Jun 30

Jumsoft iWeb Education Themes
Outstanding web tools for young people – or for sites wanting to appeal to them!

Normally: $29.99

ZOT Price: $14.99

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Young people look for fashion everywhere in everything. A Web site is no exception!

Attracting youth to your site or keeping young people interested in building a site of their own requires a fashionable look.

Reveal your class, school, university and even YOU on the Internet with the new and high-quality Education iWeb themes. Choose your favorite theme – Primary, Cool Class, Teens, College, or University and create a cozy net space for your or your group. With each Education iWeb theme, you get five different color variations to use with it. This allows everyone to find a style that fits.

Education iWeb themes are recommended for those who belong to an educational community from primary-school to the university. They are also great for companies that provide goods for student customers. Exceptional designs with sweet details will help you display the essential information in the best possible way. As always, each theme contains numerous page layouts a designer is likely to need, such as “Welcome,” “About Me,” “Photos,” “My Albums,” “Movie,” “Podcast” “Blog,” and “Blank.”


The Primary Education iWeb theme is recommended for web pages aimed at primary school kids, but it is also great for those who need to express the child-like atmosphere. With vivid colors, detailed pencils, funny headings–you’ll find everything you need to attract the youngest ones attention as well as keep a playful mood. There are five different color schemes to choose from— Gold Foil, Bright Blue, Bright Olive, Parrot Blue, and Tan.

Cool Class

The Cool Class Education iWeb theme is especially good for students in the higher grades. It also perfectly fits a school preferring to present a serious as well as friendly atmosphere. There are five different backgrounds to choose from— Mixed Brown, Sand, Flame, Wood, and Wood-au-lait.


The Teens Education iWeb theme reveals a fashionable attitude that is especially attractive to teenagers. This theme also provides a crazy and cheerful mood. You may think the Teens Education iWeb theme is too messy, but we’ve found teens love it! There are five different color schemes you can choose— Orange, Scarab Green, Parrot Blue, Pink, and Lilac.


The College Education iWeb theme is especially good to hold the attention of the scholarly and serious viewer. It perfectly fits the needs of students as well as tutors. There are many options to help a designer display all types of information. The College Education theme variants allows you to highlight your news in several ways—loud, very bright, bright, noticeable, or neutral.


The University Education iWeb theme maintains a solid and scientific ambience. Order is key, so important information is emphasized by placing it against background colors, not by using the cute details. There are five different backgrounds to choose from— Black, Blue, Green, Grey, and Flame.

Four simple steps get you started: buy, download, install the theme, and add your content – text, pictures, movies, or other information you want on the Web site. Education iWeb themes come with their own installer application, so you don’t have to worry about moving them to iWeb.

System Requirements: iWeb 2 or higher.

There is no trial for these themes. Please view them on the Jumsoft site.

Click to Jumsoft’s Site for more info.

Jun 29

Elegant Time Tracking

Normally: $26.00

ZOT Price: $12.95

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Chronograph — is a time-tracker for Mac built with usability in mind from the very beginning. There are many complex time-tracking applications available, our goal is to keep the process simple and streamlined. We started with only the absolutely necessary features and gradually expanded them, without adding complexity.

People tell us, that Chronograph is exactly the product they were waiting for. Our clients are designers, programmers, usability specialists, photographers, and others from all over the world.

The workflow of Chronograph is extremely simple: You create a Project, add some Tasks to it, chose the Task, that you will be working on, and start counting time. Whenever you need it, you create PDF-reports per-Task or per-Project and create emails with them, without leaving Chronograph’s UI.

Main window of Chronograph showing 7 projects and several tasks Report is ready to be sent

You forgot to start the timer in time or stopped it too late? That’s not a problem: You can tweak time afterwards! And, while You will are editing, Chronograph will keep you from placing several tasks in the same time-frame. You will be sure, that you always have realistic data in the reports.

You want Chronograph to be a part of your complex workflow? No Problem. Chronograph can export all it’s time-tracking data to iCal as soon, as such data appears. Just tune your AppleScripts to get data from iCal and use it wherever you like!

menubar menubar

Our users appreciate that Chronograph is easily controllable both using mouse and keyboard. The most important operations are additionally available form the icon in menu-bar

Video Demo

Chronograph’s features include:

  • Simple, uncluttered UI
  • All main actions can be accomplished using the keyboard
  • Exporting of reports in PDF
  • Instantly create email-drafts with reports
  • iCal integration

System Requirement: Mac OS X 10.5+

Milk Farm Software, ltd. is a small company founded in 2004. We believe, that usability is very important and simplicity is beautiful. We produce software exclusively for Mac OS X. You can read more about our us on the website: and in our twitter: @milkfarmsoft

Jun 28

Adding a sloppy border to your photos in Photoshop has never been easier or faster!

Normally: $39.95

ZOT Price: $19.95

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JcpSloppy is a script that runs in Photoshop (CS2,CS3 or CS4) on the Mac that will place a sloppy (grunge) border around your photos. It comes with 32 high quality borders (16 border files with 2 variations each) and you can add your own borders. You also have the ability to add your own custom borders that the script will apply to any photograph easily and quickly.

Let JcpSloppy spice up your photographs with a cool sloppy border effortlessly.

For example, turn this:

into this:

Not only does it come with sloppy borders, it also comes with other cool borders too. Here is a Polariod type border:

And by adding your own borders, the possibilities are endless.

Check out how easy it is to apply a border to your photograph. Click on the image to play the movie.

Learn more about JcpSloppy at the JcpSloppy Photoshop Sloppy Border website.

The requirements are that you have Photoshop CS2, CS3 or CS4 for the Mac. This script does not run on any other version of Photoshop. It does not run on Photoshop Elements.

Jun 26


Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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The Handy Image Editor that will save you time & money!

ImageWell is a small, but powerful, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and then instantly upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. At the click of a button, the image is sent and a handy URL is automatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a post, blog page, email message, or any other document.

ImageWell also lets you annotate your images with text, shapes, arrows and lines, quickly and easily. And it doesn’t stop there – add a drop shadow, a shaped border, flip or rotate your image, adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast and saturation. Use the screen grab feature to grab a selection, grab application window, timed or full screen grab, or instantly add screen grabs to existing images on the canvas. Other handy features include URL history for pasting multiple images/links all at once, add, delete, and store multiple server locations, check for overwrite on server, preserve EXIF data (optional), plus so much more.

Don’t want to send your image to the web? You don’t have to, it’s not the law. Edit your image, give it a name and file type, and simply drag and drop the image to the desired destination on your computer to save it there. Or drag and drop it into an email message, a document or presentation. Want to send other types of files to the web – you can do that too. It’s easy-shmeasy, just choose the location, and drop the file over the Send button…done!

And the list just keeps getting better…ImageWell also offers batch image resize, batch watermarking, batch upload, the ability to drag and drop multiple images onto the canvas, plus a Template feature for saving and applying your favorite styles. You also get a slew of draw objects and border shapes, a variety of arrows and line styles, gradient backgrounds, custom canvas sizing, and a “Favorites” box
for storing your favorite objects…plus much, much more…

Powerful Punch with a Small Footprint

Available in 15 different language localizations and backed by world class customer support, ImageWell offers a ton of useful features than first meets the eye. ImageWell packs a big bang for the buck, removing the need to open large heavy-weight applications for all the simple, everyday things you want to do.

Say goodbye to opening large heavy-weight applications for all the simple things you want to do, and discover what ImageWell can do for you!

To learn more about ImageWell, please click here.

System Requirements:

- OS X 10.4 or greater.

- Universal Binary – Intel-based Mac & PPC support.

- Internet connection and .Mac account or other Web Host required to upload images. Supports dot Mac, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, Flickr, SmugMug,ImageShack, and Send to a folder.

Note to 10.3.9 Users: Please visit our support boards to find out more about ImageWell support for OS X 10.3.9.

NOTE: Registered ImageWell Version 3.x users will be able to upgrade to V4 for free and will also get first dibs on the private V4 Beta when it becomes available.

*All images and screen grabs used in this listing were created and edited with ImageWell.*

Learn More:

ImageWell Features

A Closer Look at ImageWell

ImageWell Resources & Help Docs

User Feedback and Ratings

About XtraLean Software

We are a small two-person (husband and wife) company who consider each and every one of our customers a part of the team. We are committed and dedicated to our products and the people who use them. Founded in 2002, XtraLean Software develops solely for the Mac, and has over 20 years of experience in the software development industry. Located in Kitchener, Ontario, in the heart of Canada’s technology triangle, XtraLean serves customers in all parts of the world.

To learn more about our mission, and how the name “XtraLean Software” was born, please visit our About page.

Jun 25


Fun/Games Comments Off

The land of opulent temples, exotic incense and spices, and affluent cities.
Weekend ZOT Preview Below

Normally: $19.95

ZOT Price: $9.95

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Travel to glittering distant Akkadia, the land of opulent temples,
exotic incense and spices, and affluent cities, in this beautiful take
on classic word building games.
Have boundless fun assembling words as large
as your vocabulary will allow, and see if you have the power to discover what
treasures lie locked in waiting behind the alabaster wall of letters.

• Alluring soundtrack
• Gigantic 10×10 grid of letters
• Seamless animation, elegant graphics
• Hidden bonus game and magical powerups
• Save your game at any time, and pick up where you left off
• Challenge yourself to beat your own limitless score

System Requirements:
Mac OS X
    • Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
    • G4 or better
    • 128MB RAM
    • 50MB hard drive space

This weekend’s ZOT?
June 27th and 28th

The Handy Image Editor that will save you time & money!

ImageWell is a small, but powerful, image editing application that lets you quickly resize, crop, watermark, edit your images, take screenshots and then instantly upload them to the web, save to your computer or email them to a friend. At the click of a button, the image is sent and a handy URL is automatically copied to the clipboard for quickly pasting into a post, blog page, email message, or any other document.

Learn more about ImageWell here…

Jun 23

Powerful Screen Graphics Editor
Opacity Express is also available during this 48 hr ZOT. Follow the link to Try, Buy, and Find out more about Opacity Express below.

Normally: $89.99

ZOT Price: $49.99

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Opacity is an easy to use program for drawing graphics for the screen. It’s great for making images and icons for applications and the web. Opacity streamlines the image creation workflow by combining a great vector editor and pixel editor with native support for all the formats needed for screen graphics (TIFF, PNG, PDF, SVG, ICNS, ICO, and more). Vectors make it easy to draw great looking graphics and easily make images ready for resolution independence.

Opacity has traditional graphical features like layers, filters and transforms along with exclusive features including variables, templates, factories and much more. By leveraging the power of Core Animation and Quartz, Opacity combines all of the tools artists need to create beautiful images for icons, applications and the web.

Opacity’s vector support includes paths, gradients, lines, text, and more. With vectors, users can create images that look great at any resolution. Opacity takes this even further with special features like automatic pixel aligning and resolution variables to automatically hide details at low resolutions.

  • Designed from the ground up for resolution independence
  • Draw Vectors that will look great at every resolutions
  • Special resolution features to make everything always look crisp
  • Variables let you easily assign numbers and colors to vectors, layers, and more
  • Use Factories to export your images to multiple files and formats with single slice
  • Preview your images as they’ll appear in your application or web site
  • Use Layers to separate the content in your image
  • Add Filters to your image that can be updated live
  • Transform your image however you want any time
  • Use Templates to quickly create new graphics, and make your own templates too
  • Use Frames to keep related images in the same document and export them as a set
  • Use the included Goodies to make it even easier to create your graphics
  • With Math Anywhere, you can enter basic equations anywhere you would enter a number
  • Customize the Keys for the different modes however you want
  • Use Slices to export just a part of your image
  • Great QuickLook support for Opacity files and many other image formats

Watch how easy it is to create an icon, preview it, and even publish it to a website all Within Opacity! Impressive. A Video of Opacity in action.!

Find out how Opacity can improve your Graphics Workflow here…

Opacity Express

Special Offer!

Opacity Express is a slimmed down, more affordable version of Opacity. It includes most of the powerful features from Opacity in an even simpler interface. By leveraging the power of Core Animation and Quartz, Opacity Express combines all of the tools artists need to create beautiful images for icons, applications and the web.

Learn more about Opacity Express here…

Opacity requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and is a Universal Binaries for PowerPC and Intel Macs. An Opacity license also includes all 1.x updates free of charge.

Like Thought is a small independent Mac software company based in Williamsburg, VA and dedicated to making high quality, user friendly applications for the Mac and iPhone.

Jun 20

The Advanced Word Processor for Mac OS X –
48hr ZOT!

Normally: $49.00

ZOT Price: $24.50

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Mellel is an advanced word processor for Mac OS X designed especially for scholars, creative and technical writers, and anyone seeking a feature-rich and reliable word processor.

General Features

Mellel offers you a rich and advanced yet easy to use set of features for word processing. The following list highlights some of the features in Mellel.

  • Tables
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Outstanding Bibiliography and citation support
  • Easy to use and powerful Outline pane
  • Advanced Find and Replace
  • Advanced Hyphenation
  • Advanced multi-lingual support
  • Cross reference
  • Columns and sections
  • MS Word import and export
  • RTF import and export
  • Insert special characters
  • Live document statistics (word count)
  • Image placing and resizing
  • Document setup and info
  • Outline and Document navigation
  • Full screen mode
  • Smart Quotes (Typographer’s Quotes)
  • Writing an article? A scholarly book? a novel? A play? A technical guide? Mellel offers special tools to help you write and organise long documents easily

    Multilingual Support

    If you need multilingual support or are writing bi-directional text, Mellel is just the thing for you. Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and Syriac never looked better on a Mac

    If “none of the above” is what you need, Mellel is still the right choice: clean, stable, and easy to use.

    For more information, visit and read about the Top 10 Reasons to Switch.

    Jun 19


    Photo/Video/DVD Comments Off

    A golfer’s dream and the ideal Father’s Day gift

    Normally: $24.95

    ZOT Price: $14.95

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    What is Golfcard?
    Golfcard is a golfer’s dream. Store all of your golf rounds, save the details for your favorite courses and save scores for future analysis. Scorecards can be compared and viewed in a table format, and printed for safe-keeping.

    Why should I buy Golfcard?
    Golfcard offers an easy, intuitive way to store your golf round data. This allows you to view old scorecards, compile graphs of specific aspects of your game (see the screenshot below) and identify areas to improve upon. In short, Golfcard will make you a better organised golfer, and a better player too.

    Can I give Golfcard as a present?
    Absolutely. Just pass the licence details to your lucky recipient, and direct them to to download their copy of Golfcard (Mac or PC) and get started. Golfcard would make a great Father’s day gift!

    System Requirements
    Golfcard runs on OS X 10.2 or later (a Windows version is also available for download from

    What does my licence entitle me to?
    A Golfcard licence ($14.95 for today only) entitles you to a lifetime of free upgrades to the shareware program. The licence can be used on one computer and allows an unlimited number of players to enter an unlimited number of rounds.

    What about future upgrades?
    Future upgrades are included in your licence. At present, one forthcoming feature which we are really excited about is the ability to calculate handicaps. Keep an eye out for that version soon.

    Who is Blocksoft?
    Based in Scotland and fuelled by coffee, Blocksoft is a one man band crafting lovingly created shareware and donationware programs, primarily for OS X, for over ten years.

    Jun 18

    Wondershare iCollage for your Mac
    iCollage for Mac is a Photo Editing & Sharing Software

    Normally: $29.00

    ZOT Price: $14.50

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    What’s New in iCollage?

    1. Supports imports from iPhoto, digital albums, camera or photos taken using your iSight

    2.Offers various theme templates: Scrapbooks, Greeting Cards, Wallet Photos, CD Covers, Calendars, Desktop Wallpaper, and Comics.

    3.With strong editing functions: you can adjust, mask, re-size, rotate or choose photo effects

    4.Attach many decorations: Stickers, Text and Frames

    5.Supports PNG, JPG & TIFF formats with different image sizes and printing

    6.Supports uploading to Flickr, Facebook, and e-mail

    7.With Magic Collage: easily build a photo collage in only three steps

    Visit the developer’s site

    Jun 17

    Get Backup
    We help you Get Back up!

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $19.95

    Click to MacZOT Try Now  

    The hard drive of your computer stores a lot of files with your valuable information. Bad things sometimes happen – and hard drives do crash. Such things tend to occur when they are least expected. The best protection is to back up your data regularly. And this is where Get Backup can help! All you need to do is to restore your data if an emergency occurs.

    Get Backup is a native Mac OS X backup software utility. This program is a simple and efficient tool for creating personal backups, suitable for both beginners and pros. It gracefully combines the simple and elegant user interface with powerful backup capabilities, such as automatic backups according to your schedule. Get Backup is flexible enough: you can reduce the backup archive size using compression tools, restore it on any computer as it utilizes tar technology, and much more.

    Get Backup will help you to:

  • Backup your precious data and restore it on any computer.
  • Insure yourself against data loss.
  • Automate the backup creation process.
  • Set up the backup process once – and it will care for your data.
  • Features at a Glance:

    Flexible schedule allows you to automate the backup process
    The customizable scheduling tool allows to fully automate the backup process, so that backups
    are created on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly). You can specify the backup start
    time up to the minute. You can create separate schedules for different backup projects.

    Back up to any mounted device/drive
    The program allows you to save backups to any locally mounted device/drive, including FireWire,
    USB, ATA, SCSI, CD and DVD devices, or network volumes.

    Diverse Backup Methods:

  • Full — all selected files are saved, and the
    resulting archive replaces the previously created one.
  • Versioned — all selected files are saved in a new
    backup archive, and the previous archives remain intact.
  • Incremental — each time a backup is created, only
    the files that were changed are saved in the new backup archive.
  • Get Backup is a rebranded version of Dobry Backuper software that was
    purchased by BeLight Software from DobrySoft in February, 2008.

    System Requirements: Apple Macintosh G3 or higher.
    Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later.
    4 MB of free space for application.
    Available in: English, German.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.