Jan 31

Automate printing, exporting and PDF preflighting from InDesign

Normally: $119.95

ZOT Price: $59.97

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BatchOutput is a powerful, professional solution to automate printing, exporting and PDF preflighting from InDesign. You can export multipage InDesign documents as single page PDF and PostScript files with variable file names, update modified links automatically and output documents invisibly. Just select the documents you need to output, adjust the settings and BatchOutput will do the rest for you. And because BatchOutput can run in the background, you can still keep working on your computer thus using your production time even more efficiently.

Key features:

  • output hundreds of files automatically
  • output as single pages
  • print and export to PDF, PostScript, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, Flash and INX
  • preflight final PDF automatically with Acrobat Pro droplets
  • update modified links automatically
  • suppress fonts and links warnings
  • compose complex output file names
  • detailed progress of output process

“The complete automation hooked me…”
Tami Stoghill, X-Ray Magazine

“I love BatchOutput, doesn’t everyone need it?”

Benjamin Darling,

• Adobe InDesign CS-CS4
• Mac OS X 10.4.2-10.6

Jan 29

Modern RapidWeaver Theme Pack
Create Astonishing Web Pages

Normally: $90.00

ZOT Price: $45.00

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The Modern Theme Pack by Rapid Ideas includes 5 highly professional themes for the web design tool Rapidweaver. Our clean and crisp designs will turn your project into a web 2.0 rich website, including many variations to choose from and many features not found in any other themes.

Most of our clients are from the creative or artistic sector who want to present their work in a clean and stylish way. And If you’re looking for advanced and customizable themes for your private blog or business site, you should have a closer look on the Rapid Ideas Themes.

The pack consists of the 5 latest themes: Drawer, Konzern, POP, Present and Raster

See the themes in detail here…

Some Features to mention


Many Style Variations

You can fine tune your pages with custom colors, images and also set specific layout options.
Rapid Ideas themes come with many style variations which can turn a simple RW site into an artistic and personally designed webpage.

Custom Colors

You can choose from a wide range of custom color variations for many parts of the designs.
Give your page the exact colors and impression you want.

Mediabox or Greybox

I am sure you already have found pages which uses “lightboxes” to present media. I chose to feature Mediabox (or MediaboxAdvanced) and Greybox in my designs.
These libraries are preinstalled and easy to enable. You can show additional information
to the user without opening a new window or redirecting them to another site – and this means: they will stay longer on your site!

Extra Content

In some of my latest themes (Drawer and Raster in this pack) I added my own implementation of “Extra Content”.
This means you can add content to additional parts of the layout. Simply add a slideshow to the header or a stacks page
to the footer. The possibilities are endless.

Browser Support

Of course, cross-browser support is always very important to me. You can be sure your site looks fine on all modern browsers:
Firefox 3.5+, Safari4, IE7, IE8, Opera10
Also almost all themes still support IE6, even this browser is not officially supported by me anymore.

Slick Animations

There are people who like animations, others don’t. For me Animation was never just to be cool. They need to add value to the design.
I added discreet menu animation to Drawer, POP and Raster, which can also be disabled.


Reinhard Maag: I was taken by your designs and find them in a Swiss Graphics tradition of: Clean + Clear = Convincing

Nicolai Gregersen: I must say – you truly are an artist at this. I am a relatively newbie RW user, but your designs came to my attention from start. They are miles from what other designers offer, both in usability and appearance. If the winter olympics had a discipline called RW design (on ski?) – you’d be sure to get the gold…

Melanie Morschel: Your themes are the best ones out there

Jason: Thanks for your creative talents!!

Don Newmeyer: I really think your ideas are more visually appealing and creative then the other RW theme designers

Daniel Will: Another reason I find myself using your themes rather than others is your use of type. As a long time typographer, I’ve been disappointed by how other themes treat type. Only yours seem to have some sense of good typography.

Bob Walz: I really appreciate your work. Your designs help me turn eyes into ears so people can hear my message, thank you!

Some Notes on Support and Updates

Providing customer support is very vital to me. If you need help, you can always contact me and I will get back to you in a short time.
Of course I can’t manage everything, so I don’t provide any support on theme customization in general. For those purposes, RapidWeaver has a
very strong community which can be accessed through their user forum. For general requests and help, there also is a special theme forum at my site.

You will also find a very good documentation with each theme. Be sure to check it out whenever you have any question.
The documentation can also be accessed online, which adds additional stuff like screencasts.

So, what about update fees?
Since I started developing themes for RapidWeaver more than 4 years ago, I’ve only charged once for a theme update (and 1 theme only).
So, in general updates are free. But I can’t tell you they will be free forever, as adding many feature requests and keeping them up to date
with further RW versions, may take a lot of time to invest.

More Information about the individual themes in this pack and Demo versions can be found on my main site:

Some Words about Rapid Ideas

Rapid Ideas started as a private project of Christoph Richardet. Back in 2005 there were only limited themes available for RapidWeaver. My main idea was to bring RW themes to a
new level by developing themes which broke the standard look of RW themes. I found that many RW users were very impressed by the possibilities of these themes.
The RW community grows with each day adding a big value to the software.
In june 2009 I decided to start my own company in the field of web design and graphics under the name Richardet Design. Our headquarter is located near Zurich, Switzerland

I want to thank the Real Mac Software Team for the marvelous tool and all my customers letting me do what I love to do!

Jan 28

Flux 2
100% Dreamweaver Killer!
Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

Normally: $80.00

ZOT Price: $40.00

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Flux 2

Flux 2 from The Escapers is a XHTML & CSS design tool featuring an amazing array of features for an unbelievable price. Flux supports advanced CSS editing, and unlike simpler tools, also permits PHP, Yuma and JavaScript to be included in your pages. Flux 2 represents a massive improvement over Flux 1, with a shower of new features,such as re-written rendering engine, new publishing system, support for many more advanced XHTML elements and CSS styles.

In the press…

Flux was reviewed in, not only did it garner a 5/5 score, but also comments like this one:

“All in, Flux offers the best of both worlds. Flux really is the Dreamweaver killer.”NZMAC.COM

and more recently…

“100% Dreamweaver Killer”

We’re building a community of enthusiastic users

Not only have we established a growing user forum, Flux has attracted comments such as

“Flux is a great big bag of AWESOME”Taz Goldstein

Flux gets updated… a lot!

The Escapers is committed to providing continual updates to Flux, providing user-requested tweaks and features, as well as major upgrades. We have never charged for a version upgrade, and don’t intend to for a long time. We believe it’s far more important to build a base of happy users than to “nickel and dime” them for every little upgrade.

We pride ourselves on quickly meeting the needs of our customer base, so if you’re a disillusioned GoLive user, and don’t want to move to DreamWeaver, why not use this opportunity to try out something new at a sensational price? We think you’ll appreciate working with a company dedicated to it’s product, it’s customers, and the Mac.

The Escapers… Completely Mac focused

The Escapers is dedicated to the Mac, we’ve been Mac users since the 68k days, Flux is Mac-only, and always will be!

The Escapers are based in London, UK, when we’re not paying far too much for cocktails, we’re putting on the precious to make a coffee to keep us going for another night of coding.

Please note that the pricing is converted from UK pounds sterling, and may be slightly inaccurate at the time of publishing. The full retail price of Flux is £49.99 GBP.

As a thank you to all our existing users, Flux 2 is a free upgrade. – If you bought Flux on ZOT last time, you are eligible for a Free upgrade.

System requirements
Flux is a Universal application, we recommend either a PowerPC G5 or any Intel Mac, with at least 1GB of RAM.

Click to see our brand new website!

This weekend’s ZOT?
Jan 30 and 31

The Modern Theme Pack by Rapid Ideas

The Modern Theme Pack by Rapid Ideas consists of 5 highly professional themes for the web design tool Rapidweaver. We love clean and crisp designs that will turn your project in a web 2.0 rich website, including many variations to choose from and many features not found in any other themesp.

The Modern pack includes the 5 latest themes: Drawer, Konzern, POP, Present and Raster

Learn more about The Modern Theme Pack by Rapid Ideas here…

Jan 27

Audio Edition made easy

Normally: $79.90

ZOT Price: $39.90

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Does not require a Ph.D.

Audio edition, as simple and intuitive as it gets. The basic edition
tools, just where you expected them.

iPhone ringtones are a breeze.

iPhone ringtone

  • Load any audio file.
  • Cut your favorite part.
  • Add a fade-in and a fade-out.
  • Export as a ringtone.
  • Done!

TwistedWave does not get in your way.

You are loading a huge file, applying a complex effect? You can
continue editing or playing the audio while TwistedWave does
its work in the background.

Very powerful, very good quality.

Although it is very easy to use, TwistedWave is not a toy.

With its ability to work on 24 bit audio files,
with a sampling frequency as high as 192kHz,
TwistedWave can truly be used for professionnal audio work.

What else does it do?

  • Load Audio Units to apply any kind of sound
  • Batch processing to perform a number of tasks
    on many files.
  • Detects silences in an audio file to
    automaticaly split it.
  • Unlimited and instant Undo/Redo.
  • Independently change the pitch and speed of a sound file, with
    the DIRAC Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology,
    licensed from The DSP Dimension.
  • Import and export many popular audio file formats, such as
    wav, aiff, au, snd, sd2, mpg, mp2, mp3, mp4, m4r (iPhone
    ringtones), m4a (iTunes), aac, caf, flac, ogg/vorbis, wma,
    WavPack, Wave64

What You Get For Your Money.

  • Free updates. All the updates to TwistedWave
    have been free for registered users.
  • Priority support. I’ll try and help you with
    any problem you may find using TwistedWave. I am also very open
    and responsive to feature requests.

What do people say about TwistedWave?

“Absolutely loving TwistedWave! Well done.”
— Andy Pink

“Thanks again for a great program!”
— Gerald Hall

Who am I?


My name is Thomas Thiriez, and TwistedWave is actually just me. I
started selling the TwistedWave audio editor on August 12th 2007. It
was then a part time job, and since September 2009, I am fully
dedicated to further developing and improving TwistedWave.

One of the benefits of buying from a small proprietor is that if you
need technical support or just need a question answered you’ll get a
response straight from the top!

System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

Jan 26

The fastest and easiest way to download and convert YouTube movies.

Normally: $24.99

ZOT Price: $11.99

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Mac YouTube download

MovieSherlock is the fastest and easiest way to download and convert YouTube
movies. MovieSherlock helps you easily search and select the most relevant movies from YouTube according to your request.

Is it easy to use MovieSherlock?

Mmmm. It's extremely easy! Just type which movie you would like to watch right
now – and in a fraction of seconds it will be on your hard drive!

Made for my Mac?

Yes! MovieSherlock designed specially for Apple Macintosh users. MoviSherlock is a
Mac OS X YouTube downloader and converter.

Oops. I can’t find the movie.

May be it's not published with YouTube yet? :)

Jan 25

The ultimate iPod Music and Videos Rescuer for your iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone

Normally: $19.90

ZOT Price: $9.90

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Buy 1 item

What’s your music worth?

Transfer it, copy it and save it for only $9.90

(Get it now for only $9.90 with macZOT limited promo!)

TuneAid is an iPod/iPod content recovery tool. It will let you import your iPod’s content back into a Folder or iTunes in no effort. Hard Drive crash? Stolen computer? Corrupted system? No problem, TuneAid will salvage your Music!

TuneAid is a leading iPod/iPhone/Touch media transfer tool

  • Transfers Music and Videos from your device to iTunes or folder
  • Dead simple to use
  • Robust all metadata file transfer (Ratings, Play Counts, Playlists etc.)
  • Media Player for all devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch)
  • Anti dupe function makes it easy syncing multiple iTunes Libraries
  • Both versions (Mac OSX/PC Windows) have been developed NATIVELY, no java or other slowdowners
  • Minimum System Requirements: OS X 10.4 PPC/Intel

What do people say about TuneAid ?

  • The program is excellent, did exactly what I hoped it would. (Adam)
  • TuneAid RULES!!!! I was incredibly shocked at how it transfered properly, my music from my iPhone into iTunes. THAT product is king of the hill, to put it mildly. (Rene)
  • I’ve downloaded the TuneAid, installed it, completed the purchase of it, and salvaged my library. I appreciate the prompt response, and I would like to thank you for the wonderful and easy to use Tune Aid. (Lucia)

Jan 24

iWorkout & Party Pro for iPod
A Blazing Deal!

Normally: $29.94

ZOT Price: $6.99

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Buy 1 item

< !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

Fitness on the go.
The ultimate digital fitness trainer for iPod.

Give yourself:

- 101 workout videos
- Trainer tips
- Illustrated fitness guides
- Nutrition & dieting essentials
- Exercise metronomes to time your reps
- Fitness charts
- Workout routines for every body region
- Many more features

Download the iWorkout Demo

Click Here for more information about iWorkout for iPod

Mixology 101.
The ultimate bartending and party guide for iPod.

Give yourself:

- The 800 most used drink recipes
- 55 drinking games
- Global bar and club guide for every major US + European city
- Bartending tips and tricks
- 100 pick-up lines for both men and women
- Post-party solutions
- Unit converter for measurements

Mix a drink, find a bar + much more.
Featuring the 800 most used drink recipes.

Download the Party Pro Demo

Click Here for more information about Party Pro for iPod

Requirements – iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, or iPod classic

Get this bundle TODAY ONLY for just $6.99!

Helmes Innovations – Our mission is to bring innovative solutions to people’s lives through technology. We work to bring you cutting edge solutions to improve your personal life. We strive to simplify what is complicated and make even the best technology better. Our products and services are designed with you in mind.

We value:

  • Simplicity
  • Smart solutions
  • Quality products and services
  • Quality support
  • Jan 22

    HoudahGeo and CDFinder – DoubleZOT! OR SoloZOT!
    One-stop geocoding for the Mac with HoudahGeo.
    CDFinder – Digital asset manager (disk cataloger, image database).
    Buy both together at 50% off, or either one separately at a great discount.

    Normally: $69.99

    ZOT Price: $34.99

    Click to MacZOT

    A great pair of apps that go great together!

    Available from this page as a pair at 50% off. Click BUY above to get BOTH apps for $34.99, or…Get either one separately!

    To download the apps, learn more, and purchase separately follow these links -

    HoudahGeo soloZOT!
    CDFinder soloZOT!


    HoudahGeo is Houdah Software’s one-stop geophoto solution for the Mac. HoudahGeo enables users to geocode and geotag their photos.HoudahGeo integrates with iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom. It supports JPEG, most RAW formats as well as XMP sidecars.

    Try, Buy, and find out more about HoudahGeo on macZOT here…

    Click to HoudahGeo’s Site for more info.


    CDFinder is the compact and fast digital asset manager (disk cataloger, image database) for the Mac. Like the Finder – Supercharged. Very easy to use. Try it for yourself! CDFinder rapidly organizes your full disk library and backup archive of any size, and keeps track of your photos, songs, movies, files and folders anywhere.
    CDFinder quickly catalogs internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, server volumes, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, iPods, Blu-ray disks, and virtually anything that turns.

    Try, Buy, and find out more about CDFinder macZOT here…

    Click to CDFinder’s Site for more info.

    Jan 21

    Super simple invoicing.
    Weekend ZOT Preview Below…

    Normally: $34.99

    ZOT Price: $14.99

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    Super simple invoicing.

    Involer is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Involer has support for multiple companies and clients and can export invoices with a single click. With its sleek and easy to use interface invoicing has never been this easy. Involer allows you to manage past an present invoices, search through an archive of your invoices and track which clients are up to date with their payments. With design and ease of use in mind Involer 1.0 has been described as “Drop dead easy to use.” by its users.

    Invoicing doesn’t have to be tedious and boring. Involer proves that with a sleek
    intuitive interface that makes invoicing quick, easy and fun.

    Keep Forever

    All of your invoices are stored in the application, allowing you to
    refer back to them at any point.

    Easy to use

    Involer’s intuitive user interface allows you to get
    with your invoicing tasks without distraction.

    Find things

    Find a specific invoice with just a few keystrokes.

    Fine Tuning

    Customize the content and style of your invoice with simple clicks.

    Who’s Paid?

    Find out the payment status of invoices at a glance, and update the status with a single click.

    Currency Universal

    Involer is currency independent, meaning if it’s money, Involer supports it!

    Involer runs on 10.5 Leopard only. Please download the trial and test before purchase.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    Jan 23rd and 24th

    CDFinder and HoudahGEO

    CDFinder is the compact and fast digital asset manager (disk cataloger, image database) for the Mac. Like the Finder – Supercharged. Very easy to use. Try it for yourself! CDFinder rapidly organizes your full disk library and backup archive of any size, and keeps track of your photos, songs, movies, files and folders anywhere.
    CDFinder quickly catalogs internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, server volumes, DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, iPods, Blu-ray disks, and virtually anything that turns.

    Just like an expensive GPS camera, HoudahGeo can store latitude,
    longitude and altitude information right within the image file -
    invisibly with no loss of quality.
    HoudahGeo writes
    EXIF, XMP and
    IPTC tags.
    With HoudahGeo you can “pin” photos to locations where they were

    Click to CDFinder’s Site for more info.
    Click to HoudahGeo’s Site for more info.

    Jan 19

    Transcriva 2
    Manual transcription with automatic transmission

    Normally: $29.99

    ZOT Price: $19.99

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    Buy 1 item

    Whether it’s your meeting minutes, interviews, lectures, home movies, dictation, speeches, or your favorite TV show, Transcriva can help you transcribe them all. You do the typing, Transcriva takes care of the rest.

    On Your Mac or on the Web

    Transcriva works with media clips on your Mac, on the web or with none at all. Transcriva “points to” the media, rather than copying or moving them. Keep them wherever you want!

    Record Your Own

    Have a camera, microphone, or web cam? Record your own media files directly on your Mac. You can even transcribe them as you record, all within Transcriva’s intuitive interface.

    Simple Organization

    The familiar library-based approach eschews documents for simplicity and organization. Create folders and organize your transcripts all in one place.


    Your data can be saved for you automatically as you transcribe or make changes. Stop working for a moment and Transcriva sneaks in a save, lightning fast and unobtrusive.

    Other Features

    • Variable speed lets you change the speed without changing the pitch.
    • Follow-along mode for completed transcripts highlights text entries as they’re spoken
    • Attribution lets you identify who’s saying what
    • Easy, straightforward export lets you share your transcripts as text, RTF, or Word Documents
    • Programmable keyboard shortcuts lets you customize your workflow for comfort
    • Some USB foot pedals supported

    Note -

    Upon purchase of today’s ZOT you will receive a coupon code which you will use to retrieve your serial number. Please follow the simple directions that come with your serial delivery email from macZOT. Thanks you!

    Mac OS X 10.5 required;
    Intel processor recommended.

    For more information, visit