Nov 21

RapidWeaver 4.2.1
Powerful Website Creation for Everyone!

Normally: $79.00

ZOT Price: $51.35

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The New More Powerful RapidWeaver

RapidWeaver 4 is a revolutionary but friendly piece of web design software made exclusively for Mac OS X Leopard. Using easy drag and drop technology RapidWeaver lets you easily build a website tailored to your personal needs. Blogs, Photo albums, Movie pages, Styled text and more can be created at the click of a button and customised to make a site to be proud of.

Once finished, you site is easily published to MobileMe, FTP or SFTP accounts and RapidWeaver has built-in Smart Publishing that only uploads changed files, making future updates to your site fast and simple.

Not running Mac OS X Leopard?

RapidWeaver 4.x requires Mac OS X 10.5, however serial numbers for RapidWeaver sold in this Zot are also valid for version 3.6.7 which runs on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and is available to download from the Realmac Software Downloads Page.


  • Made exclusively for the Mac
  • Drag and Drop Site Creation
  • Photo & Movie Albums
  • iPhoto and Aperture Integration
  • MobileMe, FTP & SFTP Publishing – including support for MobileMe Personal Domains
  • Built in Image Editing
  • Blogging with RSS & Podcasting
  • Smart Publishing to reduce site upload times
  • Unlimited Sub-menus
  • Generates beautiful XHTML-valid sites
  • Support for Google Analytics and iPhone ‘WebClip’ Bookmark icons
  • Flash Based Slideshows
  • Live PHP Rendering
  • RapidWeaver in the Press

    5 out of 5 & Editors’ Choice Award, Macworld Magazine, July 2008:

    “With a simpler interface and streamlined workflow [RapidWeaver] beats just about any entry level site builder on the market.”

    4.5 out of 5, Christopher Phin, MacFormat Magazine, August 2008:

    “[RapidWeaver is] still the best way to build a professional website with ease on the Mac.”

    For more reviews, visit!

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    11 Responses to “RapidWeaver”

    1. harringg Says:

      If you are new to RapidWeaver, be sure to visit the forums here:

      You will get very comprehensive support from an extremely talented and knowledgeable pool of end users of the program.

      If you do any web design work, you MUST BUY this.

    2. Jeff Says:

      I love RW! If you want to take a quick look at some sites made with it, check out my page:

      As harringg mentioned, the forums are the best and will make your journey with RapidWeaver so much easier.

    3. Paul Says:

      Must have been asleep at the wheel, when did it go up to $79? When I bought it 3.2, or whatever regular price was $35. Wow. Glad I got it when it was still cheap. Honestly I am not sure they are moving in the right direction with this pricing…

    4. CBB Says:

      RW is available at a discount through Give Good Food to your Mac this week!

    5. Eddie Says:

      Yes, you can get it for 50% off for the next 9 days or so.
      I’m surprised at the price. Even Freeway Express was cheaper when it was offered here.
      Regarding support, it may be wonderful from those end-users harringg mentioned. When I dealt with the company it was not that great. After about a month of getting the software through MacZot, people who wanted a new version were asked to pay for an upgrade. In my case, I was told that I was entitled to a free upgrade, and was later told that I wasn’t.
      So I have my old copy which does not get any use since I decided to go with Freeway Pro instead.
      Another option is Sandvox. I would rather support a developer like Karelia. The regular version of Sandvox is even cheaper than today’s Zot. I contacted Karelia once and they were very responsive. I used to be a big Watson fan (RIP).

    6. Isaiah Says:

      There are some cool plugins for RapidWeaver. You may want to take a look at –

      YourHead: Blocks, Collage, Accordion and more

      LogHound: PlusKit, RapidBlog, RapidFlickr, and more

      YabDab: PayLoom and GoogaLoom and soon FormLoom


    7. Shel Says:

      Since I own RW 3.5, I might be interested in an upgrade discount… Since RW appears so frequently here (and therefore many Zot users already own a version), I’m kinda surprised that’s not an option.

    8. Robin S Says:

      I didn’t realize the price had jumped to $79 either. It seems to me the price of RW itself should be fairly low, because you will be buying so many add-ons so that you are not completely locked in to those standard templates. Let’s see, there is Blocks for $25, Accordion for $10, Collage for $15 … shoot, might as well buy the YourHead bundle for $56. You might also need RWmultitool, and if you didn’t get it on the Zot the other day, you will pay $20 for that. Want more than the themes that come with RW? Sure, there are tons of them out there. Let’s tack on another $15-$20 for each of those. Gee, this is starting to cost some bucks. I could have bought Freeway Pro for what I’ve spent on RW and it’s plugins. And, let’s not forget about the paid upgrades for each and every one of these.

      I speak from experience, because I own RW and all these plugins. I also own Freeway Pro (and Dreamweaver and Flux and Shutterbug and Goldfish and Create—yeah, I know, too many). I’m not saying RW is bad software. I’m just saying that the cost of the application can be misleading if you want to buy all the extra plug-ins and more themes, and I think you will.

    9. GaryD Says:

      Robin’s assessment of the true cost of this application is right on the mark, in my opinion. The application in itself is good, but the “hidden costs” of the add-ons which make it really good can add up to a lot more money than a first-time buyer might be aware, especially when comparing it in price to competing software that sells for more money, but may be much more robust from day one.

    10. harringg Says:

      Valid points about the upgrades costs. Had to pay to update Collage 2 to get it the v4 ready one, had to pay (shortly after buying) the BlocksBox plugin to upgrade, etc…

      That’s not meant as a knock on the devs of the third party plugins, if they made one product and gave lifetime upgrades for free, they wouldn’t be making much profit. It’s just pointing out that it’s expensive to maintain RapidWeaver.

      I’ve even heard the RapidWeaver devs use the phrase “v5″ (no idea when that’s coming out), but again it will probably be more paid upgrades to all the plugins, etc…

      I do still like the web design flow of RapidWeaver, but yes, with all the plugins I’ve bought (and upgraded) to make it “functional”, I’ve spent about the same as DreamWeaver would have cost.

      I didn’t have to buy these mind you to design in RapidWeaver, but in order to do things that RapidWeaver can’t do, I did.

    11. MrStinkEye Says:

      I’m impressed with RapidWeaver but the additional costs of plug-ins and add-ons makes me hesitant to buy. Plus, I’m only a casual user. (I only do stuff for my personal use.) Given that, I’m more inclined to support an app like Sandvox.

      If I were doing web development on a professional basis then I’d probably go with RapidWeaver where the additional costs could be easily justified.

      Just my 2¢.