Apr 30

Media Catalog
Fast and intuitive media indexing
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ZOT Price: $12.49

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About Media Catalog

Browse your offline media, the Apple-way, with Media Catalog: The fastest and easiest-to-use media indexer in the world. Using a simple and elegant interface you’ll find anything, anywhere, instantly.

Don’t remember where you put last year’s financial statements? Media Catalog can tell you it’s on your January 2004 Backup CD. Just double click on it to have Media Catalog ask for the CD, and open the file for you!

Why you’ll love Media Catalog

  • Incredible Performance
  • Elegant Interface
  • Fully compatible with networked environments
  • Automatically updates its catalog periodically
  • Automatically indexes newly inserted volumes
  • Features

    Search and Open
    Media Catalog sports a wide range of options for you to accurately find your files. Only remember a part of the filename and the dates between it has been created? Or the range in which the size must be? No problem for Media Catalog

    Elegant Interface
    Media Catalog was designed to be easy to use and look good

    Media Catalog likes to share its data if you want to. Just put your catalog in a shared folder and you are ready to go! This is because Media Catalog will make sure no conflicts will rise between the computers using your catalog file.

    Always up to date
    Media Catalog is always up to date with current events. Did your carry-on hard drive change contents overnight? Media Catalog will see if the catalog needs an update and do so automatically for you.

    Go-getter attitude
    Media Catalog will automatically add any volume you insert to its catalog if you want it to.

    System Requirements

    Any Mac running Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher

    What users have said about Media Catalog

    “Your easy media browser does the trick no other can provide” – Inge
    “Thanks for some great software.” – Joe
    “I’ve just downloaded your software and I want to tell you that it’s awesome, congratulations :)” – Fabio
    “Your application is well thought-out and useful” – Gene
    “I have enjoyed using your software. A good, easy to use system.” – Bob

    A ZOT Mini-Interview with Robert Kuilman
    Creator of Media Catalog.

    What’s the most unique, useful feature of your product?
    Media Catalog’s strength lies in its ease of use. For instance, it automatically updates available volumes.

    Why did you create this app? or What need were you trying to satisfy?
    I have a lot of archived media that I need to search, and a lot of computers on this network have data I need, so as a programmer developing Media Catalog seemed logical.

    What features should a prospective buyer look into during a trial of your product?
    Speed and ease of use. Media Catalog is the fastest out there, and I want people to know it.

    What’s your favorite Mac app out there from another developer? Why?
    Tough question. There are a lot of applications I use on a daily basis, and nearly all of them Rock. But I guess Cultured Code’s Things would be the most helpful.

    What would you like a user to ask you?
    It’s always great when a user asks for a specific feature to be added. Ofcourse some of them don’t make it into the software, but it provides a clear view of what users need and want.

    What are the answers to some common questions people have about your app before they buy?
    Most people want to know if Media Catalog works in their specific network setup, the answer is yes 99% of the time.

    For more information, visit

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    May 2nd and 3rd


    Menu shortcuts are supposed to provide quick access to frequently used menu commands, but how many shortcuts do you know by heart?

    KeyCue helps you to use your Mac OS X applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts.

    For more details, see the KeyCue Features page.

    Apr 29

    Super simple invoicing

    Normally: $29.99

    ZOT Price: $9.99

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    Super simple invoicing.

    Invoicing doesn’t have to be tedious and boring. Involer proves that with a sleek
    intuitive interface that makes invoicing quick, easy and fun.

    Keep Forever

    All of your invoices are stored in the application, allowing you to
    refer back to them at any point.

    Easy to use

    Involer’s intuitive user interface allows you to get
    with your invoicing tasks without distraction.

    Find things

    Find a specific invoice with just a few keystrokes.

    Fine Tuning

    Customize the content and style of your invoice with simple clicks.

    Who’s Paid?

    Find out the payment status of invoices at a glance, and update the status with a single click.

    Currency Universal

    Involer is currency independent, meaning if it’s money, Involer supports it!

    Involer runs on 10.5 Leopard only. Please download the trial and test before purchase.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Apr 28

    Mac Notepad
    The missing note pad for Mac OS X

    Normally: $24.95

    ZOT Price: $14.95

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    Copy and paste text you want at hand everyday.

    Mac Notepad is designed from the ground up to support the latest Apple technologies and provides everything you need to be more productive in your work with your Mac.

    A title and a category can be assigned to each note; notes can be easily retrieved by category or by content simply typing the text to be found in a search field.

    The Protect Notes feature lets you protect your personal notes with a password. If this option is activte, at the opening of Mac Notepad a password dialog box will be displayed. To gain access to the notes it will be necessary to enter the correct password.

    System Requirements: Mac OSX 10.4 or later.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info.

    Apr 27

    Modify RapidWeaver Theme images and code.

    Normally: $15.00

    ZOT Price: $9.00

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    RWThemeMiner is a RapidWeaver theme editing assistant. It enables you to edit or replace any element in any RapidWeaver theme. It provides a user-friendly interface between the contents of your RW themes and your image and text editing applications. With RWThemeMiner making theme modification is easy and intuitive.
    RWThemeMiner assits you in editing or replacing theme image files as well as editing text files such as: css, html, js, plist, etc..

    Requires OS 10.4 or later

    Click to Developer’s Product Page for more info.

    Company Home Page

    Apr 26

    Soulver – Math with language

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $4.95

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    Watch Movie (20 seconds)


    Maths on a Mac as it should be.

    Soulver is a new kind of calculator application which uses a simple yet powerful word-processor style interface instead of the traditional “button” approach to doing math.

    Main Features:
    • No equals button – Soulver instantly calculates as you type.
    • Multiple lines – Soulver lets you do math over multiple lines and edit previous expressions.
    • Flexible to words – Soulver doesn’t mind if you include words or labels between numbers.
    • Basic functions – Soulver includes every standard calculator function, like sin(), cos() & tan()
    • Clever English functions – Soulver includes some “English” math functions. For instance you can type “10% off $200″ and get $180
    • Floating palettes – Soulver’s answer & stats palettes will give you conversions and statistics on your work as your type
    • Save your work – like a word processor, Soulver allows you to save and reopen your work

    Apr 24

    Art Directors Toolkit
    Utilities for Graphic Design, Web & Production

    Normally: $39.95

    ZOT Price: $23.95

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    Art Directors Toolkit (ADT) is the “Designer’s On-screen Toolset” for Artists and Designers working with digital media. Always a one-click-away companion dedicated to speeding up the design process, ADT works almost by stealth whether using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Dreamweaver or any tool to create digital media and websites. No more cluttering your desk or desktop with stickies, swatch books, calculators and google searches. ADT provides all of the obscure calculations and information designers need on a daily basis.

    Use its ruler to measure objects on-screen, quickly scan through font previews with your mouse’s scrollwheel, search through thousands of Pantone® swatches to find the right color, sample pixels, retrieve color information, find characters and html entities, calculate percentages for image scaling and much more!

    Take a look at our quick-overview video or download a demo and try it for yourself. You’ll see why it’s been an industry-favorite with both independent designers and Fortune-500 companies–and why Apple bundled it on their pro machines for so many years.

    Who uses Art Directors Toolkit?

    Graphic designers, production artists, web programmers, creative directors, packaging designers, photographers, publishers, printers, videographers, programmers and just about any type of visually creative individual.

    System Requirements

    • Mac OS X 10.4 or later


    All version 5.x releases of Art Directors Toolkit will be free.


    “[Art Directors Toolkit] stays opened all the time! It’s like an extension of my right hand ;)”
    - iKitty, Design

    “For the past 15 years, I’ve collected little bits and pieces of paper that had decimal conversion tables, CMYK-to-RGB values, which keystroke gives me a cactus in a southwest typeface, etc.; manually worked out how many points are in 31p7, how many picas are in 6-1/8 in.; held on to my conversion wheel through thick and thin; and bought numerous clear type scales so I could match typeface to inch specs. You’ve managed to save what few brain cells I have left so I can figure out OS X!! Thank you, thank you…(I’m prostrated on my knees)”
    - Satisfied User


    View our blog entry: "Making the Switch to Goe with Art Directors Toolkit 5"

    For more information visit:

    PANTONE® and other Pantone, Inc. trademarks are the property of Pantone, Inc. © Pantone, Inc., 2006.

    Apr 23

    Bridge Construction Set
    Build a bridge that doesn’t break.

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    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $9.95

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    Bridge Construction Set is about building a bridge that doesn’t break, although watching your bridge creation break and plunge a train into the watery depths below can be half the fun. In Bridge Construction Set you design and build bridges and then stress test them to see how your creations hold up under pressure. When test vehicles pass over your bridge and make it safely across you know you’ve succeeded. If they plummet into the river you know you need to go back to the drawing board.

    The robust physics deployed in Bridge Construction Set let you build a unlimited variety of bridges. Try your hand at giant suspension bridges, complex drawbridges, multi-level train and automobile bridges and everything in between. The 3D graphics allow you to view your bridge from any angle including a first person view – it’s like being strapped to the front of the train when your bridge is first tested…

    Bridge Construction Set includes many types of bridge building levels in varying degrees of difficulty from simple to complex with a tutorial to get you started building bridges. A Level Editor is also included so you can create your own levels and trade them with others.

    Visit Chronic Logic for more information:

    This weekend’s ZOT?
    April 25th and 26th

    Art Directors Toolkit 5

    Art Directors Toolkit (ADT) is the “Designer’s On-screen Toolset” for Artists and Designers working with digital media. Always a one-click-away companion dedicated to speeding up the design process, ADT works almost by stealth whether using Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or QuarkXpress.

    Learn more about Art Directors Toolkit 5

    Apr 22

    Fliq for Mac by Mark/Space

    Send and receive photos, notes, contacts, documents, and tasks between your iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac.

    Normally: $19.95

    ZOT Price: $11.97

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    Fliq for Mac (Personal Edition*)

    It’s Quick. It’s Slick. It’s Fliq!

    The Mac version of the popular social networking iPhone app Fliq makes it easy for Mac users to send and receive photos, notes, contacts, tasks, and virtually any type of document like never before. Exchange and share files over a network with others on Macs, Windows PCs, iPhones and iPod touch faster than email and texting.

     *Personal Edition allows you to install on a single computer

    See how quick and easy sharing is with Fliq. Faster than email and texting – no need to retype the information you want to send –
    Just fliq it!

    Exchange contacts quickly

    Share contacts without the hassle of retyping them into an email
    or IM. You can even drag a contact directly from Address Book into
    Fliq to quickly send a contact to someone.

    Create and beam notes

    Note graphics

    Fliq lets you send notes, memos and just about any text on your Mac.
    Select a note or memo from the included Mark/Space Notebook application,
    drag and drop any text file, or select some text and drag the selection
    to Fliq – lots of ways to send notes and text, fast.

    Plus, with the included Mark/Space Notebook you can save, sort,
    search and categorize your notes however you wish.

    Things you can do with Fliq for Mac:

    Note graphics

    Send photos from iPhoto or any folder in one motion. Here’s how: select any
    photo or image and drag and drop it on a contact to send it.

    Select a note, memo or any text from your Mac and then fliq it to anyone on your network.

    Share any document, spreadsheet, pdf, presentation, even music, videos, and photos. Locate in Finder and just fliq it.

    Choose a contact and fliq it to a friend, co-worker or business partner. Send
    your own contact information with details you choose.

    Quickly send a contact or photo to your Mac from an iPhone or iPod touch
    without having to sync –

    Fliq for iPhone

    System Requirements

    • Mac OS X v10.4.9 and later, or Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard and later
    • To send and receive photos from iPhoto requires iPhoto 6.0 or later
    • Internet connection – required product registration

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info Fliq for Mac.

    Fliq Family of Products

    Mark/Space, Inc. developed the Fliq Family of Products
    because sharing information shouldn’t be a hassle. Before
    Fliq, to share a contact, for example, you’d need to know
    someone’s email address to send it to them, or phone number
    to text it to them. Or, you would write it down on a piece
    of paper that could get lost.

    Fliq users see each other on the network. So, sharing
    information is as easy as a tap, click, or a drag-n-drop.
    No complex setup or configuration.

    Fliq is a family of powerful applications for iPhone,
    iPod touch, Mac and Windows PC that provides cool, fast
    and easy ways to share your contacts, photos, notes, tasks, and virtually any type of document with others over a Wi-Fi network.

    Fliq at home, at a friend’s, in a cafe, at a sports
    arena, on campus, in an airport, at the mall, and wherever
    else there is a shared network.

    Snap a photo with your phone and in a couple of taps,
    send it off to people on your list. Get together with
    people you know, make new friends and discover your own
    ways to get the most out of Fliq for whatever you do
    and wherever go.

    Click to Learn more about the Fliq Family of Products

    Also from Mark/Space:

    alt="The Missing Sync for iPhone" width="50" align="absmiddle"/>

    The Missing Sync for iPhone

    The Missing Sync for iPhone works hand-in-hand with the iPhone apps, Fliq Notes, Fliq Docs and Fliq Tasks to sync your notes, documents and todos and keeps them the same between your iPhone or iPod touch and Mac. Archive text messages and call history to your Mac or PC so you can do more with them. And, easily migrate contacts, calendars and more from your old phone to iPhone.

    Free upgrade for all version 1 owners.

    alt="The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile" width="50" align="absmiddle" />

    The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

    alt="The Missing Sync for BlackBerry" width="50" align="absmiddle" />

    The Missing Sync for BlackBerry

    alt="The Missing Sync for Palm OS" width="50" align="absmiddle" />

    The Missing Sync for Palm OS

    alt="The Missing Sync for Symbian" width="50" align="absmiddle" />

    The Missing Sync for Symbian

    alt="The Missing Sync for PSP" width="50" align="absmiddle"/>

    The Missing Sync for PSP

    About Mark/Space, Inc.

    We’re the sync experts!

    Mark/Space, Inc. has emerged as, and continues to be, a leading
    developer of cutting-edge wired and wireless synchronization
    software products.

    The Missing Sync connects Macs to mobile devices and smartphones
    from Apple, HP, HTC, i-mate, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, RIM, Samsung,
    Sony, Sony Ericsson and others.

    Click to Developer’s Site for more info Fliq for Mac.

    Apr 21

    The Japanese English Dictionary for the Rest of Us.

    Normally: $17.00

    ZOT Price: $8.50

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    Meet Jisho – the Japanese English Dictionary for the rest of us. It speaks your language, and with over 100,000 entries you’ll never be lost for words again!

    Search in your native tongue
    Search in your native tongue
    Supports searching in Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana,Katakana, and Romaji), English, German, Russian, and French.

    Variable Strength

    Variable Strength
    Search as fast or as deep as you want.

    Enlarge all results for an easier time reading.

    Completely localized into Japanese and German.

    OS X Integration
    OS X Integration
    Look up words in most applications with a single click or press of a key-combination.

    Automatically converts hiragana and katakana to roman letters. You can even search in Japanese with roman letters.

    Search from anywhere
    Search from anywhere
    Once Jisho is on your computer, no internet access is required to search and use Jisho.

    Wildcard Searching
    Find any word you are looking for by typing the part you know followed by an *.

    Read more about Jisho at Sugoi Software’s home page

    What people are saying

    “Jisho is an indispensible part of my work in Japan.” – Sven from Germany
    “Great program – I’ve been using it for a long time and use it everyday.” -Philip from America
    “Love Jisho. I think that sums it rather nicely. As someone who works for a Japanese company but has the language abilities of a preschooler, it has been a life saver in a crunch.” – Robert from Japan
    “辞書はとっても便利です!” (Jisho is very handy!)- Tein from UK

    Apr 20

    MyTunesRSS 3.6.5
    Access all your media files from anywhere in a browser or iPhone

    Normally: $20.00

    ZOT Price: $10.00

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    MyTunesRSS allows you to access the music and videos from your iTunes library or any simple watch folder over a local network or even the internet. You can access your music
    from all over the world using a simple web browser. The user interface lets you search for titles or browse your whole library by album,
    artist or genre. You can access your iTunes playlists or create new ones directly in MyTunesRSS.
    MyTunesRSS updates its database from the iTunes library or your watch folders periodically if you like.

    Download single tracks or play them right inside your browser. Either using a browser plugin for the file type or
    directly in the Flash player. Or do you want to download a complete album, all tracks from one artist or the
    contents of a playlist to your local computer? No problem with MyTunesRSS. You can also download an M3U or XSPF playlist and play them in Windows Media
    Player, iTunes, VLC, WinAmp or any other player capable of playing such playlists. Get a playlist as an RSS feed on your computer and stay
    up-to-date to the contents all the time. Enjoy cover images from the tracks if available in the files and supported by the RSS reader. Listen to
    your music on many devices like the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation Portable and the iPod Touch.

    Configure MyTunesRSS to your preferences. Create user accounts to protect your music from unauthorized access.
    Any use can also configure some settings in the web interface.
    Tell MyTunesRSS how many entries you want to see per page. Hide playlist and Flash player buttons for devices that don’t support them. Hide the RSS Feed button if you never need it. Configure the type of playlists you want to use. And more…
    But do not worry, the default
    configuration is sufficient in most cases and all you need is a single click to start the MyTunesRSS server.

    Why use MyTunesRSS

    Why use MyTunesRSS if you are already running iTunes? Well, using iTunes you can of course
    share your music with a few other iTunes clients. But only on the local network. And you are
    bound to iTunes. With MyTunesRSS you can access your music from anywhere in the world with
    a client as simple as a web browser.
    Either download playlists if you also have a nice player application on your system or just use the Flash player if you are on a computer with no audio client and you cannot or do not want to install one yourself.
    And who does not have a web brower?

    Many great features

    There are countless great features in MyTunesRSS. You player does not support anything but MP3 but your library is full of AAC files? No problem, just configure an external transcoding tool and have MyTunesRSS convert your files to MP3 on-the-fly.

    You want to use an external database system like Postgres or MySql for better performance? No problem with MyTunesRSS.

    You want to access your library with always the same address although your external IP changes? No problem, create a account for free and use a nice name like “” for access.

    The web interface is not available in your language? No problem, just create a translation. You don’t like the look of the web interface? No problem, create your own style.

    You want video playback as well? No problem. MyTuneRSS itself works with any file type you like. You can even add new ones to the list of supported type if you like. All you need is a client that supports the type of file you want to use. You could even use MyTunesRSS to manage and display text documents using watch folders.

    You have an iPhone and want to listen to your music from anywhere on your iPhone? No problem, just register for a account
    and access your library with an iPhone optimized interface at (assuming your account
    username being “mymusic”).

    And even more to come…

    And as if this was not enough, here are a few things you will see in version 3.7 which is currently being
    developed: Remote control your media server (e.g. with an iPhone), i.e. control playback in VLC on your PC
    or Mac. Support for YouTube videos. Just enter a YouTube video or video list URL and access those files
    as if they were in your local library. Use MyTunesRSS for your image library as well. Smart playlist which
    update their contents automatically.


    All upgrades to any 3.x version will be free for 3.x license owners. And this does not mean the
    next major feature comes in 4.0 only. Again, just have a look at the release history. There have
    been lots of improvements since 3.0 was released. And nobody had to pay any upgrade fees.
    Once again have a look at the list of features for the upcoming version 3.7.


    No software is free of bugs and no software always runs without any problems.
    This does not mean MyTunesRSS is complicated or something. Usually it won’t cause
    you any headaches. Nevertheless
    MyTunesRSS comes with excellent support. Just have a look at the Codewave forums. Just have a look
    at the release history. Questions are answered in time, bugs are fixed as fast as possible. You
    are never left alone with your problems.

    Platform compatibility

    Since MyTunesRSS is pure Java, you can run it on any platform supporting Java 1.5.

    More information

    For more information, visit