Birthday or Valentine postcards and party invitations.

Watch a screencast about Labels & Addresses here…

Features at a Glance:

Data Merge
You can quickly print individual envelopes and labels or batch print addresses from Apple Address Book, MS Entourage,
MS Excel, Now Contact, FileMaker, vCards or tab-delimited text files. Use the built-in storages of recipient and sender
addresses to edit and store mailing lists.

Labels & Addresses prints Intelligent Mail, USPS POSTNET, Canada Post and Royal Mail barcodes on labels and envelopes to ensure fast
and accurate delivery, and correctly formats addresses for more than 50 countries. The unique Address Recognition feature
automatically formats addresses pasted in the form of text from other applications. The included 15 address templates
(corporate, personal, and others) simplify the addressing process.

Industry-Standard Barcodes
UPC-A/E, ISBN and Data Matrix barcodes. The barcode data (and price information) can be read from a text file, allowing
you to efficiently print numerous labels for your entire product inventory.

Labels & Addresses supports hundreds of label layouts from the most popular vendors, including Avery, APLI,
A–One, and many other US, European and Asian manufacturers. You can choose the position of the label that you’re
printing to in order to re-use partially used label sheets. Furthermore, the program supports popular label printers such
as DYMO LabelWriter, Seiko SLP, Brother QL, Zebra printers, and the entire range of labels.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Leopard compatible.
Available in: English, German.

Dec 27

Mail Stationery – Smart
Slick, classy, and functional. Say smart things without words.

Normally: $39.00

ZOT Price: $19.50

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This Looks Clever.

Slick, classy, and functional. Say smart things without words.

Business and Fun Combined

Jumsoft presents the Mail Stationery Smart collection of 100 high-quality templates for Apple Mail. Sixty-six business-oriented designs have been adapted from the existing templates and themes of the Pages Templates Expert, Pages Templates Pro, and Keynote Themes collections. Not only do they make your email newsletters and proposals look more professional and compelling, but they also give you a chance to refine your entire corporate style with matching products from our array of products.

The remaining 34 stationery templates are designed for those little everyday instances when ordinary words are just not enough. Whether you want to wish your colleague a happy birthday, invite your significant other for a movie night, or share a joke with your friends, Mail Stationery Smart will deliver. Fill your emails with warmth and occasional cheek to make your daily life just a tad more marvelous.

What Else Is There?

Mail Stationery Smart covers the same features that made the previous versions so popular: a clean-cut style and high functionality combined with the powerful pull of personalization. You can edit all text content, including the colorful headings with custom fonts. Mix your own photos with an elegant stationery template, and a positive reaction from your recipients is guaranteed.

Easy to Be Smart

These stationery designs are not a few stock patterns that bore you before you even begin to use them. You do not have to be constrained by the 100-template limit—some of the templates come with up to nine additional color themes and design variations. You can explore these possibilities by simply clicking on the background of an email that was created with your choice of stationery.

Holiday Pack

With the holidays approaching, we are happy to follow our tradition and offer 20 beautiful email greetings free of charge. The warm and charming templates are included in the Mail Stationery Smart package and available with our Goodies bundle of free products.

Here and Now

You’ve read about the details and seen the samples – why not purchase Mail Stationery Smart now?

Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Mail or later.

Can be viewed in Gmail, MobileMe, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, and More…
Because these are “Themes,” there is no trial of today’s ZOT –

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Dec 26

Fast & Easy Prints

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.98

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Get a digital camera for the holiday season? Have you taken pictures recently? PrintSprint makes it easy to get prints of your digital photos!

Like fast & easy?

You’ll love PrintSprint!

If you’ve taken a few hundred (or thousand) photos with your digital camera and found it so tedious to make prints that you just don’t get around to it, then PrintSprint is the solution for you.

While there are many ways to make prints, they usually involve multiple applications, windows, or several views and modes and lots of clicking. PrintSprint makes it simple to select photos, set the print size, quantity, and crop and then generate your order.

All from a single window.

Better yet, PrintSprint never modifies your originals and it works with your organizational system so it doesn’t matter if you’re using iPhoto, Aperture or have your photos on your hard drives or CDs.

PrintSprint Features:

  • Print photos at home or fully prepare them for sending to a service
  • Easiest way to make prints from your photos.
  • Works with iPhoto, Aperture, or custom photo organization on your hard drive.
  • Crop and rotate photos
  • Easily set print size and quantity


  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

For more information check out the PrintSprint pages at Blue Lamp Software.

Dec 24

1Password and Knox
Have you ever forgotten a password?

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

This is an incredibly special time of year for me with the anticipation of Christmas. Since Christmas day is on the 25th, I had planned to celebrate by giving everyone 25% off everything in our store. However, we have also seen the celebration of Hanukkah and will soon see the start of Kwanzaa. I am feeling festive so I am going to add 8 percent (8 days and nights for Hanukkah) and 7 percent (7 days of Kwanzaa) making for an extra Merry 40% off sale!

Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy the savings :)

Dave Teare,

Agile Founder

Happy Holidays from macZOT!!!

We appreciate your business
and your participation in macZOT!

Dec 22

Secure protection for individual folders.
Holiday ZOT Preview Below…

Normally: $34.95

ZOT Price: $17.48

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Our computers store a lot of private information about us, and others. For example, when someone sends us an email they expect that email to reach us only, and rarely consider that in doing so that email could very easily fall into the wrong hands. We could lose our computer on a trip or in a burglary, or hand it to a someone to use for a few minutes. That’s all it would take for information we once thought was private to become public. Your user account password offers zero protection to someone with even rudamentary computer knowledge.

There hasn’t been a way to protect application data like email and chat histories without encrypting all of the data on your computer, and this can severly impact the performance of your Mac. Until now, that is.

Now, Espionage is here to solve that problem for good.

Powerful and Intuitive

Espionage is much more than just a glorified interface to encrypted disk images. It leverages a powerful event system called iSpy that enables it to integrate seamlessly with the system, and gives it the power to encrypt application data.

Using Espionage, you simply encrypt individual folders. Once a folder is under Espionage’s protection, double-clicking on it will bring up a password prompt:

Enter the correct password and your files appear. Right-click on the encrypted folder to re-lock. It’s that simple, the way it should have been in the first place.

Fast and Simple Folder Access—Anywhere

All of your protected folders are quickly accessible from the menubar:

Global Menu Item


Protect Application Data

With Espionage, you can encrypt your email, your chat histories for your favorite instant messaging client, your web browsing history and cookies, and more. You get to choose what needs encryption and what doesn’t.

Now over 20 application templates make it super-simple to secure application data:

Espionage will encrypt all of the important data for the application and prevent it from running without your password, and it will automatically lock the application’s data when you quit it (or not, it’s your choice).

To see this in action, check out the screencast on Espionage’s homepage.

Peace of Mind With Built-in Backups

With Espionage, you no longer have to worry about what happens if your computer is stolen, or about your friend reading your email while they borrow your computer. Nor do you have to worry about backing up your encrypted data. Espionage has you covered with its built-in backups:

Wicked Performance

Encrypting and encrypting data is a taxing operation, and therefore encrypting your entire home folder (for example, using FileVault) can really bring down the performance of the system, and for laptops is a drain on the battery life.

Espionage saves you this performance penalty by letting you choose what gets encrypted, and usually this is a small fraction of the data on your drive. How much performance does it save you? We performed some benchmarks on filesystems with and without encryption to find out, and the results are staggering:

Espionage can save you well over three times the performance for file access. This speeds up application launch times, and all disk-intensive operations. The result is a much more responsive system, and most of the time there’s zero performance hit.

Laptop users can rejoice too, because now you can encrypt your files without having to worry about killing your battery life. During the benchmarks we sampled how idle the CPU was, and here are the results:

Reviews and User Comments
This app allows me to do something I could never figure out before – password protect my email in Mail App. I definitely recommend this app for the paranoid among you or those who are interested in securing their important files. The tag says that this app replaces FileVault but I disagree. This blows FileVault away!

– BRUSKI2007 on MacUpdate

This is head and shoulders above other security apps out there. The kind of app it makes you glad you’ve got a Mac. I had a couple of issues, dropped the guys an email and they got straight back to be and resolved them. For such a new app, this really shows big promise, and a bargain too.

– SIDE LANE on MacUpdate

Thanks for this great software. I just bought it and will recommend it to my friends. Your program addresses a big privacy hole in email that has existed at least since I started using Eudora in the early 90s. It never made sense that they required a password to send mail but not to view your inbox. Apple Mail continues this weakness but Espionage has provided an elegant work-around. Same problem for iPhoto. Espionage really has tons of potential.

– Tim via email

Congratulations on crafting what looks like the best encryption app on the Mac

– Miles via email

“5/5″ – This app is simple and easy. Takes virtually no effort to set it up and use it. I love it and think its a must have if your a mac user and need some extra app security.

Fuel Your Apps Review (v2.0.8)

Espionage does exactly what it claims to, and makes managing secure data remarkably easy.

AppStorm Review (v2.0.2)

The software is extremely easy to use and very effective – I would recommend it to all, novices and advanced users alike.

Help Net Security Review (v2.5.4)

As it goes with all Mac related searches, there is always a terrific application for each purpose. This time it’s Espionage by The Tao Effect.

Smoking Apples Review (v2.0 beta)

More Information + Video

More information, plus a video demonstrating how to use Espionage to encrypt application data can be found at its website:

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

This weekend’s Holiday ZOT?
Dec 24/25/26

1Password and Knox at 40% OFF!

Know someone new to Mac? Need a gift for someone who “has everything”?
Give them the gift of Security and Productivity this year! 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

Learn more about 1Password and Knox here…

Dec 21

Barcody 2.01
Barcody makes creating barcodes a piece of cake.

Normally: $130.00

ZOT Price: $65.00

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Many others can create barcodes. But Barcody makes creating barcodes a piece of cake.

Create barcodes series in no time. Print barcodes on label sheets. Barcody 2.0 supports 29 different barcode types. Send barcodes via email directly from Barcody.

Barcody 2.0 offers the following 29 barcodes:
Code 11,
Code 128,
Code 2/5 Industrial,
Code 2/5 Interleaved,
Code 2/5 Matrix,
Code 39,
Code 39 Full ASCII,
Code 93,
EAN 13,
EAN 18 / NVE / SSCC-18,
EAN 2,
EAN 5,
EAN 8,
GS1-128 (EAN 128),
Ident Code,
ISBN 13,
ITF-14 / SCC-14,
MSI Plessey,
Route Code,
Telepen ASCII,
Telepen NUM,

Barcody is the first Barcode Generator which supports LinkBack technology!

Many others can create barcodes. But Barcody makes creating barcodes a piece of cake. And thanks to LinkBack technology you can not only place barcodes from Barcody easily in iCalamus, the Publisher for Mac OS X, but also change them directly in Barcody and update them in iCalamus documents very easy.

What is LinkBack?

A link is a reference to another place. A backlink is a reference back to the source of an object. The LinkBack technology offers all necessary steps to let a program like iCalamus, the publisher for Mac OS X, recognize when you have placed objects from a LinkBack supporting program like Barcody in a document. When you select such an barcode object, iCalamus “knows” that the object originates from Barcody and iCalamus can call Barcody for you, handle over the object to Barcody for editing and update the barcode in the document immediately after you have saved changes to the barcode object.

Read more about LinkBack.

Barcody requires Mac OS X v 10.4 or later, supporting Leopard and Snow Leopard!

Available in: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Swedish (and counting)

Click to Barcody Site for more info.

Read the Barcody manual.

ATTN: We are repeating this ZOT which ran on Dec 9th due to technical difficulties.


Dunkel Software Distribution, also known since 1996 as invers Software for developing and distribution of the DTP system Calamus SL and the native DTP application iCalamus for Mac OS X, is the exclusive distributor for MK Software products and is the German distributor of Dejal Systems software and many others.

Software merchant Ulf Dunkel was co-editor of the German DTP magazine ‘invers’ (now supplement of ‘Publishing Praxis’) and is well-known in the DTP scene for many years, now offering software beyond the mainstream for different platforms and systems.

Dec 20

Fortora Fresh Finance for Mac
The People Friendly Personal Finance Software

Normally: $44.99

ZOT Price: $21.95

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Introducing Fortora Fresh Finance for Mac

Fortora Fresh Finance is the straightforward personal finance software for everyone. With Fortora Fresh Finance you can easily manage your personal finance-related tasks, such as balancing the checkbook, keeping track of credit cards, bill reminders, budgets and more. And you can easily generate reports to see where your money is going. Fortora Fresh Finance’s streamlined user interface has an easy learning curve, and you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Key Features and Benefits

Stay on top of your finances and know where you stand
Track your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and expenditures much more easily than doing it manually, and always know your net worth.
Enjoy a streamlined user interface
The uncluttered user interface is super easy-to-learn and use, especially compared to other finance software out there.
Never forget to pay another bill or make an important deposit again
Easily setup recurring or one-time reminders for your financial tasks.
Keep your budget on track
Easily setup multiple budgets and compare your actual spending with your target spending.
See where your money’s going
Quickly generate detailed reports, such as Income and Expenses and Cash Flow reports.
Import transactions from your bank
Save time by optionally importing transactions from your online banking service instead of manually inputting them.
Import your data from other financial packages
Looking to migrate from your old financial software to something better? It’s no problem with Fortora Fresh Finance.
Multiple-Currency support
You can manage your foreign accounts with ease.
Works with networks
Simultaneously work with the same data from multiple machines over a network.
Your data is portable
Your data works with both the Mac and Windows editions of the software (great for users who use both Mac and Windows computers.)
Use on up to 3 computers
Each copy you purchase is valid for use on up to 3 of your computers (great for multiple-computer households and offices.)
Superior support and service
Enjoy excellent support and service from a company which understands it simply could not exist without its customers. Plus enjoy a product which is shaped in large part by customer feedback.
And much more
Packed with the features you need, nothing more and nothing less, you’ll find that this is the perfect solution for your finance management needs.

System Requirements

Fortora Fresh Finance is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and works with both Intel and Power PC-based systems. Fortora Fresh Finance is a native Mac OS X application and has no other requirements.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Interview with the Developer

George I. Ashkar is president of Fortora LLC. Fortora is an independent software company headquartered in Bellflower, California, specializing in people friendly finance management software.

What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?
I would say the most useful and unique aspect of our product is the ease-of-use and extensive features. The interface was designed to make managing your finances really simple, but at the same time providing all of the functionality one would need.

Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?
We created the application to provide a viable and user-friendly alternative to the other finance management software out there.

What is most interesting to you about developing SW for the Mac platform?
We found that the community itself was the most interesting thing about developing software for the Mac platform. The users are very eager and responsive!

What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?
I would say that prospective buyers should look into the feature-set as a whole when checking out our product. In addition to essential finance management functionality, our product has a wide range of features, including robust importing tools, international support, etc.

What features would you like to add to your product that at this time seem improbable/impossible?
We have lots of new functionality we are planning to add. None of them are improbable to implement, it is just a matter of time… Some of the features include iPhone support, additional finance management tools and enhanced network support.

Dec 19

RWmultitool 2 – Full Version.
The Rapidweaver tool for creative minds.

Normally: $20.90

ZOT Price: $12.50

Click to MacZOT Try Now  

Image Editor for Rapidweaver themes
Leopard and Snow Leopard compatible.


RWmultitool is ready for RapidWeaver5
This tool has been designed to edit the images of RapidWeaver graphic themes.
With this tool you can modify theme graphics or add new images easily and without any specific knowledge of graphic design,
Just drag your picture in RWmultitool and you’re done! Now, editing your theme graphics is a simple and funny game.
This is not an ordinary software: it’s a tool for creative minds, inside RapidWeaver. A new theme generation is here: the limit is just your fantasy…

Key features:
• Add your images
• Edit your images
• Make a duplicate of theme images
• A lot of CoreImage effects
• Automatic backup/restore
• Project saving ( layers as Photoshop )
• Add text
• Add masks
• Add frame, shadow, reflection and more……


RWmultitool is not a regular plugin! is an image editor for
RWthemes so it works with themes not directly with RW.
When you edit your RWtheme with RWmultitool
RapidWeaver 4/5 will automatically refresh it.

RWmt2 installation notes:
• Make sure RapidWeaver was installed
• Install external themes. Try our
free themes! (at the bottom of the page)
Note: RWmultitool read and can edit the themes contained into the folder Library/ApplicationSupport/Rapidweaver/.
For this reason you must install more themes before ( with a simple double clik over the Theme-icon).

• Run RWmultitool ,choose your theme and the related image.
If you cant see any theme installed in the theme menu, enable “view all themes” check.
Same behavior for the Lite version of RWmt.
For further informations read the Guide and the FAQ.

RWmultitool license on MacZot
You will get a Single Licence ( serial code ) for RWmultitool2.
To get the license please, visit your account in MacZot a few hours later.

Click to RWmultitool Site for more info
Click to Developer’s Site for more info