Nov 30

DPS Digital Power Station Plugin
With a simple download, the DPS Plug-In will optimize the sound of iTunes for your computer.
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DPS Plugin for iTunes
by Bongiovi Acoustics

With a simple download,
the DPS Plug-In will optimize the sound of iTunes for your Macintosh
computer and its accessories such as auxiliary speakers and
headphones. Improve brightness, clarity, and presence while
experiencing deeper, more resonant bass. The DPS Plug-In also
compensates for differences in volume between songs. It optimizes
music, movies, television and spoken word and dramatically improves
the playback of compressed audio files (mp3, AAC etc.).

The patented DPS
technology analyzes the audio signal in real-time and digitally
optimizes it for playback on your computer.

The user-friendly control
panel enables you to select your favorite "Custom Tuned
Profiles" that extend the frequency response of your built-in
computer speakers or any other audio accessories that you connect to
your computer. Each profile contains the settings for over 120
calibration points. The DPS iTunes Plug-In comes loaded with custom
profiles for the internal speakers of all Apple computer models as
well as multiple profiles for external speaker devices and headphones
that you may connect to your Mac.

Using the DPS Plug-In is
as simple as loading your favorite profiles into the settings menu
and activating it on the control panel.

***It’s easy… Push the
Button, Feel the Power!***

New profiles are
constantly being created to suit new Macintosh hardware and other
unique audio devices as they are brought to market. All profiles can
be downloaded in an instant.

The DPS Plug-In optimizes
your audio by:

- Enabling users to
customize their tuning profile settings

- Improving the audio
quality of any media played through iTunes

Improving the audio quality of compressed audio formats

Improving the audio clarity of movies and TV shows

Compensating for differences in volume between songs

Increasing Bass Response, especially for smaller speakers such as
those in a laptop computer or earbuds

Improving clarity of both music and movies at lower volumes 


Plug-In is coming soon for Windows operating systems. This version
will be a "system-wide" audio processing application for
both Windows & Mac operating systems.


registered, full use iTunes Plug-In activations made before the
official release of System-Wide versions will include a FREE upgrade
to the new System-Wide Plug-In version for Mac OS X. This offer
includes customers from this MacZot Promo.


upgrade opportunity gives the registered user the ability to transfer
each purchased iTunes Plug-In license to the system-wide DPS Plug-In
(for OS X only) product. Only one license may be active at any one
time regardless of product type. This offer is only valid to
registered users who purchased a Plug-In license prior to the
official launch of the DPS System-Wide Plug-In.


are fanatics about sound, just like you. We come from the film and
music industries so we know the painstaking efforts required to
deliver studio-quality sound. The problem is, by the time the audio
gets to you it is often compromised by todays compressed audio
formats, delivery methods and your playback system. Let’s face it,
your computer speakers or ear buds are no?t exactly a studio mixing
room or movie theatre.

Until now, in the quest
for better sound you have had only one option; Buy more hardware–and
you can spend big $$ buying new headphones and accessory speakers.


- "I’ll admit
that I was pretty skeptical about how much impact such a plug-in
could have, but I’m delighted to report that I was a fool: DPS’s
effect is immediate, impressive, and almost entirely pleasant. In
fact, the plug-in has now ruined me for iTunes without it."

Four out of five mice,
Lex Friedman, MacWorld

-  "A bolt
of lightening for MP3 music files"
Tribune, Kevin Hunt, Tribune newspapers

- "It’s like an
equalizer on steroids!"
Henderson for

- "I really love
the way that the Bongiovi DPS plug-in accurately reproduces the full
frequency and dynamic range of my tracks even at low volumes. The
best thing about it is that what I hear back actually sounds like it
did in the studio, no matter where I am listening. The plug-in seems
to retain the life and energy of my tracks, at any level and through
wildly different playback systems… it’s voodoo magic!! "

Steve Borne, Supervising Sound Editor, Nurse
Jackie, Producer and Guitarist, Princess Katie & Racer Steve

- "I’ve had a
chance to try the DPS Plug-in and it’s FANTASTIC! I couldn’t believe
it could make songs that already sound good, sound even better…"

GARY PIHL, guitarist for the band BOSTON

- "??This plug-in is
going to make a world of difference in those situations when on the
road, or away from the studio…&quot
Williams, AKA: DJ Styles

Minimum System

Mac G4 Power PC or Intel
Based Processor 1 GHz or greater

visit our site and our corporate site for more info:


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Typinator – Less typing, fewer mistakes.
More spare time!

Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often misspell words when typing?

Typinator boosts your productivity and eliminates errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics and auto-correcting typing errors.

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Nov 29

Less typing, fewer mistakes.
More spare time!
Available for 48 hours.

Normally: $26.99

ZOT Price: $14.99

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Typinator – Type faster with fewer errors

Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often misspell words when typing?

Typinator boosts your productivity and eliminates errors by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics and auto-correcting typing errors.

With thousands of predefined corrections for common typos and misspelled words for US and British English, German and French, Typinator is not only a typing assistant that speeds repetitive typing tasks, but also a system-wide auto-correction tool that automatically fixes typing errors and misspelled words.

Setup is simple – just define your abbreviations along with their replacement texts or pictures. When you type one of your abbreviations in any application, Typinator inserts the corresponding replacement.

Words cannot describe the huge benefits Typinator offers to you. We therefore invite you to view a short demo movie.

tutorial movie

Matt Neuburg (TidBITS)

TidBits"Of all the utilities I’ve tried for doing this, Ergonis Software’s Typinator remains the simplest and most reliable. The interface is clear, and there are just enough options to make Typinator powerful and flexible without sacrificing clarity and ease of use. As usual with Ergonis’s products, simplicity and reliability are the watchwords."


"It took me about 10 seconds to decide to buy this product. If you type the same phrases over and over again in e-mails or other documents, you will save an enormous amount of time."

Michael Hyatt (CEO Thomas Nelson Pub.)

"I love Typinator. I have tried the others, but Typinator is the easiest – by far. It is one of four essential productivity apps I could not live without."

Read further reviews and testimonials

Features – System Requirements

Main Features

  • Easy to configure, simple to use.
  • Works system-wide with any application.
  • Built-in AutoCorrection sets with thousands of corrections for English, German, and French.
  • Synchronization support for DropBox and MobileMe iDisk.
  • HTML snippets set with over 100 abbreviations for elements of the HTML standard.
  • FileMaker functions set with over 350 abbreviations of FileMaker functions.
  • QuickSearch – it’s like Spotlight for snippets, just faster.
  • Import from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, and from text files.
  • Set the cursor position within the expanded text.
  • Inserts the current date and time.
  • Inserts pictures.
  • Case sensitive expansion.
  • Full Unicode support.


  • Typinator runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and newer.
  • Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) recommended.
  • Universal Binary – runs on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macs.


Typinator is available in

Further information

Get further information about Typinator.


*Typinator will be available tomorrow also via a link on our home page. – Try and/or Buy Typinator Tues and Wed.

Nov 28

Scan, Store & Manage Your Receipts, Documents, Product Manuals and More!

Normally: $49.95

ZOT Price: $24.97

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Remember when everyone talked about how we would soon be a paperless society?

It seems like we use paper now more than ever. Let’s face it – we need and we use paper. But Paperless is one of those incredibly useful applications that will help you manage all those paper documents and at the same time positively affect the environment.

Use less and manage more!

Paperless has the ability to keep up and maintain the task of not only reducing your need for paper but managing the paper you use. Simply scan your receipts, warranty cards, deposit slips and other paperwork and Paperless will recognize and help to categorize them for you. Already have your documents as PDFs or other file formats? No problem. Simply drag and drop them into Paperless. By taking your paper receipts, product manuals and other documents and creating an electronic record you’ve already reduced your need for paper. The built-in search functionality even lets you find and organize receipts and documents into Smart Collections.

Create order and peace of mind.
With Paperless, you can create a database for just about everything, storing all sorts of data and documents. From all those product manuals for your tools hanging in your basement to a database of your 2nd grader’s pictures and all the other cool stuff she brings home from school. Store and organize it all, digitally, safely and systematically.

Paperless will give you the edge on organization:

  • Quickly recognizes and categorizes information using Optical Character Recognition technology
  • Organize your documents into Smart Collections
  • Track expenses for taxes, medical accounts or other purposes
  • Export the text content of your receipts as a .csv for Microsoft Excel® or .qif for Intuit’s Quicken®
  • Perfect for keeping track of your holiday spending!

Minimum System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
TWAIN compliant scanner or Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300/S1500M

Need a scanner? Get the Paperless bundle! Mariner and Fujitsu USA, have joined forces to make Paperless and the ScanSnap scanner work seamlessly together. To learn more and view pricing, go here.

Click to learn more about Paperless.

Nov 26

iCalamus 1.21
The easy approach to Desktop Publishing.
Special Offer Below…

Normally: $179.00

ZOT Price: $79.00

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iCalamus offers an easy approach to DTP, and is an excellent choice for creating simple posters to complex magazines, scientific works and for book publishing. iCalamus is the multi-lingual, frame-oriented desktop publishing solution for Mac OS X.

iCalamus Tool Palette
Working with precise measurement units is a breeze. Out of the box, iCalamus offers flexible masking options with many predefined, dynamically changeable frame shapes. Users may build virtual copies for multiple document elements and change them afterwards with just a few mouse clicks.

iCalamus can import all image and text formats which are supported by Mac OS X. Easily grab text content from large PDF documents for further text processing. Images from digital cameras, scanners or iPhoto libraries can be imported, as well as complete web pages. Print output supports all printers, and iCalamus can optionally output documents in various PDF formats (e.g. PDF-X, encrypted PDF, PDF Fax).

Want to order printed photo books and calendars online? Not a problem – create them first in iCalamus.
Or import your photo books and calendars from iPhoto 08/09/11 or Aperture 3.

Photographerbook Support

“Produce your photobooks with iCalamus”

iCalamus offers a plug-in called Photographerbook which you can use for typesetting and purchasing photobooks in various versions directly in iCalamus. We have developed this plug-in for our partner FRIEDMANN* PRINT DATA SOLUTIONS who will ship your photobooks produced in professional digital print quality directly to your home – even if you order only one item!

Produce your photobooks directly with iCalamus

Photographerbook is a service exclusively offered to Apple users with Mac OS X by FRIEDMANN* PRINT DATA SOLUTIONS. We are so glad to support this service with iCalamus right now by combining the easy-accessible typesetting and layout possibilities of iCalamus with the high production quality of Photographerbook.

Create your own personal photobook with the current version of iCalamus. Release your creativity. There are no limits wether you are a pro or beginner. Partially enrich your book with effect-lacquer – This looks really gorgeous.

“But I use iPhoto already for my photo books.”

Great! Simply import your iPhoto photo books and calendars into iCalamus and order them at Photographerbook – at what we think is an even better price and quality. Try it yourself.

And the best part about the new Photographerbook plug-in: You get it for FREE! – It’s already in the app! No matter if you have already registered iCalamus or not – you can create and produce these photobooks with at least 8 pages at any time. The Photographerbook prices start at 5.90 EUR.

Overview Of The Most Important Features of iCalamus

Easiest Frame Editing

Never has opening and closing of frames been as easy as it is in iCalamus. Each object has a tiny triangle in the upper left. A click on it opens the object and makes the content editable.

Another click, and it’s closed again. This way we save the Object Selection Tool and you save a lot of time.

This means you use an intuitive approach to frame content without having to change tools first.

Virtual Copies

“I want to print a dozen copies of this business card on a sheet. But what if I want to change something?”

No big deal. iCalamus offers virtual copies. When you copy a frame virtually, it will then behave exactly like the source frame which it was copied from. Don’t think about Parent & Children relationships here. There is nothing like that for virtual copies. When you change one of them, you change them all at once. No fumbling.

This means fast production and care of documents.

Virtual Copies
Watch the demo about Virtual Copies.

Easiest Vector Text Editing

“Text is text. Period! Right?”

It doesn’t have to be. In iCalamus, you can convert text into vector graphics at any time and edit the graphics afterwards. Even a few mouse clicks change a simply written word into a logo or a graphic very quickly.

This means formal freedom in the creative process, down to a single vector point.

Easiest Vector Text Editing
Watch the demo about Easiest Vector Text Editing.

Update web pages in your document

“Stop, stop, stop … Are you telling me that I can place web pages in my doc?”

Yes. Just do it. No big deal. – OK… No big deal with iCalamus.

Open dialog, enter URL, import page. But the best of all: you can update the web page in your document at any time with a single mouse click. Can you imagine what people will do with this?

Open and insert URL

This means new options for documentation and content layout.

Live Masking

»I’ve heard about the Live Masking in iCalamus. What the heck is that for?«

Masking means to use e.g. just a portion of an image, without destroying the original image data. Rectangles? Everybody can do those…

Masks become exciting when you can choose a free shape for them. In iCalamus, each vector object can be used as a mask.

It’s even more exciting, when you use multiple masks at once. iCalamus offers fascinating mask effects. You can change them at any time – easily. See the changes immediately in your document, in real-time, live!

This means saving time on masking and more juice for your own creativity.

Live Masking
Watch the demo about Live Masking.


»And what about transparencies? Can I use transparies? What for?«

Anything goes!

Images, PDF content, text, lines, frames, colors, gradients – simply Anything and Everything.

From nothing to absolutely opaque.

More questions?

Create Text Wrap Paths With Tracer

»Masking? Understood. But how do I get really cool masks?«

In iCalamus, you can create professional vector masks from images which bring alon transparency informations (in their alpha channel). The Content Inspector offers the function ‘Create opacity based outline’.

Create opacity based outline

That doesn’t only work with images, but also with PDFs!

This means efficient working in just one application – iCalamus.

Edit Frames, Objects, Vector Points at the same time

“Frames, objects, vector points??? I can’t make a point on this!”

iCalamus is easy. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to edit objects or single vector points in an open frame and also work on other frames at the same time.

In iCalamus, you can. No limitations…But you don’t have to.

Edit everything at the same time.

This means easy editing of all document elements.

Transform Shadows

»What’s this?«

Who’s telling you that a shadow has to be gray? And do shadows always have to fall in the same direction?

iCalamus offers you the freedom to set up shadows however you like.

Shady sides.

This means freedom on the shade side.

Mirrorizing Text Shadows

Who’s telling you that a text shadow must always fall from here to there, even equal for all text lines? And who’s telling you that a shadow has to be gray always?

iCalamus lets you create text shadows as you like.

Ingenious Inspectors

»Will I get lost in the program’s user interface with so many functions?«


The clever and practical inspector windows manage themselves if you don’t do it. If there is no more space left for opening all inspectors, the unused ones close themself again.

And – the inspectors are smart. If some stuff is not required, it’s not shown or grayed out.

The most diligent one is the Content Inspector.Like to take a look?

This means you can concentrate on your work.

Blend Modes for Frames

»Blend Modes? This blows my mind! There’s a lot iCalamus can do – Is this something like Blind Modes·?«

No, keep cool. iCalamus supports all blend modes as supported by the PDF specification. This means you can define by a mouse click how two frames should be blended. Date structures keep totally untouched. You can’t damage anything.

Think about printing a document area in inversed colors, creating color shifts or filter effects or simply fade out areas temporarily without having to erase or move frames.


Gives you the fastest possible results without a high learning curve in image editing.

ICC Profile Support

»What happens with images when I have assigned an ICC profile to them in Photoshop?«

When you import images into iCalamus documents, all assigned ICC profiles are kept. These ICC profiles are considered not only in print output, but also in PDF output.

(How should I visualize this? Kind of a Before-After image? Great before, great afterwards? No, not really.)

This means secure productivity for you!

LinkBack Support

»What is LinkBack?«

A link is a reference to another place. A backlink is a reference back to the source of an object. The LinkBack technology offers all the necessary steps to let a program like iCalamus, the publisher for Mac OS X, recognize when you have placed objects from a LinkBack supporting program like e.g. Barcody in a document. When you select such a barcode object, iCalamus “knows” that the object originates from Barcody and iCalamus can call Barcody for you, hand over the object to Barcody for editing and update the barcode object in the document immediately after you have saved changes to the object.

Read more about editing LinkBack objects in iCalamus.

Get more information about the LinkBack project.

iCalamus requires Mac OS X v 10.4.5 or later, supporting Leopard and Snow Leopard!
Available in: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Swedish (and counting)

Click to iCalamus Site for more info.

Read what other users say about iCalamus.

Read about iCalamus in the press.

About invers Software: Located in beautiful Loeningen, Germany, invers Software is a privately funded company founded in 1998 by Ulf Dunkel. Leveraging his longtime experience from the desktop publishing and services field since 1991, Ulf’s mission is developing best-of-breed publishing tools for the Mac platform, complemented by first-class support.

Special Offer
Nov. 27th and 28th


Tracking time on your projects has never been easier!

TrackTime allows you to create as many projects as you like and set up as many activities as you like against each project.

If you are one of those people who can multi task, TrackTime also allows you to record activity against multiple projects at the same time.

Try, Buy and/or Learn more about TrackTime here…

Nov 25

Tracking your time so you don’t have to.
Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

Normally: $24.95

ZOT Price: $12.00

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Tracking Time on Your Projects

TrackTime allows you to create as many projects as you like and set up as many activities as you like against each project.

If you are one of those people who can multi task TrackTime also allows you to record activity against multiple projects at the same time.

Tracktime allows you to define many activities against a project.

If your projects are very free form and do not easily break down into fixed activities TrackTime also allows you record ad hoc free form sessions against a project

You can view your project statistics either on the project statistics page or on the main timeline. Each project can have it’s own icon and colour to enable easy identification.

Tracking Your Application Usage

Do you want to know, how much time you spend with your Mac?

How many hours did you spend in Mail, Safari, iCal and all the other application on your Mac?

Do you wonder where all that time went this week, last week,last month? TrackTime has the answers.

TrackTime monitors which applications you run on your Mac and keeps statistics for you. You can view your activities on a timeline for every day or quickly see what matters to you in the statistics for applications view.

Tracking Your Web Browsing

TrackTime monitors your web browsing in 8 popular browsers

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Webkit
  • Firefox
  • Camino
  • OmniWeb
  • Flock
  • Shiira

TrackTime allows you to see your web activity in either a time line or a statistics view.

Tracking Your iTunes Usage

If you have ever wondered what music you listen to and when, then TrackTime has the answers.

TrackTime monitors the way you use iTunes and record statistics about what music and videos you play. You can view the results in the timeline or in the music statistics view

TrackTime is our featured ZOT for today, and will be available over the weekend (Nov. 27th and 28th) via a link from our home page.


  • OSX 10.4.11 or above
  • Universal application works on PPC and Intel Macs
  • 250Mb or disk space for application database
  • 512Mb of RAM

Download Free Trial

This weekend’s ZOT?
Nov 27th and 28th


iCalamus offers an easy approach to desktop publishing, and is an excellent choice for creating simple posters to complex magazines, scientific works and book publishing. iCalamus is a multi-lingual, frame-oriented desktop publishing solution for Mac OS X.

Learn more about iCalamus here…

Nov 24

iTube Studio for Mac
Incredibly easy way to download and convert YouTube videos

Normally: $29.00

ZOT Price: $17.00

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iTube Studio for Mac

iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac helps you download videos (HD videos supported) from YouTube, FaceBook, TNT, Bing video, BREAK, Google Video, and many other video-sharing sites opened in Safari. Convert the downloaded videos or FLV videos on your hard drive to use with iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP and mobile phones; or to any video and audio format of your choice. Built-in Mac FLV player enables you to view the downloaded videos conveniently.

Feature Highlights:

  • Download Online Videos Easily
  • Download online video from a wide range of popular video-sharing websites including YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, Break, and more.

    The download button will show up automatically when a video is detected on a webpage, and then you can save the video to your Mac with one single click.

    Download and convert multiple videos simultaneously, depending on how many cores in your processor.

  • Convert Flash Video for Use Anywhere…
  • Directly convert videos for iPod, iPhone, and more. This smart app automatically determines the optimized file format, bitrate, and resolution for the selected target device.

    Quickly convert downloaded videos or FLV videos on your hard drive to MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. You can save songs from music videos to MP3 or other audio format for music player.

  • Convenient FLV Playback and Management
  • Includes a functional FLV player which lets you play the downloaded videos and your own videos on your Mac with ease.

    Allows you to add FLV files on your Mac to its Library, great for flash videos organization and searching.

System Requirements:

  • Intel-based Mac(32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard

User Comments:

Thanks for this great tool! I have been looking for a good Mac YouTube downloader for a long time. What’s more, it supports many other video-sharing websites, it helps me a lot to download videos on the web!

Wow! What an upgrade, I am loving this new version, works like a song.
Thanks a lot. :)

And what a magical day it was :-) The new version works like a dream! Thank you very much for your support with a human twist :-)

Visit iTube Studio for Mac’s website for more info


Nov 23

Switcher Maestro
Window and Application Switcher and Launcher

Normally: $9.99

ZOT Price: $6.00

Click to MacZOT Try Now  

Switcher Maestro can replace the standard Mac OS X application switcher to enhance it with more options, such as excluding uninteresting applications or including commonly launched or recently quit applications.It also includes a window switcher, letting you close or minimize or switch to windows in the any applications. And it has a quick application launcher that lets you launch any application with just a few keystrokes.

Switcher Maestro is Keyboard Maestro’s little brother. It includes an enhanced application and window switcher and a new application launcher which will all be part of the next major version of Keyboard Maestro. Switcher Maestro also provide a simplified user interface.


Switcher Maestro is a window and application switcher and launcher with three main functions: a powerful application switcher to replace the basic switcher installed with Mac OS X; a useful window switcher to let you switch between the windows of all running applications, as well as close and minimize them; and an application launcher to allow you to quickly launch applications.

Application Launcher

  • Choose your own hot key.
  • Type the start of an application name to select it (like k-e-y to select Keyboard Maestro),
  • Type select with spaces (for example a--p to select Adobe Photoshop).
  • Control the color and transparency of the switcher.
  • Center the switcher or have it appear right under your mouse.
  • Hide other applications when launching with the Application Switcher
  • Optionally include any of Applications, Utilities, Running, or Recently Running applications.
  • Include your own favorite applications.
  • Exclude applications you never launch.

Application Switcher

  • Replace the system command-Tab hot key or specify your own.
  • Display in as a vertical list, horizontal icons, icon grid, or Cover Flow.
  • Control the size, color, and transparency of the switcher.
  • Sort alphabetically, or by launch or use order.
  • Center the switcher or have it appear right under your mouse.
  • Hide other applications when switching with the Application Switcher
  • Enable or disable rollover mouse selection.
  • Include your own favorite applications.
  • Exclude applications you never switch to.
  • Optionally include recently quit applications on the fly.

Window Switcher

  • Choose your own hot key.
  • Control the color and transparency of the switcher.
  • Sort alphabetically or by window order.
  • Center the switcher or have it appear right under your mouse.
  • Enable or disable rollover mouse selection.


  • Optionally always hide other applications whenever you switch between applications.
  • Optionally show a status menu including all your applications for easy access.

Switcher Maestro is a window and application switcher and launcher for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Nov 22

maComfort Standard – for Windows
Make Windows feel like Mac.
maComfort Premium is also available today! Click here…

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

Click to MacZOT Try Now  

Buy 1 item

Do you use Mac AND Windows machines?
Get maComfort and never have troubles with Windows again.

maComfort enhances your user experience while using Windows extremely – by making it behave like a Mac.

maComfort emulates Mac hotkeys and Mac features like Quicklook, Spaces and Active Corners.
It is perfect for boot camp users and people often switching between both Operating Systems (Mac OS and Windows).

Now the PC adapts to you, not vice-versa!

Quicklook icon Quicklook
With maComfort you can preview files like you would on Mac. Just hit space and a preview of the file will be shown.
Spaces icon Spaces
Intuitive virtual desktops with easy switching.
Mac Hotkeys icon Mac Hotkeys
No need to re-adapt to Windows hotkeys. The Windows-key now works like Command – in any application! F. e. just use Command-T to open a new Tab in Firefox.
Active Corners icon Active Corners
Program the screen corners to toggle a specific action.
Mac Key Combinations icon Mac Key Combinations
Using Command-D often to duplicate a file in Finder? Now, all of the most known key combinations can be used on Windows!
Sound Control icon Sound Control
Easily set any keys to control your audio. For example have F3, F4 and F5 toggle and controlling sound. Useful if drivers don’t work correctly or you have another keyboard attached.
Skinning System icon Skinning System
The flexible skinning system allows you to completely customize the look of maComfort. Either create you own theme or select one of many downloadable on this website.
Plug-Ins icon Plug-Ins
With the built-in plug-in system you can adapt your personal mac-experience on Windows even more…

So, what is maComfort exactly?

maComfort is a background process usually starting automatically with Windows which enhances the overall usability of Windows. It was specifically designed for frequent Mac users.


Why should I use it?

If you happen to often switch between Mac and PC (for example if you have a PC at work and a Mac at home) you will know the problem: You select a file and hit ‘space’ but nothing happens. You press the ‘alt’ or ‘windows’ key instead of ‘ctrl’. Ever hit ‘windows’-C instead of ‘ctrl’-C?
With maComfort, all of these problems are gone. It’s no longer up to you to adapt to the computer you’re using, but rather
to maComfort to solve all your issues.
It will emulate nearly all Mac OS hotkeys and key combinations on a Windows PC, let you use great features such as virtual desktops or Quicklook and is even customisable.


What others say about maComfort

This will really help if you, like me, hate using Windows.
- Greg

I switched to a Mac several years ago and never looked back. Unfortunately, I have to switch between my Mac and a PC at work regularly.
Now I can keep my Mac features while I use my work PC. maComfort lets me enjoy Quicklook, Spaces, Active Corners and my keyboard command on the PC. Check it out!
- The Sisyphus Comments

love it!
- gema

I love maComfort! It’s made being at work so much more bearable!
- Rex Barkdoll

If you are in desperate need to get Mac feeling on your Windows or you are having dual operating system with Windows and Mac and get uncomfortable with Windows keys then this software is really helpful to make things easier for you.
- Sourojit Nandi (Blogsolute)


Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista or 7

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Nov 21

Uninstall Anything

Normally: $7.99

ZOT Price: $4.99

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Version 3.1.4 Summary:

AppDelete is an uninstaller for Macs that will remove not only Applications but also Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins and Screensavers along with their associated files. Without AppDelete these associated items will be left behind to take up space and potentially cause issues. For a proper uninstall don’t just delete but be sure to AppDelete!

You can drag any item that can be uninstalled onto AppDelete: Applications, Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins, Screensavers, etc. You can also activate AppDelete in many ways: dragging items onto main window, onto dock icon, selecting in menu, right-clicking using AppDelete workflow, and throwing items in the trash. When the preview screen appears you can uncheck any items you would like to exclude. You also have several choices: delete the items, log only the items, or archive (copy) the items to a .zip file for safekeeping or reinstall at a later date. The items you delete will be moved to the trash and arranged in a folder so that you can see exactly what was deleted and you know exactly where it came from. The items will not be removed from your computer until you empty them from your trash. You can also undo the last delete if you choose.

There are various options to make your AppDelete experience complete: Quick search panels to help choose items for deletion, Force Empty Trash, an Orphans feature to search and delete orphaned files, Install from Archive even for another Mac, various options in Preferences, and more…Try it today!

Feature Highlights:

* Deletes Apps, Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins, Screensavers, etc. and their associated items
* Completely rewritten and redesigned from the ground up
* Now with 64-bit performance
* Hidden mode for background operation
* New searching methods for the most accurate results ever
* Can delete single or multiple items even inside of folders
* Reorganized window operation for ease of use
* Finds associated items that are visible, invisible, or hidden automatically
* Major improvements in processing speed
* Quick search panels to help choose items for deletion
* Orphans feature to find and remove “orphaned” files
* Archive and Install from Archive feature for safekeeping and transferring items to another Mac
* Sparkle updater to always have the latest version
* Password will be requested only once if needed instead of multiple requests
* Preference to protect Default apps
* All past features are included and improved

Language Support:

* U.S. English, Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish

Minimum Requirements:

* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or later (Snow Leopard Compatible)
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* 8.7 MB Hard Drive space

AppDelete Website

Nov 19

Jumsoft iWeb Themes Bundle
Create amazing iWeb sites!

Normally: $69.99

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Dressing up a Web site…

…is a difficult task for those who are not blessed with specific talents and/or skills. Create your Web site effortlessly as we offer you a collection of brand new and original iWeb templates for your homemade, but by no means, sketchy Web site. Each template contains the following set of page layouts: “Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Blog,” “Podcast,” and a blank page. Arrange the layouts of your favorite template to suit your preferences and create a uniquely customized Web site. This is as fun as it gets! Purchase a template, download it, and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Simple as that!

iWeb enables you to compose your Web site effortlessly. We know that sometimes you like the design of the Web site theme, but the color schemes does not fit your needs. That’s why, each of iWeb themes we offer has different color schemes to choose from.

Four simple steps get you started. Buy, download, install the theme, and add your content – pictures, movies, or whatever you want on your Web site. iWeb themes come with their own installer application, so you don’t have to worry about moving them to iWeb. As always each theme contains numerous page layouts you are likely to need, such as “Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Podcast” “Blog,” and “Blank.”

There is no TRY button today, because these are themes which do not have trial versions. See ALL the themes, and find out more about the Jumsoft iWeb Themes Bundle here….

Requires iWeb 2 or higher.
* iWeb themes support all browsers except Internet Explorer 6.0 or earlier.