Oct 31

Remove an unwanted object from a photograph.

Normally: $39.99

ZOT Price: $19.99

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Inpaint is so easy to use. Simply paint and fill the object you want to remove from your picture, then press the Smart Remove Selection arrow button. Inpaint will magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data. Go to our Video Guide page and see for yourself how easy it is for anyone to do with just a few simple steps. Download our Try-Before-You-Buy demo and use it on your own photos!

Top Reasons to use Inpaint

  • Repair old photos
  • Remove watermarks
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Digital Facial retouching
  • Remove date stamps
  • Easy to get started

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 and higher(only intel cpu), 2000 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM

Video Guide

Visit Inpaint website for more info

Oct 29

Koingo’s Diabolical Halloween Weekend Utility Bundle!
A horrifyingly DEALiscious collection of the latest copies of every Koingo software title
Carve a pumpkin in our Contest… And/Or get the Koingo Essentials at a MAJOR discount below!

Normally: $199.95

ZOT Price: $49.95

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Koingo’s Diabolical Weekend Halloween Bundle includes copies of every product available on Koingo’s web site at the time of purchase*, as well as free upgrades for the product’s entire life at Koingo Software. Additionally, the licenses are valid for both the Mac OS and Windows versions (if available). When we introduce new products in the future, update your Utility Package to include new titles since your original purchase for a mere $9.95 — regardless of how many you’re missing!

Get all the details of the contents of the bundle here…

OR – for $13.95…

Get Koingo’s Essentials for $13.95!!! The Four Most Popular Koingo Apps!

Koingo “Essentials” …. of DOOM!!!

Four Hellishly Dandy Apps for Two Scary Days
MacPilot, MacCleanse, Data Guardian and Alarm Clock Pro

AND… A Contest!

Carve a pumpkin to appear on our home page. Put a reference to ZOT, Mac, or Koingo in your photo and we’ll choose a winner to receive a FREE Koingo utility Bundle!

Too busy to carve? Draw a picture, take a picture, or get creative however you’d like. Have a great weekend and a great Halloween!

Our pumpkin image at the top of the page, and the painting below comes from Tim Biskup.

Oct 27

Hands Off! 1.0
Monitor and control access of applications to your network and disks.
A 48hr ZOT!
Weekend ZOT Preview Below

Normally: $24.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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Protect your privacy

Keep an eye on Internet connections from all applications as to expose the hidden connections. Prevent them from sending data without your consent, hence avoiding information leakage.
Learn More

Safely run untrusted applications

Manage disk access so dubious programs cannot obtain confidential information. Avert permanent changes or data loss by prohibitting disk writing. Prevent viruses and other malware infiltration.
Learn More

Designate friendly applications

Specify which applications should be trusted with specific operations. The flexible configuration enables the smooth running of your activities while maintaining top security.
Learn More

Monitor your computer. Protect your privacy

Hands Off! is an application to monitor and control the access of applications to your network and disks. Being able to monitor the normally unnoticeable activities enables you to make informed decisions regarding the transfer of your private information, hence avoiding confidential information leakage.

Monitoring network connections

When connected to the Internet, applications can send any information stored on your computer to whoever they want without you ever knowing. Using Hands Off!, you can monitor and control Internet connections from all applications as to expose hidden connections and prevent them from sending data or phoning home without your consent.

Monitoring disk access

Applications present on your computer can freely read, store or erase information on your computer without your knowledge. Using Hands Off!, you can monitor and control disk access from all applications as to prevent them from obtaining confidential information, erasing your data or storing cookies.

Try it, it’s free and easy

The best way to find out if Hands Off! suits your needs is to download the latest version and try the demonstration mode. Also, make sure you read the Hands Off! tutorial to learn about all the amazing features.

What are the computer requirements?

In order to use Hands Off!, you need Mac OS X 10.6.4 or higher.

Want more information?

For general information about Hands Off!, simply visit the Hands Off! product page. We are committed to provide the best customer care. Hence, to get answers to your Hands Off! questions, visit our FAQ page. If you can not find your answers in our FAQ, feel free to contact us. We we will gladly answer all your questions.

Who are we?

We are Metakine Inc., a Canadian software company located in Montreal. Metakine specializes in the development of software for audio, video and image processing. The founders hold software engineering degrees and are passionate about programming and digital video and hope to translate their passion into useful and usable software.

Our product line includes the widely popular DVDRemaster and Fairmount DVD utilities. In addition to our current products, we have contributed to various projects in the Macintosh community over the years. Namely, we have been involved in the development of the MediaPipe project which was a pioneer in providing DivX, Vorbis and (S)VCD encoding for Macintosh, OpenShiiva to reencode MPEG2 as MPEG4 and SonicBirth.

This Weekend’s Halloween ZOT?
October 30 and 31

Koingo’s Utility Package

A collection of the latest copies of every Koingo software title

The bundle includes copies of every product available on Koingo’s web site at the time of purchase*, as well as free upgrades for the product’s entire life at Koingo Software. Additionally, the licenses are valid for both the Mac OS and Windows versions (if available). When we introduce new products in the future, update your Utility Package to include new titles since your original purchase for a mere $9.95 — regardless of how many you’re missing!

Learn more about Koingo’s Utility Package here…

Also! – Carve a pumpkin and win the ZOT!…

Carve a pumpkin in some way related to Koingo, ZOT, Mac, or… (get creative!) and send us a picture. We’ll put some of the finer ones on the site during the weekend, and send the TOP PICK from our esteemed judges a copy of Koingo’s Utility Package. If you’re too busy to carve a pumpkin, send us Halloween drawings, photos, etc, etc…

Oct 26

Clean up your hard disk clutter with HDCleanUp

Normally: $10.00

ZOT Price: $6.00

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  • Application Uninstall. Simply drop an application onto the window, and HDCleanUp shows you a best-guess of all the application’s related files. Files such as the application’s preferences files, documents, and more are listed. Move them to the Trash with a click of the mouse.
  • Orphaned Preferences Files. Ever download and try out an application only to quickly delete it? Well it most likely left behind one or more preference files. After awhile you can collect a lot of these orphaned preference files. This window not only shows you a best-guess of orphaned preference files, but also of all the applications and their preferences files. This makes it easy to see what you can delete, and what to keep.
  • Crash Logs. An application crashes. It creates a crash log. The log is sometimes sent to Apple, or the application’s developer. Then the crash log remains in your crash log folder. Some crash logs are quite large. This window allows you to selectively remove crash logs.
  • Log Files. Many applications create a log file for various reasons. It crashes, and the log file might help the developers show how far the application got. Or it’s simply superfluous information, and you don’t need it. This window allows you to selectively remove these log files.
  • Duplicate Files. Do you really need 5 copies of your old documents? Probably not. Drop a folder onto the window and HDCleanUp shows you all the duplicate files within the folder.
  • Duplicate Applications. Suppose you download an application. Months later you download an updated release, however, you forget to delete the older release. When you double-click on the application’s document, which application will open? Could be the older, could be the newer. This search helps you find duplicate applications and delete the older duplicate application.
  • Empty Folders. What good is a folder if it’s empty? Now you can track down those useless empty folders.
  • Empty Files. What good is a file if it’s empty? Now you can track down those useless empty files.
  • Validate Internet Files. Ever drag a file from Safari to the Finder? Eventually you end up with a lot of these Internet files. Even double-click on one only to find the web page no longer exists? This function finds which Internet files point to a valid web page, and which do not.
  • Orphaned Aliases. What good is an alias file if it’s lost its associated file? Find those orphaned alias files and send them to the Trash (or reattach them).
  • Cache Files. Cache files are used by applications to speed things up. However, somethings they become corrupted. Best to delete most or all the cache files occasionally.
  • ZIP Large Files. Have a lot of larger files on your hard disk? If you don’t need them, send them to the Trash. Might need them? Compress them first in ZIP format and then send them to the Trash.
  • Slim Universal Applications. Most applications are made as an Universal Application meaning they contain code for both the PowerPC and Intel architectures. If you are using an Intel Mac, you don’t need all that PowerPC code bloating your applications. The same applies to PowerPC applications. They don’t need to be bloated with Intel code.
  • HFS+ Compression. Individual file compression is new with the Snow Leopard 10.6 release of Mac OS X. It is expected that Apple will build upon this functionality in future releases of Mac OS X. However, the functionality that is provided today helps produce the reduced disk foot print of Snow Leopard and likely results in improved performance as well. Now you can use this functionality on almost all your files. More information on HFS Compression.
  • More functions on the way! Let us know what you’d like.
  • System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.6 or later.
    Download the current version above using the TRY Button.
    Click here to download an older HDCleanUp for MacOS 10.5

    See Screenshots here…

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Oct 25

    Morph Age Regular
    Advanced morphing for creating stunning images or movies!

    Get Morph Age Pro here…

    Normally: $59.95

    ZOT Price: $29.95

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    How does Morph Age work?
    Morph Age is a “made for Mac” application for morphing and warping still images or movies.

      1. Import various image/movie formats, including direct access to your iPhoto and iMovie media. You can even use your iSight, directly from within Morph Age to import a picture or animation.
      2. Define curves on the images/movies. Any change made on the curves is reflected on the resulting movie through the corresponding distorsion and morphing effect.
      3. Render the animation in QuickTime format.
      4. Optional: Further compose it in Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

    What is the difference between Morph Age Regular and Pro?

    Still images Movies Retail Price ZOT Price Download
    Regular Version Yes No $59.95 $29.95 Try!
    Pro Version Yes Yes $149.95 $74.95 Try!

    Buy Morph Age Regular version from this page.
    Buy Morph Age Pro for $74.95 here…

    Which Features?
    Morph Age features the latest advances in morphing, including Smart Assist and interactive preview. It also allows frame accurate processing and advanced keyframed animation.

    • Real-Time Rendering: You can quickly and easily prototype the transformation thanks to the real-time preview, even for mega-pixels images. Click Play, and you see the morph/warp in real-time, whatever the image size. You can even move the curves defining the transformation while playing the animation.
    • Animation Control: You can animate curves independently, so that different parts of the image/movie move at different times (eyes first, then ears, then mouth…). Animation effects, such as springy motion, are also available.
    • Non-Linear Transformations: Blending can also be animated at will. You determine which amount, or percentage, of the first image/movie you want to combine with the second one. In a woman to cat morphing animation for instance, it makes it possible to get a woman quickly show up with cat fur while still having human traits.
    • Zooming: As Morph Age offers sub-pixel accuracy, you can zoom at the input images/movies (or the real-time preview rendering) to place curves accurately.
    • Colorizing: You define a color, for each curve independently, that will “bleed” on the underlying image parts. This color bleeding is animated consistently with the deformation.
    • Layers: It is a way to express which parts of the image/movie are above others. For instance, the chin is above the clothes, and whenever the chin is moved downwards, it should pass over them (and not under).

    What are people saying about it?

    “One of the reasons why I love Morph Age Regular is for all of its useful and unique features. Some of them include unlimited undo and redo for big mess-ups, curve tools and multiple curve selection, simple and complex animation effects, a speedy hybrid rendering engine, multiple output formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG) and lastly a great users’ guide. Honestly, when I opened up Morph Age, I knew absolutely nothing about morphing. After reading the users’ guide, I gained the skill and confidence I needed to start warping and morphing like a pro.” (by Sam Hayat – ASR’s Tech Blog)

    Morph Age Pro 4 is to morphing what Shake is to compositing, and that’s not an exaggeration. Morph Age Pro means business, serious business if you are involved in creating movies from warping images, or morphing two images into each other — think advertising, science, video clips, and more.
    In fact, I found Morph Age Pro 4 to be simple to use, but not simple in its potential effects. What makes this application really powerful are its expert tools. Once you get the hang of creating simple warps and morphs of images and video clips, you can start thinking about more variation in your work.” (by Erik Vlietinck – IT.Enquirer)

    System Requirements
    - Any Mac (Universal Binary) running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard
    - 64 MB of Video RAM (Graphics Card)
    - Internet connection required for registration.

    Want more information?
    Visit for screencasts, user guides, FAQs, etc.

    Creaceed is a Belgian company with a passionate team experienced in signal and image processing, which provides intuitive and easy to use creative applications to Mac professionals and consumers.

    Oct 24

    Mac DVDRipper Pro 1.6.2
    The best way to get movies on your Mac!

    Normally: $9.95

    ZOT Price: $5.95

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    Mac DVDRipper Pro

    Mac DVDRipper Pro allows you to copy all your DVDs on your Mac so you can easily
    view them without having to spend your battery on spinning you optical drive. Once ripped, you can then use software such as DVDRemaster, to convert your DVD for your iPod, or to burn them on single layer discs.

    Mac DVDRipper Pro analyzes the DVD and uses intelligent algorithms to ensure proper rips. It is the best at what it does, at an unbeatable price!

    You can try it for free before buying, Mac DVDRipper Pro will work without any limitations for your first 5 rips. Make sure to give it a try!

    Feature Highlights

    • Protect your DVDs from scratches
    • Save your batteries by reading your movies from your hard disk
    • Manage your collection with just a few clicks
    • Time-shift your rental
    • Backup your DVD collection, and much more!

    System Requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Snow Leopard compatible)
    • A DVD drive

    User comments

    • I always used Ripit – which overall I can’t complain of – to backup my son’s dvd collection but lately it failed (corrupted file) with some Winnie the Pooh dvd. I downloaded Mac DVDRipper Pro and it flawlessy worked. taipan2008
    • Wow! Mac DVDRipper Pro was able to successfully rip a DVD with a really bad scratch that neither RipIt, MTR 3.0 nor Handbrake could rip. The $10 price tag is a bargain compared to RipIt and MTR 3.0, especially given that Mac DVDRipper Pro was to rip a DVD that the others couldn’t. I’m a very happy guy! Drdul
    • Successfully ripped a damaged DVD that MacTheRipper wouldn’t do. It’s worth the modest price tag. brayne
    • OK. So this SW ripped my Click DVD in 43 minutes where FairMount, MacTheRipper3, Handbrake and VideoMonkey failed… I clear “BUY” from me!!!! Toerk_2
    • I was able to rip a scratched DVD with this tool, which MTR and Ripit refused to rip. It also ripped 2 new DVDs (bought yesterday) which were not rippable with MTR or Ripit.
      So far I like this program a lot ! Beamy

    Visit Mac DVDRipper Pro’s website for more info

    Oct 22

    Fast & Easy Image Editing…Nothing Compares
    Special Offer Below…

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    The Handy Image Editor that will save you time & money!

    If you ‘ain’t got it, get it.“- Leo Laporte, MacBreak Weekly

    NOTE: Please be sure to read the special notes at the bottom of this page, about ImageWell Version 4 and the free upgrade for registered V3 users.

    ImageWell is a small, but powerful, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and then instantly upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. At the click of a button, the image is sent and a handy URL is automatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a post, blog page, email message, or any other document.

    ImageWell also lets you annotate your images with text, shapes, arrows and lines, quickly and easily. And it doesn’t stop there – add a drop shadow, a shaped border, flip or rotate your image, adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast and saturation. Use the screen grab feature to grab a selection, grab application window, timed or full screen grab, or instantly add screen grabs to existing images on the canvas. Other handy features include URL history for pasting multiple images/links all at once, add, delete, and store multiple server locations, check for overwrite on server, preserve EXIF data (optional), plus so much more.

    Don’t want to send your image to the web? You don’t have to, it’s not the law. Edit your image, give it a name and file type, and simply drag and drop the image to the desired destination on your computer to save it there. Or drag and drop it into an email message, a document or presentation. Want to send other types of files to the web – you can do that too. It’s easy-shmeasy, just choose the location, and drop the file over the Send button…done!

    And the list just keeps getting better…ImageWell also offers batch image resize, batch watermarking, batch upload, the ability to drag and drop multiple images onto the canvas, plus a Template feature for saving and applying your favorite styles. You also get a slew of draw objects and border shapes, a variety of arrows and line styles, gradient backgrounds, custom canvas sizing, and a “Favorites” box
    for storing your favorite objects…plus much, much more…

    Powerful Punch with a Small Footprint

    Available in 15 different language localizations and backed by world class customer support, ImageWell offers a ton of useful features than first meets the eye. ImageWell packs a big bang for the buck, removing the need to open large heavy-weight applications for all the simple, everyday things you want to do. A lean powerhouse of true utility, what other application gives you all of this for such a small price?

    Say goodbye to opening large heavy-weight applications for all the simple things you want to do, and discover what ImageWell can do for you!

    Try it today and buy it for only $9.95 at this special ZOT! price.


    • OS X 10.4 or greater.
    • Universal Binary – Intel-based Mac & PPC support.
    • Internet connection and .Mac account or other Web Host required to upload images.
    • Supports dot Mac, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, Flickr, SmugMug, ImageShack, Send to a folder or drag and drop to any location on your computer.

    Note to 10.3.9 Users: Please visit our Legacy page to access the download link for ImageWell for OS X 10.3.9. All other users, please click the “Try” button at the top of this page for the latest version.

    *All images and screen grabs used in this listing were created and edited with ImageWell.*

    Learn More About ImageWell:

    ImageWell Overview

    ImageWell Features

    A Closer Look at ImageWell

    ImageWell Resources & Help Docs

    ImageWell Screencast QuickStart Tutorial

    User Feedback and Ratings


    We are a small two-person (husband and wife) company who consider each and every one of our customers a part of the team. We are committed and dedicated to our products and the people who use them. Founded in 2002, XtraLean Software develops solely for the Mac, and has over 20 years of experience in the software development industry. Located in Kitchener, Ontario, in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle, XtraLean serves customers in all parts of the world.

    To learn more about our mission, and how the name “XtraLean Software” was born, please visit our About page.

    Special Note: ImageWell V4 Really is Coming Soon!

    We are very pleased to tell you that V4 will finally be available by the end of this year. We began development on ImageWell V4 over a year ago and encountered some delays here and there…but best of all, we continued to find ways to make V4 even better. After spending quite a bit of time trying out different styles and features, we have given ImageWell a new look and user interface. We believe this will be the best version yet!

    Registered V3 Users Can Upgrade to V4 for free!

    Version 4 will be split into 2 separate products – The main editing application and a separate application that focuses solely on batch processing. What does this mean for registered Version 3 users? You will receive a free upgrade to both products!

    Take a peek at the new interface:

    Please visit this topic at our support board for more details about V4.

    Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Us

    ImageWell was born in 2002 with its first beta version given out to various Mac communities to try out. The very first official release of ImageWell was then released in April 2003. ImageWell’s developer, Hagen Kaye, has put together a post at our support board that shows screen shots of ImageWell Version 1 through to the upcoming Version 4. We invite you to look back at ImageWell’s original conception, its changes and progress throughout the years, and to look forward with us, as we move to Version 4. Please click here to view the timeline.

    Special Offer
    October 23/24


    “Smoovie is both terrific fun and excellent value for money” – ? ? ? ? ? – MacFormat

    Smoovie is the easy way to create and share stop motion movies, whether you’re 3 or 103. Beautifully crafted and instinctive to use, Smoovie is all you need to effortlessly capture, edit and share your creations. All you need to add is imagination.

    Try, Buy, or Learn more about Smoovie here…

    Oct 21

    Stop Motion Starts Here
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below

    Normally: $29.99

    ZOT Price: $14.99

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    “Smoovie is both terrific fun and excellent value for money” – ? ? ? ? ? – MacFormat

    Smoovie is the easy way to create and share stop motion movies, whether you’re 3 or 103. Beautifully crafted and instinctive to use, Smoovie is all you need to effortlessly capture, edit and share your creations. All you need to add is imagination.



    Capture your images live from your iSight or video camera, or use your digital camera to record the action and import it later.



    Make light work of fine-tuning your scenes with easy-to-use editing tools. Change the playback speed and perhaps add a soundtrack from iTunes.



    Share your creations with the world on YouTube or send it to iTunes for viewing on your Apple TV, iPhone or iPad.

    Additional Features to make life simple

    Apple Remote

    Keep your eye on the action rather than the computer by using your Apple Remote to capture images.

    Apple Remote
    Onion Skinning

    Onion Skinning overlays existing frames with live video from your camera, helping you get that next shot just right.

    Onion Skinning

    “It took me less than twenty minutes to shoot, edit, score and complete my first stop-motion film made with Smoovie. There were no steep learning curves, no hours spent reading a manual, no pulling of the hair. It truly was a breeze.” –


    A short film that one of our users made with Smoovie

    See Smoovie in action in the first of our video tutorials

    System Requirements

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    For more information please visit

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    Oct 23rd and 24th


    ImageWell is a Lean Powerhouse of True Utility

    ImageWell is a small, but powerful, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and then instantly upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. At the click of a button, the image is sent and a handy URL is automatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a post, blog page, email message, or any other document.

    Learn more about ImageWell here…

    Oct 20

    SneakPeek Pro + Photo
    Quick Look Plugins
    for Graphic Design & Photography

    Normally: $29.90

    ZOT Price: $17.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    Bundled together for the first time, the two most powerful Quick Look plugins for the visually inspired, SneakPeek Pro + SneakPeek Photo.

    These plugins broaden the power of Quick Look to include graphics files and extend digital photo previews with handy metadata. No longer will you have to launch an application to find out what font you used in that logo, or what f-stop was set for that photo. You’ll save time and increase productivity when searching for documents whether in Finder, Cover Flow, Dialogs or any app that supports Quick Look.

    SneakPeek Pro

    Now Mac OS X Leopard (and Snow Leopard) users can preview their Illustrator, InDesign, Swatch Exchange (ASE), EPS and Freehand documents without launching an application. Introducing SneakPeek Pro. SneakPeek Pro is a Quick Look plugin that allows you to preview your favorite graphics documents, even if you don’t have their applications installed. SneakPeek Pro also allows you to see fonts, images and colors used in many CS3, CS4 and CS5 documents. It’s a great way to quickly reference what fonts, images, and even swatches were used in your artwork.

    Support for the following file types:


    SneakPeek Photo

    Here it is! The first Quick Look Plugin geared specifically for photographers. No longer do you have to import a picture into a photo application just to get detailed information about the shot. With SneakPeek Photo simply click on the unopened photo file (no matter where it is, even on your card reader) and hit the space bar. Up pops the picture into a large view that immediately gives you the detailed information you need. On the top bar, the much needed basics such as the type of file, its size, f-stop, focal length, color profile (sRGB, ProPhoto, etc) even a mini histogram. And there’s even more.

    Download our demos and check them out for yourself.

    Other Great Titles from Code Line

    Art Directors Toolkit 5
    Utilties for Graphic Design & Production

    Art Files 2
    File Collection for Adobe Illustrator Documents

    Color Expert
    Interactive Color Wheel & Swatch List for iPhone

    Visit us at:
    You can also follow, fan, read or view at:

    Oct 19

    RWT Theme, Stacks, & Plugin Bundle
    An awesome collection of themes, stacks and plugins for RapidWeaver!

    Normally: $305.00

    ZOT Price: $24.00

    Click to MacZOT

    15 professionally designed themes for RapidWeaver!

    Themes include:

    • Showcase
    • Standout
    • Mojo X
    • Mainline
    • Affiliate
    • Espresso
    • Stretch
    • Slider
    • Modish
    • Enterprise
    • Opaque
    • Mello
    • Classic
    • Corporate
    • Bravado

    11 stacks to make designing a website easier

    Stacks include:

    • Tabs
    • Inline Buttons
    • Partitions
    • Designer Boxes
    • Stretch
    • Twitter
    • Ad
    • Countdown
    • Ratings
    • Portfolio
    • Quote (Works with Showcase, Mainline, Standout, & Mojo X themes only)

    2 plugins to extend the capabilities of RapidWeaver

    Plugins include:

    • Partitions
    • Styled Text+

    All products in the MacZot promo Bundle include:

    To see DEMO sites or live previews of the items included in todays promo visit RWT MacZot Promo

    Developer’s Website