Sep 17

RapidWeaver 4.3
Powerful Website Creation for Everyone!
3 Days on ZOT! Friday, Sat, and Sunday.

Normally: $79.00

ZOT Price: $51.35

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The New More Powerful RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver 4.3 is a revolutionary but friendly piece of web design software made exclusively for the Mac. Using easy drag and drop technology RapidWeaver lets you easily build a website tailored to your personal needs. Blogs, Photo albums, Movie pages, Styled text and more can be created at the click of a button and customised to make a site to be proud of.

Once finished, you site is easily published to MobileMe, FTP or SFTP accounts and RapidWeaver has built-in Smart Publishing that only uploads changed files, making future updates to your site fast and simple.

Check out some great RapidWeaver Tutorials here…


  • Made exclusively for the Mac
  • Drag and Drop Site Creation
  • Photo & Movie Albums
  • iPhoto and Aperture Integration
  • MobileMe, FTP & SFTP Publishing – including support for MobileMe Personal Domains
  • Built in Image Editing
  • Blogging with RSS & Podcasting
  • Smart Publishing to reduce site upload times
  • Unlimited Sub-menus
  • Generates beautiful XHTML-valid sites
  • Support for Google Analytics and iPhone ‘WebClip’ Bookmark icons
  • Flash Based Slideshows
  • Live PHP Rendering
  • Not running Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6?

    RapidWeaver 4.x requires Mac OS X 10.5+, however serial numbers for RapidWeaver sold in this Zot are also valid for version 3.6.7 which runs on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and is available to download from the Realmac Software Downloads Page.

    RapidWeaver in the Press

    5 out of 5 & Editors’ Choice Award, Macworld Magazine, July 2008:

    “With a simpler interface and streamlined workflow [RapidWeaver] beats just about any entry level site builder on the market.”

    4.5 out of 5, Christopher Phin, MacFormat Magazine, August 2008:

    “[RapidWeaver is] still the best way to build a professional website with ease on the Mac.”

    For more reviews, visit!

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    21 Responses to “RapidWeaver”

    1. Mathew Says:

      Great software. Wouldn’t consider anything else for website creation. Probably the best, at least one of the best, user forums on the web. If you’ve been considering powerful, yet relatively simple, web creation software then this zot is a no-brainer.

    2. dave Says:

      Rapidweaver is $80?

      Good Lord the price has skyrocketed.

      I use it and I have a ton of plugins, but I had no idea the price had jumped so much.

    3. Kevin Says:

      I think maybe the other site for more reviews might have changed but the quick tour site gives a great overview.

    4. Jim Says:

      There is another deal you may want to consider: RapidWeaver & VMWare Fusion for $99. The link is below, if anyone is interested.

    5. pl_svn Says:

      … any hope to have a deal on LittleSnapper too? ;-)

    6. James Says:

      Man 80 bucks. That got expensive! Are these still full and upgradeable versions you are selling on macZOT!?

    7. wpadmin Says:

      pl_svn – We’ll try.

      James – Yes, these are full upgradeable versions.

      Thanks for your comments. Tell your friends.

      Mike Biskup

    8. xyankee Says:

      @Jim: Or you can buy RapidWeaver at Zot for $51.35 and VMware Fusion 2 over at MUPromo for $34.95 (also running through the weekend) and save almost $13 over Smith Micro’s deal!

    9. Joe Workman Says:

      Rapidweaver is an AMAZING web development framework. There are tons of fabulous plugins for it as well. If you purchase Rapidweaver today, go check out some of my plugins that I have developed for it…

    10. harringg Says:

      Already own a Family pack, use it all the time, must buy.

      p.s. isn’t active anymore.

    11. Steve Says:

      I have a question concerning the license, is it one license per user or one license per machine because I have two Macs (one running Snow Leopard and the other still on Tiger).

    12. Jim Says:

      Oh, neat. The mupromo server was down when I checked it last night. You are right: that is a much better deal.

    13. Vince Says:

      @Steve – I don’t think it matters much in your case – Rapidweaver requires 10.5 or 10.6 an won’t run on 10.4 [Tiger]. Though this zot is good for version 3.6.7 which does run on Tiger, so….hmm…not sure what the license is, but I own a copy and have it installed on 2 machines and it works fine. I just don’t run it at the same time on both [laptop and desktop]. Both are 10.5 machines.



    14. Eddie Says:

      I would not call it great or amazing. Back when it was a $35 it was a great value for the money. Then the list price jumped to $50 making it less attractive. At $80 the price is absurd. Maybe that’s why it can usually be found much cheaper. As of today I can buy it for under $39 or even cheaper for the academic version.
      This, of course, is without considering any additional expense due to themes and add-ons.

      I gave away an old copy of Rapidweaver. I have the new version since it came in a bundle, but prefer alternatives such as Freeway or Sandvox. Rapidweaver is very popular and their forums are pretty good, but the software itself is way overpriced, even with ZOT’s discount.

    15. Steve Says:

      @Vince thanks for the response.

      I already own Flux, Sandvox, Dramweaver, and a copy of GoLive oh yeah not to mention iWeb but I’ve always been interested with Rapidweaver. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or want to sit down and begin coding so these website creation suites are very handy.

    16. Robert Says:


      While I agree with you that $80 is not a small amount, I wouldn’t say that the software itself is overpriced — it’s a very well featured and designed product. However, it is the hidden cost (or additional cost) for all the add-on plugins and themes that is the real pain in the butt.

      The other day I was trying to build a kind of nice web page with it, and it turns out that I need 4 different plugins and would cost around $120 just for those plugins. So I gave up that idea and RW all together. Just FYI. :-)

    17. Eddie Says:

      @ Robert,
      I agree. That’s why it made sense as a $35 application, or even at a list price of $50 since street price was lower. Fortunately it can often be found with significant discounts.

    18. Matto Says:

      I’d say it’s a deal for 50$. RW is worth the money.

    19. Chris Says:

      I have used and loved RapidWeaver from day one. I have several dozen sites done in RapidWeaver over the years. UNFORTUNATELY, the program is not 100% compatible with Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) and seems to be able to handle only very small sites in Snow Leopard. None of my large RapidWeaver sites are uploadable anymore and their forums suggest that this is a widespread problem among many serious RapidWeaver users. Further, the company’s silence on the issue is making web developers with larger sites very nervous. I’m sure RealMac will fix the program eventually, but for now, unless you only plan very small and simple sites, I recommend passing on the deal (I never thought I would have to say this about RapidWeaver, one of my favorite programs and one that I used to use almost daily)

    20. El Cid Says:

      @Chris. Thanks for the heads up, I have been debating for some time whether RW would be useful to me or not, I am very happy with Flux, its performance and features, the consistent improvements by its developers at The Escxapers and their level of support. I also use Espresso, although I find myself using Flux more frequently, perhaps I should wait a little longer before taking the plunge into RW, more than likely it will be offered on a promo before the end of the year.

    21. marc Says:

      i was always curious about rapidweaver because it has such an active community that would allow me to purchase things i can’t do myself and also save some money doing those things that i am capable of.
      unfortunately the price here isn’t good enough for a 3-day zot because the regular price for a boxed edition at newegg is always 20% below this special zot price.

      i decided to buy freeway 5 pro and stop waiting for a rapidweaver opportunity although i had been looking at sandvox for a long time because i like the simplicity of it. there was a good special on freewaypro5 from a 3rd party vendor but i wont spam for it on the zot site.

      i don’t have to rush into this stuff as i have bundled copies of iweb, flux, espresso, acorn, oversite, iris, etc. although acorn2 requires a paid upgrade now