Feb 28

maComfort Standard
Make Windows feel like Mac.
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Do you use Mac AND Windows machines?
Get maComfort and never have troubles with Windows again.

maComfort enhances your user experience while using Windows extremely – by making it behave like a Mac.

maComfort emulates Mac hotkeys and Mac features like Quicklook, Spaces and Active Corners.
It is perfect for boot camp users and people often switching between both Operating Systems (Mac OS and Windows).

Now the PC adapts to you, not vice-versa!

Quicklook icon Quicklook
With maComfort you can preview files like you would on Mac. Just hit space and a preview of the file will be shown.
Spaces icon Spaces
Intuitive virtual desktops with easy switching.
Mac Hotkeys icon Mac Hotkeys
No need to re-adapt to Windows hotkeys. The Windows-key now works like Command – in any application! F. e. just use Command-T to open a new Tab in Firefox.
Active Corners icon Active Corners
Program the screen corners to toggle a specific action.
Mac Key Combinations icon Mac Key Combinations
Using Command-D often to duplicate a file in Finder? Now, all of the most known key combinations can be used on Windows!
Sound Control icon Sound Control
Easily set any keys to control your audio. For example have F3, F4 and F5 toggle and controlling sound. Useful if drivers don’t work correctly or you have another keyboard attached.
Skinning System icon Skinning System
The flexible skinning system allows you to completely customize the look of maComfort. Either create you own theme or select one of many downloadable on this website.
Plug-Ins icon Plug-Ins
With the built-in plug-in system you can adapt your personal mac-experience on Windows even more…

So, what is maComfort exactly?

maComfort is a background process usually starting automatically with Windows which enhances the overall usability of Windows. It was specifically designed for frequent Mac users.


Why should I use it?

If you happen to often switch between Mac and PC (for example if you have a PC at work and a Mac at home) you will know the problem: You select a file and hit ‘space’ but nothing happens. You press the ‘alt’ or ‘windows’ key instead of ‘ctrl’. Ever hit ‘windows’-C instead of ‘ctrl’-C?
With maComfort, all of these problems are gone. It’s no longer up to you to adapt to the computer you’re using, but rather
to maComfort to solve all your issues.
It will emulate nearly all Mac OS hotkeys and key combinations on a Windows PC, let you use great features such as virtual desktops or Quicklook and is even customisable.


Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista or 7

For more information, please visit

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Yummy FTP

Yummy FTP is an FTP, FTP SSL/TLS and SFTP client that combines all the best features available in other file transfer solutions, makes them better, adds a wealth of its own uniquely powerful capabilities, and then powers them all with a highly tuned FTP engine.

The result is a very fast, very flexible and completely reliable file transfer utility for Mac OS X, wrapped up in a gorgeous and highly intuitive user interface, sporting Finder-like FTP browsers, toolbars and drag and drop simplicity throughout. Yum!

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Feb 26

Yummy FTP
Turbo charged FTP client with many advanced features
Yummy FTP will be available Monday, March 1st as a Special Offer also – Find it Monday as a link from our home page.

Normally: $28.00

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Yummy FTP is an FTP, FTP SSL/TLS and SFTP client that combines all the best features available in other file transfer solutions, makes them better, adds a wealth of its own uniquely powerful capabilities, and then powers them all with a highly tuned FTP engine.

The result is a very fast, very flexible and completely reliable file transfer utility for Mac OS X, wrapped up in a gorgeous and highly intuitive user interface, sporting Finder-like FTP browsers, toolbars and drag and drop simplicity throughout. Yum!

Version 1.8 of Yummy FTP is a significant upgrade over previous versions

    30+ New Features
    Far too many new features and enhancements to list! Some of the most unique new additions are highlighted below, but you can download the Read Me for a full listing

    Open In Terminal
    This handy shortcut saves you time by opening a new Terminal session, connecting to your server and navigating to the correct directory. Works on your Mac folders too

    Server-side Delete / Duplicate
    If you regularly uses these two operations they can be very time consuming with Yummy acting as the intermediary, but now if the server is capable it can be instructed to perform these tasks on your behalf. The resulting speed increase is impressive

    Diff Everywhere
    Yummy is now compatible with a range of external “diff” tools – apps that let you compare two files and visually see the differences. This allows you to compare files at key times, such as while examining the preview shown prior to a directory synchronization, or when examining a transfer or remote edit conflict, or simply on demand

Other Standard Features

    Turbo-charged Transfers
    The only Mac FTP client with recursive batch transfers, Yummy ensures your bandwidth is fully loaded with transfer data until the job is complete, resulting in the fastest FTP transfers on the Mac. In fact, Yummy is so fast that customers said “Yummy is too fast!” so now you can specify exactly just how fast or slow it goes using the Bandwidth Control feature

    Automatic Failure Recovery
    Fed up of baby sitting your transfers? While other FTP clients just display an error message when something goes wrong, Yummy automatically retries and resumes until the job is done – truly, FTP that just works

    Synchronization Heaven
    Yummy’s powerful directory synchronization engine will transfer changed files automatically for your web site or offsite backup. A preview capability allows you to see what will be transferred before anything happens, allowing any unwanted items to be disabled. Best of all, Yummy’s built-in scheduler allows for automatic unattended synchronizations, repeating at specific intervals or just a one off

    FTP Uploads from the Desktop
    Not just another lame FTP upload Widget.. Yummy’s unique FTP Alias works just like a regular alias to a folder – drag and drop onto it to upload directly to a pre-defined server and destination directory or double click it to view the directory contents. But the beauty is that not only can FTP Aliases be located anywhere on your Mac, they also work totally independantly of Yummy FTP, meaning you can send them to your clients to use as a totally free FTP upload utility!

    Brett Terpstra –
    Yummy FTP has been my favorite FTP client for quite a while

    Karsten Kusche –
    I’ve been using Yummy FTP for years now

    LJMAC –
    Yummy is the most capable FTP client on the Mac

    And if all that isn’t enough to whet your appetite for the most delicious FTP client available, check out the web site for More Info

    System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Snow Leopard Ready!

Feb 25

Your Mac’s Uninstaller
Weekend ZOT Preview below… Yummy FTP

Normally: $19.95

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It’s Your System. Keep It Clean With Yank.

Throwing a program in the trash doesn’t delete the whole program. Almost every Mac program installs extra files on your hard drive-preference files, mysterious plists, big databases. They waste space and may even degrade your Mac’s perfomance and security.

Don’t trash that program-Yank it! Use Yank when you install a new program on your Mac. Yank monitors the installation process and saves a Yank File recording every change the program made to your hard drive. Later, if you decide to remove the software, just open up the Yank File and click Uninstall. Yank removes all traces of the software and puts your Mac right back where it was.

More than just a search

Other uninstaller products for the Mac use unreliable search technologies to locate and remove software. They rarely find all related files and never find files that unscrupulous spyware programmers deliberately hide. Yank uses Matterform’s new Sonar technology to log file system changes in real time, which lets Yank remove software reliably, safely and completely. Yank can create Yank files for any kind of installation: packages, custom installer programs and drag-and-drop installers.

Uninstalling older software

If you have software that you installed before you installed Yank, no problem. Just log onto the free Yank File Sharing Service, where you can find Yank Files created by other Yank users. Download the Yank File you need and Yank that program right away.


Want even more control over your file system? Check out Sonar, your Mac’s real-time file monitor. Sonar can log and report every file change ever made on your Mac. It’s the ultimate file security tool. Yank is built with Sonar technology.

Yank comes with a complete manual in the Help menu. You can also read the manual online.

System Requirements:

Yank works in OS X 10.2 or later. That means it works in Jaguar, Panther or Tiger.

Yank requires OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later to create Yank files. It cannot create Yank files in Panther or Jaguar. Yank also cannot create Yank files in user accounts protected by File Vault.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

This weekend’s ZOT?
Feb 27th and 28th

Yummy FTP

Yummy FTP is an FTP, FTP SSL/TLS and SFTP client that combines all the best features available in other file transfer solutions, makes them better, adds a wealth of its own uniquely powerful capabilities, and then powers them all with a highly tuned FTP engine.

The result is a very fast, very flexible and completely reliable file transfer utility for Mac OS X, wrapped up in a gorgeous and highly intuitive user interface, sporting Finder-like FTP browsers, toolbars and drag and drop simplicity throughout. Yum!

Learn more about Yummy FTP here…

Feb 24

Time Tagger
Track your time just by clicking tags

Normally: $28.95

ZOT Price: $14.50

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Finally, a time-tracking solution so quick and easy, you’ll actually use it!

Time Tagger’s revolutionary new tag-based interface makes time-tracking simpler and more elegant than it’s ever been before.
Whether you track your time for invoicing or productivity, Time Tagger simplifies this vital business task by eliminating the projects, clients, tasks and timers that bog down other time-tracking solutions and replacing them all with a unique and intuitive tagging metaphor.

The main Time Tagger window features a large, easy-to-read field of text snippets, or tags, which users can click on and off to describe the work they are doing at any moment. Custom tags can easily be created on the same window. Type in notes of any length for any time slice. A flexible reporting tool makes it easy to generate time sheets for any set of tags.

Time Tagger is currently a Mac-only product and runs natively on Intel or PowerPC Macs.

Matterform recommends OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later, including Snow Leopard, for use with Time Tagger.

More info on the Time Tagger Web page.

Feb 23


The premier Anti-Malware program for Mac

Normally: $29.99

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Protect your security and privacy with MacScan, the premier Anti-Malware program for Mac OS X. Detect, isolate, and remove spyware as well as clean up Internet clutter. With MacScan’s Blacklisted Cookie Scan you can remove blacklisted tracking cookies without losing all your saved usernames and passwords. Keep up to date with the latest Spyware definition updates!

Since early 2002, SecureMac has been developing it’s proprietary anti-spyware application, MacScan. January 2006 saw the release of MacSan for OS X at MacWorld San Francisco.

With MacScan’s Blacklisted Cookie Scan you can remove blacklisted tracking cookies without losing all your saved usernames and passwords. Keep up to date with the latest Spyware definition updates! MacScan searches down these hidden menaces and locks down your computer. MacScan gives you the peace of mind and security needed to conduct your day-to-day personal business. MacScan, your own 24/7 personal security guard…in today’s open web society… can you afford to be without MacScan?

One of the MacScan crew at Macworld.

CNN Money (2009) picked MacScan as one of its “6 hot Macworld apps for business,” saying that MacScan is a tool “no Apple-loving small business should be without.” Read the news here…

Tried, tested and true – MacScan is the only intuitive program available that protects your Macintosh against malware. Our goal for MacScan is to answer all the needs of Mac users out there ensuring them security from these high risk programs.

“MacScan is an outstanding addition to your OS X Security Suite. Mac users need to avoid being lulled into a false sense of security and realize that the Spyware threat applies to OS X as well. It is an excellent tool to help you combat that threat.”

Chris ‘Roamer’ Hurley
Co-Author OS X For Hackers at Heart

In case you missed the year in review podcast of Mac OS Ken by Ken Ray, you can catch the interview with SecureMac – here…

MacScan got 5 of 5 stars from

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.2.4 or later. Snow Leopard Ready!

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

“Spyware on my Mac?” A ZOT Interview with SecureMac.

Why did you develop MacScan?

MacScan was initially created as we saw a void in the Macintosh security market for programs that focused on user privacy and security. By offering a detection program for spyware such as keystroke loggers, trojan horses, dialer applications and backdoors, we here at SecureMac work hard to ensure users stay protected against the latest threats to their Macs.

Does Spyware/Malware Exist for the Mac?
The truth is that Macs running OS X are susceptible to spyware and malware, just like any operating system is. Spyware is any piece of software that can spy on the user, despite if it gets into the system automatically, or if it is manually installed. MacScan exists to address spyware, malware, and privacy concerns on the Mac, and it was first developed back when there was a rise in spyware being created for OS X so as to be a proactive approach to security as well as a utility to help users remove the spyware infecting their systems.

The DNSChanger Trojan Horse has been the most widely reported piece of spyware for the Macintosh; once installed on a system, the user’s DNS servers are set to malicious servers sending all data through them. Web traffic being returned to the user are infested with ads injected in the webpages requested.

Does all Spyware for the Mac require administrative passwords?
No, just like any piece of software, the installation can be installed at the user level without the need for authentication or administrative permissions. Advanced spyware programs can take advantage of security holes to gain higher access or even wait until the user authenticates for another task and elevate its own permissions.

What types of spyware are most common on the Macintosh?
The single most common piece of spyware to affect OS X is the DNSChanger Trojan Horse, followed closely by keystroke logging programs, which can record everything you type on your computer, from websites you visit, to credit card numbers, or passwords for your business. Other trojan horses are also prevalent. Other forms of spyware include dialer applications that can use your phone line to dial long-distance numbers, commercial spyware sold by companies for businesses or households to spy on their users, and remote administration programs used maliciously.

How is MacScan unique from other Mac security apps?

MacScan has two very unique features to it. The first is the quick and simple malware detection for the Macintosh. The second is the ability to scan and remove Blacklisted Tracking Cookies without deleting all of the cookies stored on the computer, thus losing saved usernames or passwords. Both the spyware definition file and the tracking cookie blacklist file are updated frequently and are free.

As MacScan has evolved over the years its privacy features have grown as well. The internet clutter cleanup feature supports all major web browsers for fast cleaning of web files and surfing history.

Feb 22

Lean clean snippet machine

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.97

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Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later. Maybe gifts you’ve received or sent, product serial numbers, recipes, directions to someone’s house, a photo of your pet, or anything else. Dejal Caboodle is a tool to help store and organize such varied bits of information.

Structured and Free-form, Together At Last

Some kinds of information are best stored in an organized structure, like a phone book. You want a label and a short value, and don’t care about text formatting and such: you just want the information.

On the other hand, sometimes you’d like to write a paragraph or two about something, or include pictures, web links, lists, tables, PDFs, and more.

Why compromise? Caboodle gives you both, with no learning curve!

Your Bag of Tricks

Caboodle provides a single place to store, organize, and find those little pieces of information that you might have previously stored in Stickies or obscurely-named text files strewn over your desktop.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Feb 21

Speedy Mac – Family License
The innovative little utility that speeds up work on your Mac.
Family License good for up to 5 computers!

Normally: $39.99

ZOT Price: $9.99

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What is Speedy Mac?
Speedy Mac is a little utility that brings you the power to quickly open everything you need for your everyday work: documents, folders, applications, and sites. Speedy Mac also sports multiple text Clipboard capability.

It’s a file, folder and website launching utility for Mac OS X. With a focus on ease-of-use, Speedy Mac offers a totally new approach for organizing frequently-used documents. It allows users to quickly access documents, folders, sites, applications and tasks by organizing them into a handy menu. Favorites and recently used documents are automatically classified into groups according to the application that was used to open them, and web pages are conveniently grouped by site.

"Speedy Mac is an easy to use application launcher that also acts as a bookmark manager. The free trial provided for it should be enough to get you addicted to this incredibly useful application and make you decide to purchase a license". – Gabriela Ghinita, Softpedia.

Favorite documents, favorite folders and favorite applications
Are you dreaming of a world where you don’t need to continuously search for the same documents, the same applications and the same folders buried in your hard drive? Speedy Mac gives you your items tidily listed, ready to be opened.

Recent documents, recent folders and recent applications
Open Speedy Mac’s menu: you will be pleasantly surprised to find listed there all the documents, folders, and applications you’ve used recently. In this way opening and re-opening an item will be a task you can do in a flash and you won’t have to be closing windows in your Mac for fear of losing them.

Recent and favorite sites
Tired of searching in the clutter of web histories of your browser for a web page you recently visited? Well, we have something for you: Speedy Mac lists your recently used web pages, grouped by site. In this way you will quickly find a page you visited lately. The same applies for the favorites pages: every entry is automatically placed inside its own site group.

Recents and favorites text Clipboard
Speedy Mac also sports multiple text Clipboard capability. Just choose the needed text item from the Recent Clipboard menu and it is ready to use from the System Clipboard, ready to paste. For frequently needed text phrases, simply add them to Favorites, and use the handy Favorites Clipboard Menu to quickly copy them into the Clipboard, ready paste anywhere. Perfect for using multiple text phrases over and over.

Task Menu
Here are some things you always dreamt to do with your Mac but were afraid to ask:

  • Hide or quit all running applications at once;
  • Create a folder establishing the name and the location of it before creating it;
  • Eject all removable and external disks at once;
  • Open quickly a web page regardless of the large number of other windows covering your first web browser window…

    Well, now you can do it: the Task menu of Speedy Mac is here to fulfill your wishes. And, if your desire is not satisfied by the available tasks, you can create a new one in minutes using Automator or AppleScript Editor.

    Some additional tasks created by Speedy Mac users are already available for download, as for example:

  • Optimize Mail Database
  • Repair Permissions
  • Change Dock Style
  • Take a Screen Shot
  • Run UNIX Periodic Routines
  • Choose Photos
  • Make File Names Web-Friendly

    Current Item Path
    How many times have you used a document and then you wonder where this document is located in your hard drive? How many times do you need to open the folder that contains an opened document to find another one you know is located in the same folder? Well, the Current Item Path menu of Speedy Mac is for finding the location of the document you are using by just opening a menu item.

    New Features of version 2.4

  • New Clipboard Recents and Favorites Menu
  • Choose the number of Recents to list in Menus
  • Fixes for all known bugs
  • Memory usage optimization
  • Various code optimizations

    Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later
  • Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
  • 8.6 MB Hard Drive space
  • Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Feb 19

    Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

    Normally: $69.95

    ZOT Price: $39.99

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    VectorDesigner is a vector drawing application designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful.

    It has everything you need to create fancy vector graphics such as posters, brochures, stickers, logos, web graphics, t-shirt and more.

    It features a wide range of tools and smart shapes: easily create rectangles, ovals, polygons, stars, bezier curves – even convert bitmap images to vector-based drawings thanks to VectorDesigner’s automatic raster to vector conversion!

    VectorDesigner even provides advanced tools for performing geometric operations, to achieve total control over your drawings (union, subtraction, intersection and exclusive-or operations)

    Text can be constrained within a shape, or along a path – while still preserving the full text editing capabilities of Mac OS X!

    Through the built-in Flickr browser, you can have a massive library of textures and images at your fingertips! Enhance your creations by searching images by color or tags, and insert them into your drawing with a single click.

    Achieve unique effects by applying filters and Quartz compositions to your shapes and images – in a non-destructive way!

    When printing color, printers use a different technology from that used by your display. Therefore, the colors that you see on screen may not accurately match what is printed. VectorDesigner solves the problem: by softproofing your document, you see on screen a very close representation of what you will get on paper.

    And much more. Download the trial and try it out yourself !


    Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (10.5 recommended).
    Snow Leopard compatible.
    G4, G5 or Intel processors.
    1.25 GHz or faster.
    (1GB recommended).
    Core Image supported graphics card.
    Some features require Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

    Read a last year’s review of VectorDesigner on

    Watch a comprehensive set of tutorials for VectorDesigner here…

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Feb 18

    The Big Mean Folder Machine 2
    Easily organize huge file collections
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $14.95

    ZOT Price: $7.95

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    The Big Mean Folder Machine” makes it easy to organize huge file collections.

    Mac power users love those little utilities that pick up and deliver what Apple left unfinished and behind. ["The Big Mean Folder Machine"] is fresh, new, different, and oh so very handy. – Mac360°

    New In Version 2

  • Re-designed user interface
  • automatic software updates
  • improved droplets
  • improved file name conflict resolution
  • Even better performance
  • The assistant-style interface walks you through the decision process and allows you to create multi-level folder hierarchies and populate them with your digital photos, music, movies or document files. Conversely it also allows to merge the files from multiple folder hierarchies into a single folder. It can also split large file collections into batches of a pre-determined size, for instance for backing them up to CD/DVD or tape.

    The Big Mean Folder Machine’s database-backed 64-bit processing engine takes care of all the complications that make doing this manually a nightmare. It reads shooting date information from digital photo files (JPEG/Exif and all RAW camera formats supported by Mac OS X), track information from MP3/AAC music files, file creation/ modification dates and file sizes. It takes care of file name conflicts and eliminates manual errors.

    Before doing anything at all, it allows you to preview the results to make sure that everything is just perfect. By default, “The Big Mean Folder Machine” always makes copies of your original files rather than moving them, but you can of course also tell it to move existing files to save space and time.

    Once you have found your own bespoke file organization, you can save your settings into a separate “droplet” application and re-apply the changes quickly.

    The Big Mean Folder Machine is an essential tool for anyone working with large file collections, including digital photographers, music enthusiasts, content creation, post-production or other creative professionals, system administrators, …

    Creating Multi-Level Folder Hierarchies

    Click on image below to watch video

  • new hierarchy can be up to 3 levels deep.
  • digital photo shooting dates can be read in a variety of formats
  • criteria include file name, file type, creation date, modification date, etc.
  • custom criteria creation, includes template based date formats, file name text extraction.
  • depth of hierarchy can be controlled by specifying the maximum number of files or the maximum size per folder; deeper levels will be created once the limit has been reached.
  • new folders can be uppercase, lowercase or sentence case.
  • Typical Tasks

  • split photo collection by Year/ Month/ Day.
  • split music collection by Artist / Album / Song
  • split music collections by Year/ Artist
  • Creating Batch Folders

    Click on image below to watch video

  • splitting criteria include: number of files per batch folder, total size of batch folder in Kb, Mb, Gb
  • specify physical or logical file sizes
  • sort files into batch folders alphabetically, by size, by creation date, by modification date, by digital photo shooting date, etc.
  • Typical Tasks

  • backing up your photo collection to 4GB DVDs, beginning with the oldest photos (shooting date) and working your way to the most recent ones.
  • backing up your music files to MP3 CDs sorted by artist and then by album.
  • Merging Multiple Folders

    Click on image below to watch video

  • multiple source folders and folder hierarchies.
  • file name conflict resolution.
  • Typical Tasks

  • merging all songs from an artist that are currently spread throughout a larger hierarchy into a single folder
  • Download Big Mean Folder Machine 2.06 for Mac OS X 10.5/6

    Download Big Mean Folder Machine 1.5.1 for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    Feb 20th and 21st


    VectorDesigner is a vector drawing application designed to be simple, intuitive and powerful.

    It has everything you need to create fancy vector graphics such as posters, brochures, stickers, logos, web graphics, t-shirt and more.

    Learn more about VectorDesigner here…

    Feb 17

    SWF & FLV Player – Pro Version
    View and save flash animations simply and easily.
    Special Offer Today – iTravel Alarm Clock.
    More info below.

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    Buy 1 item

    SWF & FLV Player is a smart Flash player, enriched with numerous handy options and controls, which ensure top grade usability for viewing and managing Flash movies.

    One of the main benefits of SWF & FLV Player PRO is it’s feature that lets you easily save Flash Animation to the hard drive. Usually, to save a Flash movie to disk you need to find the full URL address oF the SWF file and open it in a player or browser or download it separately. Alternatively, you may search through the browser’s cache to find the required file. However, most of the SWF files load other resources such as interface layout, scoreboard (for on-line games), streaming audio/video (on-line presentation, games, etc.) and so on. SWF & FLV Player PRO allows you to easily determine whether the loaded Flash animation requires other files and saves all needed files to the hard disk.

    More than that, SWF & FLV Player PRO can float on top of other windows, make screenshots of the current frame and convert the current movie into a series of images.

    Last but not least, SWF & FLV Player PRO allows playback of SWF/FLV files in full-screen mode.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    All this makes SWF & FLV Player PRO the best player for SWF/FLV files available for Mac OS.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Special Offer Today!

    iTravel Alarm Clock

    iTravel Alarm Clock is a configurable screen saver displaying a moving clock.

    It was designed for people who sleep in hotels and travel a lot. It provides a large, low-light clock for your notebook screen that can be seen from across the room.

    Besides the fact that it offers a customizable Alarm with a Fade-in effect, iTravel Alarm Clock also has a Sleep Assistant feature playing five high quality stereo nature sounds (Lake Shore, Ocean Waves, Rain Forest, Mountain Stream, and Tropical Forest) and White Noise. This additional feature creates an ambient, relaxing atmosphere and, thanks to the Sleep Timer and Fade-out features, it can easily help you fall asleep.

    Try, Buy, and Learn more about iTravel Alarm Clock here…